Friday, August 23, 2013


IT's Friday! Here I am at the Baltimore Aquarium having a CRABBY TIME!! I hear this week's GH has been awesome. I can't wait to watch. You know Sunday Surgery will be delayed a bit, right? Anyway, hope you are having a fab week--
PS I haven't found Faison yet. I was hoping he'd be in the shark tank but--nope.


  1. I love that aquarium. I go there every now and then on my trips to baltimore. I am so glad you are having a good time!

    The other week, Luke and Holly surfaced in Corinth, PA. I loved the surprise, as I watched Loving way back in the day when it first started. This was brilliant and a complete nod to any of us who were soap nuts way back in the 80s. But this wasnt the first time that GH gave a shout out to other shows, characters and actors.

    In 1994, Genie and Tony showed up on Roseanne's show as a cameo at the very end of an episode in the Diner. I am sure there is a clip online, but I am not going to try to figure out how to embed it, sorry. In turn, Roseanne (and Tom Arnold) showed up on GH as Jennifer Smith. (later recast by Sally Struthers from All in the Family)

    My most favorite GH guest star happened in 2010. Michael Learned. She is a 4-time emmy winner from The Waltons and then came on GH for a short stint as a cancer patient. Younger viewers probably had no idea who she was. Us older folk, definitely knew her as one of tv's icons.

    There are more. These were just the 2 I thought of right away.

    This kinda leads me in a round about way to today's question. What CHARACTER (and their portrayer) from a past or present TV show would you like to see guest star on GH and in what storyline?

    I thought about this. TV history is long. There is a lot to choose from. But I would want something that would really bring a meaty storyline. This is my vote/suggestion. Lets see if you agree.

    Camryn Manheim as Eleanor from The Practice

    Scenario: Ava is on trial. Scotty is the DA and prosecuting her. He needs to bring in another lawyer for help, and brings in Eleanor. The two of them go up against a recognizable defense team: Diane and Alexis (who team up for this). Alexis because Derek (Julian) saved her grandson and Diane because, well, she will represent a toad if they had money. (And I love her for that)

    Can you see the 4 of them go toe to toe in court? How about Diane and Alexis working on the same team? After court, the 4 of them wind up at Floating Rib sniping at each other...

    Well, thats my vote for a special guest star / character visit. What's yours?

    Have a safe trip home, Karen...

  2. I always wanted to see a crossover from Greys Anatomy. Derek Shepherd and Patrick the brilliant neuro surgeons working together to do some ground breaking surgery.

  3. Karen, you look like Maxie in that photo!!

    I would stick to NYS for characters from other shows--the gals from "Sex and the City" come to mind, as does Alicia from "The Good Wife." (And, of course, "Big," who is/was in both shows.)

  4. Oh, and any/all the characters from "Nurse Jackie."

  5. I would like to see Detective Munch from Homicide and Law and Order SVU. Belzer likes playing him so much he has appeared on 5 or 6 different shows in the role. Gh and Anna could use a smart (and funny) detective.

  6. Connie kicked the bucket today. I guess we are supposed to think that AJ did it. But that it way too obvious to be true. Olivia and Sonny should be together anyway, very fortunate that Connie is no longer In the picture.

    Kiki defending Morgan was nice, he is her husband after all.

    Spina and Ellie scenes were great. I think that it is the best I have seen Spin ever. Poor Mxie no one belived her that the baby is hers. They sedated her :(. Spin needs to come to her rescue.

    I was looking forward to the Alexis Sam's daddy story but it seems to be turning out very flat. I wanted Alexis to have this great love story, but I really do not like Derek/ Julian and it had been sooooo obvious and drawn out.
    Very anticlimactic.

  7. Here's my recap of today's show, FWIW

    Sonny & Liv are stuck in a hospital elevator. First Olivia freaks out because she hallucinates a dog on the baby poster. Then Sonny freaks because he's feeling claustrophobic.

