Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another End of The Month

Can you even believe it? This month feels like 10 years!! I have to do all my end paperwork and turn it in. Looks like I'll be out for GH again. 
Will it matter? I want to think so...but stretching out the show is just not doing it for me and we have ANOTHER MONTH of it.  HELP!!I will keep watching because I don't want to lose our soap. 

I will try to watch on Hulu and post tomorrow when it's a repeat!! Have a good one

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BRANOandSAMO InterruptO

So, Something is happening with Blogger ..not sure what. Hope this publishes. 

Chase and Finn... yada yada Chase tells Finn the truth. Finn basically says that's stupid. 

Michael goes to Carly. Sasha calls, tells him she's moved out of the house.  Michael tells Carly what happened. Remember Carly told Sasha to do a plan. 

Sam's being an ass, tells Brando to stay away from Molly and grabs him. Damn, girl! She's mouthy to him. Brando for some reason says 'this isn't about  Molly, it's about you and Jason".. 
Um, WHAT? That is weird ass'd dialog from him. 
OMG so they fight some more... and then she goes to leave and he CHANGES HIS SHIRT in front of him!! ahaahhaa. She turns to go and mentions motorcycles (AHAHAHAHA) and he says: OH? what do you know about them?? 
OMG are they going there with Brando and SAM?? Already?? OH my GOODNESS! 

Crimson: Nina wants Lulu not to interrupt Val and Charlotte. Charlotte wants to leave town. Valentin says no.. he cries, she cries. They go out to see Lulu. Charlotte cries. Lulu asks her if she overheard she and her Gram talking. 

Nelle and Willow. Nelle apologizes to Willow. She says they both had those babies taken from them and they were both dumped by Chase LOL . Willow says "you're a murderer" and reads her for filth. Leaves. 

Molly wants to tell TJ and Kristina is like: UM.. that's dumb. Don't tell him. Then TJ walks into Charlies. 

MY LOCAL NEWS INTERRUPTED FOR THE LAST 20 minutes to tell us hospitals are doing elective surgery again. Then had questions for doctors. It was so badly done. :EYEROLL: So I missed it

OH MY GOD.. my STUPID LOCAL TV channel cut IN TO TELL US that clinics are now open. COME ON.. We heard this from Cuomo. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I Failed...

I had every intention of watching and posting--then life. First an unexpected ZOOM meeting... then Tillie...
I really don't want to watch just yet so I'll wait for no-commercial later tonight. 


In the meantime, I'll ask what I asked on Twitter -- do you want Molly to be pregnant from her ONS? A "who's the daddy"?? We all know that's the soapy way out. I personally think she's way to level headed and probably on Norplant to get PG, but this is GH!! 

Monday, April 27, 2020

MON-Day Monday...


I have NO idea what is happening.
I swear half the show was a REPEAT of stuff I've seen??? The whole first part was stuff we saw last week:

Alexis Neil at Metro arguing about whatever. 
Laura, Cyrus Lulu at the Metro. He wants to donate to Laura's campaign and she wants him to donate money for drug rehab. 

TJ and Mac at GH all...old scenes. They played LONG scenes from last Thursday over again. TJ remembers the guy holding him had "Old Kentucky Home" as his ring tone. And TAPS on his shoes.

Molly and Brando talk briefly, Sam asks her if she knows him. He says he worked on her car.
Davis girls in Charlie's.. flashbacks to Jordan/Sam scenes
Flashback to Molly TJ and "Domestic Partnership" scenes. 
Molly tells Sam and Krissy about the Domestic Partnership. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Avery missing Mike. MIKE / Sonny flashbacks. 

TJ tells Felix he's going to go see Molly and her sisters. He goes to pick up the car from... Brando. BLOOOP!! Brando's says SURE! TJ is wondering why he doesn't need ID from him. 

Molly tells her sisters she SLEPT WITH someone. :eyeroll: Kristina is like YEAH! YOU GO!! lol Molly's like come on... I wasn't sampling something like at the market! 
She tells them it was Brando Corbin. 

Some weird insert of Jordan and Cyrus... and then Cyrus Jordan flashbacks. LOL Then Mac comes in and tells them he might have info on who kidnapped TJ . He points to a map. 


That's about it. 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Blinded By The Flashers

Maybe if I close my eyes, it will all go away? 

So, I think I know how GH is going....heavily edited shows that draw out each conversation to the max and then a giant flashback fest that usually happens on a Thursday. This Thursday seemed to be 80% flashbacks and 20% new content. With the Friday "Flashback" Shows being from not that long ago, it makes for a long week on our soap. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Print Mag Soaps In Depth Folds

Soaps In Depth, longtime running magazine will have it's last publication May 4th. It will continue to run online however but no more magazines in your hand. 

SID was a magazine that first published separate issues for ABC, CBS and NBC. When the soaps were slowly cancelled, it went down to 2 publications. The decision to drop the print editions comes from economic factors but no doubt the COVID situation hastened things. 

I knew people that worked there and am so sorry to see them go. Editor Richard was someone that tweeted almost daily and really gave GH a presence on Twitter long before their own PR department stepped in. They ran polls, in-depth interviews with stars and had editorial content that was sometimes missing in sister publication, Soap Opera Digest

Another end to an icon dealing with Soaps. RIP 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Feels Like a Friday!

