Thursday, June 30, 2022



Willow doesn't seem too happy to be pregnant when she talks to TJ. Michael comes in...they talk about having a 'surprise baby'. Are you happy? Are YOU happy?  They are both happy. 

Sasha freaks out that Willow is pregnant. She's so upset. 

Britt and Brad at the Metro Bar. Spencer comes in and wants to talk to Brad. He wants help finding Esme's bio parents. Britt wants him to leave. Then Spencer tries to apologize to Britt about his behavior. She says too little, too late and plus he's still with stupid Esme. 

Trina is getting ready to go to the pool. She and Curtis talk. Her court date is set. He and Marshall want to help her. Later, Marshall calls his friend to find out where to get a burner phone. 

Esme sees hottie Rory at the pool Meow. She wants help sneaking into where Ryan Chamberlain is. Rory thinks this might be a good chance to get into her phone. BUT Of course, Trina walks up and interrupts. Esme leaves. Rory tells Trina that Esme knows that he's on to her. 

Sam and Dante have dinner with Cody at The Metro. He's still thinking about Britt. Then Spinelli comes in and Cody says they know each other. He says that Spin is helping him with GPS for his 'next jump'. Sam knows something is up. 

Spinelli goes out and calls Zelda about the business. Says Cody is 'trouble'. Cody overhears him and walks up. 

Brando and Gladys talk about his job...she doesn't want him to be a "grease monkey". Then she says Sasha is loaded and she wants to quit her job as Brook's assistant. 

Sasha hooks up with the photog drug dealer

Nothing else happened. LOL BORING DAY

Wednesday, June 29, 2022



I'm so here for this today!! WOOOOHOOO! 

Drew is going to tell Carly about the stocks!! Shes' mad at Ned AND Lucy LOL . She tells Drew she sold her half of the Metro Court!! 

Willow faints, Dr. O is at the pool and gets her laying down and elevates her legs. Willow goes to GH

Nina and Liesl talk about their romantic lives. 

TJ and Epiphany talk about her becoming a Dr. Aw, TJ gives her his old MCAT books and notes to help her out. 

Anna and Felicia in Kelly's..Victor overhears Fe asking Anna about her date with Valentin. Ut Oh, they didn't want Victor to know. Victor leaves.. and Valentin stays. Anna wants to know why Valentin is meeting Victor. 

Olivia wants the facts from Nedly about why he did what he did. He says it was for the best. She yells at him. 

Michael gets called to GH after talking to Leo. He's on his way to GH .
At GH, Willow gets brought in and TJ and Epiphany are there to help her. TJ reminds her she passed out 3 months ago. They order tests. 


Carly's broker basically says that the investment corp doesn't have to wait 30 days if they have a buyer. 

Willow is pregnant.

Sonny and Nina kiss by the pool. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Yesterday's GH

 Well, I couldn't get my You Tube Live to WORK..and I forgot to put up a blog, sorry!! 

So I'm watching it today!! 

Brando, Dex and Sonny ... in the garage ...we know Dex is working with Michael. I HOPE Sonny does!! 

Bobbie, Carly and Joss celebrating her "Stock COUP"!! ahahahahaa. 

Olivia is kicking Nina out of the pool area at the Metro. 

Chase and Brook at Kelly's. He's sad about Jordan. He's suspended indefinately 

Q House: Chaos erupts!  Val wants Ned to be the Chairman of the Board!!!

OOFFF..Willow looks awful...great eye make up.

GOOD SHOW Because Carly is just SO HAPPY about the MERGER and Her MONEY! AHAHAHHAA. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Take A Gamble


Welp! It was another week of only 3 days of shows. BUT Wed and Friday were SO WORTH IT! 

VERY short because I want you to watch on the shows!! 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Daytime Emmy Congratulations

                                        THIS IS THE GENERAL HOSPITAL WINS 

                            Kelly Thiebaud wins best supporting actress for GH! 

                          Jeff Kober wins for Supporting Performance (Special Guest) 


                                  Nick Chavez won for best younger actor!! I'm so happy!!! 

                    and............. GENERAL HOSPITAL WON BEST DAYTIME SHOW!! 

Take A Vote!


