Thursday, June 30, 2022



Willow doesn't seem too happy to be pregnant when she talks to TJ. Michael comes in...they talk about having a 'surprise baby'. Are you happy? Are YOU happy?  They are both happy. 

Sasha freaks out that Willow is pregnant. She's so upset. 

Britt and Brad at the Metro Bar. Spencer comes in and wants to talk to Brad. He wants help finding Esme's bio parents. Britt wants him to leave. Then Spencer tries to apologize to Britt about his behavior. She says too little, too late and plus he's still with stupid Esme. 

Trina is getting ready to go to the pool. She and Curtis talk. Her court date is set. He and Marshall want to help her. Later, Marshall calls his friend to find out where to get a burner phone. 

Esme sees hottie Rory at the pool Meow. She wants help sneaking into where Ryan Chamberlain is. Rory thinks this might be a good chance to get into her phone. BUT Of course, Trina walks up and interrupts. Esme leaves. Rory tells Trina that Esme knows that he's on to her. 

Sam and Dante have dinner with Cody at The Metro. He's still thinking about Britt. Then Spinelli comes in and Cody says they know each other. He says that Spin is helping him with GPS for his 'next jump'. Sam knows something is up. 

Spinelli goes out and calls Zelda about the business. Says Cody is 'trouble'. Cody overhears him and walks up. 

Brando and Gladys talk about his job...she doesn't want him to be a "grease monkey". Then she says Sasha is loaded and she wants to quit her job as Brook's assistant. 

Sasha hooks up with the photog drug dealer

Nothing else happened. LOL BORING DAY


  1. The hospital:

    Michael and Sasha: Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mildew: Yeah they both don't look very happy or excited about her being preggers. Especially If they have to keep asking each other do you want this baby? I mean come on! ROFL! Michael wins the line of the day.

    Michael: Are you sure that you are pregnant? We have been so careful.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait now they are happy. Uh huh sureeee. Their first reaction I believe more. :)

    The nurse on the phone, and Sasha: Oh oh! Did Sasha really have to overhear that Willow is preggers? Of course! So that she can be upset so that she can take drugs! Oy!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Britch and Spencer: Spencer sounded really sincere when he apologized to Britch. Come on Spencer! Tell Britch what is going on!!!! Why would Spencer ask Brad's help? ASK SPINELLI!!!!

    Britch and Brad: Hmmm. Why was Britch blinking her eyes so much when she was with Spencer and Brad?

    Brando's garage:

    Brando and Gladys: If Gladys quits her job, then what job is she going to do?

    Brando, Gladys, and Sasha: Of course she lies about Willow. She ain't gonna say anything because she wants some drugs baby!

    Sasha on the phone with slimy Jim Carey: Uh huh.. Like I said.. DRUGS BABY!

    Metrocourt lounge:

    Sante, Parachute man, and Spinny: Uh Spinny's hand are in a fist and his fists are shaking?!?!! Why is Spinny so angry?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!

    Parachute man and Spinny: HUH?!

    Purtis's home:

    Curtis and Trina: Great scene. Love that Trina wanted Curtis to know she isn't going to go off doing what she did before. :)

    Curtis, Mr. Hat man, and TJ: Great scene!!! :) Mr. Hat man has connections! :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Rory and Vampira: I'm like why is Vampira flirting with Rory? Ohhhh of course. To get what she wants. :) Oooo Rory wants Vampira's phone YEAHHH! :) Oh but wait she don't trust him hahahaha! Rory asks a good question.. You ask him for help, but you don't trust him with your phone? Hahahahaha! Oh hi Trina! :)

    Vampira and Spencer: Spencer is still jelly over Cabrina! :)

    Cabrina: Relax Trina!!! Rory knows what he is doing. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to October 2009* The original Valentin Cassadine story!

  2. We don't need another baby.
    Spinelli has been ruined. Next character, step right up.
    That's it.

    1. How can Spinelli be ruined, when we don't even know what is going on with him? :)

    2. I love his quirkiness but his new whatever has him behaving stupidly. Not like the Spinelli we all love. Maybe not ruined. Yet.

    3. "zazu says, I love his quirkiness but his new whatever has him behaving stupidly."

      Yeah he has been behaving strangely. And today with his shaking fists! HUH?! I wish the writers would let us in on what is going on with him. Characters don't have to know, but we should know!!!

    4. he said on Patreon a few weeks ago that THIS was actually a storyline written just for him - the first time it wasn't attached to another storyline

    5. That's great. He should have his own story. His character has been so ditsy I don't think he even finishes many sentences. Maybe when his secret is exposed he'll calm down a bit.

    6. True we don't need another baby, good lord! I like Spin, but he's off the charts erratic and I agree with Sonya, the audience needs to know more. And like we've all said he's too smart for this. And as someone else said, why the bloody hell hasn't Spencer asked for his help? At the very least Mumbles should have asked him!

  3. Michael and Willow are SO boring that even finding out they are going to have a baby STILL made them boring......

  4. The problem is that the Emmy wins are just going to encourage the stinko writing and producing. There were some good episodes lately, with Michael losing out on the ELQ vote and Carly losing so much money, but that is outweighed by the dreck that they have with the teeny boppers, Epiphany becoming a doctor, Austin & Maxie's lack of chemistry, Nina & Sonny's lack of chemistry, boring Michael & Willow, etc.

  5. For any fans of marcus and Johnny who are interested.


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