Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Debilitatus

Well, SOMEONE was silenced this week: 

Which gave us time for plenty of OTHER STUFF to watch!! This week was a lot of fun and reminded me why I stuck it out from May until now. A ton of vets showed up and stories started to roll.
 Grab your time warp scrubbies and climb on in. 

I personally loved Monday's show so much I watched it again (and I hardly ever do that)!  The Q's...Dr. O-- Tracy fighting Alice, it was just a hoot.  There was even a Flying Monkey Mention! Scott Sickles is my new BFF at GH. I found out he used to be a writer at OLTL and did a lot of their comedy stuff so no wonder I liked him! 

A giant shout out for these scenes, done really wonderfully by both actresses. I am really beginning to be a bit of a Britt fan (Bitches are the ones to watch!) and her character is really starting to layer-up. I kinda hope Nikolas becomes her prince and saves her from the wretched "Mommy baby maker" before too long.  Nice job. BTW, did you know that at the fan club weekend "Morgan" and "Britt" are dating in real life?  
Heh. interesting!! 

SOMEONE send  Carly on a damn VACATION. Her mouth was all over the place this week. Yelling at Morgan..yelling at Sonny. Yell Yell blah blah blah. However, she was the voice of reason to idiot Sonny who decided that giving Moronigan his "blessing" would prove he loved him. As Dr. Phil would say "oh, don't you know that being a good parent doesn't mean givin' em what they want all the time"??  Get real.

EYEBROW acting...poor, poor Michael. Agrees to be Best Man at his bro's wedding and is in love with the bride.  *sigh* I think he looked at her with this face about 20x this week.  (or maybe it wasn't her face he was looking at :wink:)

Of course the biggest story is the coming of Derek Wells..or as we found out, Julian Jerome. Now, Julian happens to be  in town JUST as Alexis is remembering that backseat lovin' that produced Sam. That was lucky, huh? And Danny? Double Lucky!! I personally didn't feel much of anything when he showed up.  Just kinda a guy that was in an office being a dick to Connie and Maxie. It got a bit better when he was in with Ava but I need more. Some quirk. Some edge. Right now he's a pretty boy. Hey, BTW, Sam has a 1/2 brother now in Lucas-- and her cousin is Kiki.  Ava can also be tested for Danny. Someone pointed out in the comments that Lucas has type I diabetes and can't be a donor. Forgot that!

Holly showed up--all ready to hack a computer. Luke was his German DoKTOR man-- with some new snazzy glasses.  Since he has radiation poisoning I wish they'd make him turn a bit gray with skin starting to shed.

Connie found out about Kiki and told Tracy. Dr. McSilas found out Danny can't take Franco's bone marrow.  Ava carries a million documents all over her person at any one time. Maxie's talking to her baby like it's going to be 'her's"... and Anna and Duke are going to Sonny about information surrounding the Jerome family. Kiki and Michael long in their loins for each other and Patrick and Sabby are about the most boring couple EVER. 

I did enjoy Felix holding court at Kelly's with both Sabrina and Spin. Drink that tea and you'll figure it all out my friend! 

 SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Morgan and Sonny. Morgan unloads his soul about feeling inferior to Michael. (hey, who wouldn't when you spend your life away at military school)?? Sonny breaks down too. Just a great scene/acting all around. Who knew the kid had it in him? Bravo.

FACE OF THE WEEK: Tracy finds out Alice voted against her...

  RUNNER UP: AJ's s**it eating grin when he won!!

PROP OF THE WEEK: First ConKate murdered Sonny's birthday cake, now she goes after a Q family goose down pillow!! Feathers all over the place!! 

It was a week of revelations and story-starting. It will ramp up now into fall with the whole Robin saga and I'm sure we'll see the return of some characters and evilness too. Someone will be murdered (I think there will be TWO murders before too long). You know Luke and Laura will have some adventure and the whole baby-reveal will come out. I keep thinking that somehow Maxie's baby will be switched with Britt's and one of them will disappear. So we'll have a missing baby and a flipped baby to wait to play out. 

I'm going to see "Nellie  Olson" today if the weather holds! Alison Arngim is coming Laura Ingalls days at our Genesee Country Museum. IF the weather holds--the entire thing is outside so I'm not sure I'll go if it pours! Too bad Alberta is still in Canada or she'd come too. 

How did you like this week? I wish we didn't have to wait so long for things to start rolling. But they have! I go back to work in Sept, I'm sure just when things are going to be at their best. BOO. BTW, if you have a Vine account, I'm on there as @wubsnet Karen Wubs nnd have started to do some 6 second weekly recaps of GH. Just thought it might be fun! 



  1. Good morning, Karen, happy Sunday!! The weather in NYC is GORGEOUS, are you expecting rain there?

    Britch and Morgan DATING in real life, OMG!! Do you know their respective ages? BTW, I think he is a good actor, thought so from the beginning.

    Derek Wells reminds me of Dr. Steve W.

  2. Oh, also, how on EARTH did ConKate know to start with the pillows?

  3. ANTJOAN....Derek reminds me of Dr Steve too!!!!!!

    Brich is about 6 years older than the Captain in real life.

  4. I am 8 years older than my hubby, and people always think he's older than I am. Since I hit my 20s I've believed in dating younger men.

  5. I'm seven yrs. older than my husband - good for the Britch! They make a cute couple. It was wonderful not having to look at Franco much this week.


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