WONDER WHY? Lol.. last day of new GH !! Here's hoping it doesn't annoy me like yesterday did !


TONS OF MIKE AND SONNY FLASHBACKS....... Sonny blames Cyrus for making Mike's condition worse and him not getting into the trial to help him. 


I think they redid Sonny's house?? Yes, on Twitter they told me Frank said "new digs for someone special"... interesting. Sonny says to Carly: I like the remodel. 

Jordan's office: Mac is looking for who took TJ. He goes to interview TJ at GH. Nothing new. 

The Metro: Lulu is interviewing Cyrus. Carly has a fit. Why you interviewing a drug lord in The Metro? She goes back home.  CYRUS FLASHBACKS 
Laura comes in. He wants to contribute to her reelection 

Alexis and Neil are at The Metro meeting. He lost his license again. She's waiting to hear.  NYC FLASHBACKS! 

Krissy is bartending at Charlie's. Sam is there.  Krissy got a raise. Brando walks in. He says his name to get his food. Sam and Krissy figure out they are all related. KRISTINA FLASHBACKS .....

TJ and Molly at the hospital. He's on crutches but working. She's on her way to Charlie's. MOLLY FLASHBACKS 

Charlie's later: Molly goes and sees Brando in the window. BOLLY FLASHBACKS 
He goes outside and sees Molly. She tells him he was talking to her sisters. 

Then, Jason appears on the docks out of nowhere and... there's a ton of JASAM FLASHBACKS AND I MEAN A TON !!  Jason wasn't even on the show even on the show in the beginning! ahahhahaa. 

HOLY MOLY the WHOLE SHOW was flashbacks and I mean ...painful. Seriously, I'd rather have shortened weeks than this. Wow. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Save Yourself


NOTE: just watch the Sonny/Liz/Mike scenes. You'll thank me later. 

Oh BOY!! WHOO!! SO.. Poor Willow yesterday. Although come on, being dumb enough to fall for that? She kinda deserves it a bit. LOL Wonder if Michael will see thru it? ahahaha.  

Mike's:  OMG Liz is there. I love when she's a nurse. They do that so well. Mike can't swallow. She ends up giving him a washcloth with water on it. :sobbing:  She tells Sonny to consider palliative care and a DNR. Mike wakes for a min.. Liz says goodbye and leaves. 

Charlie's:  Willow and Michael. There is NO emotion in this. Just horrible, clunky scenes. Sorry but they are. ugh. Just bad.  
Michael: Stupid
Willow: Stupid. 
Michael offers to put up Willow in The Metro for the night. 

Chase's:  Chase and Sasha talk about how much they love Michael and Willow. Again, just bad scenes.  Sasha thinks that yes, Willow and Michael will marry and they'll fall in love. 

Metro: Diane set up a meeting with Sam and Alexis. Alexis ends up telling Sam she had a drink ..and she tells Diane and Sam that she slept with Neil and lied to the board. 

Crimson:  Nina and Nelle. Nelle tells Nina she wants to buy a little house with a fence for she and Wiley. Nina says: OMG I've always wanted that too! :eyeroll:  They talk about wants, yada yada.
Nina leaves. Nelle goes in to do paperwork and MOVES the necklace box but doesn't LOOK at it LOL. GEESH

Michael confronts Sasha and Chase.. Sasha leaves. Michael shows so much more emotion with Chase LOL They need to marry.

Nelle overhears Willow tell Nina that Sasha and Chase had an affair.


TJ and MOLLY! and KRISSY! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


HERE WE ARE!! We had a big thing about NYC vs NY State--which is pretty important. Cuomo was in Buffalo today and I think it help. 

Sasha runs to the bathroom! Willow is upset!! Chase tells her he's sick of her 'baby fixation" (??) LOL and Wiley obsession. She somehow believes all this. Cries.. he is being a dick. She leaves. Cries. He throws bar ware. He also cries pretty. 

Charlotte saw Valentin push Ava off the parapet!! She said she wanted to be a family so she didn't tell on him. His face says it all... great reaction. 

Lulu and Laura talk about Valentin.  Lulu is like; ME ME ME! Laura: This should be about Charlotte. They argue a lot. 

Michael and Josslyn have a nothing convo at GH about Wiley and him maybe marrying Willow. BUT their smoothies look great. 

Valentin asks to speak to Laura. She leaves with him and they talk in the hall. He says she has to teach Charlotte right from wrong because clearly he isn't. Good scene. Then he says that Laura should take care of Charlotte because he won't contest the custody !! He knows she saw him try to kill Ava and how wrong that was. wow! 

Cyrus wants Julian to help him "learn about" Port Charles. Jason cancels the meeting and hangs up on him LOL. Carly is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????? Then she brings Donna down and Jason and she talk. They really should do would be awesome. 

The scenes to watch today are the Mike/Sonny/Brook scenes. WOW. Max Gail acts just like an older person that is just 'not there'.. he can't even remember how to drink water!! OMG! He asks Sonny "is it over"??  I really like the unexpected Brook/Sonny relationship'

Monday, April 20, 2020

I Think It's Monday?

