Thursday, May 31, 2018

And Again!

I melted yesterday!! Today is when I turn everything in and my friend had an operation so I'm helping her at 2:00!! Charity before GH! 

Hope you are well. Seems like it's either dry as heck (here) or flooding (MD) ..can't have a nice moderate mix!! 

HOPE to see you FRIDAY!!1 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

So, the deal is...

Tomorrow is the End of the Month. That means I'm out until late. late. Today, I'm out until at least 2:30. I'll be too tired to blog (I was up until 4am because I'm a nut-ball). ERGO, it's up to you! 
Too bad because I was enjoying the show yesterday. 

Sonny really doesn't care about Carly's plight! I swear. He managed a "DIANE, FIX THIS"!! -- and "you'd better do somethin'" but-- come on. He was like: Eh...whatever. Heh.. 

Here's hoping that the Webber family gets found! Kiki gets revenge-- and Dr. O totally kills Peter!! 

Have a good one. It's HOT here. OY! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Like Bad Men

Ok, a lot  to unpack in today's show!! 

Robert lets Peter make a phone call. 

Bensch calls in Kiki. Shows her his evaluation --and it's really bad. "Late"..."Too Social" yada yada. She freaks out. He shoves a Metro Court key to her and says "you can fix this"!! GAH!!! Later Liz sees her upset and run when Dr. Bensch walks by. She finds Kiki in the storage closet crying hard. Kiki tells her!! YES!! Nice!!! 

Kevin is seeing Alexis for her "Bad Man" addiction. It's good. I like him being the Gabriel Byrne of PC!! Franco makes an appointment for next week. 

Carly's in the courthouse. Pleads Not Guilty by reason of Insanity. The DA (newbie chick) goes after her. The judge (who used to be on LA Law) says: Ok, you just admitted you pushed her so you go to Pentonville until this is sorted out. AHHAA. Sonny glares. Diane chokes. Carly's like I LOVE JOSSLYN! I LOVE MICHAEL...tell them I"ll see them soon!! 
Is it me or is Sonny strangely unmoved. He prob needs a break too lol 

Drew talks to Maddox about his memories. Maddox is like: Dude, your memories are now tied up with 4 years of being Jason Morgan. Drew doesn't care. At the end of the show Peter offers him the Memory Disco Ball if he can get out. 

Finn and Anna kiss but Anna runs. Finn makes an apology to Alexis in front of the AA meeting...but doesn't use her name. They are friends again! 

Highlight: Roger Howarth eats. :) My fave thing since Todd on OLTL 

Question and Musings

So.. I want to do some experimental "Scripts" that go off my Kiki story-- do you wan them here or on another page in the blog or another blog? ( I have a couple of other ones that are just personal stuff). 

Hmmm, not sure. Just thought I'd toss that out there. Wish I had enough money to produce my own you tube series! :) With GH characters. But then I'd get sued. *sigh*  

Today is TUESDAY...I say that because I actually did all my therapy plans FOR MONDAY. DERP. I realized right before bed that I had done them all wrong--and have different kids today! LOL. Geesh --see what happens when you have a nice weekend? Things go OUT of your head. 

Tillie says hello. She's 100% now and into everything. She's 6.8oz of JOY.  She does watch GH with me sometimes but mostly wants me to play as I've been gone all day. I think I told you Nina's voice scares the hell out of her! LOL 

I think Dom might be leaving and that the rumor is true? Not 100% yet--and no one seems to be sure... I guess he had some tweets that were pretty telling. Wonder if they'll recast or kill him off? Wouldn't it be great if he was really a giant King Pin himself....working both sides of the system?
See, I always go to the dark side with my plots!! 

See you at 2:00.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Surgery: It's a BOY!

Dapper Dons

Well, Friday's show was a goodie and I like it when I end the week on a happy note. I was torn between commentary and a snark-script panel I'll do both? What do you think?? 

Memorial Day tomorrow!! I was thinking and I never had a direct family member die in a war. I had a Great-Great grandpa (James McGee) die at 90 from complications from the CIVIL war--and my 2 grandpas died from complications from WWI  (yes ONE) ...but not in battle. My family all married late in life! Both sides had the women giving birth well into their 30s and men into their 50s! Ergo, I can trace my Philadelphia Civil War fam pretty easily. How cool is that??  Geesh, that was more info than you needed, no? 

Ok, on to the SHOW!!

So wait a minute... it took us this long to figure out Henrich is Peter? I mean, how did we miss this? 
We couldn't find that damn lighter, Sam...don't blame yourself! 
But I mean.. the book...the beard...the snark... those creeper looks.. 
You're out of practice. 
Yeah..ok.. anyway, do you have any aspirin? This week has been draining and my dress is killing me.

