Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I Failed...

I had every intention of watching and posting--then life. First an unexpected ZOOM meeting... then Tillie...
I really don't want to watch just yet so I'll wait for no-commercial later tonight. 


In the meantime, I'll ask what I asked on Twitter -- do you want Molly to be pregnant from her ONS? A "who's the daddy"?? We all know that's the soapy way out. I personally think she's way to level headed and probably on Norplant to get PG, but this is GH!! 


  1. Good show today-not that many flashbacks. Molly is most likely too conscientious to be that careless and get pregnant. Charlotte is growing up so fast. I’m glad Finn got Chase to come clean.

  2. Today's show was good. And I definitely do not want Molly pregnant. There's enough babies on this show that we never see.

    Did anyone else love the looks from Brando when Sam was threatening him? lol

    1. sam another minnie mobster, what a joke

    2. Totally agree, no pregnant Molly please! She has gotten really annoying in the last few days and I wouldn't be able to stand her high pitched "speed talking" if she found out she was pregnant. Can you imagine??

      Mumbles is stupid, annoying and a sanctimonious hypocrite. I am definitely team Brando!

  3. There were some flashbacks.


    Jason, Sonny, Cyrus, and his hentchman: Jason saw Cyrus's sniper! HAHAHAHAHA! Jason is good! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Molly, Sam, and Krissy: See Molly? Now your sisters figured out that Brando is the guy you slept with. Yeah you are telling Sam not to talk to Brando! Do you really think she won't say anything? Molly wants to tell TJ the truth! Why Molly? Just so you can get rid of your guilt?!!? NO DON'T YOU DARE!

    Lulu's home:

    Lulu and Laura: Laura is still V.C.'s cheerleader! ROFL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and V.C.: Great scene!! :)

    Alexis: You look like you lost your best friend.

    V.C: I have. She is better off without me.


    Chase's home: Awww a fresh faced sad broken hearted Chase. His shaved face is so pretty! Chase you are so pretty but so dumb! GET BACK TOGETHER WITH WILLOW!! GRRRRR!

    Chase and Finchy: Chase just explaining to Finchy why he and Willow broke up!! And I'm thinking is he really buying this crap?!?!! Finchy wins the lines of the day.

    Finchy: Wow! That has to be the biggest loaded crap I have ever heard. You practically got a neon sign flashing that says, hi nice to meeting you. I'm lying!

    ROFL! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was so happy he doesn't believe Chase! I was clapping and laughing! :) Glad Chase told him the truth! Finchy called it an affair. First Willow used that word and now Finchy!! It's not an affair!!!! They aren't married!!! Call it cheating!!! Geez!


    Nax: Awwwww. :) Oh oh Charlie!!!!

    V.C. and Charlie:

    Charlie: You don't love me anymore.

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Great scene! This scene made me cry!!! She wants to go wherever he is going! V.C.! Your daughter needs you!!! DON'T GO!!!!! Stay with her!!!! :( Be a father to her!!!! :(

    The garage:

    Brando and TJ: Oh boy! The boyfriend meets the recent lover! :) Man I can just imagine how TJ will react when he finds out the truth!

    Brando, TJ, and Molly:

    TJ: Not only did he take care of Molly, but he gave her a special deal.

    He sure did. ;)

    Brando and Sam: SAM!!!! Molly told you NOT to talk to Brando about what happened to him and Molly! BIG MOUTH!

    Brando: Not that it's any of your business.

    Sam: You made it my business when you slept with my sister.


  4. Decent show today. Except for the Sonny crap. I wanted Cyrus to flick him on the forehead.

    Alexis and Jax friendship re-visited...finally! And, I like Alexis with Valentin, too. NLG still has chemistry with everyone.

    Charlotte looks like she grew two years in two days.

    1. "Zak says, I wanted Cyrus to flick him on the forehead."

      ROFL! I would love to have seen that! :)

      "Charlotte looks like she grew two years in two days."

      That damn growth spurt! :)

    2. I still laugh at the flicking of the forehead, thanks so much!

      I enjoyed the show today too, not as many flashbacks and some really good scenes with Charlotte and her Poppa! I really enjoyed him with Alexis.

  5. yes i want molly to be pregnant and say that TJ is the father.

    and then when the baby is born, it is lily-white and everyone is aghast.

  6. Much better show today.
    They are writing Molly stupid now so pregnancy is possible.
    Sam is an idiot. She and Jason break up and she has sex with Brando. Gets pregnant. And then Krissy. Now there's soapy.
    Jax was so sweet. Made me smile.

  7. Alexis and Valentin? She does love a bad boy.

    1. Wow, what an idea, Wanda!! She and Neil are broken up (he's mad at her and himself), and Valentin is not her brother after all. I think I'd also like to see them together. Especially since Valentin is trying to change for Charlotte's sake.

  8. I am watching one day behind so that I always have a show to watch on Friday. But, from what I saw, I don't understand Sonny's meeting with Cyrus. I thought that the deal was that Jordan would get him out of prison, and Jason would then cause his demise. Why is he swaggering all around town threatening everyone?



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