Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday's GH

From my town to yours! 

GH is airing repeats on Friday to extend the episodes it has until the end of May. Today will be last year's anniversary episode that was dedicated to Gail. It didn't really have a lot of Gail in it however.. it was kind of a miss. 
I won't be watching but feel free to add your 2 cents here. 

How are you all doing? I'm on day 21 of lockdown and it's starting to really get difficult. I see essential workers just killing it and being on the other end of things is really hard when you are used to being a worker-bee. I'm volunteering for a local food bank soon and keeping up with some of my speech kids so that's something. Hubs is again, working hard on the medical supply end of things. His company was named in the defense act and they have to ramp up making ventilator parts 1000% or more. My son works for Panera and is still steady with the deliveries and drive through. I'm glad as he needs work to keep him occupied and also to pay the rent.
Meanwhile, Tillie is a happy girl! Getting huge amounts of walks a day. 

I miss my parents and brother. I miss my work and friends. I'm lucky because I do have someone here with me. I'm happy we have the internet and TV.  My Mimi was 10 during the Spanish Flu epidemic and had to leave school for the year to care for family members. She said she and another cousin were the only ones who didn't get very sick. They had no indoor plumbing. Had to kill chickens for food. Lord. This is why she thought my brother and I had the "Life of Riley" in the 70's! She was right!!  

Are you in a state that's a shelter in place? Here in NY it's been since May 13th. Just wondering how the rest of you are coping. I don't think our schools will open again this year. Teachers are working hard to get everything done online. It's all new to them too. Can you imagine being told in ONE day you have to start remote learning for all of your kids? Gah! 

One more thing: I'm eating so much it's ridiculous. Stress eating, boredom eating. Baking-- cooking. Getting take out to support local restaurants - I'm going to need new pant soon! 

Take care-- everyday is getting us a step closer to ending this and hopefully getting back to some new-normal.  I'll have Sunday Surgery up for your enjoyment as well. 

Have a good Friday! 


  1. Karen, so glad you are feeling well. Thanks for reaching out. We are fine here, so far, getting lots of food deliveries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.

    I am choosing to continue to eat in a healthy manner--even used this time to completely cut out sugar. Although of course I understand that some folks are stress eating. This is also a good time to do work-outs at home, there are millions of choices! I also am doing meditation daily.

    My practice continues to be full, now doing Telehealth, which is working out fine. I will miss GH on Fridays, but am surprised to hear that they have enough to last until the end of May, that is good, originally I had heard April 10.

    I hope that everyone here, and their loved ones, are doing well.

    1. I'm glad they can stretch them out! I wonder if they taped the Nurses' Ball? I'm thinking no but??

  2. I get Nancy's message on Facebook and I replied to one. She's giving hearts to everybody who posts. My suggestion was that GH turn into a podcast alá radio. Writers email scripts to actors. The actors and director get together via videochat and record their lines on there phones and send the audio files to the editors. A typical episode now is only 35 minutes long without the ads. They could get sponsors for this easy and have millions glued to their headphones. Plus, imagine Nancy Lee doing an ad for some bath salts - "Hi, when I'm Alexis I'm not drinking but when I'm at home I'm just Nancy in the tub with a bottle of chardonnay and (__________) bubble bath!"

    1. She's got some fun things. I saw that pod/video cast with Maurice and co. Maxie and Lulu could do a zoom too lol

  3. Love the picture!!! :) I'm okay. I live with my mom and brother and they are okay so far. My mom and brother both work at tops, but not at the same store. They are keeping safe. I am a hugger, so I miss hugging. Okay I copied and pasted what I said last year of the anniversary. Here it is.

    Happy anniversary everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Julexis: Ohhhh. So THAT is why Julian got a blue print too. Yeah cus Gail didn't know him! ROFL! Man when Julian got close to Alexis, the sparks were flying hard!!!

    BobTodd and Scotty: GAH! Great scene!!! Scotty wants to hug BobTodd!!! Scotty made me cry! :(

    Scotty and Bobbie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Bobbie and Carly: So basically,

    Carly: I got the preggers.

    Bobbie: :0 :0 :0

    Liz and Bobbie: Awwww! :) Sweet scene!

    Scotty and Laura: Scotty doesn't know how to go on without his parents! :(

    Lucy and Doc:

    Doc: Just don't want you to misconstrue Lucy. I don't want to give you hope for something that's not going to happen. I love Laura.

    Aww poor Lucy! :( I do love her and Doc together, but I also love Lucy and Scotty together!!! So if she is ends up with either of them, I would be happy. :) I also love Doc with Laura too. I know I know I am a mess! ROFL!