Everyone is talking about the Q meeting today and the picking of CEO and merger. Olivia and Carly at the pool, Valentin and Martin at the pool. Q house: Willow, Drew and Michael. They think it's going to go their way. 

Drew and Dante have lunch at Kelly's. Dante wants to know how it happened he got beat up and when he's off their couch. OMG Dante fills him in on Britt and her past with Rocco!! ahahaha!! Then he mentions Faison being her father and wow... Cody reacts big time. 

Jordan and Linc talk at the PCPD about the charges against Chase. 

Brook Lynn is worried Chase will lose his job (they are having coffee outside of Kelly's) . Chase is called into talk to Jordan. 

Britt and Brad talk about Cody. He knows who beat him up. LOL..Mr. Li from the WUS! Britt almost tells Brad about Huntington's but she's called away. 

Q house.. Lucy and Ned come in. Drew and Michael are getting ready for the vote going their way. Martin calls Lucy and we find out she only votes if there's a tie. So you know there will be a tie. 

Martin tells Valentin that Laura is trying to get Victor deported !! Damn it, Val will tell him!

OMG CARLY SOLD HALF THE METRO COURT to buy her stocks!! ahahahahaa I think Olivia owns the other half! 

Willow almost faints on the stairs. 

THE VOTE: it's a tie! So Lucy will have to break the tie! Carly will lose everything and I hope the financial company holding her hotel money is AVA's!! ahahhhaa. 


THE VOTE: (to oust Valentin)
Michael: YES 

Drew: YES

NED: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy: NO!!!!!!!! 

NO MERGER!! OMG!! Perfect and Carly will be broke!! omg!! YES!!! 

GOOD SHOW TODAY to take your mind off everything going on. Watch it. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

And Again..


We are off air.. so HOPEFULLY tomorrow we'll get a new show? The Supreme Court decisions are coming down may be interrupted again. WHO KNOWS!! 

Hope you caught yesterday's show. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it could have been longer but I'm happy we got it and I just beamed !!! The ONE Thing I did miss was seeing the Cassadines actually playing SOFTBALL!! LOL ... 


I'm thinking out of all those teams... ELQ won. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

FINALLY!! It's the 15K Show!!


OH It's here!! With all the interruptions and such I thought we'd never make it!! I'm just happy the show is on. I think it's a stand-alone one, meaning not a lot if anything happens that moves the story forward. SHOULD JUST BE FUN! 

YOU HAVE TO WATCH TODAY'S SHOW!! IT'S WAY TOO HARD to Tweet it all! TONS of characters in it today! 

Ok, So this is Laura-Centric. She arrives at GH and goes in. There's some sort of bad thing that happened with the Invader and she's has to 'face the music".  Sonny is at the hospital with a bad back from boxing and Violet is there with poison oak. 

Laura goes into a room with "Supporters" led by Scotty, Mac, Robert, Sam, Carly, Alexis

and we aren't sure why yet. Kevin mentioned "titles and votes" .. maybe her mayorship?YES someone is starting a petition in Port Charles to get Laura out of her mayorship. Want a recall. Scotty takes photos of the petition and BOBBIE IS ON THERE!! 
Laura goes into Bobbie's office and asks her why she's waited so long for revenge LOL OMG. 
LAURA AND BOBBIE! Great flashback of them 40 years ago. Anyway, it wasn't Bobbie who did it. She thought she was signing a petition to save the whales. 

She goes to all the Cassadines next. They are at the Metro Pool getting ready to play softball LOL Victor swears it's not him. 

Carly and Sam ask Ned and the Qs if it's them... it's not Ned. 

Sonny and Curtis ask Ms Wu and it's not her. They followed the money and it's CYRUS!! Laura goes to visit him in jail. He's been transferred back to Pentonville from federal prison. He talks about God and repentance. Laura goes round and round with him. Finally says she's forgives him which stops him in his tracks. He can't believe it. Drops phone. She leaves. 

Nail Salon: Bobbie, Lucy, Dr O, Felicia and Anna. Laura walks in. Bobbie warns Liesl that Lucy might take Scotty back. Then Scotty comes in and gets on ONE KNEE IN FRONT of Liesl!! She says she won't marry him, they have everything they need. They kiss.

