Tuesday, April 21, 2020


HERE WE ARE!! We had a big thing about NYC vs NY State--which is pretty important. Cuomo was in Buffalo today and I think it help. 

Sasha runs to the bathroom! Willow is upset!! Chase tells her he's sick of her 'baby fixation" (??) LOL and Wiley obsession. She somehow believes all this. Cries.. he is being a dick. She leaves. Cries. He throws bar ware. He also cries pretty. 

Charlotte saw Valentin push Ava off the parapet!! She said she wanted to be a family so she didn't tell on him. His face says it all... great reaction. 

Lulu and Laura talk about Valentin.  Lulu is like; ME ME ME! Laura: This should be about Charlotte. They argue a lot. 

Michael and Josslyn have a nothing convo at GH about Wiley and him maybe marrying Willow. BUT their smoothies look great. 

Valentin asks to speak to Laura. She leaves with him and they talk in the hall. He says she has to teach Charlotte right from wrong because clearly he isn't. Good scene. Then he says that Laura should take care of Charlotte because he won't contest the custody !! He knows she saw him try to kill Ava and how wrong that was. wow! 

Cyrus wants Julian to help him "learn about" Port Charles. Jason cancels the meeting and hangs up on him LOL. Carly is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????? Then she brings Donna down and Jason and she talk. They really should do Jarly..it would be awesome. 

The scenes to watch today are the Mike/Sonny/Brook scenes. WOW. Max Gail acts just like an older person that is just 'not there'.. he can't even remember how to drink water!! OMG! He asks Sonny "is it over"??  I really like the unexpected Brook/Sonny relationship'


  1. IMO Valentin is one of those sympathetic villians. He definitely loves Charlotte.

  2. The Valentin segments and the Mike/Sonny/BrookLyn segments were so great today. Amanda Seton is just wonderful to watch. She and Sonny have a special something, I agree. I hate to see Mike's story end. MG is the best.
    And then there's the neverending Wiley story. The whole thing is just so stupid. FF material.

  3. James Patrick Stuart was amazing. That look on his face when he realized he was teaching her that it was okay to hurt, or even kill someone you hated. His talk was Laura was also great. His willingness to sacrifice his relationship with Charlotte to have her grow up to be a decent human being definitely showed the depth of his love for her.

    The Mike scenes were also great. Brooklynn realizes that Mike is ready to go. And Max Gail played the part of someone at the end of the disease so well.

    Getting tired of the Wiley storyline.

    And I wanted one of those smoothies too.

    1. "Di says, Brooklynn realizes that Mike is ready to go."

      Yeah Sonny should have said yes dad it's over. You can go now, then Mike goes.. :( But Sonny doesn't want him to go. :(

  4. Thumbs up to everything said.

    Brook/Sonny/Mike scenes were so real and tenderly acted by all. I will really miss Max Gail when this is over. He is the only one who makes Sonny tolerable.

    Laura so powerful with Lulu. Laura so astonished with Valentine. Genie was awesome today.

    Valentine was pulling at my heart-strings for his genuine concern on his influence to Charlotte. And Char was excellent when talking with Lulu about her mother`s nasty feelings for Valentine.

    Now the bad:

    Chase and Sasha's scheme (pretending to have slept together) is the stupidest thing I have seen on this show in a long time. Chase would never break Willow's heart like that, especially after what she has already been through. Makes me hate Chase (and I already hated Sasha anyway). What a great way to ruin one of the only characters on the show who was a good guy.

    Jason and Carly and baby Donna: Cute. Nice character interaction. But, time-wasting.

    Julian and Cyrus. ::snoring::

    1. Genie was awesome today.

      And hopefully Lulu will now realize that the venom she is constantly spurting towards people she doesn't agree with is having an effect on her child. Children hear way more than we think they do and they interpret what they hear with immature minds. It's often a recipe for disaster and/or some very emotionally damaged kids.

    2. Yup! Great post Di! Couldn't agree more!

  5. I don't believe it ruined Chase's character. This is a soap remember!
    Charlotte is a good little actress and whether we hate Valentine or not, he is also a great actor. Laura was great as always but it is hard for me to listen to Lulu.

    I may be in the minority, but I can't fathom Carly with Jason. I think she is just too screechy and whiny with him. I do like her more carefree attitude that Jax brings out. I think Jason needs a new lady love.

  6. JPS is such a great actor. I could feel his pain that he is teaching Charlotte to be evil. Also, the Mike story is just so hard to watch. So good, but so difficult. Max Gail and even Maurice Benard are doing an excellent job. Having Brooklyn there was a good addition to the scene too. Didn't watch the Michael and Josslyn or the Chase/Sasha/Willow scenes, or even the others.

