Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Carlos" is Comin' to Port Charles

Hang on... looks like a new hunk is coming into Port soon! His name is Jeffery Vincent Parise and you can read all about him  on SID. 
Supposedly he's a crime guy---has ties to Sabrina and is named "Carlos".


  1. Another character. We'll need a second show or for GH to get rid of a bunch of characters...

    1. looks like they got rid of a bunch of characters.

  2. Time to revive Night Shift! All the new characters can go there, leaving more air time on GH for the vets.

  3. I loved night shift......another great opportunity wasted. Geez!

  4. Lame is right!! What was the name of the boyfriend Sabrina told Patrick about? Was it Carlos?

  5. The robert scorpio dream sequence on night shift was brilliant. I never invested time in that show, but when i heard that was coming on, i watched and loved it. what a great reunion.

  6. I knew there was so much more to Miss Sabrina, she is hiding something huge!!!

  7. Both he and Robin are coming in Sept, HAhaha.


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