Well. I have ONE hour to get my stuff from our office and it's at 2!! Then I'm going to do some much needed grocery shopping... so. DO IT YOURSELF TODAY!! Not sure when I'll get to watching and I may just wait for Hulu with no ads. 

I've gotten some cute masks from ETSY and they ship fast! We need a "face covering" here in NY when we go out so I'm making them my fashion statement lol. My friend Gin sent me a CRABBY ONE!! :)  Big thing is my glasses fogging up but oh well. I can't imagine how doctors and nurses are doing it. On another COVID note, I didn't know anyone that tested positive last week and now I know 4. 3 here in Rochester and one in Buffalo. One is on a vent-- the others are sheltering at home and pretty sick. They said their sense of smell and taste was the first to go. 

I think it would be cool for #GH to do a Zoom style think like the music people did for One World on Saturday. That was fantastic. Hope you caught some of it. The Stones are still sounding great!! Nancy Lee Grahn has some fun casts on You Tube...just search "Soaps in Quarantine" . 

Almost done with our 1,000 piece puzzle. It's our 4th this season. It goes faster now there's not a lot to do!! 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Surgery : Into the Ether

Oh, hi... join the party... we're all having acid flashbacks!

Should I even bother with a blog? If you saw the show this week, you won't want a repeat. If you didn't see the show...well, consider yourself lucky.  Frank is ruining what's left of it with flashbacks and horrible editing that leaves everyone befuttled. I totally understand the need to stretch out the shows that are remaining BUT not to the point where people won't watch!! Seriously-- I think they even put scenes in that were supposed to be out just to keep talking about the same thing over and over!! GH should be building on some huge reveal or showdown. Then if things lag for awhile at least we want to see what's happening when it comes back, right?? 

So! What did we learn this week?


Chase loves Willow and Willow Looooooves Chase. 


Michael loves Sasha and Sasha Looooooves Michael.


Everyone thinks that Nelle is too mean to be a mother. Mean, Mean Nelle! We must stop her! But how?? 


Maybe we shall marry! It might be scary, but so is NELLE! 
I don't know, let's talk about it for a month...



Sonny, Cyrus is a bad man. 


Like, really bad. 


Hey, No one is BADDER THAN ME!!!!!! and I'll PROVE IT! 





I KNOW! Let's watch 15 minutes of PETER FLASHBACKS!!!!! 


Oh that witch! I know how to fix this, I WILL NOT watch any more flashbacks!! 

All we need is a poisonous snake!! We'd rather play with this than see anymore of that mess! 

Dad....Dad?? Is that you?? Can't you come in for cake ??
Oh, no cake for me. Too many carbs, you know that. 

But Dad..
Danny, sugar is the devil. 


After many many weeks, years, months  of talking.. Willow MIGHT marry Michael. 
Charlotte is the only character  I live for on this show
Robert is breaking into Maxie and Peter's apartment
Peter called someone to 'distract' Robert
After many days of talking, Jason and Sonny know Cyrus is a bad, bad guy
Aiden is alive and well 
Sam is either wearing inappropriate sex gear or grandma shirts
The poor guys in the video storage room are busy finding old clips
Ava had a snake in her purse and it didn't even bite anyone
Finn really, really loves Violet 
Sonny really, really hates Nikolas 
Lulu's not happy Maxie is working with Valentin but she'll get over it
Nelle's mean, Cyrus is mean
Hayden and Finn had hella chemistry


Protect this gem at. all. costs. 

OK! So!! Like I said.. this whole shutdown is really affecting the show and I don't think editing things this way is going to help. The one saving grace is the Nurses Ball should be one of the first things filmed when people are back. Maybe. Who knows anymore. 

I'm still pissed that snake didn't bite Peter in the face. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

No Bother


Yeah I just realized I didn't post today--sorry. GH was...a fairly recent episode "classic" about Ava and I just didn't care. 

The last week has been a disappointment of pointless flashbacks and just plain non-movement. I understand we have to do something to stretch out the end of the shows we have left but damn, it's hard. 

Hope you had a good one. Life is getting smaller by the day, I swear.  See you for a very short-short Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Flashback Forever


Jason says that he can't be with Danny and Scout and Sam. JASAM flashbacks.  Jason is sad. Sam is sad. Danny is sad. 

Jason calls Sonny later. Cyrus wants to meet with him. 

Chillow talk about the party, take a walk .. Chase and Sasha flashbacks. Same ones as yesterday 

Maxie talks to Robert about Peter. Tons of Robert/ Peter flashbacks.  Like, A LOT 

Michael and Sasha at GH..talking about Wiley.  Carly walks up. They talk about Wiley. 

Bunch of Paxie flashbacks. UGH Way too many Peter flashbacks today I MEAN LIKE TONS of them. The entire Maxie and Peter relationship! GEESH!! UGH 

Charlotte tells Aiden to stay away from the Pinata! 

Robert leaves the party to go break into Maxie and Peter's apartment.