OMG.. you smell good!  
No.. YOU smell good!!  :giggle: 
Wait.. is this the champagne or?  
Who cares!! You're handsome, I'm adorable..let's do it. 
Didn't I date your mother? 
Don't worry, she slept with MY boyfriend, we have a kind of 'agreement'
You sure? 
No..but who cares!! You smell good!! 

You remember the Gilmore Girls when Rory stopped talking to her Loreli?

Well, that's how it's been with us so...WE'RE BACK ON!!
We ARE?? OMG it's about time. If I have to listen to Nina and Valentin one more day alone..
I know, you'll stab yourself. Same with me and Peter August. Let's DO this!!

Nope, I'm not kissing you...I am NOT KISSING...oh hell. 

Look you PUNK... Nathan was MY BROTHER...GOT IT?  MINE!! And don't even THINK about saying he's yours! I'll kill ya! I'll..I'll slam your head...I'll throw bar ware like my Dad...I..

Wait a minute ...are you even TRYING here? Did you see me up there? Giving an A-Grade performance and....COME least look over here.  (Pause) Ok...nothin? Well.. see ya. You enjoy your huge story and I'll just sit here in the corner. Got it. 


Why...THANK ..YOU.....BRAD... How..lovely. Flowers.  Nice..white flowers.  Michael, the father of my baby is getting the car.  So I can ride.  He loves me I think. Yes...yes... loves me. Yes.......Do you love you love me? Do you? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Max Gail was so great as Mike singing...then struggling for the words. Having Sonny help instead of get him off stage showed so much growth. I hope he and Stella keep up their friendship and Felix becomes his personal nurse. I'm also happy he's been on the show as long as he has--it wasn't a once and done thing. 

FACE OF THE WEEK; Joyful Joyful! Mac finds out Maxie is naming her baby James Malcolm West after he and Nathan (James was his real name). Mac was so adorable!!

JELLY OF THE WEEK: Whatever that is they used on that baby's head! Maybe the old Dippty Doo?  Kudos to the shimmer matching Maxie's dress. 


I am hoping Nelle watched You Tube videos on "how to fall down the stairs"..and Spin can find the evidence on her computer. Someone on Twitter had this idea! I really think she threw herself down the stairs and didn't care if the baby lived or died. If it died, Carly could have gotten manslaughter or something and Michael would forever be with her out of guilt. If it lived, well, she has that tie to him forever! AND I love Cbloe's creepy Nelle right now. Her kindergarten talk to Carly. Heh.  Here's hoping she watches Killing Eve so she can be Villanelle... (if you haven't watched this show yet, start your binging!) 

Julexis: Ok, I will forever be upset about the whole "Murder" thing but you know what ?? If you're going to put them together, PUT THEM TOGETHER and own it. Just have her OWN it. Say yep, he tried to kill me and I still love him and the sex is amaze--so BYE!  People have already picked sides so by hesitating even more it makes it so disingenuous. 

If being with Kiki gives Griffin an edge and a personality I like ...I'm all for it.  If it drives Ava into Valentine's arms and she becomes Queen Cassadine of Wyndemere and a protege of Helena's, I'm all for it.  Please see NEXT page for controversial story idea. If you are easily triggered then don't look.  (said in the 13 Reasons Why S2 voice) 

RUMOR PATROL: Sorry, I thought Dom leaving GH was more of a 'thing'...but it seems to be a rumor started by his comments when Ryan Paevey left. So..don't know. Wouldn't blame him though. He's being wasted. 

REAL  NEWS:  That girl from YR and AMC who's coming to GH? She's playing the special DA person. (Kinda young for a DA but..?)  Will she be paired with Billy? Hmmmm. Looks like Kim's going to be single so? Not sure. 

That's it... you can go on to the next page for my Kiki story...or you can just have a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend!! NO GH on Monday--or it's a rerun one of the two. 
PS if you're on the page, scroll past the photo of Kiki and Griffin to read or stop now! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Feelin'

Diane says it looks bad for Carly--all the witnesses are on NELLE'S SIDE ahahhaa. I love the inflection Chloe is using for Nelle now--so creepy. Diane is saying Carly should plead guilty to insanity. 
Ok, I think Nelle may have totally threw herself down the stairs. She doesn't care about the baby-- if she lost it, she still would have won. AND she was totally paranoid that Brad thought she DID!!! 

Carly's totally going to plead guilty by reason of insanity I bet. 

Mac and Flea visited Maxie and found out about Peter.  The baby's name is James (after Nathan's real name) Malcolm West!! Mac has a namesake!!  