Maxie and Laura visit Liz at Shadybrook. Maxie goes because Lulu can't be there. She brings make up samples from Deception LOL. They talk about the boys and how Port Charles steps up to help their own when they need it. 

The end is everyone in Charlie's and Laura narrates her rebuttal to the letter in the paper. It's great. WATCH IT!! 

Monday, June 20, 2022



So.. I neglected to say on Sunday Surgery but GH will be interrupted this week on Tues/Thursday due to hearings. ERGO the 15,000 episode will air WED instead of tomorrow. (It was already moved because of the hearings last week). LORDY!! SO complex LOL 

Laura and Marty are at the Metro Court patio having dinner. Flea and Mac come up but don't join them. They say they will when Kevin comes later. They go to another table. Martin tells Laura that it wasn't Cyrus that ordered their deaths. Laura says she knows it was Victor. Then she tells Marty that she thinks he also had a hand in killing Luke. She also says she's talking to people in DC about getting Victor deported LOL 

Felicia tells Mac she gave Ryan a "dressing down" and he's pissed. She says she had to do it because he cant' hurt anyone anymore. (UT OH)...

Felicia and Mac sit with Laura and Kevin-- and Felicia lets it drop she saw Esme with Ryan. KEvin gets pissed. He's going to go check to find out how Esme got around his orders not to go to see his brother. 

Victor is going into Kelly's and ask Spencer why the hell he's working when he got his money back. Spencer says he was helping Cam out. He says that he's staying at Wyndemere with Esme. Victor is surprised. THEN Spencer says he's going to find Esme's biological parents for her!! "She'll be so grateful, she'll do anything"!! OOOOO!! Spencer agrees to help find Esme's bio parents. 

Anna knows that Valentin was trying to pump her for info on Jennifer Smith and that sea captain guy. They talk more about him being absent and he says he's very serious about her and his plate has been full lately. They kiss. She gets her popcorn. 

Trina is on the phone with Joss. She's unlocking the door saying how much fun the night was and giggle. Then she opens the door and Taggs, Portia and Curits are waiting for her! GULP! Oh it's just about her Title 9 decision. They were worried about her but she's all cheerful. They wonder why. She says she and Joss thought of another avenue to look into about Esme. She tells them all about the bar. Taggert freaks out LOL . Portia is going to order pizza. Curtis is left to talk to Trina alone. He says she did exactly what he would have done. Oh, little daughter/daddy bonding time??? 

Kevin tells Esme he got her fired from working at the prison place. 

Alexis calls Laura and says something terrible is happening tomorrow and she can't stop it. THIS WILL be the Laura-centric show and I think it airs on WED due to the hearings. 

Esme goes to see...Kevin at his office! She got into PCPU Psyche program and has to do a case study and she's doing it on RYAN! Kevin is like @@~~~!! "It's too dangerous"!! She asks about attachment disorders and if Ryan has ever had an attachment to another, like his twin. Kevin says no, he's a psychopath and took  over his life and killed people. She asks if it's genetic. She says she has attachment problems, no friends yada yada. Kevin says that Ryan is way more horrible and no, she's not a sociopath. WATCH THIS CONVERSATION because it's hard to explain but I think it will be important for the future. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Chopped Suey


I have SO many things to say. SO MANY. It was just a week that frustrated me. We had a Drive-In, Ice Cream, Ice Water ... horse talk and a whole lotta chem tests to get through.  On top of all that, we were interrupted by the hearings. Summer's looking choppy people! 

I can tell you what...the Japanese popcorn Valentin served Anna is not on my menu. 

Photos thx to @Here4Sprina this week! 

Friday, June 17, 2022



Drew and Carly at the pool. Same Ol' Same Ol'  MICHAEL WILEY MICHAEAL WILEY

Sonny and Nina at Charlie's. Same Ol' Same Ol' OMG MICHAEL..WILEY..MICHAEL WILEY 

BTW: EDITING IS SO SLOPPY lately. Carly said she hadn't talked to Sonny yet after the hearing. They had a big old convo the other day before yesterday. So dumb. 