Pinata time:
They pull and pull and... it opens!
OMG Char put it in Ava's purse !! LOL Because she hates her!! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Didgeridoo FUN


Birthday Party Fun!
There are kids there!! Friz.. Chillow. Maxie and Peter

AND OH MY GOD! Charlotte brought a SNAKE!!!!!!! YASSS!! ahahhaa It's under the stairs in a bag. It's name is the one in Harry Potter. 

Robert gives her a giant Didgeridoo!! That's that big instrument from Australia. Anna's like NOooooooooo!! LOL he plays it for her. 

Maxie and Peter talk about Lulu. He eats a YUMMY cupcake. wow. they look awesome 

Olivia says that Leo eats just like Dante. Robert says there's no news about Dante improving. DANTE FLASHBACK 

Jason comes to tell Anna Cyrus is out of jail and might be gunning for police people...he warns her. She says she can take care of herself. He asks if The WSB ever investigated him. She says she can't give out that info . OMG is that who Peter is in cahoots with??
Anyway, Danny yells :DAD??? is that you? He's there with Sam. Jason says he can't be with them. Um, DOESN'T DANNY ALREADY know that?? LOL I mean, it's been months right? That was really weird. No Scout shown, btw. 

Ava and Lulu have a fun talk about hating Valentin and the fact they are 'sister in laws" I enjoyed it!! 

HAYDEN AND FINN FLASHBACKS  A LOT OF They have such chemistry. 

Kitchen.. Moss, Sonny and Jason. Going on and on about Cyrus. He leaves. Nikolas and Ava walk in to get Avery for the party. Sonny says his bodyguard will take them and he wants to talk to Nikolas. 
Tells Nikolas he's the worst for putting his son through what he did. Yada, yada... lectures him. 
!!  Probably won't mention killing HIS son's father but... you know, it's Sonny. 

Charlotte has put the snake in the's waiting to go outside. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


SO, Brit and Dr. O seem to be gone. WTH. UGH Peter's still around tho. Gross. The only scenes worth my time yesterday was the ones with Dr. O in them.  
Brad and Lucas aren't on anymore either. BOO


Willow with some kid in the hospital...they are going to move him to hospice. Willow's sad. Chase and she talk about it. She says she'll do anything to protect Wiley. 

Michael and Sasha in GH too. They talk about his odds getting married to Willow.  Michael says that Chase would never go for it.

Chase texts Sasha to come see him. ALONE..don't tell Michael. They meet at The Metro. Talk about Michael and Willow. At the same time Michael and Willow talk about Willow and Michael. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Peter says he's going to the party. Maxie is on the couch. blah blah "Lulu loved Luke too..and Luke is just like Valentin... so Lulu should understand the whole Charlotte thing". 

Violets Bday party.  Finn got her a bouncy house for the kids and a pony to ride. The pony sneezed on Robert lol . Anna makes him promise to let the whole Peter thing go because she's sure Lesil is guilty. Later, Robert tells Peter he was wrong and he's glad Dr. O is going away. Can they get along? Peter's not sure he believes him. I sure hope he's bluffing.
Then, Peter calls someone and says "Scorpio might still be a problem, let's move forward with the distraction" ..Asshole Peter. 

Valentin!! Nina! They are going to team up because they both want to get their kids. OMG they gonna get married. I BET I BET they are. Right now they are just arguing. Well, not today, Nelle goes off in a huff. 

Maxie and Lulu. Maxie tells her she's working with Lucy ..and Valentin and Lulu loses it. "He's horrible, terrible, awful".. yada yada  "he threw Ava off the balcony"..
Maxie: NO ONE saw that and she was drunk.  They leave still friends. 


Oh Charlotte has something to 'take to the party" I hope it's BEES! OR A RAT! OR..SPIDERS LOL 

Monday, April 13, 2020


Back when Nurses were NURSES! 

Today I actually have a meeting during GH. A REAL Meeting! Well, a remote one but still. Haven't had one of those in awhile. 

So, it's a do-it-yourself blog today. I think we've been over all there is to dish about at this juncture.  We have until the end of May and then shows run out. I'm wondering if we'll just get giant chunks of flashbacks the whole time! 

I do wish their classic shows were truly 'classic'. Since we are doing Carly's whole story, show when she first came to town or her affair with Tony. We ALL KNOW she was recast -- just go with it. You'd make soapy history! 

Hope your Easter was a good weird as it probably was. We have 50mph winds here today. OOF

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Sweet Caroline


Cry Me A River 

So much to unpack...yet, so many flashbacks to relive! Things are still all over for people in different parts of the country. Some have GH regularly, some have press conferences and  others have schedules all over the place.  

What are you living on? Take out curbside or homemade treats ?? It's Easter for some-- and a pretty strange one at that. We will be Zooming with our relatives in England and my parents.  Have a PEEP or two! 

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Pepto Bismal

Ya'll UPSET! LOL..I just read the comments on the blog from 2 days ago and WOWZA!! 

First of all, take a deep breath...Second of all...take a shot of whatever you need!! 

We don't know  the whole Frank backstory yet. Maybe Nelle and Willow are twins-- maybe Nelle will still get murdered. Maybe Maybe... 

BUT other than the flashbacks ALL OVER the place (especially for Willow) I think this story is AT LEAST something a bit different? I did like seeing Valentin as Frank. I LOVED Chloe's scenes with Laura. 