Lulu and Maxie are going to make up you wait-- because Maxie feels terrible and so does Lulu.  Maxie wants LULU to help her take down Peter August!! WHOOP!!! Maxie and Lulu together again!! 

Dante yelling at Peter about Nathan-- "he would have taken down Faison with you".  "The only reason I'm not slammin' your face into this table is because of Nathan--MY BROTHER".. GO Dante!! OMG. I can't believe Dom is leaving. 
Anna tells Peter that Valentin, not her, gave him up to Faison. He doesn't believe it...then he does. Anna also says that she's not going to testify against him. Robert isn't happy.  Peter offers something to Robert to get him off the WSB charges. 

Val tries to talk to Nina about 'his part' in things. Nina blames him for Nathan's death.  Man, she yelled at him so loud it scared Tillie!! LOL I mean SHE YELLED!  She tells him to move and leave Charlotte with Lulu before Charlotte hates him too. "Everytime I look at you I see my Dead Brother"!!! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Calgon Take Me Away

Ok, today the news of EVERYTHING just sunk me. I need to be off the computer for awhile. Sorry. 

BTW,  The Chew got cancelled. Just found out a lot of the crew that worked on OLTL and AMC worked on that show. :( so sad. I mean, we don't like The Chew but those people were gold. 

So! Have at it. Hope your day is a good one. One bright spot: our weather is spectacular!! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spilling The Scotch

OMG... Peter is SO ACTTTTING!!! He's AN ACTOOOOOR!! they are talking about Peter's actions as Heiny.  They are taking him to GH because his head hurts!! Awwww. Finn says he'll look after him at the hospital.

Valentine is home. Nina's says she's moving. He's trying to explain to Nina why he took Peter in as a kid. Faison mocked him at a school play. Then he took interest in Peter when Pete wanted to change his name and start life over. Anna comes in. She yells at Val for everything.Val says he found Peter's adoptive family and stole him to give to Faison. Why? "Because Anna threw him away like so much luggage".  :eyeroll: 
Nina leaves. 

How does Sam's lipstick stay like that?? LOL

Drew visits Maxie and tells her to hurry up and get better. She's on a, no one told her about Peter yet?? It appears that Drew doesn't know who he is yet!! Later, Maxie sees Peter in handcuffs. JaSam are there and so is Drew.  Peter tells Maxie that he's Heinrich Faison- and she loses it. 

Dante is angry with Lulu and storms out (because of the story she wrote and she won't listen). She cries and gets on her computer. 

Kiki and Griffin..getting drunk and start waltzing and...then start making out.  Which we could see coming a mile away! They have PRETTY um...good sex there! 

Sam talks to Drew about Heinrich and says he might have the disco ball with his memory. He said he's working with Dr. Maddox and doesn't want it.  Sam says to Jason later "Well I do"

Nina leaves Valentin, he spills his scotch.
Anna and Robert hug... 
Maxie cries and remembers when Peter put the baby in her arms.
JaSam get on the elevator together. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


So, I saw yesterday's show... and...LOVED  Sonny and Mike of course...I really like Sonny like this. Glad Carly wasn't there was just a nice change from hearing her mouth lol

OMG How stupid IS Peter "So, Anna, you're undercover"? DERP. This after delivering our Maxie's baby? Go Away.

Griffin should never have walked in on Kiki and Bensch. It should have been a leering moment ...a lingering stare..then he walks out. 

Ava's number? Ok...but her backup dancers were fabulous! LOL 

Valentin--Welp. I really don't care about him so whatever happens happens. 

I will give my thoughts on the overall "Ball" during Sunday Surgery. Let me just say: Tons of holes in this year's!!


Tillie got some meds and is so much better!! Yeah!! 

I am going to miss The Middle, btw--I'm a total Sue Heck fan. 

Anna and Peter: St. JAYSUS TO THE RESCUE!! He gets Peter's gun away-- slams him around (not enough tho). Anna tells him to put the gun down. When Jason won't-- Anna pulls a gun on JASON!  He won't stop pointing the gun...and she says "I am your real mother". 

Spin and Sam are looking for Maxie in GH and find her walking around delusional. They tell her they'll call Flea and Mac. Finn overhears them say Anna is at Pier 55. 

Robert is being rough with Valentin. He talks to Dante ...

