Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Surgery: It's a BOY!

Dapper Dons

Well, Friday's show was a goodie and I like it when I end the week on a happy note. I was torn between commentary and a snark-script panel I'll do both? What do you think?? 

Memorial Day tomorrow!! I was thinking and I never had a direct family member die in a war. I had a Great-Great grandpa (James McGee) die at 90 from complications from the CIVIL war--and my 2 grandpas died from complications from WWI  (yes ONE) ...but not in battle. My family all married late in life! Both sides had the women giving birth well into their 30s and men into their 50s! Ergo, I can trace my Philadelphia Civil War fam pretty easily. How cool is that??  Geesh, that was more info than you needed, no? 

Ok, on to the SHOW!!

So wait a minute... it took us this long to figure out Henrich is Peter? I mean, how did we miss this? 
We couldn't find that damn lighter, Sam...don't blame yourself! 
But I mean.. the book...the beard...the snark... those creeper looks.. 
You're out of practice. 
Yeah..ok.. anyway, do you have any aspirin? This week has been draining and my dress is killing me.

OMG.. you smell good!  
No.. YOU smell good!!  :giggle: 
Wait.. is this the champagne or?  
Who cares!! You're handsome, I'm adorable..let's do it. 
Didn't I date your mother? 
Don't worry, she slept with MY boyfriend, we have a kind of 'agreement'
You sure? 
No..but who cares!! You smell good!! 

You remember the Gilmore Girls when Rory stopped talking to her Loreli?

Well, that's how it's been with us so...WE'RE BACK ON!!
We ARE?? OMG it's about time. If I have to listen to Nina and Valentin one more day alone..
I know, you'll stab yourself. Same with me and Peter August. Let's DO this!!

Nope, I'm not kissing you...I am NOT KISSING...oh hell. 

Look you PUNK... Nathan was MY BROTHER...GOT IT?  MINE!! And don't even THINK about saying he's yours! I'll kill ya! I'll..I'll slam your head...I'll throw bar ware like my Dad...I..

Wait a minute ...are you even TRYING here? Did you see me up there? Giving an A-Grade performance and....COME least look over here.  (Pause) Ok...nothin? Well.. see ya. You enjoy your huge story and I'll just sit here in the corner. Got it. 


Why...THANK ..YOU.....BRAD... How..lovely. Flowers.  Nice..white flowers.  Michael, the father of my baby is getting the car.  So I can ride.  He loves me I think. Yes...yes... loves me. Yes.......Do you love you love me? Do you? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Max Gail was so great as Mike singing...then struggling for the words. Having Sonny help instead of get him off stage showed so much growth. I hope he and Stella keep up their friendship and Felix becomes his personal nurse. I'm also happy he's been on the show as long as he has--it wasn't a once and done thing. 

FACE OF THE WEEK; Joyful Joyful! Mac finds out Maxie is naming her baby James Malcolm West after he and Nathan (James was his real name). Mac was so adorable!!

JELLY OF THE WEEK: Whatever that is they used on that baby's head! Maybe the old Dippty Doo?  Kudos to the shimmer matching Maxie's dress. 


I am hoping Nelle watched You Tube videos on "how to fall down the stairs"..and Spin can find the evidence on her computer. Someone on Twitter had this idea! I really think she threw herself down the stairs and didn't care if the baby lived or died. If it died, Carly could have gotten manslaughter or something and Michael would forever be with her out of guilt. If it lived, well, she has that tie to him forever! AND I love Cbloe's creepy Nelle right now. Her kindergarten talk to Carly. Heh.  Here's hoping she watches Killing Eve so she can be Villanelle... (if you haven't watched this show yet, start your binging!) 

Julexis: Ok, I will forever be upset about the whole "Murder" thing but you know what ?? If you're going to put them together, PUT THEM TOGETHER and own it. Just have her OWN it. Say yep, he tried to kill me and I still love him and the sex is amaze--so BYE!  People have already picked sides so by hesitating even more it makes it so disingenuous. 

If being with Kiki gives Griffin an edge and a personality I like ...I'm all for it.  If it drives Ava into Valentine's arms and she becomes Queen Cassadine of Wyndemere and a protege of Helena's, I'm all for it.  Please see NEXT page for controversial story idea. If you are easily triggered then don't look.  (said in the 13 Reasons Why S2 voice) 

RUMOR PATROL: Sorry, I thought Dom leaving GH was more of a 'thing'...but it seems to be a rumor started by his comments when Ryan Paevey left. So..don't know. Wouldn't blame him though. He's being wasted. 