As for Caroline-Carly's backstory--yes, there are holes. Major differences from what was said way back when to now. Luke actually went to Florida to find Virginia-- and I'm hoping to seek out those scenes on You Tube. 

Anyway, just wanted to say HELLOoooooooo. :waving: Don't give up on the SHOW damn it! It's all we got!! 

Sunny here.  YEAH!! I'm going to remote visit my brother on his patio. We need this. He lives alone and hasn't seen anyone other than in a Zoom meeting or walking the dog since March 13th!! 

I'm hoping you are all safe and happy! See you tomorrow for Sunday Surgery. I think I'm going to record a podcast as well. 

Friday, April 10, 2020


(with apologies to David Bowie)

It is evident that GH will return someday. Unless of course, Disney uses this as an excuse to cancel the show. Which would not surprise me at this point. But when it does return, there will probably be some changes. (Flash forward 5 years anyone?) Karen and I wanted to do one of our point/counterpoint blogs, but I feel this might be more of a joint venture. I'll start with what I think/feel/hope will happen to GH upon its return.

First, I feel that the 4-show format will stick. It saves money to Disney and right now Disney can get all the help they can get with all their lost revenue from park and theater closures, etc. Fridays will continue to be flashback Fridays. Its unfortunate for us that whoever picks those episodes is not picking the "right" ones. Another cost saving measure might be to go to the old SoapNet format where interviews were commonplace and have someone interview other actors from the privacy of their own home. This would personally bore the hell out of me, but I am sure there would be a market for it. And it would be low cost. See a pattern here? Disney cutting costs.

This could be the perfect opportunity for the show to streamline itself and drop a lot of its cast. I see a smaller GH, more intimate, with just a core group of people. Smaller, shorter storylines with less people. If social distancing remains a thing, then one-on-one conversations, no extras and no backgrounds.

How to do it? Well... art will imitate life. Port Charles will undergo a fictitiously named virus attack that will affect the entire city. Nurses and doctors can show the stress of not having proper equipment and facing and unknown future. Also being torn between helping patients and loved ones at the same time. Monica could ask Leslie to come and help out at the hospital. Residents will be forced to quarantine themselves "in place" and we will see many couples separated and new romances formed from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But most tragically will be the loss of life due to the virus outbreak (this is where they cut half the show). Epiphany, Felix, Audrey Hardy, Molly and Tj, Jordan, Peter, Sasha, Willow, Mike, Olivia, Nina, Britt and Brad will all die. I realize some of these are beloved characters, but imagine the acting scenes of their partners/loved ones having to say goodbye to them. Truly emotional and stellar performances will come from this. Ned saying goodbye to Olivia. Liz saying goodbye to Audrey (face off camera). Sonny saying goodbye to Mike. Alexis and Molly. Virtually no one is safe or sacred. At least 20 will ultimately succumb. Many in brave fashion.

GH surfaces from the outbreak with more relationship stories, no more mob, and a focus on family.

Oh I agree with David on most points today!! I can't even call him names!! Yes, I do think the 4 day format would fly, although I've been a champion of 30 minute shows for awhile now. That also would cut down on cast and bloat. 

I don't agree with the virus story line however. I know it seems like a good idea but...too soon. Especially here in NY. Not only that they'd have to walk a fine fine line between soap drama and real life drama.  How would I cut the cast?  I'd say Ryan Chamberlain but that's been done. Plus, too gruesome for right now. I would just fade some out and also do a month of resets. That would look like a week with each family "day in the life" type style.  And I mean everything. Kids, laundry.. car pools, the works.  I'd cut GH to the bone. I'm even sick of Maxie and Lulu--neither of whom have much of a function lately.  A dark way to do this would be at Mike's funeral. Entire town shows up, church goes up and we'll see who walks out. Dynasty did it... Homeland did it..we could do it. 

I would also focus way more on the younger set. I'm hoping the Molly Brando thing will keep she and TJ on canvas more and not just as background players. Kristina needs to get back as well.  We need young blood...and we need it fast.

How about you? Your ideas??  Here's hoping our soap survives this. I think if they can get back to taping after April 30th we may be ok. If not? Who knows. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Half My Heart

Ok, so... lots of flashbacks again about Willow and loving Wiley (all leading to the marriage I'm sure)

Flashbacks of Joss and Nelle --lots of them. 

Crimson:  Nina talks to Jax about the necklace and her missing daugther. 

Carly and Nelle are still arguing. Nelle says she was there when Carly visited. She cries and says Carly left her with Frank and she could have taken care of her. Chloe killed those scenes Wow. 
Young Carly goes to Frank Benson's apartment in Miami. IT's VALENTIN !! ahahah in a bowling shirt, stubble and eating a sammy. OMG young  NELLE walks out WITH 1/2 THE NECKLACE ON! WELP!
Carly wants money, Frank says no. She says well, tell me about my birth parents then.  He says her mother was a prostitute and her dad was probably a john. Said they were rejected by the adoption agency and went looking. Ruby was selling her. Oh boy this is going to piss people off. LOL 

Sonya had a good idea: Could Willow and Nelle be twins? 