Cody won all the money at the gambling game and Brad didn't vet him because he had the password.  Ms Wu stops him and wants to talk to him 'outside' with her henchman, Lee. 

Linc is upset he lost at the poker game. Chats up Britt at the bar. 

Chase tracked Brook down to the Savoy. 

Joss and Trina are confronted by Rory at the Bad Bar. 

Anna and Valentin are at the Drive In. But he brought really gross snacks. Japanese Popcorn. . and Caviar. 

Ok today's show was just boring and I can NOT sit and listen to Carly and Drew and Sonny and Nina talk about Fking WILEY and Michael for ONE. MORE. DAY. I mean, could you have given a LITTLE MORE TIME TO JOSS AND TRINA? 


Thursday, June 16, 2022

GH Interruptus


Cameron ups his game at campfire singing night 

AND GH is gone again!! This time for the hearings. I did get some camping photos to share with you! 

Violet is getting the hang of horse shoes... 

NOT SURE IF GH is on tomorrow or???????? Guess we will have to check !! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ok, that was Tuesday


Yesterday's SHOW? WOW.. and not in a good way. EEK..The only thing I liked was the Watkins Glen reference. :) Great place. 

Maxie was camping because Georgie's a camper scout but GEORGIE WAS ON A SLEEP OVER ahhaha


There's some weird plug for a Hulu show? Or a cereal? I don't even know..just WEIRD. Chase is eating it.. ??? Oh someone on Twitter said he's a NBA star? LeMelo Ball or something?? I guess HULU is having NBA GAMES? 

Anyway, Chase then goes to the pool to meet Brook Lynn. Apparently the pool is open at night. Brook Lynn wants to keep doing music. Linc is talking to Selina WU. Then Chase distracts Linc and Brook Lynn rifles through his coat and finds Wu's business card with the password for the gambling game. 

Tri and Joss goes to this dive bar in the middle of Port Charles. AHAHHAHAHAA. OMG. The extras are hilarious. Guy asks them for ID. They have fake ones: Jane and Kara. The bouncer knows they are fake. Ut oh!! Then they offer cash to talk to the guy who sells burner phones. He shows them that he's behind the bar. They ask to buy a phone but want to make sure he has the right kind. "Our friend bought one here"--and they ask if he saw Esme. He says he did. Some bald guy comes up to the girls, recognizes them from the news-- knows the sex tape and that Trina's Dad is a cop. He calls Joss The PCU campus porn queen. Fight breaks out 

Camping: Just boring and SO.. so.. terrible. There I said it. Ooooffff. Maxie and Austin are not even watching ANY kids...and goofing around about stupid shit. Finn's all exasperated about the TEEN KIDS :eyeroll:  They hear something. Oh it's Violet and Greg walking through the woods. Cam and Finn make up. Music is played on a guitar. 

Sonny and Nina. Same ol convo they've had for eons. Yada yada. Nina is upset that Dante is ignoring them. Sonny wants to go somewhere more comfy. So they go to CHARLIES? FFS. Okay. 

Sam and Dante.. um... talking about summer camp with Cody. Horses. Yada yada. 

Curtis and TJ talking about Marshall and if you don't know, TJ is not bio-related to Marshall. He just met him too--and I mean, Shawn is his Dad so..?? this makes little sense. I get he's concerned but...anyway, Wu comes up and talks to Curtis about the gambling game. 

Cody is listening to Spinelli and that lady talk. He thinks Spinelli and she are having zex... and wants to blackmail Spinelli??? 


Cam and Sam sing a song. 

Austin and some guy (we don't see his face) talk in the woods. I think it's Victor or Valentin about the Qs

Cody gets money from Spinelli and he goes to gamble it 

Police come to the fight at the bar. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2022



Good gravy, my work is just A MESS this month!! I don't think I'll make it today due to kids, parents, work work work!! OY!! 

So, here's a place for you to make your observations. I know there's camping today.. what did you think? 
And..what is UP WITH THE AUSTIN CHARACTER? Geesh...he does minimal :) 

Monday, June 13, 2022


OOOFFF but today's show was a bore. 