BACK TO THE PIER: So, Anna says she's his real mama band Jason keeps the gun on his head. She tells Peter all she knows about his birth and Finn overhears it all from the sidelines. Anna cries, Pete cries, Jason stares and Finn basically rolls his eyes LOL, He calls Robert -- and then Peter says "You aren't my mother're just the bitch that gave birth to me"!! OMG The entire cast was like @@!!!!!!!  Then Peter tried to get Jason to kill Anna OR Anna to kill Jason.  Robert shows up then-- and then arrests Peter as a WSB agent. They are going to send him to Steinmauer in Germany.  He is led off and tells Anna "Don't worry Mommy Dearest". Jason says he's sorry. Anna is crying. Finn is there to comfort Anna. 

Nina brings Charlotte to Lulu's for a sleep over. Nina tells her that Valentine knew who Heinrick was all this time.  She cries and says the secret cost him his marriage.  Then Spin calls and tells Nina Maxie had the baby. Lulu's all verklempt. Dante tells Lulu that Peter August is Faison's son!

Nina goes to see Maxie and baby--- the baby is a premie and in the NICU. They have to tell Maxie that Pete is Faison's son. OH boyyyy 

Ava pushes Griffin away-- because she saw him hugging Kiki ...You know Ava. SO INSECURE.  Griffin leaves then Ava goes to find him and bangs on his door. He's not there. He's at the Metro where Kiki is getting drunk. Oh, Kiki told Michael that Dr. Bensch is hitting on her, forgetting he's on the board. 

I hope Maxie names her baby: Scorpio. JUST Scorpio. LOL Why not? We've had a Stone..a Rocco and hell on AMC...a Spike. But wait...guess what she WANTS TO NAME IT?? PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!! JFC. OMG!! GROSS.  Oh, only middle name. PHEW. 

END:  Griffin and Kiki drinking in the Metro Court ( I think they'll have zex, btw)
Peter is arrested by Robert. VALENTIN gets let go by some idiot cop. :eyeroll: 

MOO-DAY Motivation


HELLO! I'm not here today-- Tillie is going in for another vet's appointment to see if we can get her all fixed up. She's still sleeping SO much and just not acting right. I really hope she doesn't have to stay overnight or something! I'll have to sleep on the floor. should be good? Maxie having a roadside baby with Peter right there to catch it? Robert beating up Valentin... Carly still rotting in jail. How do we think her hair will look? (I know the answer to that)!! 

Ok, I'll be back on tomorrow I hope. I'll try to watch the highlights of today's show tonight. I usually like it better when I'm not sitting through 900 commercials! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Magic and Mayhem

Well, SOMEBODY had to take the Llama...might as well be Lucy! 

With all the hooplah of the Royal Wedding, I almost forgot about Sunday Surgery! What a great day yesterday was. The weather, the outfits and the joy. We needed some joy in the world!  Speaking of JOY--yes, I enjoyed the Nurses Ball even if I thought they could have had way more acts and much less 'intrigue".  I sat back and just let myself get caught up in it all! 

I have some scones left over (I really do!) and tea. Brit hubby and I watched together and had a great time. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Royal Wedding --UPDATED

Just a note, I will be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow morning live and tweeting on my @wubsnet account. HBO will have Cord and Tish..... the delightful fun duo of Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon and then I'll tune to BBCA.  I'll probably add a bit to the blog here as well! Big day in our household, being 1/2 British and all! We'll be making Buck's Fizz (Mimosa) and having scones.  At least there will be some joy in the world!  

The Episcopalian Bishop-- Curry!! I was raised Episcopalian and I loved him and his sermon. Just love. That's all!  Also the Stand By Me song by the Harlem Choir was perfect. So JOYFUL! JOYFUL is the word for today. 


LOVED the DRESS!! So simple and Chic... shows her off perfectly.  Loved it. And the crown !!

What great weather!! WOW!!! Everyone looked so happy and England so joyful!! 

They called the color "Lemon-Lime" on BBC 


Her Mom! 


Lisa and Wally get ready to perform!

The horror of today... mixed with the Nurses Ball? I'm going to just enjoy it and not think about what's happening. 
Finn and Anna...awww. Alexis steps out from the clothes rack. Whoops. Alexis steps out from the curtain and runs out. Molly goes to Finn "Just accept you're a jerk leave my mother alone"!

Alexis goes to the bar and stares at the bottles.  She gets a club soda. Finn apologizes and she says no apology necessary-- He said I'm sorry I hurt you-- She said "You didn't hurt me..I just hurt". GREAT LINE.

OOOOOOOH Stone Cold shot Nelle a DEATH LOOK!! Wow.  He tries to tell Michael that Carly is being set up by Nelle (they are in the hall alone). Michael isn't so sure.  He asks Nelle she tells him Carly did push her, then her baby monitor goes off. She's so devious she probably made it go off by itself LOL.