    Ellie spills the beans to Spin about Maxie's baby. Spin's disbelief turns to anger when he learns that Ellie lied to him. Ellie confesses that she was afraid of losing him to Maxie if he knew she was carrying his kid.

    Dante and Lulu continue to bond with Baby WhatsHerName and Dante rejects Lulu's name choice, Jacqueline, because it makes him think of Spin (The Jackal). It's going to be heart wrenching to see them lose her to Maxie.

    The doc tells Mac & Felicia that Maxie suffered a hemorrhage in the OR but will make a full recovery. When the unbeknownst grandparents visit their daughter, she's asking for the baby. Thinking Maxie's confused from the meds, they call for the doctor, who gives Maxie a sedative.

    Sam and Alexis are eternally grateful to "Derek" for agreeing to donate his bone marrow, not knowing that he is the mysterious Julian and, indeed, Sam's daddy.

    While Sonny's stuck in the elevator, Connie is ambushed in her office by a drunk, pistol-packing AJ. AJ does a lot of talking for a guy who's about to shoot someone and we never actually hear the gun go off. Olivia sees blood seeping into the elevator and Sonny finds Connie bleeding on the floor of her office. AJ returns home to the Q mansion, where Michael waits for him.

    Michael and Kiki are each worrying about fathers. That is, Michael's worrying about his bio dad AJ and Kiki's worried about her non-bio dad Franco. Kiki ditches Michael for Morgan and Michael finds AJ stumbling into the house with a gun in his hand.

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  9. The hospital: OH!!! Spinny knows everything!!! Bradford Anderson, did a fantastic job! Brilliant! Just brilliant!!! I hope he is nominated for the emmy award and wins!!!! :) *standing O* BRAVO! And the look on his face when he found out he has a daughter, love it!!!! I thought he was going to punch Ellie! Maxie is telling the truth to her parents, but they don't believe her! DOH! Olivia sees the dog again!!! ROFL! That poster hahaha! That poster wins the line of the day. :)

    Puppy poster: I want my mommy!

    ROFL! Priceless. :) Awww Poor Sonny and his claustrophobia. :( Glad Olivia is there for him! Alexis tells Derick aka Julian ALL about Sam's papa! ROFL! Gee Alexis you think this man is a stranger, but yet you spill your guts. :) And the look on Julian's face when he finds out where Alexis was from and went to school haha priceless! :) Hmm they got chemistry. :)

    Q home: Michael looking all over for AJ, but then StarKi shows up and AJ who? :) They are talking too much!!! They are close, but the force field is working!!! They didn't kiss. :)

    Crimson office: AJ with a gun!!!! Connie tries to tell Sonny what is going on, but Sonny is deaf!!!! Oh oh Connie is shot!! Awww the blood is ruining that beautiful dress. :( Who REALLY shot Connie? AJ? FranJasTodd? Hmmmmmmmm.

    Karen it looks like you are having a ball! :) A crabby time hahaha!

  10. Love how they were going for the "Redrum blood-drenched elevators" vibe from the Shining for Olivia's vision.

    All work and no play makes OLDSCHOOLGHFAN a dull boy All work and no play makes OLDSCHOOLGHFAN a dull boy All work and no play makes OLDSCHOOLGHFAN a dull boyAll work and no play makes OLDSCHOOLGHFAN a dull boy

  11. All I can say is WOW! What a week!!!!

  12. I think acting awards go to both Chad (Michael) for his "AJ's nightmare" scene yesterday because it finally gave him some range outside of "angst", AND to Bradford (Spin) for everything on today's show. Emmy reel for sure right there. Phew.

    OK, so drunk, angry AJ is not doing it for me, but, you know, Sean Kenan is smoking f*ing hot. Damn. H. O. T. Hot! That's all I got to say!

  13. CareyN said...I think acting awards go to both Chad (Michael) for his "AJ's nightmare" scene yesterday because it finally gave him some range outside of "angst", AND to Bradford (Spin) for everything on today's show. Emmy reel for sure right there. Phew.
    Yeah!!! They both were excellent!! :)


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