Felicia finds Esme and Ryan holding hands in his hospital room. Felicia asks how he communicates and says even if he has to say letter by letter it's still too much. She tells Esme about Ryan's past killing people and that she could be next. Then she leaves. Esme tells Ryan she has something BIGGER planned for the Q Clan (I'm thinking baby)

Marty and Val are out to lunch and Jordan comes by. She has news about his brother. (Cyrus). He was cleared of targeting Laura and him waaaaaaaaay back when they left town. (remember that?) Um, good lord. She leaves and Martin and Val talk about ELQ. 

Laura and Spencer talk. She can't understand why Ava would want him to stay at the house.  He says that even tho he doesn't like Ava he can learn to live with her because of his father. Laura is happy he's matured. 

Nikolas says their marriage can't be saved. Ava is puzzled. Nik wants to start fresh and get married for real. 

Carly is buying up all the stocks. TEMP-RECAST MICHAEL is back... Um..  ??? WEIRD. Carly bought a TON of stocks. Will she be CEO because she has to be in every damn story? Can she even DO this? Isn't it insider trading? She leaves. Lucy comes along and Drew and Micheal try to get her to buy stocks. 

Sonny and Jordan. He wants his coffee back. She says to call the Harbor Master. He says she can do something if she wanted. Then they talk about Sons and hell cries to her about Michael. Then CARLY comes along and wants to talk to Sonny So BYE JORDAN. 

THE 15,000 Episode which will be Genie centric is airing June 20th now due to interruptions. 

The Guy that plays Gregory is on contract now. Doesn't bother me , he's a good actor and is for Alexis so we probably won't see him much anyway LOL 


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sunday Surgery: I Spy In My Mind's Eye...


I so wish Soaps had enough money (like the old days) to use popular or old songs. Just watched the "Running Up That Hill" Stranger Things and realized how much it can add to anything. *sigh*. So!! This week was basically about the POOL and HORSE STALL convos and a big surprise on Friday. Well, I jumped!! Not sure about you?!! 

So, I did an EYE SPY today--- because GH was full of things that were either an eye-full , a flashback or just plain eye-popping. 

Most photos this week @Flutterby on Twitter; others are named! Thank you to all that screen cappy for us! 

Friday, June 10, 2022



Epiphany and Portia studying for E's MCATS. She's afraid she's going to fail them. Marshall is there to get his bandage changed. Epiphany takes him to a room. She tells him she's mad he left without really saying goodbye and that she's taking the MCATS. 

Curtis tells Portia that Marshall is schizophrenic and you can she she's like: OH NO (because Trina is his, you know she is) She asks a bunch of questions. Curtis says he's sure it can be passed on by DNA. Portia says it sure can. 

Greg, Violet and Finn going somewhere... State Park. They take an age to pack the car LOL. talk about Liz. 

Laura talks to Cameron. He doesn't want to go camping. Laura guilts him into it. 

Esme says if the guilt is too much to bear, and Nik has to tell Ava, she'll be by his side. Then she hugs him and leaves. 

Ava tells Spencer she knows he likes Trina. Just as he's going to tell her he's playing her, Stupid Nik walks in.  Spencer walks out. Ava smells Esme's perfume on Nik. 

Felicia and Mac are at GH with Bailey. Going to have dinner. RYAN IS COMING OUT OF THE ELEVATOR!! And Mac leans down to talk to him and then RYAN ERUPTS AND SCREAMS in his FACE!! OMG!! I jumped a fking MILE! ahahahhaa. THEN!!! They show Ryan EATING MAC'S NECK!! OMG!! 

RYAN was thinking all of this!! WOW!! Great segment. LOL Creepy.  EESH! Esme gets in to see him by saying she was sent to help him communicate. She tells him his plan is working "perfectly". He says what did you offer Nikolas? "ME"! she says . He's delighted and asks how Ava reacted. She says she didn't tell her. 

Trina and Joss find out what the Dean says and she has to go in for a hearing. She says she's going to clear her name. Rory walks in and says he'll support her. They end up saying that they'll find holes in Esme's story to prove her wrong. 


SPENCER quits his job at Kelly's 

Felicia starts to walk towards Ryan's door. 

Portia calls a genetic counselor (for Trina I'm sure) 

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Half Time!

