Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bloggin' On the Cheap

The Blog is CHEAP TODAY! Meaning I am unavailable...please post your comments. I shall watch GH later, unless it's a real snoozer and you tell me not to!


  1. Watch it Karen! The show was pretty good today! :)

  2. In my humble humble opinion, most of the show was kinda slow. The final sentence spoken.... yeah, worth the wait. (And we Have been waiting 9 months, haven't we?)

    The previews for tomorrow look good too.

    Does anyone else think that when Alexis is around Derek the director told her to play the part like she was still a 16 yr old school girl, smitten by the big man on campus in the leather jacket? It seems that way to me.

    Today was dialogue-heavy. Not always a bad thing, but a lot of tied up loose ends and having 2 people per shot talking and catching up.

    My advice is to go ahead and watch, finger tightly poised on the FF button, but then let it ride the final 15 minutes.

  3. I DID see the last sentence!! I got home at 2:45
    I guess when KM signed that contract, things got moving along!

  4. Was today's show worth watching?
    No it was a FF kind of show. Until the last minute and the previews. Tomorrow you gotta watch!!!!!

    The best part of todays show was Patrick and Britt fighting. BUT the last line said it all This is not your baby!

    Maxie sneaks in to hold the baby tomorrow. YAY! I hope Spin see her.

    And the AJ saga continues... I hope someone emptied that garbage.

  5. The hospital: I am really annoyed that Lulu is still in that room with the baby!! I really want Spinny to tell Lante the truth, and for him to be with his daughter! I want to see Spinny holding his baby daughter NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Nik and Lulu scenes was strange! While they were talking about private stuff, a nurse was there working! ROFL! What the?!!? I bet the nurse was listening to them really well while working. :) Come on Lulu put 2 and 2 together and figure everything out about the baby!! BAH! Oh is Ellie and Sabrina BFF's now?! :) That would be cool. :) While they were talking, I was wondering when is Ellie going to close the door!!! Oh she does! Finally! :) Molly, Alexis, and Sam scene! Molly wins the line of the day!

    Molly: Are you sure that he isn't just another long lost Quartermaine?

    ROFL! Oh Molly you are adorable. :) Hey I love Alexis's shirt! :) Julian and Alexis scene! Hot stuff! He was so close to her! :) Just kiss her already! :) Julian holding baby Cheeto!!! Awww! :) Maxie with her daughter awwww! Mac and Maxie talk. :)

    Wyndemere: Patrick and Britch scene. At first I thought she was sleeping and having a dream! We missed the end of GH yesterday so I don't know what happened.. Come on Britch tell him he isn't the father!! Oh Patrick wants full custody! ROFL!

    Britch: HE'S NOT YOUR SON!

    Maury: You are NOT the father!!!

  6. Oh and Karen, cheap red and white wine bottle picture? ROFL! Do you have any? :)

  7. I thought today's show was a bit of a let down compared to how great it has been lately.
    I think it was because of LuLu.
    I just can't get into this character with the new actress.
    Nothing against her personally, I just still miss JMB!
    This whole SL would be so much better with her. So reluctantly I admit I did FF thru her scenes.

  8. I have a feeling that Lulu is going to go a little nuts and take the baby when it comes out that she isn't her mother. She just seems that desperate for a kid. Of course once it comes out that Brit is carrying her baby everything will be all better. lol

  9. Yes, I noticed that Alexis got all sexy/blushy in front of "Derek."

  10. Oh, and I also thought at first that the Patrick/Breatch scene was her dream.

  11. I don't think Britt is carrying Lulu's baby. I know that's been the rumor but it just doesn't feel that way to me.

  12. Prop of the week - the yellow paper gowns. I think Lulu or someone will find out Britch is carrying her baby before she finds out the nameless Cheeto doesn't belong to her and Dante. Any other outcome will be just plain cruel. Until Julian comes out, I can't stand to listen to everyone exclaim what a complete and total stranger he is. Enough already!

  13. Today was ok. NuLu is a fail. I hope she doesn't stick around. I don't blame the actress I just don't think she fits the roll.

    Could Patrick day "my baby" more? Should be a drinking game!

    I maxie and spin are together ALONE with Georgie tomorrow whether or not the truth comes out.

  14. heidi said...I think Lulu or someone will find out Britch is carrying her baby before she finds out the nameless Cheeto
    Nameless Cheeto! ROFL!

  15. How sure are we that the baby isn't Lulu and Dante's? I mean she lost the baby and got pregnant with another baby, the old fashioned way, all in the same night. I saw a rumor that Britt's baby is Brad's. The only way I am going to be happy is is these babies belong to Dante and Lulu and Spin and Maxie.

  16. Everyday Jane said... I saw a rumor that Britt's baby is Brad's.
    Yeah I saw that rumor. I don't believe it. I still think the baby is Lante's! :)


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