Sam is taking FOREVER in that damn office. She's talking to herself. Standing around... looking at a book. Get in ...get OUT!  She calls Jason. He comes running to the Metro Court. She shows him the lighter. He's proud she stayed on the case and pretended to be working at Aurora to get the goods. They figure out August is Heiny. 

Eddie Maine sang "Peace Long and Understanding" and Olivia played the tambourine. 

HAHAAA.... Ava offered Griffin sex and he was like "I want to finish watching the show"!! She was all WHA??? AHAHHAHAA. 

Joss and Oscar sing. 

Maxie feels sick, asks Peter to take her home.  In the car, Maxie yells MY WATER JUST BROKE, PULL OVER!  She says it's coming too soon, something  is wrong.  

Valentin Sings and plays piano. He has such a perfect voice. Wow... OMG he finishes and ROBERT SHOWS UP AND DECKS HIM!! LOL

OMG!! MONDAY Ava is going to sing????? WOW. She looks awesome!! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Magic in the Air

Ok, so I fan geeked today. Loved the opening song "Everyday People"... and Lucy's first dress? WOW. 

Emma is here!! yeah!! 

OMG, this Ball is like the others that have been happening for the last 3-4 years. ONE number, then interruption. They never USED to do this. 

Sam watches Valentin and Petey yell at each other. She's intrigued.  Nina says she wants a smoke? And then asks Maxie to get her a shirt for a trip she and Valentin are taking. and she needs it NOW. 

Curtis is asking Jordan to marry him during the ball and he's not too thrilled Stella is there. 

Chase Ford sings a Great Portugal and The Man song!! He's really good... Dancing and Singing.  They didn't make him rip his clothes off either. 

Nina and Curtis do an adorable magic show. Stella hopes Curtis saws Jordan in half LOL .. He gets her on stage and proposed!! "The magic is already started".... and gives her a ring. She says YES!!  Stella says to Mike there's too many complications. He says are "you one of those complications..>the graveyard is full of people holding grudges" Awww..

Maxie's baby is rolling all over. Dr. Kim says it's ok, it's the party.  

So... Anna arranges to meet Peter Heiny at Pier 55.  Like THAT'S a good idea or what?!!  Finn goes back to talk to her backstage. He says "I know you are dying"?? Huh? Alexis overhears them.

Sam finds Faison's lighter in Peter's office so she knows he's his son. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Nurses Ball AHOY!

Ok, so I made part of the show!! Didn't like Sam's dress--LOVED Alexis' look!! (Sandy Bullock) adn these guys were great. Maxie is there with Peter and Spin is annoyed. Carla from Top Chef and The Chew is Cook 2!! Inspired!! I like her so I was happy. 

Sonny's taking Mike to the Ball. Stella talked Sonny into taking him because even tho Carly's in the clink, he should celebrate Mike.  Mike takes Stella...they look really good! 

Val's mad Peter's there, Peter's mad Spin is there. There's a JaSam scene (Sam's dress is too much for me). Robin is around-- Nina's doing her usual red carpet funny. 

Ok, hopefully I will see you tomorrow! 

Nurses Ball Time!!

Favorite time of the year!! Unfortunately, I work until 2:30 and then have Tillie duty (she'll be chomping to get outside). So I'm not sure when I can watch. SORRY!! I love to be here live during that show--oh well. I would have gotten home sooner but Tillie is getting spayed tomorrow and I took Friday off so I have to see double kids today.  
Remember when you could buy TShirts to support the HIV/AIDS cause? I miss the early days of it all!! 

Here's a preview video of the ball:  ABC GO 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Where's The Blanket?

We get to see Nelle fall again!! The one time I'm happy they replayed Friday's ending!! BUMP she goes! Monica immediately blames Carly  Brad calls GH and Monica attends to Nelle. Carly tries to explain what happens. Joss yells at her saying WHAT IF YOU KILLED HER!!??  The ambulance pulls in and Joss and Brad are going with her to GH.  Monica calls PCPD and says it was an assault LOL.

Floating Rib: Anna and Jordan go out. The bar is all redone after the earthquake. I can't tell the difference. Mac is taking Michael out for a drink and ribs during the shower. 
Jordan tells Anna she thinks Curtis proposed because he thought she was going to die. She's not ready to get married anyway. Finn walks in. He's meeting Alexis.  Oh, Anna had no idea that Chase and Finn were 1/2 siblings. 