 UGH I have a dental appt at 3pm so I have to leave at 2:30 today

Nikolas flashes back to his porn with Esme. Ava comes in and asks him what he's thinking about. 

Esme and Spencer. She's happy to be back together and still living at Wyndemere. 

Trina and Joss. Joss says "we are leaving town'! She wants to study abroad. Trina' s like: UM, I might be in JAIL!?

Britt and Cody. He says to sue the corporation that put him up for skydiving. Which is THE METRO COURT. Zelda is the name of the lady "running the company"-- which we KNOW IT'S SPINELLI. 

Sam and Carly--Sam looks SO GORGE AGAIN! Spinelli comes in.. is all dressed up. Sam says something is off with him.  Sam tells Carly all about Esme and Maggie (her old nanny). 

Gladys knocks pills out of Sasha's hand..but they are aspirin. Brando walks in and wants to know why she did that. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

My Aching Back

Oh damn, I sat in a preschool chair for 25 min and leaned forward and I KNOW BETTER!! DAMN IT! OUCH.. SO I hope I last doing this. I'm reclining but who knows. 

Brook Lynn tells Brad he was a bad friend for taping Britt dancing.  Cody is also at the pool and watches the video.

Britt tries to call the GH lawyer to get rid of the video. Then she goes to the pool. Finds Brad talking to Cody. Brook left for work. She asks Brad if he's trying to chat up Cody. Brad says no 'it's not like that".. then they spar over the video again.  They are really hanging heavy on the sparring... 

Brando is concerned that Dex went to see Michael. He doesn't like the 'looks of Dex".. 

Ms Wu comes to see Sonny about the trouble at the docks. Sonny assures her he has it under control. 

Dex goes to see Michael and has a gun with him. Sonny doesn't know he's there. OMG Dante and Brando walk in to save widdle Michael. heh.  Brando takes Dex back to the office. He tattles on him to Sonny. Sonny yells at Dex. 

Dante talks to Michael about Sonny and sounds JUST LIKE AJ. OMG I didn't realize how MUCH. 

Sasha and Gladys are trying to live together. Sasha can't take it. They talk about her drug use. Sasha gets a package that was forwarded from her old place. Oh, baby slippers. She freaks. Brook Lyn comes in says there's a make up selling show on Shopping Network and Sasha will be doing it. Sasha gets shaky and 'goes to the bathroom'. 


Ms Wu is happy with Brad's job performance. Brad likes the job. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Morning After


THE HORSE HAS A HOUSE!!!!!!!!! A GIANT FURNISHED HOUSE!!!!!!! OMG ahahahahaaha. Who's going to eat with a horse in the house?!!!! 

Marshall is home. Stella was thinking Curtis should propose..but she forgets she didn't file the divorce papers. OMG Marshall has Schizophrenia. Scary diagnosis, especially years ago. 

Liz is at Shadybrook ....stupid Finn comes to visit. She's not happy. 

Pool --Cam and Drew.  Willow is FREAKING GRADUATING NURSING SCHOOL? ahahhaa. 


Sad news in case you haven't heard. Kristina and Jack Wagner's son, Harrison passed away yesterday at 27. So sad. 

Michael comes to talk to Ned. At least the tack room looks good, not like a mansion. Michael wants Ned to compromise. Ned says ok, we split power 3 ways and then take votes for the big stuff. 

Marshall talks about Schizophrenia ..having to take his meds daily. How he grounds himself on the daily.  Makes sure he knows reality vs. delusions. Explains about homeless people and mentally ill. He goes to take a nap but Curtis asks about why he waited so long to come back if his meds were working well. 

Temp Recast Brando and Sonny talk about Michael and the trial. NuBrando looks like Valentin's brother. Rex comes by and says someone is trying to take their market share (you know it's Michael). Sonny gives Michael some credit for being 'smart' AHAHAHAHAA. 

Britt gets an "intervention" from her mama and Brad. Said she was sloppy at the party and Terry will have to defend her at the board meeting if they have one. She's drinking too much yada. OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH this part!! They are so hysterical. Britt is sad she's single. She mentions Huntingtons' 

Carly says she'll just buy Aurora on the public market if Drew won't sell her any. She's all excited.  He says he doesn't need her help. She says EVERYONE NEEDS HELP. Oh brother. She is going to help Drew whether he wants it or not. 


