Wednesday, August 7, 2013


ahaha. She sleeps with Sonny and tries to run out before he sees the paper!! LOL  Hes' going to yell in 3..2...
LOL.. he went NUTS...!!

Liz and AJ are ok in my book. I'd really like it if they got married, she became and official "Q" . Marry in the rose garden, Monica gives her the house as a wedding gift. THEN, Cam can come live there and terrorize Tracy. LOL  We need to keep the legacy up. It would be a great loop to the next generation. The CIRCLE OF LIFE!! "It's MY HOUSE, MONICA GAVE IT TO ME"! 
Liz slapped 

AJ about had a heart attack when he saw the paper..who had the meaner face, he or Sonny? 

Laura Wright looked great today, loved that dress. I'm glad they keep up the fact that Olivia works and Carly's her boss.  I like stupid consistancy like that. 

 Kiki calls Michael about Morgan giving her a ring. That's the FIRST person you call?! And MORGAN sees the paper when  Tracy shoves it in AJ's face!! ZOINKS! 
hee hee hee. He's going to have to conivnce Kiki to marry him FAST@@!! 


  1. Quiz marriage would be the best! The next Monica and Alan. Giving Liz the house - perfection. How have they not hired you!?!

  2. Did I miss Maxi and Britch giving birth? When was last time we saw Ellie? Seriously, less #kikihospital and finish up the story arcs that have been brewing. And brewing. And brewing. And brewing.

    But then again, we're just fans. What do we know about GH.

  3. I get AJ's anger but it should be directed at Ava for duping everyone.

  4. kd, I love the idea about Liz marrying AJ and Monica giving her the house. Try sending the suggestion in to the producers.

  5. Hey Kg, nobody's given birth yet, which is kinda cool. We know Maxie conceived on New Years Eve, so she shouldn't give birth until around Oct 1. Nice that the show isn't rushing it like they often do with someone only being preggers for 5 months or so.

    Karen, LOVE your idea too, about the Quiz marriage and the house. Elizabeth is much more a "Lila" than a "Monica" tho. That house would always be full of love, and toys, and brownies. :)

  6. Liz is for sure more "Lila". Have AJ remarry Carly and Monica give her the house. Now that would be entertaining.


  7. "AJ" is really a great actor, I think, you really can feel his emotions.

    Connie--dead woman walking--how sad!!

    Poor Flea, getting married, and no sign of her for months. And, yes, where is Ellie?

  8. Amber Tamblyn to 2 and a Half Men

    Glad she is getting the work, but man that show is crap.


  9. Michael's home: Awww look. StarKi calls Mikey to tell him about Morgan getting her a ring. He is the first person she calls. Come on Michael! Look at the newspaper!! There ya go! :)

    Q boathouse: Oh oh! Now StarKi and Morgan HAVE to get married quickly! Before StarKi knows the truth!!!

    Q home: Uh Diane is reading the newspaper upside down ROFL! Aww Quiz and the afterglow. :) Liz? Did you and AJ use protection? :) Great AJ and Tracy scene!!! Oh oh AJ going to have a panic attack! Liz slaps Tracy LOVE IT! :)

    The hospital: Wow! Ava is so desperate! She don't want McSilas to know that he is a papa! Awww don't worry Mcsilas. The truth is already out in the morning paper. :) McSilas wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Screw you!

    McSilas: Maybe later. In the meantime I'm going to go to Kiki.

    ROFL! And he doesn't like the name Kiki haha! Woah Ava is threatening him with, what is it? A scalpel?

    Sonny's place: Sonny tell Connie she is dead to you!!!! Throw barware!!! Call her names! :)

    Metrocourt: Love the Carly and Olivia scene! Listen to Carly!! Oh there is Sonny! :)

  10. Tracy's rant against AJ was pretty typical of the stuff Alan used to throw at AJ, when the 2 boys, AJ and Jason, were growing up, only then AJ had to also hear how great his brother was, and he was not. I used to wince because how could any kid have self esteem and do well if he heard that every time he made a mistake. AJ turned to drink which of course, made it worse.

    I've always had a bit of sympathy for AJ who WAS a drunk and a screw-up, but with reason. As a teen he had his faults hammered into him. He was always the troubled one because Monica and Rick had that affair and she was convinced AJ was Rick's--until a birthmark chanced that. She was devastated to find out he wasn't Rick's because she had planned to leave Alan for Rick, and then couldn't, and how she resented that baby. And Alan resented him because Monica had betrayed him and let him believe it was Rick's. Poor AJ never had a chance and it was no fault of his own.

    I was all for Liz slapping Tracy! HARD!

  11. Why is this now the Starki show? She's not even FROM GH, certainly not a great actress, though I can see how she must've been appealing as a child actress.

    She gets more airtime than Anna, Liz, Nulu, Maxie and several others COMBINED, while the fans pine away for the rare sightings of our beloved vets.


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