The  amount of flashbacks and the length of them and HUGE?? Going to turn so many viewers off.  Jason and Carly flashbacks...... pretty recent ones.  Carly and Jason. More Willow ones. Nina flashes back to giving her necklace to Sasha... then the wedding, Sasha saying she's not her daughter. 

Nelle looks in her jewelry box... sees the rattle and .. there's the 1/2 necklace. 

What's "Caroline's" Backstory!?

So, we are getting some "Carly Centric History" right now but how accurate is it? As Dan reminded me on far, not very!!  We shall see if the writers start to weave more of the story in.. For now here's some info for you: 

Do you remember when she first came to town? I do.. she was a powerhouse and bowled over her scenes. Great bad-girl vibes. 

Caroline Benson is the biological daughter of Barbara Jean (Bobbie) Spencer who gave birth to her in  Florida when she was 16. (Bobbie was a prostitute at the time). She gave her baby up for adoption and Caroline was taken in by Virginia and Frank Benson. They named her Caroline Leigh Benson. Frank is an abusive drunk who ends up leaving the family. Virginia is forced to work long hours as a single mother and Caroline felt abandoned by her.  She hangs out with her best friend, Charlotte (Carly) Roberts.  during this time. Then Charlotte's father seduces her and she leaves town. The read Carly is hit by a car and Caroline takes her name as his.

Carly hits Port Charles trying to forge a relationship with her bio-mother Bobbie Spencer but doesn't tell her who she is at first. Carly enrolls in the nursing program at GH and gets close to none other than Tony Jones. Carly feels that Bobbie gave her up to for selfish reasons and sleeps with Tony Jones to try to "steal"  the life she thinks she should be living. She becomes close to Lucas as well and the three of them perform a number at the Nurses Ball. After everything goes south with Tony, Carly ends up having a one night stand with AJ Quartermaine which results in Michael. 

History was reconned a bit when the backstory to Jax buying Joss a kidney came into view. Frank had been writing to Carly for years for money. 

Carly's biological father?  John Durant. Carly had thought her bio dad was one of Bobbie's many "johns" (get it?) at the time but then she found a diary! The diary talked about a relationship Bobbie had with "JD".. then Corbin Bernson came on to play the part and the rest is history.  John was a prosecuting attorney with his sights on Sonny. Big story--kidnappings yada yada yada.. and he was eventually shot and killed by Manny Ruiz. 

That's just a little bit of who Carly is. Through the years it's just EXHAUSTING to keep up with everything!! I did love Eden playing Young Caroline-- I kind of wish Diane played her mama but maybe Nina did because she's really NELLE'S MOTHER. Which would be so interesting!! That's why I'm hoping Nelle isn't murdered. I love her because she's so damn soapy! 

See you later today! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2020



What a month.. or months or? Who knows ... WHAT DAY IS IT????? LOL. 

I will not get into my PANTS after this. Maybe we'll all have to wear sweats for 2 months heh. 

TODAY'S SHOW:  Note: LOTS of flashbacks, I think to stretch things out!  LIKE A TON 

Ok, so this is a hard show to blog because there are so many flashbacks. You should watch it to see Nelle's past roll along. There's a really young Eden McCoy in there too. Wow, she's grown so much! 

Crimson: Nina and Nelle-- Nina is thisclose into talking her into the operation and BIG MOUTH CARLY barges in and is going to ruin the whole thing! hahaahha. 
OH!! It's the Carly-Nelle flashback to Florida day!! So, Nina plays Caroline (Carly's) adoptive mother and Joss plays Carly. This is done like the young Luke days were shot. There are a TON of Nelle flashbacks about her coming to town and doing things. She lays into Carly for her past with sleeping with Tony and passing Michael off as his baby. As being a gold digger with AJ and the whole shopping cart episode. Says they are just the same. Nelle says SHE wants a re-do just like Carly. Wants everyone to forgive HER sins. Carly says you're going about it the wrong way.  She talks about her past with Bobbie.. 
Flashback to Young Carly telling her mom she wants to find Frank. 
Nelle ends up telling Carly that when Carly found Frank and wanted money from what he owed her mother for child support, Nelle was there and Carly met her.

Joss goes to see Jason and wants him to "take care of Nelle". Promise me you won't let her get custody. LOL she wants her dead !! Jason says you know, she might not win the custody hearing. He thinks Michael will. 

Corinthos Kitchen: Sasha, Willow and Michael. They are going to discuss her marrying him. 

Oh, Chase gets there too. No, they don't mention it--which is dumb. Willow leaves and Sasha follows her. Chase and MIchael stay back to talk. 


Tuesday, April 7, 2020


WOW, Tons of work to do with this remote therapy stuff. I almost didn't make it today! 

Crimson: Willow Nina. Willow's face is weird looking at Nina's necklace 1/2. She doesn't say much though and wants to talk about Nelle. Nina is trying to tell her the plan in place but Nelle walks in and says she's working there. Willow loses it. I think this will push her to marry Michael. 

Chase tells everyone TJ was dumped in front of GH.. he is beat up.. Jordan and Curtis are in his room. He wakes up. Jordan is ruining these scenes. WOW. ..anyway, TJ says he was jumped going into work. Can't remember who took him. 