  7. I'm over done with the whole Wiley/Willow/Nelle/Sasha/Chase/Michael SL! At this point I would rather rotate the tires on my car then to watch them. I don't know why but I am. Thank God it was offset by 2 magnificent performances from JPS & MG! And of course,Brook, Sonny & Laura were great too. I did cry for the better part of the last,at least, 45 mins. I don't even know what to say about LuLu except I agree with everyone above. Not really caring about the mob stuff. There are so many loose strings in this SL so maybe when they start weaving them together it will be better but,right now,meh! The Mike & Val stuff today was like a breath of fresh air if that makes sense? Phenomenal acting!! I guess Willow and Chase had a thing going were they would try a new wine each wk. So I guess they had already bought this wks so Chase & Sasha were making a weird toast for hoping this was the right thing to do?? Huh? That's what I mean,done with this!

  8. I agree, Genie is always awesome. And she looks great in pink

  9. Off topic: Watch the General Hospital Cast lip-synching Wearing Protective Gear in a Fundraising Effort for Feeding America


  10. The hospital:

    Jossy and Mikey: Mmmmm the smoothies look good. I want one!!! Gee Jossy doesn't have a problem with Michael marrying Willow ROFL!

    Chillow home: Uh okay this whole thing was stupid and strange. Oh look Sasha couldn't handle it so she ran out of the room.

    Chillow: DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!! I hate this!!! Stupid scene! Stupid storyline!!!! I can't believe she is falling for it! After everything she has been through!

    Chase and Sasha:

    Sasha: What have we done?

    Uhhhh. You are too stupid to live!

    Oh now he has champaign!!! He is too stupid to live too!!

    Carson kitchen:

    Jason, Sonny and the Tribbles:

    Sonny: Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus.

    Jason: Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus Cyrus.

    Tribbles: Come on you guys I can do it! I can kill him!

    Jason, Carly, baby Donna, and Tribbles: Awwww baby Donna is adorable!!! Hmmm I wonder if they are using a boy! The baby looks like a boy. Awww baby Donna is looking at the Tribbles! The Tribbles loves Donna! After Jason hangs up on Cyrus he wins the line of the day.

    Jason: The guy wouldn't stop talking.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAHAHA! I guess you don't talk to Italian people eh Jason? ROFL!

    Karen says, They really should do Jarly..it would be awesome.

    YEAH IT WOULD!!! :)

    Old folks home:

    Sonny and Mike: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :( So sad..

    Mike: Is it over?

    He isn't talking about the movie Sonny! :(

    Sonny and Brooky: Love their scenes. I really like their dynamic.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Laura and Lulu: Laura is still a cheerleader for V.C.! Hahaha! Oh Lulu shut up!

    Charlie and V.C.: Great scene!!!! Charlie DID see him push Ava off the parapet!!!!! His facial expressions were awesome! What are you going to do now V.C.? My first thought was kill her? Nahhhhh.

    Laura and V.C.: Great scene!!! So he is giving up Charlie? :( The look of shock on Laura's face! :) Priceless!

    Lulu and Charlie: Yeah Lulu stop lying to Charlie!! She isn't dumb! She is very smart!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Cyrus and Julian: Ohhhhhh a new bromance!!! Me likey! #Team Jyrus!!! :)

  11. I loved the whole show! Brook is so good when not acting so bitchy! She was so good with Mike and Sonny. Hard to hate her. So I'm guessing Mike's time is near. 😓 As for Jason and Carly, I loved Sarah and Steve and same goes for him and Laura. I'd be on board, but so many kids involved now. Baby Donna and Avery. I mean BECAUSE OF SONNY, Carly is pretty much the closest mom to Avery and that would suck to break them up, but Carly and Jason would be hot. They sure were back in the day. Ok wow...Valentin, I didn't expect that. Gold star. Now Lulu needs to grow up!

  12. I agree with what everyone said. Just wow to Valentin and Laura, Lulu shut up already, Brook with Mike and Sonny (all 3 were fantastic), and sorry I really liked Chase yesterday! :)

    I seriously didn't mind the Julian/Cyrus scenes, and I say a NO to Jarly. errk!

    Funny thing, I was DVRing GH and turned it for the last 15 minutes, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me who that baby was with Jason! I think I've been alone too long. I'm losing it, lol!

  13. I agree. I like the new Brook with Sonny and Nike. When she is not being all bitchy.

  14. No to Carly and Jason. They have been like brother and sister for too long. Would be gross.

  15. JPS was amazing with Charlotte and Laura. Lulu is such an annoying pain in the ass. I hated what they did to poor Willow - they could have included her in the plan and wouldn't have had to break her heart. Poor Mike - so realistic.

  16. The Valentin/Laura scenes and the Sonny/Brook/Mike scenes were the best thing on GH in ages.

    1. Those scenes were really great. Some great actors for sure


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