Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Waiting For The Marrow

This week was a good one. Kept my interest every day (we all know that's no easy feat!) -- There may be better things coming as well, especially with the Robin story ramping on up. Poor Ava got her truth spread all over town. I think she needs an Excedrin.

we were all a bit exhausted keeping up

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather that we have!  I'm out on the deck, loving the birdies and breezes! Get the Scrubs out of the dryer and saddle up, there's a lot to dish about.

Things you need to know about Lucy this week: She ate a HELL of a lot of pie at Kelly's ( has no office). She and Scotty still have mad chem--and she gave Tracy her share of stock for some $$ for Deception.
Dinner at the Metro! Alice looked all pretty, and told AJ his grandfather would be so proud. Awwww, finally AJ was getting positive attention. It didn't last long-- but it was nice while it did. 

Where do I know you from?? Hmmm...anyway, I liked Mac Daddy defending Alexis' a bit when "Derek" was all coming on to her. Mac got all possessive. awwww. Isn't it a riot how this guy came from no where JUST when they are trying to find they mysterious "Julian" because of bone marrow? ahaaa. Such timing. 

I always age myself while writing this blog but DANG, anyone else think of that "Purple Rain' scene with Appolonia and he in the bedroom? I swear..same thing. Ok, so-- here we have the brothers, trying to both get Kiki. Michael's walking around like a wounded puppy. He even drinks with Olivia to try to forget!! The stupid thing is that Kiki is going thru with this-even though she KNOWS she doesn't really love Morgan. AND MORGAN KNOWS she doesn't love him!! WTH. I do feel like this is out of 1865 or something when people "had" to marry at a certain age and all that.  It's 2013. Just weird. I still say the notion of Kiki and Morgan marrying would somehow stop a Michael/Kiki romance is laughable in today's world. I really hope this storyline is attractive to the younger crowd. It's taking up a LOT of the summer. One other note, without a gal pal, Kiki's character is very flat. At least on OLTL Starr had Langston. She needs someone she can dish to.

 *Sigh*...just find that bone marrow already, will ya?..this is getting redundant.

Look at Silas' face..ahahhaa. Like "yeah, right..what ARE you going to do with that"!!?? Ava is just turning out to be an unbalanced, paranoid lush that slithers around the canvas (someone coined that in comments and I love it).  When she was talking to Julian, she gave him a shoulder rub that was super creepy. She's always somewhere, waiting to pounce-- or she's guzzling booze at the Q house.   At the moment, she's eating the show a bit, imo.

 WHO else forgot they were getting married? Geesh, hurry up will ya!!? 

I'm not going anywhere....
AJ and Connie! AJ went off the deep end on that but hey--the scenes were great. Sonny comes in and clocks him on the head with his gun. Michael basically tells AJ he doesn't care about ELQ and he's proud of his dad regardless. Yeah!! Loved it.  AJ needs a break. 

But..she didn't do what I told her to do!!
Sonny this week was kind of a whiny beeatch. First he makes dinner for Connie (giant bowls of pasta no less) and tells her how grateful he is she didn't run the story. Because you know, having one son marry a girl under false pretenses to show you love them makes so much sense. When he does find out about it, he goes nuts and storms off to The Metro and runs into Olivia. Whine Whine WHINE "you would never do that to me" he says. boo hoo. Get a grip.  When he goes back to his house (because Olivia tells him to) he bashes AJ in the head. Ok, I guess that was warranted because AJ was strangling Connie. WHERE WAS SHAWN? Maybe they can't have 2 Shawn/Seans on in the same week? LOL  Where was MAX? Sonny has such craptastic security. 

Blast from the past!! Good ol' Sean..and his daughter Anna!! Yeah!! I bet he needs the medicine because he's poisoned too. I want to hear what happened to Tiffany. Their daughter needs a bit of hootspah if she's Ellie Mae's kid. BTW, I was glad Anna didn't have a tam on lol.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Nice--a great scene between Tracy and Liz. First of all, thank you for getting Becky out to actually ACT!! It's been too long. I love this angle. She can totally be a new "Monica" for the house. The kids can run amok in the mansion. I like it. Both actresses did a wonderful job. When Liz hauled off and slapped Tracy? Well. I was afraid she'd be leaving in a cast. heh. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: I had to choose this because it was ALL OVER this week. Everywhere. People reading it, hiding was even at the courthouse when they were getting married. Felicia clutched it to her bosom!! A good Ebay item if the cast all signs it.

FACE OF THE WEEK: Man, AJ's got a whole closet full of awesome FACE!!! He's ready to crush Connie's windpipe--eeeeeee!! 

So..that's about it. The show still has some holes, but all in all I enjoyed it. The dialog was snappy and we've gotten some movement on all fronts. Soon those babies will be born, the Robin saga will heat up and Danny will finally get out of the hospital. Maybe Sam can go on a wardrobe spree. 

By the way, I wonder if the CBS blackout in some markets will  affect the ratings game for soaps. Maybe GH will move up in the pack if Y&R goes down? 


  1. The scenes between Liz and Tracy were also my favorites. I wish they could've had Monica overhear some of that. I'd forgotten what a good actress Becky Herbst is. She totally held her own with Jane Eliot, no easy feat even amongst this talented cast. What a difference to have writers who actually like her character and know what she can do.

    I know they want the younger audience and so in the montage showed a lot of bedroom action amongst the younger set, but since we've seen plenty of that already, couldn't they have spared more time for just a teeny bit more of Liz/AJ? We certainly waited long enough for it.

  2. I'll just say this: Making Liz a Q (or at least moving her into their orbit) has *so* many great possibilities...

  3. I agree that in 2013, all this marriage talk between a 19 and 21 year old seems forced and unrealistic. Weren't they in college when they met? I know its summer but why no talk about the fall semester? At least at PCU!
    That should be both Carly and Ava's first concern, go back to school! When Morgan was promising taking Kiki on a world tour of traveling, on Sonnys credit card no less, who takes this seriously? They are sucking up way too much air time and need to go back to their dorms.

  4. Repeat to yourself: It's almost fall. The teeny bopper storylines will decrease soon. Or at least I hope so. Last summer we were stuck with Kristina constantly. Hopefully Morgan will disappear soon just like she did.

  5. I think Tiffany's name was Elsie Mae (Krumholtz).

    Great surgery! My good points.

  6. Whatever happened to Felix and his poor sister, Molly and TJ? It seems these junior mints were forgotten somewhere along the line.

    Are they REALLY finally doing the Robin story? Cuz, how can she come back now that Paddy has moved on? What will they do with the character (I assume she is not coming back to the show, but how will they write her out?)?

  7. yeah, TJ, Molly and Taylor Rafe seem to be languishing.
    Not that I'm complaining.

  8. Great week. Loved it all and love your idea of Liz becoming a Q and moving in. Didn't miss TJ, Molly, Franco or Sabrina one single bit. Felix a little though.
    Silas is growing on me. Very tired of KIKI.
    Hoping to see Laura catch up with Luke soon too.

  9. I would love for Liz to marry AJ AND as a wedding present have Monica give HER the mansion. That would get Tracy going.

    Laura needs to find Luke pronto.

    So I guess since Alexis "recognized" Derek/Julian he did not have any plastic surgery and Mac. Flea, Anna and Duke will recognize him at first sight.

    Morgan is such a moron. Kiki deserves him - she is not much better.



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