Curtis goes and calls SEAN BUTLER in jail to tell him about TJ. Portia overhears him and says she thought TJ's dad was his brother. Curtis is like, he's his bio dad.. they had an affair. They talk about THEIR affair and how when Curtis found out about her being married. 

Sonny, Sasha, Michael and Diane are talking in the kitchen to the moss and Nelle is suing Bobbie, Monica and the hospital . Carly comes back. They all try to figure out what to do.  Diane wants to get the custody hearing postponed because of Wiley's health issues. She mentions Michael being a single father. Hmmm... 


Metro Court: Cyrus can't stay there. Jason is going to talk with him. Jason tells him to leave town. Cyrus is like NEENER NEENER I'm not going anywhere. 

Sam goes to Molly's..Looks like Brad/Lucas place. Anyway she tells her about TJ being kidnapped. Molly is like OMG. Then Sam leaves and BRANDO COMES OUT OF THE BEDROOM! WHAT@!! AHAHAHAAHA NICE!!
Molly tells Brando her boyfriend is in the hospital.. got beat up. Brando: YOU have a BOYFRIEND? LOL 
She leaves to go to the hospital "This never happened"

At the Garage: Brando has flashbacks to he and Molly. She TOTALLY kissed him first! WOOT! Nice scenes. LOL I think he might Wub her a little!! 

Molly goes to see TJ. HE's like I'm sorry..she's like I'm sorry. Oh Molly going to feel SO guilty LOL They decide to compromise and do a "domestic partnership" instead of getting married. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

All the Ding Dong Day

SO!  Good news-- I am going to start to give teletherapy for my little ones starting the 13th! I'm thrilled. 10 kids, all on he computer all 1:1 so it will be a learning curve. I so need to work. I was going down the rabbit hole. 

That's great for me, not sure about GH- I'm hoping I'm done by 2:00! We shall see!! 

It's sunny here today, a rare sight. So I'm in  happy mood.  Take it while you can get it lol 

I HATE SAM. I hate Jason.. they are both at the safe house so they can have sex. What jerks. Jason gets a phone call about Cyrus. AHAHHAHA HE HAS TO LEAVE HER! "When can we meet again" says Sam.... Jason says We are NOT meeting!! This has to stop! WOOT!! GO JASON!  Sam "I wouldn't do anything to hurt the kids but we HAVE to see each other"!
OMG even the dialog writers know she's an idiot!! LOL  Jason finally tells her they have to think of the kids. She stares at him. 

Nik and Ava should be having elevator sex but this is luck.  They go to see Laura.  Robert comes over and says the jail is releasing Cyrus tonight. Laura freaks out. Robert says not much they can do. Kevin says he thinks he'll stay in Port Charles. 

Jordan is with Cyrus at the jail. She shows hardly any emotion. Wants to know where TJ is.  The next scene Jordan is gone and Laura and Robert come in. Cyrus is all in his suit ready to go back to PC. 

Ava tells Nik the entire story in the hallway. He's concerned about his mother. Weird scenes. 

CarSon at Sonny's office. Sonny calls Tony to call Jason because Cyrus is getting out. Then he tells Carly the entire plan. Carly's upset because "DANGER" .. :eyeroll:  She thinks Jax will be mad that Cyrus is out. 

Trina is at Jordan's and will wait for her if she has to!  She's saying it can't be true about Taggert. This is going to end badly because it IS true.  Oh, this is a Daddy daughter moment.  She says she's going to prove that Jordan is lying. 

Cam and Joss in the kitchen. He's worried Trina. She wants to go find her. Trina comes in though. She wants to sue Jordan..with Diane as her attorney. Joss is like: Um, Cam and I think he's guilty! She cries. they all hug

Jax and Nina: Boring Charlotte talk. Carly comes in to tell him about Cyrus. She says it's ok to take Joss away. He says "no I know Sonny will keep her safe"

Cyrus walks. 

Jason gets a UZI ready
Sam is mad and throws stuff all over the safe house

Strange show today I thought. Just .. jumbled and "off" with the dialog. You? 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Shredder

This makes me feel young again! 

Is it just me or is seeing people hug and get THISCLOSE just weird now!!?? I wonder how long it will take for all of us to cram in together again. Probably not long. I'm going to make some masks this weekend with hot glue because I can't sew for crap. I have old-time vacuum cleaner bags that have filter padding. They are supposed to be one of the best materials. I have to cut them open and put them in bandannas. I'll be the cowboy looking person. 

Have a seat and relax! 
Photo credit: Yael_c from twitter 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday's GH

From my town to yours! 

GH is airing repeats on Friday to extend the episodes it has until the end of May. Today will be last year's anniversary episode that was dedicated to Gail. It didn't really have a lot of Gail in it however.. it was kind of a miss. 
I won't be watching but feel free to add your 2 cents here. 