REAL  NEWS:  That girl from YR and AMC who's coming to GH? She's playing the special DA person. (Kinda young for a DA but..?)  Will she be paired with Billy? Hmmmm. Looks like Kim's going to be single so? Not sure. 

That's it... you can go on to the next page for my Kiki story...or you can just have a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend!! NO GH on Monday--or it's a rerun one of the two. 
PS if you're on the page, scroll past the photo of Kiki and Griffin to read or stop now! 

Ok.. so.. this is my soapy version of what I want to happen now that Kiki and Griffin have slept together. 
First of all, DO NOT Make them too guilty. They can be a BIT guilt-ridden but I want them to be UNABLE to stay away from each other.  They have to be sneaky because of Ava. Her fragile state after the whole "Scar incident" makes them realize she may go over the edge. 

OK, so 2 days after the whole thing...Kiki and Griffin are walking in the hall in GH. Kinda giving each other lust-looks but not quite. They hear this behind them: 

" two have a GOOD TIME after the Nurses Ball"?? 

They turn and of course, it's DAVID BENSCH with a creepy-ass'd grin on his face. He turns and just walks away. Kiki panics...Griffin gets that puppy-dog confused look. 

YET! They can't stay away.  They have 2 more zexy sessions and vow not to see each other anymore.  Bensch keeps the pressure on Kiki and gives her leering looks He finally tells her that he has she and Griffin coming OUT of the hotel room together on his phone and he'll use it. Both to the board at GH and to Ava. She'll lose her mother AND her internship. 

Before Kiki can tell Griffin, she finds out she's pregnant. See, she was on the pill but went off it when Dillon dumped her. They made her feel weird, plus she was in med school so...who's going to need them? 

A day later Bensch tells her (behind her back, over her shoulder, breathing on her neck) that since she likes to sleep with doctors so much, he's going to be next or else he'll expose her. (he also runs his slimpy fingertips down her arm). 

Kiki's really sick.  She goes to her mother but can't quite get the words out but finally blurts:  "I think I'm pregnant"... Griffin suddenly walks around the corner (Kiki didn't know he was there) and has that puppy-dog confused look.  Ava spins around... looks at them both and KNOWS. 
Kiki runs from the apartment... Ava goes to the door and screams BITCH!! As loud as she can. 

Griffin runs from Ava's and  finds Kiki in the park. She's despondent.  She tells him that she wants an abortion and she never should have told her mother.  Griffin flinches at the word "abortion".  (He was after all, a Roman Catholic Priest) and he begs her to reconsider.  She cries...and then goes back to her apartment.   Looking  at her phone , she sees that  Benxch had sexted her a photo with the words: SOON on it.  This is followed by a text from Griffin with words like "Please don't hurt our unborn baby".  And one from Ava saying something snarky mean about Avery being her sister's baby's Aunt when she's only 4.  

It's too much for her and she kills herself in dramatic fashion.    (now bear with me).  Ava and Griffin find her hanging in her apartment with her medical books and phone scattered underneath her.  Both feel tremendous guilt --Ava for being such a bitch and Griffin for being so adamant about having the baby.  Bensch's photo is found on her phone and well, he's done for.  Amy and the other nurse feel terrible because Bensch came on to them too and they never told anyone. 

Suicide? Yes... why? Because Hayley had her pilot on the FF picked up and it looks like a good one and in for the long haul.  It will spark debate on abortion (huge in Ireland right now) and Ava finding out that Griffin was pressuring her to have the baby.  AND...suicide.  Which is why I said it's controversial and has a ton of triggers in it from sexual abuse to depression.  BUT hugely soapy.  

What do you think??  Too much?? I wish I could write it all out dialog and all but that would take pages and pager! 


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you also, and thanks for all of the SS!! Your Kiwi story is great, if the writers aren't clever enough to think of it, do you give them permission to use your version? :) Except for the part that she kills herself, I don't want the actress to leave.

  2. Her pilot was picked up and I don't want them to have her "hanging out" now and then while she's filming. That's what's happened to TJ. Just end it ...