    Lucy and Scotty: Scotty talks about his parent's love story!!!

    Scotty: You and I should have had that.

    GAH! Scotty made me cry!!!!! My Lotty love is exploding!!! :) Oh no! She sees Doc and is yearning!!! Oh I wish Scotty didn't see that. :(

    Lucy and Monica: Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: I was greedy, and young and stupid.

    ROFLMAOPMP! You think Lucy?! :)

    Monica and Leslie: Wait wait wait!!! The cafeteria was changed to the locker rooms!!!!!! That pisses me off!!!

    Maxie and Mac: Awwwww!!! Great scene!!!! He grew a beard!!!! WOW! :)

    Hey look confetti!!! The only person who threw the confetti is BobTodd! ROFL! Damn it no flashbacks in between!!!! Just at the end and it wasn't a lot!!! I wanted MORE flashbacks!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Well fine I will just do it myself..

    Amy tells Bobbie that Lucy got the preggers.

    When Bobbie was married to Jake and Jake had to tell her that he slept with Lucy!

    Man I remember when Bobbie and Jake, wanted to adopt that baby, Lucy did NOT want them to adopt the baby, so she threw herself down the stairs and had a miscarriage!!!! When Lucy was at the hospital, Bobbie was harassing Lucy and accused her of going down the stairs on purpose!!! ROFL! Lucy called out for Jake! Jake stopped Bobbie. Man I looked all over on youtube.. It's not there. I wish all those scenes were on youtube!! :(

    Lucy marrying Alan in a red dress!

    BAHAHHAAHAHA! That still cracks me up! :)

    Sean and Tiffany's wedding.. Elsie Mae Krumholtz!! ROFL! Shut up Sean she is already mad at you to begin with! ROFL!

    1. Sonya, I live in Rochester too. Also Tops is my favorite grocery store.

    2. "witch says, Sonya, I live in Rochester too."

      YOU DO?!!?! :) Hi neighbor!!! :) Where in Rochester do you live?

      "Also Tops is my favorite grocery store."

      It is? Even though it's expensive? :)

    3. HI! :) My closest TOPS is Penfield now... they closed mine :sobbing:

    4. sonya, I live in Spencerport

    5. kdmask says, HI! :) My closest TOPS is Penfield now... they closed mine :sobbing:

      Hi! :) Awww Karen I'm sorry! *comfort*

      "witch says, sonya, I live in Spencerport"

      Cool! I live in East Irondequoit! :)

  4. On Y&R they have flashback Friday's too!!! :) Today's episode was an episode from the 80's!!! I wish GH would do the same thing, but I know they won't. :( So do you all remember when the Tribbles were babies? :)


    1. Oh my...I would love to see baby tribbles! Haha.

    2. "zazu says, Oh my...I would love to see baby tribbles! Haha."

      Oh you mean when they make babies of their own? ROFL!

  5. I wish GH would do 80's episodes too; or early 90's even. Guess they quality is too bad????

  6. I can't get Amazon Fresh and the nearest Whole Foods is 30+ minutes away. There are a lot of food and supply products not available here.

  7. The last scene in that episode where things wrap up and Scotty looks about, kind of sighs and walks away really gets me. Such a great acting job by Kin in just a few seconds, as he bids farewell to his TV mom and acknowledges the years and people that have gone by GH.

  8. Ok, so Karen finally got around the asking how we are doing. Here is my response:

    As most of you know, I live in Las Vegas. The streets are dead. I drove down the strip one night on my way home, and there was not a soul on there walking around. Not even Walking Dead zombies, which you would expect because of how eerie and vacant it was. It was right out of a movie.

    There is no toilet paper, but I am sure I do not have to tell any of you that. I have a personal hand held shower nozzle and I use that. I feel that the bidet industry is going to skyrocket if it already hasn't. Go to Amazon and look into a bidet. Many are under $30.00

    On weds night there was going to be a parade down the strip. Yeah, you read right. a PARADE. People would have been in 400 cars, single file and they would have driven over 4 miles down the strip with their windows open and a local radio station playing "Viva Las Vegas". While this sounds good in theory, just think about the logic. People are quarantined in houses and Vegas has to turn it into a party. Well, it started out as a parade to show the world that we will come back stronger than ever. Then it turned into a protest because casino workers are so pissed the casinos are closed and they want them reopened now. (Our mayor has been yelling to the governor about opening casinos asap). Fremont street gets tens of thousands of people every day when open. All it takes is one sneeze and they are annihilated. And how to you keep social distancing are a craps table or cirque du sole show?