How are you all doing? I'm on day 21 of lockdown and it's starting to really get difficult. I see essential workers just killing it and being on the other end of things is really hard when you are used to being a worker-bee. I'm volunteering for a local food bank soon and keeping up with some of my speech kids so that's something. Hubs is again, working hard on the medical supply end of things. His company was named in the defense act and they have to ramp up making ventilator parts 1000% or more. My son works for Panera and is still steady with the deliveries and drive through. I'm glad as he needs work to keep him occupied and also to pay the rent.
Meanwhile, Tillie is a happy girl! Getting huge amounts of walks a day. 

I miss my parents and brother. I miss my work and friends. I'm lucky because I do have someone here with me. I'm happy we have the internet and TV.  My Mimi was 10 during the Spanish Flu epidemic and had to leave school for the year to care for family members. She said she and another cousin were the only ones who didn't get very sick. They had no indoor plumbing. Had to kill chickens for food. Lord. This is why she thought my brother and I had the "Life of Riley" in the 70's! She was right!!  

Are you in a state that's a shelter in place? Here in NY it's been since May 13th. Just wondering how the rest of you are coping. I don't think our schools will open again this year. Teachers are working hard to get everything done online. It's all new to them too. Can you imagine being told in ONE day you have to start remote learning for all of your kids? Gah! 

One more thing: I'm eating so much it's ridiculous. Stress eating, boredom eating. Baking-- cooking. Getting take out to support local restaurants - I'm going to need new pant soon! 

Take care-- everyday is getting us a step closer to ending this and hopefully getting back to some new-normal.  I'll have Sunday Surgery up for your enjoyment as well. 

Have a good Friday! 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Today was...


I think Laura is trying to get Kevin to say Cyrus is crazy? So he can't get out? Robert says nothing can really be done. Kevin is at the prison talking to him. Kind of like a Mindhunter interview but not as good. Just a back and forth. Kevin goes to tell Laura he will try to commit him to a psyche center. Robert says it won't work. 

Trina goes to Ava about the info she found out about her Dad. Ava says Taggs wouldn't care what the press or people said about him, he'd only care about what she thought.  

Molly goes to Jordan, demanding answers.  She yells and screams, says she'll do her own search yada yada. Jordan tells her to grow up.  "You're entitled and you broke TJ's heart and he doesn't want to see you".. Screams at her.  Molly stomps out. Jordan feels badly but says she has to because she can't have Molly look for TJ. 

Mike forgot Brando was alive..and freaks out. He does't know him..then he does. Then he's tired and wants to take a nap. He goes back to his room. Says he wants security to vet people. Then Mike tells Sonny "everything is going to be ok". 

JaSam meets by an old dumpster and a bunch of trash LOL . Sam tells him what happened with Spinelli and Dolores. Jason is finally like: Um, maybe we should just wait the year and 1/2. OMG Sam won't let it go. And... they talk about Cyrus and TJ. 

Molly goes to Brando's garage to get her car fixed. Are they chem testing them?? Huh?? 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kids on Today

Brook wants to collab with Dustin on songs. Lulu wonders how she got out of her contract. "Daddy helping you"?? They banter.  Dustin is saying he has to think about it. Lulu thinks he should do it. 

Valentin talking to Martin (Tad) on the phone says he got Brook's stock. "Keep working your end". 

Kelly's: Jax, Nina and Charlotte. Charlotte is unimpressed with Jax... she goes to sit with her friend Maddy. Nina tells Jax that she hired Nelle. Jax @@. She tells him her plan. 
Val walks in wants to talk to Nina outside. He asks her if she and Jax are serious. She says they are seeing each other. He says to "enjoy it while you can'.
Nina goes in Jax is on the floor! What happened! Jax says, I"m just clumsy I guess. Charlotte put her backpack in the way so he'd fall! LOL 


Corinthos: Avery playing with Brando in the kitchen. Carly seems to like it. wink. They talk about him staying in PC. Then they talk about Brando's childhood. He was a run around. But why? Because he liked to..
be alone..and...
(wait for it) 
READ ABOUT HORSES? wha???? LOL okay? 
So Mike took him to the tracks...where he would watch them. Carly says they should go visit Mike. 

Trina with her Mom and everyone, gonna find out about Taggert. I mean, come on. She's going to have PTSD after all this if her dad is alive. Holy Moly.  MY DAD WOULD NEVER FRAME ANYONE! Cam is like, um, why would these people lie to you? Trina loses it and says he's dead why would you do this? Want me to give back the flag on his coffin too??? She tells her mom she won't go home. 

Sonny is talking to Felix at GH. Felix says Mike is scared to walk. Sonny goes in to see Mike. Mike's speech is slurred and he's angry. You need to watch their scenes, even if just on YouTube. Perfection.  He finally talks him into walking a bit. 

Julian is going to punch out Dr. Neil for coming on to Alexisl. He says Neil used her secrets to get to her.. Alexis is yelling.  Julian says "YOU SLEPT TOGETHER" and Felix and 1/2 the staff heard it.  Alexis  tells Julian he never really knew her if he could do this. Screams at him to get out. he leaves. Neil asks her if he was the reason she was drinking. 

Trina storms out and yells that Jordan ruined her Dad's reputation

Carly takes Brando to see Mike, who thinks Brando is still dead LOL!! DUHH
Britt tells Jules their side sex is cancelled 

I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...