DEX is in the "barn" to confront Michael

Dr. O Leaves in tears thinking Britt may die before her

Ned Tells Michael: "I USED TO CHANGE YOUR DIAPERS" lol 

Monday, June 6, 2022

TRAGIC: Miss Wubs Held Up at Meeting!


Just so you keep up with my REAL LIFE VS GH life: I am doing a new role Mondays. I have to sit for CSE meetings and report diagnostics and I have NO idea when they'll be scheduled. Right now I got 2 surprise ones today from 2-3 WHICH IS NOT GOOD. Don't they know WHO I AM?? lol 

Ok, so I do have a question for you that I posed on Twitter:

You can bring back ONE of these characters on this list..ONLY ON THE LIST and we will get rid of 5 others to reduce the population (not telling you which ones, use your imagination)

You can pick: 





TOUGH CHOICES!! I want Gia back with a Cassadine unknown BAY-BAY that full grown and ready to rock with the college age set. Skye is a second choice so we can have Lila Rae. 

Note: That photo was taken in my hometown!! We have a great Balloon Rally every year. I've ridden in a neighbors-- it's too fun. 

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sunday Surgery: H is for Help Me


EVERYONE on Twitter had a guess to what the H Stands for!!
(It's Hermes...but you can make up whatever you want!) 

Oh GH is a love-hate show for real!! People on Twitter either love (5%) or hate (95%) right now. I had a good week. Why? It was just too fun for me to sit back and snark with the best of them. I liked the whole Pool-Social Experiment, Old Fashioned Soapy sex-mess  and celebrated the end of that long-ass'd trial. Unfortunately this show has such a huge cast, the stories are just getting rotated at a strange, slow rate that's making everything difficult to keep up with. 

LET's GIVE IT A GO! I'll be having whatever Britt had at the pool! 

Friday, June 3, 2022

NOT a Friday show for sure


Nina's going to the PC airport==international flights. Then she realizes she doesn't have her necklace on and has to go to the......

CEMETERY: Sonny finds Nina's necklace at Nelle's grave. He's concerned. They run into each other when she comes back for her necklace. Sonny won't give it to her because he doesn't want her to leave. She cries hard..WILEYYYYYYY. He gives her the necklace but asks her how Wiley will feel if she gives up on him. 

Dante and Cody talking about old times. Summer camp. They were troublemakers. Cody fins out Dante found his dad..he's happy for him. He is surprised he's mobster Corinthos. They talk some more. Sam invites him to dinner tomorrow night. Then he says he's got another gig in the Finger Lakes and then Sam's like I THINK I KNOW A JOB FOR YOU! Dante doesn't look pleased. She says the Qs have a bunch of horses and need a manager. Dante's like: nah, Cody doesn't want that. 

Joss and Cam at the pool. Cam picked up another shift because Mom is in Shadybrook. Adam (that's MB's kid that was nasty to Joss) walks in and has to talk to her. He apologizes for being a jerk before. He read her article in the Invader and realize how wrong it was. He leaves. Joss is happy their article changed some minds. 

Esme and Spencer. He tries to win her back. Fake apology. She says his dad convinced her to stay... (weird) Porn flashbacks...she accepts his apology and they re back together. 

Ava tells Nikolas she never should have drawn a line in the sand. She basically says that she wants him back badly. UGH. This is dumb. She should have KNOWN he and Es had zex...just the coat alone would have tipped her off. She says she'll give Spencer the money and let him live here. 

Then Nik/Ava and Es/Spencer are in the same room. Ava's happy they are broken up but Esme says: Oh not so fast! We are still together! 

Taggert sees Trina talking to Rory on the front porch. Then Rory goes in and Taggert is mean to him. Says he's breaking the rules by seeing Trina. Rory says he's not. Taggert isn't happy. 