Chase gets a phone call about the 'assault" at the Q house and Michael hears from Joss that Nelle is in the hospital.
Carly's all panicked.  Chase goes to the Qs. Asks who else saw the fall (no one) ... and people are saying that Carly was bickering with Nelle. 
Chase asks what they were arguing over-- Carly said a blanket she made that looked just like Morgan's. Chase CAN'T FIND THE BLANKET!! OMG IT'S GONE?? Who? How? HUH?? Ava had to have taken it!!  Carly explains that Nelle was messing with her the entire time. Not even Bobbie seems to believe her?? 


AT GH: Lucas is working on Nelle. She wakes up and asks about the baby. Michael comes in. First thing Nelle tells him is that Carly pushed her lol. Don't ever change, Nelle.  Michael says that he'll be by her side and it will be ok.  She got what she wanted, yes? 

Peter and Valentin... more bullshit about this stupid story. Like "OMG what if my MOM finds out I'm me"?? "OMG..what if Anna Devane doesn't back off"?   Val does say he thinks of Peter as his 'own son' that's why he's been so nice to him all these years. 

Sonny and Jason. Jason is just saying NO BODY...Sonny doesn't believe it. The hole is PERFECTLY rectangle too. LMAO 

SO..Carly's arrested and it looks like not a lot of people believe her about Nelle!! 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Surgery: The Mama Drama

Alternative title:   Penguin Revenge. 

Happy Mother's Day! 
GH was all about mothers this week. Moms that were searching for children,  children that were searching for their mothers--Moms about to give birth, Moms in mourning and one Mom-To-Be  that didn't watch that first step. 
With Nelle laying on the Quartermaine foyer floor, GH ended in a cliff-hanger this week. Can't remember the last time I was squealing with delight at a Friday show. 
More happened than this--although not a lot to write home about. 

Mother's Day today so my fave breakfast...Eggs Benedict. Crunchy on the English muffins, please.

Friday, May 11, 2018

It's Christmas For the Feds!

Sonny is upset the FIELD IN CROTON is being dug up. He tells Jason. I guess it's not enough he has a story about his Dad having dementia and Carly going a bit Nutty. 

Anna writes to Heinrich, sends it just as Valentin sits down. Heiny reads it and calls Valentine. 
Anna tells Valentin that shes' not looking for her son anymore, Robert is. Her health is bad and she shouldn't. 

Shower: Carly's all upset. Olivia tries to calm her.  Monica yells: If she wants Peguins, she can have penguins! Bobbie defends Carly. Carly takes more of her pills. Nelle says she wants to 'put things right' and pushes to name the baby Morgan. Carly's not happy.  Carly makes Nelle cry. Josslyn is really upset about Carly being mean to her. She reminds her that Nelle saved her life with her kidney.
Carly goes up to apologize to Nelle. She's holding a baby blanket that Carly says looks like one Bobbie made for Morgan. Carly realizes that it was Nelle doing all the stuff about Morgan. Nelle tells her she's probably having a nervous breakdown. Very snarky.  

OMG. Nelle goes to go downstairs. If you've watched GH for any length of time, you know what's going to happen. 
YEP.. Carly grabbed the baby blanket and Nelle fell..all the way down. Carly did the same thing after fighting with AJ, btw.  Nelle is laying at the bottom of the stairs. 

Sam goes into the Aurora Offices dressed like.. um..? PR person? Blue dress..tight (natch) and looks all ready for going out, imo. Peter thinks that Sam should leave because Drew is "better" at PR than she is. Sam says too bad, I'm staying. 

Later, Maxie comes into the office. She's so happy about the information he gathered about Nathan.  What a nice guy! 

Nina and Curtis. He wants her help to pick the ring! Awww, I love their friendship. She likes the ring he shows her on his phone. 

OMG..>Guys, I am NOT EVEN KIDDING. Sonny and to CROTON TO DIG UP THE BODY--themselves!!!!!! ahahahah AHAHAHA. I'm dying here. Seriously? And Sonny just happens to know where it is!! They about Scully and Sonny's Dad ...and... Sonny's out of breath. And. I'm dying here. Sonny tells Jason how much he means to him, Jason says they're family ..awwwwwww. Sonny goes to get a flashlight . Jason finds a money clip. Yep. A money clip.
The BODY IS GONE. I called it on Twitter. So obvious it was going to be gone. SIGH. Mike prob moved it so Sonny wouldn't get caught and will totally forget where he put it . LO>

Bachelor star Nick Viall is hosting GH's Nurses Ball Red Carpet. 