  3. I dont want alexis or nina to go back to julian and valentine. the women on the show are written so weak. not to mention anna who has turned into a basket case. like your kiki story.

  4. I get the feeling that you had a good time while writing this week's surgery, Karen. I can see you grinning between the lines. Good job on the surgery and the new "story line". Except for the suicide, I like it!!! I would rather she died of something other than suicide if killed off.

  5. Maxis baby will be called Jimmy Mac OMG 2 funny

  6. Photo of Nelle....Haha pure evil.

  7. LOVE the Kiki storyline. Wish the writer's would listen.

    The Jimmy Mac is really funny.

  8. Wow! You are such a terrific writer, Karen! Your comments on the week were so funny and expressed exactly what I was thinking in all those situations, but I would never have been able to inject the humor that you did!
    And your Kiki and Griffin 'script' was outstanding!! I bet the story that actually gets told won't be nearly as good!
    Thanks for all the chuckles! You should be writing GH!!

  9. Think suicide is a little drastic for Kiki.
    However, I can see her getting pregnant, because no one in PC knows what plan B is for. She panics and confides in Michael, begging him to claim the baby is his. She lies to Griffin and tells him that her and Michael have been secretly hooking up. Nelle goes insane with jealousy and tries to kill Kiki claiming postpartum psychosis. Kiki decides that she can't handle a kid and med school and gives the baby to Michael, Griffin suspects the kid is really his and does another secret DNA test and finds out that he really is the father. Secrets spill out about Griffin and Kiki, Michael gives

    1. The kid back to Griffin and he and Ava fight over custody. Kik takes off to parts unknown.

  10. OH!! Alicia!! GOOD ONE and SO Carly-Jason like!!!! this Pat from NYC that got me the Rx pads from GH when they did the Broadway thing?

    1. The Carly/Jason/AJ/Michael stuff happened before I really started watching GH so I'm not sure on all the details. I started watching off and on in 1999 after I graduated HS and got caught up in Liz/Jason story that never really happened. Wish the writers would take fan suggestions sometimes.

    2. I agree. I was a huge Jason and Liz supporter but then Roger's version of Franco came along....girl has had chemistry with all her men though 😊❤

    3. I shipped Jason and Liz for YEARS, but I gave up after they "killed" Jake. I love Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton but it became obvious that it was never going to happen. I stopped watching for awhile after that and have been off and on since. Steve coming back gave me hope, but when I went back and watched her and Franco on YouTube I fell for the two of them together. I also loved Roger Howarth so that helped as well.

  11. I just wish they'd give Dominic Zaprogna a storyline. He is such a good actor and they are giving the storylines to other stupid crap. I did like him better with Julie Marie Berman. Just give Dante something to do.

  12. "I was thinking and I never had a direct family member die in a war. I had a Great-Great grandpa (James McGee) die at 90 from complications from the CIVIL war--and my 2 grandpas died from complications from WWI (yes ONE) ...but not in battle. My family all married late in life! Both sides had the women giving birth well into their 30s and men into their 50s! Ergo, I can trace my Philadelphia Civil War fam pretty easily. How cool is that??"

    WOW!!!! That is so cool!!! You should do your family tree!!!! :) I'm doing mine. :)

    "JELLY OF THE WEEK: Whatever that is they used on that baby's head! Maybe the old Dippty Doo? Kudos to the shimmer matching Maxie's dress."

    ROFL! That baby looks like a doll that is high. :)

    "you can go on to the next page for my Kiki story"

    HOLY COW! WOW! What a story!!! You should be one of the writers!!!!

  13. Alicia! That is another great storyline!!!!! :)

  14. Sonya, I am doing it!! I have 1 side of my Mom's done back until 1700s and my Dad's one side to the 1600s...My Swedish Gram was from Gotberg and all our records are there. Just my Mom's Mom's side to complete.
    It's like a rabbit hole lol

  15. "kdmask said...Sonya, I am doing it!!"

    YAY! :)

    "I have 1 side of my Mom's done back until 1700s and my Dad's one side to the 1600s...My Swedish Gram was from Gotberg and all our records are there. Just my Mom's Mom's side to complete."

    WOW! That is so cool!!! And you are also British right? Half British? I thought your hubby was the only one British!

    "It's like a rabbit hole lol"



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