Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amber Tamblyn To Be on Two and a Half MEN!!

You know I love her!! TV Line has the scoop on her coming to the show--can't wait. I don't  even watch that show much anymore but I will now!! WOOT!!

She's going to be Charlie's long lost daughter!! 

The character, Jenny, shows up in the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 premiere upon moving from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a career in showbiz. She ends up crashing with her Uncle Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher


  1. Wow! Maybe she'll give new life to the show. Amber is awesome!

  2. i am looking forward to it.

    there was once an april fools item written about her years ago that said she was going to star as jessica fletcher in the prequel to murder, she wrote where she was jessica in college. i so wanted that to be true! she would have ben great at that role.

    2-men has so jumped the shark, but maybe she will bring some life into it.

  3. That show panders to the worst aspects of humanity. I weep for us all with its popularity.
    Still, I like Amber...miss her on GH, and wish her well. I am glad she is getting high profile work although I hope she can use this as a launching pad to something classier.


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