    Some people are really taking this seriously, but I swear for the most part, this town just isn't.

    The marijuana dispensaries, which cannot open due to social distancing and the fact that they are not "essential" businesses are DELIVERING pot to your house.

    we have a drive in theatre here. they just renovated their screens and lot. There is already talk of building another on the east side of town. I assume they will make a comeback all over the country. It is time to invest people!

    I have gotten very good at working around food ingredients and turning cleaning products that are not really cleaning products into cleaning products. If anyone has questions or suggestions, I suggest we work together and talk and help each other here in the blog.

    I am alone out here. I have serious cabin fever. I have been binge watching just about every tv show known to man. But I still go out to the stores, not necessarily to buy something, but for human interaction. Then once I meet a human, i remember how much I hate people. (ha ha ha)

    Viva Las Vegas.

    1. Like the alternative TP situation lol :) You might like Lodge 49 on Hulu? it's very quirky.
      A PARADE..duh.
      And liquor stores are "essential" here, as are gun stores but no pot?

  9. Sheltering at home in California since March, day 18? I live alone with no pets and I'm an extreme extrovert so this is particularly challenging. I also work in HR, which has become very depressing. I am grateful to have a job right now, but I don't anticipate having one by the end of Q2. I always eat healthy, so that hasn't changed. However, I am drinking much, much more. I really want to bake but would only have myself to feed and my freezer is already full! I am running about 3 miles almost every morning to manage my anxiety. And I'm living off Jimmy Fallon. While he's on, I work out, so I'm staying physically healthy at least. I may the only person who doesn't gain the Quarantine 15.

    1. CareyN, hehehe, the Quarantine 15, hadn't heard that before. As I said earlier, I am using this opportunity to totally give up sugar, otherwise I eat really clean, and am continuing to exercise in the house. So I AM NOT going to gain any weight.

      I am encouraging everyone to take good care of themselves and their health during this time.

    2. WOW this is great. I shut down SO MUCH in times of stress. If I had my job I would be so much happier. I walk Tillie 4x a day and I'm still tired LOL

  10. Are any of you having difficulty finding groceries? Our stores are all sold out of tons of stuff. Must be in peoples basements like the million N95 masks. Our stores are now only letting in a certain number of people and making people stand 6 feet apart. Finally. I think I've been working at home since March 18. My kids are kind of stir crazy and don't understand that they can't have the foods they like, but they are troopers.

    1. Lindie, I am in Brooklyn. Grocery store shelves are pretty empty. We have been getting deliveries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, but it's almost impossible now to book a slot.

  11. One gun store here on the news said there gun and ammo sales were way up. Guess they are planning to shoot the virus???????

    1. ROFL! Maybe they are worried that someone is going to break into their house to steal TP or something and the want to protect themselves.

  12. I live in CT, the new "hot spot". Yesterday I ventured out to do laundry, get meds and groceries. Everywhere I went I made sure to thank everyone for working. It is surreal out there. People out there working to keep us living are surely our new heroes. Just going out for a bit made me so tense. Can't imagine how they must feel.
    Some shelves are empty, some not. No TP, but some tissue and napkins. Crazy.
    I hate guns and will never understand how they are essential. I heard that the sales are up because people will need to defend their food when it runs out. Lordy.
    kd says: And liquor stores are "essential" here, as are gun stores but no pot? I know. Thank goodness I have enough for now. We all need something.
    I agree with Dave. Talking here is good.
    As I entered the parking lot yesterday, one of my favorite songs was on radio..."NY State of Mind". I sang a bit and suddenly was sobbing. Sometimes you just have to.

  13. "I sang a bit and suddenly was sobbing. Sometimes you just have to."

    Awww zazu!!! *BEARHUGS* Did you feel better after you cried? :(

  14. It is amazing (not necessarily in a good way) to hear everyone's story. I went on zoom with my stepsisters and their families yesterday. It was nice, but weird. It is nice "chatting" with all of you. It is 56 degrees here. Heat wave. Need to walk the dog after I vacuum. It sure is scary to go out right now. My husband is prone to pneumonia, so this is scary for us as it is for so many people with pre-existing or immuno-compromised conditions. One of my co-workers is currently going through chemo and recently had pneumonia herself.

    Be safe my wubster friends. I will be sad when we have no more GH, even if it's not that great right now.

  15. P.S. Thank you for all your hard work Karen. You are the best!!!!!!!



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