Thursday, June 2, 2022


 SO Josh Kelly arrived LOL . His name is Cody and Dante knows him. HE arrests Cody. BUT He was hired by the event to drop in the pool LOL (SPIN did it). Anyway, Dante lets him think he's taking him to the PCPD but they go to Charlie's instead. They drink beer and talk. 

Door is LOCKED to the den so Spencer and Ava can't get in. Damn it. OMG Esme runs to the Parapet in her UNDERWEAR! AHAHAHAHAHA. Ava and Nikolas talk..she totally knows what happened. Esme gets dressed. Nikolas talks to Ava and says he 'must have fallen asleep and the DOOR BLEW SHUT"!! hahaa. She doesn't believe it. Esme drops her shoe out on the parapet. Nik says it's BATS!! AHAHHAA. Ava tells Nik she isn't leaving, she's sorry. Oh she HAS to be playing him, right? I mean. She HAS to know. Doesn't seem so. She talks about Laura and her talking to her about Avery's letter about preschool and how she wants to try again. 

Spencer meets Cameron at the door. They are trying to figure out where Esme went. Cameron is like "I have problems of my own"! Just tell Josslyn already! DO IT Tonight..either get Esme to confess to tell Trina what you're doing. 

Carly of COURSE didn't tell Millow about THE DNA test. Drew is there, wonders how things went. 

Drew and Michael talk about ELQ. (BTW Chad Duell will be back filming GH ..he was out COVID related) Michael wants to destroy Sonny. 
Carly and Willow talk. Willow says that she HATES Nina so much. Carly just stands there. She puts the test back in her purse. She's not telling. 

Sonny goes to talk to Phyllis. Things were SO MUCH MORE SIMPLE in Nixon Falls! You know, neighbors helping neighbors yada yada. Scotty calls and tells Phyllis that Nina lost. He wonders if she's ok. Phyllis says she's not there. Sonny is concerned. Goes to Nelle's grave... she's not there. 

Joss is with Wiley in the park..he's like SIX LOL geesh! He and Joss go on a "mission" Oh she takes him to the courthouse. 


Brook and Chase don't kiss because Finn texts. 

CARLY TELLS Drew Nina is NOT Willow's mother!! I think he's skeptical 

Nikolas chugs scotch lol Ava wonders what is wrong

Spencer finds Esme she says she has something to tell him. 


  1. ----obviously Dante and Cody were trouble-makers growing up - BUT Olivia will know him, it will be interesting what trouble the writers 'make up'......
    -----honestly I wouldn't tell Willow the truth either after the trial, etc.....WHY put Willow through it? But she's gonna end up pregnant......and need Nina's blood.
    -------don't care where Nina is.
    --------yes, I see sparks ALREADY with Britt and Cody--yeah!!
    -------Ava SADLY isn't playing I guess when they FINALLY have the renewal vow ceremony Esme will leave something around - pregnancy test? - for NICHOLAS to FIND.....she won't confess.blah blah...still THE creepiest storyline - hate hate hate it....
    --------unless she is pregnant, eventually Esme is going to have to caught guilty about the video------------and now sleeping with Nicholas----------how long can they keep her?

  2. 'm a little weary of that talk about the past with Dante and Cody. just hope they're not going to give Dante a criminal past. Enough already.

    And I nearly chocked on my iced coffee when Sam ran over to see the hunky guy standing next to Cody. ...and she was grabbing her crotch! PMSL You can tell me she was holding her dress till the cows come home but cue in the dialogue with the run and it was hilarious.

    So sick of Esme skating by with all her evil plans. I so wanted Ava to find her and throw her off the parapet. I'm still hoping that after Cameron's ultimatum to Spencer we'll find her at the bottom in the morning and have a mystery on our hands.

    I don't think I'll be around long enough to have Willow fing out the truth. We probably have months and months of that envelope haunting our screens. Bleeh

  3. So many great funny one liners!! :)

    The REAL park:

    Joss and Wiley: Wiley wins the line of the day.

    Joss: And do I drive you crazy?

    Wiley: Not today.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That kid is adorable! :)

    Metrocourt pool party:

    The guy who dropped from the sky, Britch and Dante: Ooooo this guy is named Cody! :) Hmmm Cody and Britch = Body!!! :) Ooooo Dante knows this guy! Will Britch remember anything about this day? I doubt it. It was funny when Brad video taped the incident! Hahahahaha!

    Brase: Oh just kiss already!!!! Oh! They are going to do it! YAY! Dammit Finchy! Wrong time to text!

    Spinny, Britch, and Brad: Okay so Britch likes Cody, but yet she is so plastered she might not remember any of this. Come on Spinny, if you do own the dating app, why keep it a secret? It's so stupid.


    Drew and TempRecast Michael: TempRecast Michael hates that people prop Sonny up? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Dead*

    Carly and Mildew: Of course Carly isn't going to spill the truth beans! I knew she wouldn't!

    Carly and Drew: Of course she lies to Drew! I doubt he really believes her.

    Carly, Drew, Mildew, Joss, and Wiley: Wiley is adorable!!! Why are your eyes sore? Hahahahaha! And yes Wiley, your parents won the game.

    Lenny's pub and restaurant:

    Sonny and Phyllis: Awwww Sonny! :(

    Sante, and Cody: Ooooo. So Dante and Cody grew up together.. Cool cool cool cool. :) So Cody's last name is Bell?

    Nelle's grave: Sonny! Nina was there!!! Where would she be now? Maybe at her office in Crimson? Home? Driving around?


    Spencer, Ava, and the door: The door is locked! Of course it is haha. Come on that's not soapy!!! Spencer and Ava catching Vampira and Nik is soapy!

    Ava and Nik: Oh I didn't know the door was locked. Must have been the wind! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Dead* Oh wait! Wyndemere has bats?!!?! Since when?! How many bats? I'll name one Batty! :) Have the Tribbles met the bats?

    Ava: You missed a button.

    Uh Ava if you are in the mood for some Zex, it's too late! He won't be in the mood now! ROFL! Oh look! He can't stop thinking about the porn Zex! ROFL! Oh oh is all nervous. Will he tell her the truth? :) Hmmm nahhhhhhhhh.

    Vampira: OH WOW! What happened Vampira? Were you able to not find your clothes?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA! *DEAD* The rushing out and the rush of panic on her face! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Cam and Spencer: Sounds like William Lipton has a cold.

    Spencer and Vampira:

    Spencer: I was looking all over for you.

    ROFL! No you weren't. You were busy eating that delicious sandwich!!! :) Vampira wants to tell him something? Like what Vampira? We both know you won't tell Spencer you had porn zex with his father.. When are you going to tell YOUR daddy that the plan worked? :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to October 27th 2009* Jonathan Jackson back as Lucky!!!! :) This is around the time when Liz was cheating on Lucky with Nik. There are 2 parts to it. You can find the 2nd part on youtube. :)

  4. lol I liked Britt's "I'm going to sue him for assault even if I have to sue him for every stitch of clothing he's not wearing." 😃

    Windemere only had one old bat and we loved her.

    I think I've mentioned William's voice before. It's been a bit grovely since he got back from his surgery.

    1. Oh ya wasn't it tonsillectomy?

    2. "Di says, lol I liked Britt's "I'm going to sue him for assault even if I have to sue him for every stitch of clothing he's not wearing." 😃"

      Hahahahaha. Yeah that was really good too. :)

      "Windemere only had one old bat and we loved her."

      HELENA!!!! :) And yes we sure did love her. :)

  5. Britt was the only good thing about today's show. I liked seeing her with Brad and Spinelli.


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