Friday, August 16, 2013

Wedding Interruptus

I was right, it WAS Richard Simmons. We knew he was coming back, just not exactly when. Well, there he is. He shoots off a GLITTER GUN.
Kevin's not at the wedding because of..CONNIE? Come on. please. ugh. Reschedule that bitch! 

 "This wedding is bananas." -- Emma Scorpio Drake
Richard tells everyone he was on a juice fast with DEMI Moore and that's why he was nuts at the Nurses' Ball. WEIRD.
I mean fun Demi Moore mention, but Bizarre.  Felicia and Mac finally kissed after saying "I do"..awwww.

Anna was pretty rough with Britt--Loved it.  She sent her to jail--with her PG vitamins. heh

Dr. O walks in on Luke and Holly. Heh. EXACLY 4.5 seconds AFTER ANNA broke into the apartment she was in! She went from PC to Corinth so fassssssssssst. It actually was distracting. Dr. O lets it slip that they have the cure for the plutonium. Then she says Jerry Jacks is dead. She also gave props to Hells for poisoning Luke. heh. 
Luke finds something in a secret room..don't know what.

Sonny and Olivia..HOW many times are we going to go through this "Does Connie love Sonny? Does Sonny forgive Connie? Does Connie forgive Sonny"?? Do they or don't they. WTF. ugh!! I could have lived without this storyline this week. 

Olivia was like "I feel tiny and insignificant"  


The woman that plays Dr. Obrect tweeted this today:

German lesson #101 Britta = Britt; Schatz=Treasure; Leibling=Darling; Verdammt=Damn..and Schwanzen="tail"!


  1. That ridiculous Richard Simmons stuff spoiled the wedding for me. There are some old-timers I would be glad to never see again. Are we supposed to think that it's Robin hidden away by Obrecht?

  2. yeah,but since Laura and Luke "Hurry Home" to see the baby, it's her or just an empty chair lol

  3. With all this is happening with Tracy & AJ isn't it high time Monica kicks Tracy and Ava to the curb?

  4. Hmmmm, maybe Luke finds Laura in the secret room. She left town to go look for him and disappeared!
    I'm loving Dr. Obrecht! And I don't believe Jerry is dead for one second, the mans like a cat!

  5. Hehehe . . . so the word means "tail?--I wondered if it was a real word.

    I think Lucy's hair is tucked under, not cut.

    That Richard Simmons interruption was in SUCH poor taste, and, also, ITA, Kevin leaving the wedding for Connie makes no sense.

    Dr. O is the best villain since Heather Webber, I usually HATE to watch villains, but they both are hysterical!!

  6. The floating rib: Okay there is a tie for the line of the day today!! :) From Luke and Emma!!!

    Emma: Daddy? What's a tramp?

    ROFL! And the way Patrick was looking at her haha! Really Richard Simmons? A juice fast? Or are you just bi polar? ROFL! Mac and Felicia got married!!! YAY! Oh oh Maxie's water broke!!!! Baby Georgie is ready to shows up into the world! :)

    Corinth PA house: Love the scenes!!!! It was so good!! :) Here is the other line of the day that won!

    Luke: That's decorative bitch!

    ROFL! Oh Dr O! You kill me. Jerry is dead so you cremated him? Hahahaha! And she got to PA very quickly hahaha! No Luke! It's not Jerry behind that wall! It's Robin! :) Where is Laura for crying out loud?!!?! Anyway Luke sees someone! Robin? :) Or is it Laura?

    Kevin's office: Connie whining to Kevin about Sonny. Blah blah blah blah.

    Sonny's office: Yeah Olivia!!! Fight for Sonny!!!! Oh Connie hears it haha!

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Boy Britch really knows how to get up on that couch really fast for a pregnant lady. :) Oh oh Britch is arrested! Anna throws Britch her prenatal vitamins! Hahahaha!

    Um Karen, Richard Simmons didn't say it was Demi Moore on the juice fast with him. :) He said a celebrity friend. :)

  7. oh karen....

    isnt it obvious?

    Dr. O got on her broom and flew to PA after leaving the fire escape.

  8. glad I wasn't the only one that questioned the appearance of richard simmons...he ruined the episode.

  9. Richard S seemed to say (mumble) Moore, implying Demi Moore, I think.

  10. AntJoan said...

    Richard S seemed to say (mumble) Moore, implying Demi Moore, I think.
    Oh did he? I didn't even hear that. :)

  11. Simmons definitely said Demi Moore.


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