Thursday, June 16, 2022

GH Interruptus


Cameron ups his game at campfire singing night 

AND GH is gone again!! This time for the hearings. I did get some camping photos to share with you! 

Violet is getting the hang of horse shoes... 

NOT SURE IF GH is on tomorrow or???????? Guess we will have to check !! 


  1. I love how rumors begin - see I think Austin is actually talking to the Eagle Scout boy.....but one rumor is Peter-------------I laughed and laughed--------------cause if it's true, I am done.done.done.......LOL
    Did Jason ever have that memorial service?????

    1. has to be Valentin or VIctor. He had a suit on. AND IT'S NOT PETRA!! LOL Jason never did get a memorial service which I am TOTALLY fine with

  2. "Cameron ups his game at campfire singing night"

    ROFL! Now stop that! :)

    "Violet is getting the hang of horse shoes..."

    Hahaha adorable! :)

    What to put on here today.. Well, I can flashback to June 16th 2015! Let's have some fun! Here are my comments from then. This was when Denise was on GH! ROFL!

    "McSilas's home: McSilas has been very animated for the last couple of days!! I likey!!! :)He wins the line of the day!!

    McSilas: I'm sorry, did we just time warp to the 8th grade?

    ROFL! So let's see She wants to make out with McSilas, so that she doesn't make out with Morgan. But if something happens between McSilas and MoochieAva then GREAT! ROFL! Oh this plan has no flaws right?

    Police station: Oh great scene! WOW! From that reporter calling Dante a racist, to Val yelling at said reporter. :)

    Val: You sir are way out of line! Dante is a professional! He is fair and objective! He is courageous! He puts his life on the line for the people of Port Charles!

    Dante's thoughts: Wow! This woman is amazing.

    And then Val and Dante had eye sex again!!!! :) Hmmm Jordan and Ric should have a fling. :) Molly's dress is so cute! :)

    Haunted Star: Oh boy! Now Dillon is lying! Not for her mother, but for Lulu!! More instructions from the kidnappers!

    Tracy: Here take the ring!

    Laura: No! I don't want the ring!

    Tracy should throw the ring out! Or pawn in!

    Couthouse: Okay so rent a cop Stan (I'll call him Stan) is "hurting" and wants to press charges, but oh wait, he changed his mind!!! Oh oh! Sonny changed his mind didn't he?!!? So the racial profiling is over?!!?! What a jip!!!! That stinks! :( That was so short that if you blinked, you missed it!

    Kiwi and Morgan:

    Morgan: Hey let's go to a resort to get massages and have sex.

    Kiwi: Oh I don't think so. I want to spend time with my aunt Denise. I don't know how long she is going to be around. I'm sorry. I know you are horny. We can do it tonight.

    Morgan: Okay.

    Morgan's thoughts: I wonder if Denise is around. I should find her.

    Q home: Tracy and Sabrina BFF's scene again! Oh Sabrina meets Moochie!

    Sabrina: Call and make an appointment.

    What?! ROFL! For all Sabrina knows, Moochie is little AJ's aunt!!!! :) And she has to make an appointment to visit her niece?!!?! ROFL!"

    It's all from here! Hey if you have comments on there, you can put it on here if you want! :) We can have fun! :) Hmmm now why did I want Jordan and Ric to have a fling? Hahahahaha. There must have been a spark between them.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 25th 2010* Lucky confronts Liz and Nik! Great acting!!! So sad. :( Poor Lucky! Liz tells Lucky I'm never going to touch him again I swear! ROFL! *Dead* Yeah sure Liz. After 3 months of sleeping with Nik, you are not going to touch him again? Uh huh! :) There are 2 parts to it.

    Sidenote: It's my birthday today! :D

    1. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you are having a great day.

    2. "zazu says, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you are having a great day."

      Thank you and yes I am! :) Even though it's 91 degrees! :)

      "lindie says, Happy birthday Sonya"

      Thank you! :)

    3. Happy Birthday Sonya - are you partying with the tribbles ?

    4. "Johnny 265120 says, Happy Birthday Sonya"

      Thank you! :)

      "are you partying with the tribbles ?"

      Hahahahaha! No. :) Hey where have you been? Have you been with the Tribbles? :)

    5. Happy day after your birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day! :)
      Did you see the pic going around that showed the Q's horse eating the Tribbles? Oh how I laughed and thought of you....sobbing! :)

    6. "Julie H says, Happy day after your birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day! :)"

      Thank you, and I did! :)

      "Did you see the pic going around that showed the Q's horse eating the Tribbles?"

      What?! No I haven't seen that! Is it on twitter?

      "Oh how I laughed and thought of you....sobbing! :)"


    7. OMG I'd love to see that one too. Do you have a link,Julie?

    8. "Di says, OMG I'd love to see that one too."

      Traitor!!! ROFL!

      "Do you have a link,Julie?"

      Yeah what's the link? I tried to find it on twitter and couldn't find it.

    9. I hope this link works!

    10. it does. lol Thanks so much.

    11. "Julie H says, I hope this link works!"

      The link works! Thank you Julie! :D

  3. Even though it didn't air today on network tv, will it air tonight on Hulu???

    1. No; today's scheduled show will air tomorrow.

  4. I don't think there's a hearing tomorrow. Info is not easy to find.

    1. Damn I wish we had the schedule! :)

    2. ya'll know Congress ain't working on Fridays!!!!!! LOL

  5. "mufasa says, ya'll know Congress ain't working on Fridays!!!!!! LOL"

    ROFL! Day off!!! :)

  6. These camping pics were a stitch, thanks for the giggle over my coffee!


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