Friday, August 2, 2013

Luke's Back...

As his Dr.VonZeppersnauzer. Or whatever... Looking for the Jerry Jacks money. Oh Geeze, Ninjas break into the bank with guns. LMAO
I knew he wasn't really shot.  I've watched soaps too damn long.  Holly's helping him!

Kevin is going to hypnotize Alexis. and Lucy was on for a second there.  Lucy did Kill Victor Jerome, btw.. Anna and Duke are connected to the family too. It's all wiki. Too long to go into here! 
Alexis getting all hynotized-- being cute about the bar and the leather jacket.  What's his name?? Could it be...Julian? 

"Derek" is Julian (no shocker there) and Ava's his little sister.  He's still not doing much for me.  If Olivia Jerome comes back, there would be 2 Olivias on this show. LOL

Connie is going to drop the boom on Ava to Tracy. She tells her Kiki is not a Q.

Anna and Duke go to Sonny's to find out if the Jeromes are in town.  Duke meets Sonny for the first time. 


  1. JERBLINGS! Wooot! I miss 'berta <3

  2. I don't think Lucy actually killed Victor - I remember him accidentally killing himself in front of her when she rejected his romantic overtures. Then Alan helped Lucy get rid of the body, and they eventually married. I hope to see more of Anna and Duke with the return of the Jeromes. Loved their entire arc.

  3. So... even tho Kiki isn't Michael's cousin she's still related to Danny as she's Sam's cousin. But Kiki still isn't a bone marrow match despite all that?!

  4. Yeah, I choked to death on a huge diamond that Lucy turned down.

  5. Oh, forgot. LOVE the photo of Alberta with Dr O

  6. Didn't Victor swallow something and choke? I thought it was jewellery he bought for Lucy.

  7. The hospital: Lucy and Doc scene LOVE IT! Awww the actor sounds like he has a cold. Oh Alexis under hypnosis!! She is remembering when she was 16! ROFL! She is enjoying what went on back then hahaha! Sam's father: JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly's Love the Lucy and Scotty scene! Tracy shows up! YAY! :) All three of them in the same room awesome. :)

    Q home: Connie and Tracy scene was great! Now Tracy knows StarKI isn't a Q! :)

    Sonny's home: Sonny knows Duke AND the Jeromes! :) Anna got rid of the color streaks in her hair. Awww why? I like them.

    Luke and bank woman: Luke wins the line of the day today! He kept saying his name is Skimmermon! ROFL! That bank lady looks like Maxie! Oh bad people with guns show up! I thought at first it was all Luke's people but I was wrong. He was shot but it was fake. And that woman with the mask, I thought it was Laura! It's Holly! Good to see Holly, but I wanted it to be Laura. :(

    Crimson: JULIAN JEROME IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lol! I copied that link thinking maybe it was old Jerome footage.....Duh duh damn :) that was funny.

  8. OK, I don't know who Julian Jerome is, I guess I have to read a lot of stuff, or just give up and hope it will become clear on the show.

    I always wonder, what county is Luke pretending to be from as "Herr Doktor," Germany? I always wonder why, when he uses that accent in Europe, people don't start speaking to him in his supposed native language--then what would he do?

  9. @sonya, I totally thought it was Laura, too! Loved seeing Holly, but so wanted it to be Laura sweeping to the rescue.

  10. Loved when Luke kept correcting people about his name and then the bank lady corrects him about hers! He does that little doubletake. She was a looker, wasn't she?

    I think Luke's pretending to be Dutch. That is a language he does know, lol. It sounds abit German and abit Swiss or Austrian--one of those more gutteral languages.

    So good to see him and also to see Anna and Duke on a search. Keep our leading lady busy--the show needs her! Great to see Kevin--he's another who needs to be on more.

    Always loved Holly, but wasn't she supposed to be at Robert's side? Hope he gets into this story. I think most of us hoped it was Laura, especially when it seemed Luke was recognising her behind the mask.

  11. Ok. Trying to figure out these Jerome's. Thankfully there's the General Hospital wiki that explains how everyone is related.

    So possible matches for Danny's bone marrow:
    Julian: Sam's dad
    Ava: Sam's aunt
    Lucas (Bobby's adopted son): Sam's half brother.

    Too bad Kiki isn't a match despite being Sam's 1st cousin.

  12. Bookworm said... @sonya, I totally thought it was Laura, too! Loved seeing Holly, but so wanted it to be Laura sweeping to the rescue.
    Yeah it's too bad Laura wasn't part of the whole black outfit with gun scenario. *sigh*

  13. I think he uses a hybrid-accent he picked up in his time in Amsterdam.

  14. Avalonn said...Lol! I copied that link thinking maybe it was old Jerome footage.....Duh duh damn :) that was funny.
    ROFL! Yeah I figured someone would think that. Glad it made you laugh. :) DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN HAHAHA! I could put up old footage of Julian Jerome, or maybe Karen can. :)

  15. soap: Thanks for the explanation, his being Dutch makes sense now that you say he speaks the language, I didn't know that he did.


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