I don't watch the Bachelor--and I don't know this guy but I guess if it brings more eyballs on GH I'm for it? Do you know him?? I'm still hoping Erica Kane shows up

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Floating Balloons

Killing Eve Balloons at Nelle's shower. They have to the the "new thing" Big, round....1/2 floating with shredded ribbons. Anyway, Avery and Ava made it to the shower.  Josslyn hugs Nelle and gives Carly an evil smile. 
Brad shows up without Lucas because Lucas is working. HE says they'll have their baby soon by adoption and they can play with baby Michael/Nellie #GH 
They open gifts. Nelle gives Carly a present-- it's the guardianship papers. Carly says she'll sign them. 
So, Ava gives the 'mysterious' gift to Nelle and tries to get her to wait to open it and not start trouble. Nelle says no, she opens it anyway. It's a Penguin mobile -- and Carly is all mad because PENGUINS WERE MORGAN'S FAVE!!!! Like what, no one can buy penguins now? LOL Okay. Carly yells and throws it. looks unhinged. 

PREDICTION: Nelle either dies or is in a coma..too many guardianship mentions AND there's the Brucas adoption. Maybe she gives the baby to them and dies or leaves town? Michael isn't really the father? Hmmmmmm not sure but something's up. 

1/2 naked Chase Ford in the shower and Lucy hear him singing and wants him to be in the Nurses Ball. I'm surprised it took this long for the Ford Bro to get his shirt off. Dante says the entire department will be in it so he should too. BUT! It's a's only him. 
Mike is talking to Sonny about Avery. Mike thinks it's his fault that Avery is with Ava 1/2 time. Mike feels like his life is vanishing.  Max comes in...Mike leaves and Max and Sonny talk about THE DAMN FIELD IN CROTON !! UGHHHH STOP THE MOBULAR angle of this. Mike knows that they are starting construction in that field. Sonny has to MOVE THE BODY. 
OMG. I can't even with this. 

Finn tells Alexis that his Dad married Chase Ford's mother RIGHT after his own mother died of an incurable disease. That's why he wants nothing to do with his little 1/2 bro. 


OH I think Erica Kane might be coming to the Nurses Ball. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

Welcome to Port Charles

Monica's replacement is on today--it's only temporary so don't freak out. Carly wants to be nice to Nelle and Monica is not buying it. Later, Monica sees Carly's pills when they fall out of her purse. She's snarky about it and they fight about AJ a bit. Carly thinks she's looking past Nelle's faults to get back at her. 

Jake's birthday.  Jason brings over a present for him. He's awkward around Jake. Jake gets a call from Spencer and goes upstairs. Liz tells Jason that Franco has been through a lot but she won't tell him what it was. Jake comes down and says he's lucky because Spencer has no dads and he has 3. Then he decides to open Jason's present now instead of saving it for later.  They are baseball tickets to the PC and Llandview game and Jake asks if Jason will go with him. 

Griffin wants to move out of Ava's. They talk about their differences and trying to stay together. Same ol same ol.  He leaves. Lucy comes in and shows Ava the check that's blank. Ava figures out it's the invisible ink from Nelle's pen.  When Nelle comes over, Ava confronts her. Nelle says yes it was for a Carly-plot and Ava better help her. Ava says no way because Griffin will get more mad. Nelle says "Oh, you're helping, yes you are". Then she shows her the photo she took of the photo Ava took of Griffin's file. 

Franco visits with a fellow Harvey survivor at Kelly's. He talks about how Jim took him in as a kid and he had trouble letting go. He worked for Jim at Niagara Electric /Gas in Buffalo.  Steve tells Franco he's not responsible for Jim hurting other kids. Franco doesn't believe it. 

The Charles' Street people want to sue the pants off of the development company. They want Alexis to be their lawyer.  Mayor Ned is lamenting to Olivia about the insurance company not paying up.  Alexis says that the company is bankrupt. They decide to sue the city. 

Olivia made a tourist video for "Port Charles" and it's pretty funny. She does a good job trying "not" to act--act. Fun. They go to Kelly's, GH..and the Metro. 

GREAT LINE OF THE DAY: Carly tells Griffin he's Ava's boy toy that she seduced to replace her son! ahahhaa 

GH Fantasy Event in Boston...Genie posted this on twitter this weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Is It August Yet?

So, did I miss where we are all moving in together after we lost our places in the earthquake? 

Well, it's MAY--meaning May Sweeps are on the way. I had no idea what they were even thinking of doing for them but Friday's show may have given us an inkling of the direction things are going. 

Oh boy--this week. How can I explain it? Thin? I decided to do one of my scripting recaps because it was just soooooooo tedious. Even then I couldn't find a lot of photos on twitter because people just weren't interested!! 