Nina decides to stay 

Thursday, June 2, 2022


 SO Josh Kelly arrived LOL . His name is Cody and Dante knows him. HE arrests Cody. BUT He was hired by the event to drop in the pool LOL (SPIN did it). Anyway, Dante lets him think he's taking him to the PCPD but they go to Charlie's instead. They drink beer and talk. 

Door is LOCKED to the den so Spencer and Ava can't get in. Damn it. OMG Esme runs to the Parapet in her UNDERWEAR! AHAHAHAHAHA. Ava and Nikolas talk..she totally knows what happened. Esme gets dressed. Nikolas talks to Ava and says he 'must have fallen asleep and the DOOR BLEW SHUT"!! hahaa. She doesn't believe it. Esme drops her shoe out on the parapet. Nik says it's BATS!! AHAHHAA. Ava tells Nik she isn't leaving, she's sorry. Oh she HAS to be playing him, right? I mean. She HAS to know. Doesn't seem so. She talks about Laura and her talking to her about Avery's letter about preschool and how she wants to try again. 

Spencer meets Cameron at the door. They are trying to figure out where Esme went. Cameron is like "I have problems of my own"! Just tell Josslyn already! DO IT Tonight..either get Esme to confess to tell Trina what you're doing. 

Carly of COURSE didn't tell Millow about THE DNA test. Drew is there, wonders how things went. 

Drew and Michael talk about ELQ. (BTW Chad Duell will be back filming GH ..he was out COVID related) Michael wants to destroy Sonny. 
Carly and Willow talk. Willow says that she HATES Nina so much. Carly just stands there. She puts the test back in her purse. She's not telling. 

Sonny goes to talk to Phyllis. Things were SO MUCH MORE SIMPLE in Nixon Falls! You know, neighbors helping neighbors yada yada. Scotty calls and tells Phyllis that Nina lost. He wonders if she's ok. Phyllis says she's not there. Sonny is concerned. Goes to Nelle's grave... she's not there. 

Joss is with Wiley in the park..he's like SIX LOL geesh! He and Joss go on a "mission" Oh she takes him to the courthouse. 


Brook and Chase don't kiss because Finn texts. 

CARLY TELLS Drew Nina is NOT Willow's mother!! I think he's skeptical 

Nikolas chugs scotch lol Ava wonders what is wrong

Spencer finds Esme she says she has something to tell him. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


 Wyndemere: Nik and Esme still making out. EW OMG IT'S A SEMI-PORN MUSIC FEST! I can NOT BREATHE!! 

Spencer is in the livingroom having a sandwich, cant' find Esme. AHAHHAA. OMG Then Ava comes in looking for Nikolas. They are like where are they? Spencer wants his money-- Ava says not  until they are ALL THE WAY OUT!! 

Nikolas and Esme are naked under a blanket in the study LOL!! They make out again. 

Courthouse: Ready for Verdict OMG NEW Temp recast MICHAEL !!  I guess he was Noah on YR. HOW BIZARRE--I mean in the middle of the damn scene too!! LOL Anyway, Nina lost. She can't see Wiley. Diane is so happy. Judge yells at Scotty about being mean to Michael. OH wah wah. 

Carly sits there with the DNA results. Willow tells Nina off ..Nina and Scotty leave. 

Social: Everyone is still talking. Maxie shows up. I swear Austin said she was sick and she says she was at the office. ????? Britt is getting loaded. She's HYSTERICAL.  Chase tells Brook he will help with the Linc situation. Terry tells Britt she and Chet aren't seeing each other because he's going to Chicago. More fun banter around. Britt gets really loud and starts ranting about love and not finding it and Port Charles has NO love. Then we hear a chopper? I don't know and something falls on Britt. 

Gun Range: Laura is gone but Val is talking to Ava, then Anna comes in. Ava leaves. They have a shooting contest. They are all flirty. 


Spencer finds Esme's jacket outside the door he and Ava go to go into the room and....commercial

Britt was hit by some guy and ends up in the pool. He landed in a parachute. He's the OLTL guy (Josh Kelly)  that's going to play a new character. Tomorrow Dante talks to him and seems to know him. 

Carly is almost going to tell Willow about the DNA test (Drew walks in) ends. 

WATCH THE SHOW, I couldn't keep up LOL 


  I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see.  Lois and Maxie are d...