Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Like Bad Men

Ok, a lot  to unpack in today's show!! 

Robert lets Peter make a phone call. 

Bensch calls in Kiki. Shows her his evaluation --and it's really bad. "Late"..."Too Social" yada yada. She freaks out. He shoves a Metro Court key to her and says "you can fix this"!! GAH!!! Later Liz sees her upset and run when Dr. Bensch walks by. She finds Kiki in the storage closet crying hard. Kiki tells her!! YES!! Nice!!! 

Kevin is seeing Alexis for her "Bad Man" addiction. It's good. I like him being the Gabriel Byrne of PC!! Franco makes an appointment for next week. 

Carly's in the courthouse. Pleads Not Guilty by reason of Insanity. The DA (newbie chick) goes after her. The judge (who used to be on LA Law) says: Ok, you just admitted you pushed her so you go to Pentonville until this is sorted out. AHHAA. Sonny glares. Diane chokes. Carly's like I LOVE JOSSLYN! I LOVE MICHAEL...tell them I"ll see them soon!! 
Is it me or is Sonny strangely unmoved. He prob needs a break too lol 

Drew talks to Maddox about his memories. Maddox is like: Dude, your memories are now tied up with 4 years of being Jason Morgan. Drew doesn't care. At the end of the show Peter offers him the Memory Disco Ball if he can get out. 

Finn and Anna kiss but Anna runs. Finn makes an apology to Alexis in front of the AA meeting...but doesn't use her name. They are friends again! 

Highlight: Roger Howarth eats. :) My fave thing since Todd on OLTL 


  1. Franco eats make believe Fritos. Too cute.

    I still say we need to keep Robert on the show.

    Didn't like Anna and Finn's kiss.

    Sonny was really unmoved by Carly going to jail. LOL

    Not impressed with new DA lady

    YAY Kiki. Put on your big girl panties and report that sleazy Dr. Bensch. I liked him as Max. He is good as a sleaze ball, eeeeek

  2. Dr. Bensch has probably pulled this harassment crap at his other hospital. Spinelli OR Kiki and Liz need to get the dirt on him.

  3. I read that Bensch was going to blackmail Kiki and say he's going to tell Ava about her and Griffin night of passion????

    so Jason NOR Carly has thought one thing about AVA having the stupid blanket?
    WHERE was Jason at the trial by the way?

    Do we not ever mention LAURA's name??????

    WHERE is Faison's brain now?????? still in Kevin's office?

  4. If Mo needs a break I'm sure the writers can arrange to have him push her wheelchair into oncoming traffic and he can get the cell next to Carlys? LOL!!

  5. Haha Karen! I knew you were gonna mention Bob Todd eating! 🤣🤣🤣
    Loved my Anna and Finn kiss! Finola is so lucky. Loved when he went to the meeting and he and Alexis made up. 😁

  6. Did you see the look Franco gave Kevin when he reached for a Frito?? LOL
    Hopefully Kiki had her phone on record for that whole conversation, especially since she got him to pretty much spell out the sexual blackmail. Liz finally finds Kiki after she cries REALLY loud and obviously in the supply closet of shame. Oh Lizzie...go tell your honeyboo and let Franco meet Dr. Creepo in the hotel room instead of Kiki.
    Maybe Sonny needs a break from Carly, Diane could've at least had her sent to the psych ward for evaluation instead of Pentonville. Don't think they usually have men and women in the same prison, but whatever. Apparently Bedford Hills is full.
    At least Finn's apology was believable, but pretty sure everyone in thier group could figure out they were involved.

    1. Also, Alexis and Kevin, going of her history with men. Well, at least she knows she has a type. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step right? Really liked the scene and hope they show more.

  7. So maybe that needle with Peter is to help him escape. Maybe Drew or Anna helps him escape??

    1. I must have missed it, what needle?

    2. Previews show Peter getting hit in the back with a syringe

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Also, apparently Franco forgot about Steven. You know, the brother they both have. Good luck finding Elizabeth's family, viewers have been looking for them for 20 years or so. He'll probably call her parents and find out she's right, they don't give a rats behind about her after all. Cue angry "I told you so" Liz. Also expect the, "You, the boys and Gram are the only family I need" line. Maybe marriage number five will be the one that sticks, but this is a soap so probably not. It is five right? Or did I forget one? Ric X2 Lucky X2. Failed weddings to Drew and Franco. Love Liz, but wow.