Grab-and-Go today. Have a smoothie. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Pills in A Purse

Michael and Nelle talking to Lante about pediatricians. Nelle said they found one doctor "a little cold" Lulu says: You should get along perfectly lol

Maxie at Nathan's grave..crying and talking to him. Chet comes in and talks to Maxie about getting sober and how Nathan helped him. He wanted to leave his sober chip on his grave.  Chet also talks her into taking the money from Faison's son.

Nina confronts Peter with the file he has on Nathan. Peter says it's for a 'surprise' for she and Maxie. He says he got the stuff from Donna Mills (her mother) who's in jail. Nina wants to call her to find out if it's true.  BUT! Valentin interruptus.  Later at Kelly's, Nina calls Dr. O asking about the information that Peter had.

Carly takes her pills at the Metro Bar AGAIN. Who does that? Who takes their pills at public? Of course Sonny sees her and asks about them. She acts all giddy. Is this part of the thing about taking the pills? WEIRD.  
She thinks Nelle is doing the guardianship to get to Michael...Sonny thinks it's a good thing.

Robert and Anna are on, talking no-stop about HEINY. UGH waste of TRISTAN ROGERS!  I liked it when he visited Val and then had fun with Finn at Kelly's.  Anyway he said goodbye to her today. 

END: So... Robert  gets on a plane and drinks his drink. He feels woozy and Valentin shows up and Robert passes out. 

Because GH Needed MORE NEWBIES....

So, Elizabeth Hendrickson is coming to General Hospital as a new character soon. SID reports that she's "not a Hayden recast" --which was my first thought. I mean, why did they get rid of Becky Budding if they were just going to turn around and hire another soap vet similar to her?? 

Elizabeth was on AMC as "Frankie"...Bianca's first girlfriend. I really liked her on the show and think she's a fine actress.  She was also on Young and Restless as Chloe, who was involved with Billy Miller's character. I guess they had good chemistry. All I can think of is when Mary Beth Evans came to GH and was paired with Stephen Nichols-- remember that?? 

Anyway, ANOTHER CAST MEMBER TO ADD to the crowded canvas. What is management thinking? Who will she play? The ONLY thing I'll be semi-happy with is if she's Sarah Webber. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

It's 2:30 But I'm Here

Sam wants Alexis to rep her in her divorce.  Sam wants to keep working at Aurora because of her PI job and Peter August. Alexis tells her about Finn.  

Carly talks to Lucy about Morgan. She says she hasn't healed. If anyone is going to believe Carly, it's Lucy. She used to be into all that!! Remember the triangle she was using with Felicia? Probably not but when Flea was writing Lila's Mem-Wah's Lucy brought her a triangle to write under for "energy". 

I guess Griffin forgave Ava? Or they talked it out.

Dr.Bensch said that he thinks Kiki's "Generation" is too sensitive. LOL.. SNOWFLAKE CARD! 

Finn is talking to Chase Ford...he doesn't like him. Ok, listen to my idea: You know how girls would have babies and then the family would raise them and she'd be their "sister"?? What if FINN had a baby and the mama gave it up and he's really Chase's Daddy.
Ok, it's a stretch but I'm trying to keep myself entertained! 

Ava imagines she sees her scars again in the mirror. I bet it's a manifestation of her guilt. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pill Popping

Here I am--2 days in a row!! Fancy me!! Tillie has been all walked and I'm sure she'll want to play but I can fend her off for awhile. 

Finn and Alexis. They were at a meeting together. They talk about--ummmm, oh their 1/2 brothers. She said Stefan is way way worse than his Ford Chase guy. 

Carly's on Prozac. I thought it would be something like Xanax. 

Sonny and Aunt Stella. She wants to help out and she's thinking of him.  They talk and she tells him a truth: Either hire someone to watch him around the clock, or send him away.  Sonny says no, Michael was in long term care and he woke up. She points out Mike won't. I would think Port Charles would have a memory care place there--we have about 10 in Rochester. They are all over. Sonny could be close and have him in a facility. 

Kellys: Curtis is going to ask TJ for Jordan's hand in marriage.  Yep he does.  TJ gives his blessing just as Aunt Stella walks in. 

Jordan spills coffee on Dante's mug shots. He wonders what's up. She says Marriage is on her mind.  She doesn't have lung cancer. 

Ava finds the disappearing ink pen in her purse (wonder who put it there)... and uses it to write a check for the Nurses' Ball to Lucy. 

Sonny wants to transfer Mike's records to Mercy and Griffin wants to know why.  Griffin said you all compromised about Mike, right?? (that's what Ava told him) And Sonny said HAHAAA we didn't compromise anything.  He decides in the end to keep Mike with Griffin because he thinks Griffin will see Ava for who she is soon enough. 


Sunday Surgery: Soaked

  Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss.  Grad...