    1. Steven Lars, isn't he in prison? Time has passed, I probably got that wrong.

    2. I do believe you're right, he went for murdering a dying patient but he could be out by now, that was awhile ago. And why isn't Franco interested in meeting his own sister Serena? So many characters they could bring back, but the writers just keep making up new pointless ones. Ughh.

    3. Oh yeh Serena....she made that short visit, the actual actress, but it was just a short visit when Peter Hansen passed and they did that small thing for Lee. ❤😥 If she were a regular fixture I'm sure they would.

  9. Jason should have been at Carly’s arraignment.
    No excuse. What the heck is up with Maurice Bernard? Acting very below par in court. Almost like he didn’t want to be in same room with Laura Wright. Love Finn and Anna. Love Alexis. PLEASE pair her with a good man! Enjoyed her with dr creepy before he was known as Dr creepy. Not sure new DA was necessary addition to cast yet. We will see. How would Nelle ever be redeemed? Maybe her and Peter Pumpkin Eater can ride off into sunset together. Still wish Chase had been Nathan recast. Get Dante away from Lulu and give him a major story!!!!

  10. Nah, Franco probably doesn't KNOW about her brother. Seriously. He hardly even sees Aiden

  11. The courtroom: Elizabeth Hendrickson!! YAY! I loved her on AMC and Y&R! She did a good job here.. Yeah Sonny doesn't give a crap about what is happening to Carly! ROFL! So Margaux talks about Sonny's plane! Hmmm will Margaux and Sonny have sex while Carly is in CooCoo Land? :)

    The hospital:

    BobTodd and Doc: Great scene!! And BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: MmmMmm.

    ROFL! And then he shakes his head!! Hahahaha! BobTodd, Doc wasn't going to take your snack. He was trying to get your attention, cus he wanted to talk to you. :)

    "Karen says Highlight: Roger Howarth eats. :)"

    I have always loved it!!!! :) One of my favorite things. :)

    "My fave thing since Todd on OLTL"

    Me too!!! He is the only one who could ever get away with it.

    Doc's office:

    Alexis and Doc: Great scene!!!! Although I wish Alexis didn't bring up Ned and her leaving him at the alter.. I want to pretend that never happened.... I still remember how I felt when she did that. So angry!!! I am glad she didn't bring up the semi! UGH! And Jerry Jax, man they had off the wall very strong chemistry!!!! YOWZA!

    AA meeting: Great scene!!!! Is it an AA meeting? Cus Finster wasn't an alcoholic.. Hmmm well, I loved this scene.

    Finster's room:

    Finster and Anna: Poor Anna thinks her rewrite son hates her and doesn't wuv her. Oh no, stop kissing!!! The writers ruined them for me!!! Now I hate them together.. I want Finster with Alexis!!! Damn this reminds me of OLTL. The writers ruined John McBain and Natalie Buchanan for me. Used to love them together, but then hated them together with a passion!!! UGH!


    Friz: YES! ELOPE!!! Great idea!!! I am a big fan of eloping.. Awww BobTodd wants to find Liz's parents. :) YAY!

    Maddox and Drew: Blah blab blah. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. They keep having the same conversation over and over.. The only highlight, was BobTodd listening in. :)

    BobTodd and Drew: Awww BobTodd is concerned. :) So sweet. :)

    Dr. Pig's private office:

    Dr. Pig and Kiwi: Disgusting pig!!!!


    Liz and Kiwi: YAY! Glad Kiwi is telling Liz!!!!! :) About time Kiwi tells someone!!!

    Sidenote: Where the hell is Griffin and Ava? They still having sex on the dirty bed and sheets? BLAH!!

  12. "Michelle Latta said..If Mo needs a break I'm sure the writers can arrange to have him push her wheelchair into oncoming traffic and he can get the cell next to Carlys? LOL!!"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You won the joke of the day yesterday! :)

    "Alicia said...Good luck finding Elizabeth's family, viewers have been looking for them for 20 years or so."

    ROFL! If he finds them, maybe BobTodd should work as a PI! :)


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