Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Take A Gamble


Welp! It was another week of only 3 days of shows. BUT Wed and Friday were SO WORTH IT! 

VERY short because I want you to watch on the shows!! 

STARTING OFF WITH THE BEST OF THE WEEK:  We finally got to see the big 15K show. I honestly enjoyed all of it. I liked that it was Laura-Centric and she went around town visiting everyone. The town spirit, her visiting Cyrus.. seeing Liz, going to the nail salon-- all great stuff. Flashbacks with her and Bobbie (A time when I LOVED GH so much). Here are some photo highlights from @Flutterby 

Everyone in town had a great time! 

The absolute BEST scene was Laura forgiving Cyrus for trying to get her recalled as mayor. Genie and Jeff were magnificent. 

Just want to give a plug to Kevin who's trying to do the right thing by Esme and protect her from his brother. I honestly am thinking that Esme isn't his daughter, and he's just using her to get his jobs done. Kevin said that Ryan can make people 'believe anything' I think that must be it! 

WINNER OF THE WEEK:  What else can I say? LOOK at him.. AND he totally is staying as head of ELQ!! WHOOO!!  STRUT IT OFF VAL!!! pic tx to @STEELK1969

LOSER OF THE WEEK:  AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wait. Let me say that again AHAHAHAHA! Insider Trading CARLY is going to lose her shirt!! She went to some investment company (probably Victor's) and took money to buy all that stock and now--she's going to lose 1/2 the hotel AHAHAHA. OMG. Sorry. But made my whole week. 

MORE LOSAHS OF THE WEEK:  AHAHAHAHA Sorry. Thank you NED. Thank you LUCY. Thank you writers. Heh. 

SNOOZAH OF THE WEEK:  Um, Willow's still fainting all over the place. SO don't care. 

WEIRD FACE OF THE WEEK:  Hmmm, Dante mentions Faison an Cody gets a really strange look. Is he a fan...or is it more 

DADDY OF THE WEEK: Damn it, keep Taggert Trina's father!! He was so awesome when she came home from her big night at the bar. I did love that Curtis, Portia and he were were there and Trina copped to everything. Another good family interaction this week! 


Martin spilled the beans to Valentin  that Laura is trying to deport Victor

Lucy cast the deciding vote to keep Valentin the head of ELQ

Valentin decided that the merger of ELQ and Aurora

Carly put up 1/2 the hotel to buy all the stocks that are going to tumble soon.

Laura has a busy day in Port Charles after Cyrus writes an op ed in the local paper

Everyone rallies around Laura to keep her the mayor

Brook Lynn tried to deal with Linc to get Chase off the hook 

Trina tells her family about finding out evidence against Esme 

Linc sold Brook Lynn's song to a paper towel company! 

Kevin gets Esme barred from the prison 

Cyrus is moved from the federal pen to Pentonville, right outside of PC 

Anna got her popcorn!! And that's a wrap. Please watch Wed and Friday's shows because so much was happening !! I think you'll enjoy them.  With everything happening in his old world, it's nice to know you are here to blog for. Thank you for reading. 

Here's hoping THIS week will be more steady??! Please. 

CONGRATS to GH For Daytime Emmy Wins!! See the post below for details!! 


  1. Thank you as always Karen!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVED the Genie centric episode. They should have used more flashbacks, but otherwise it was great. I say have Genie on all the time and not LW. But, maybe Genie doesn't want to work all the time. Who knows? Genie is my #1 favorite of all time. I did like seeing that scene with she and Bobbie and having that nice recent scene with she and Bobbie and how they are friends now. That scene was perfect IMO

    I loved the drive-in scenes with VAnna, but we need so much more with them. Anna knows he's up to no good and I think he is trying to bust Victor from the inside. Anna LOVES the challenge and trying to figure out what's going on with Val. Holy cow does JPS look so hot in your pic Karen with his casual clothes and shades. Yowza, yowza!!

    Carly would know better than to leverage her hotel like that, but she does have an ego so maybe not. What would be really fun would be seeing Carly living above Kelly's LOL. That would be fun.

    Thanks Karen. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen wins the Emmy in my book

    1. lindie, I LOVE your idea of having Carly live above Kelly's. After all Edward and Lila did it once.

    2. Me too with Carly living above Kelly's. Nice and soapy. Better yet Carly should be a witness at Kelly's. Lol

    3. And Cam can be her boss like he was Spencer's.

    4. I love it Gary. So much fun that would be.

    5. Love this idea. And Cameron as her boss?? Be still my heart! HAHAHAHAH!

  2. Thank YOU for writing this blog! SS and every day. Applause, applause!
    Something about that Cody that I like. He looks mischievous. Maybe Faison is his dad too. Anything is possible.
    It will be fun to see who Carly is beholding to when she looses her money.

    1. It would make sense for Sonny to take care of her, as she is the mother of his children and he stlll cares for her. But that might not be soapy enough, so who knows what will happen?

  3. things to ponder and comment:
    ---Cody + Faison = he knows something-----for sure he and Britt are the next couple----not sure why the rumors say they go on the run together?????unless Mrs. Wu?
    -----surprised that we saw a side of Mrs.. Wu not seen before/beating up Cody and admitting that the players always owe her money - TOTALLY not how she explained to Curtis!
    ----Carly won't be broke - just lose Metro and she STILL has Jax----didn't he GIVE it to her? She never paid for that history is rewritten...
    ----WHO owns the financial company? Nina and Sonny are too obvious.....Valentin or Victor? Ava??? Quartermaines? Gotta be someone Olivia won't like...
    -----Please go away Michael and Willow - AM HAPPY that Leo hears Michael's plan and tells Uncle Sonny
    ----backtracking now - SONNY owning the financial company WOULD work ---- cause he and Carly would have to communicate......and the tension that he would feel about Carly siding with Michael would be good...
    ----Everything Kevin said to Esme WAS code for Felicia and Mac are your parents "Ryan can make you believe anything' AND Mac and Felicia toasting to 'just grandparents now'
    ------Esme = pregnant......Victor warning Spence about pregnancy scares and be careful.
    ------FINALLY - I watched Valentin say 'darlin' like 7 times----------woo, so sexy....and yes, Victor made him send Charlotte away and that is why he isn't telling Anna his part....

    1. Remember when Paul and Jenny were on and Taub was blackmailing Paul with his daughter he had in hiding. Anyone Remember? I liked Paul and Jenny.

  4. FYI: No more hearings until after July 11th. They are in recess ie vacation.

  5. Thanks for another great SS! Truly, Wednesday and Friday were fantastic and must be watched. I was so happy to see the stunned faces of Mikey and Drew. Sanctimonious twits, served them right. HAHAHAHA! And Carly-babes is so screwed...another HAHAHAHAH!

    Genie is just the best and her episode was so well deserved. She and Cyrus had me tearing up. GH finally did right by her.

    Looking forward to today. I want to see Drew and Mikey suffer some more. :)

  6. Can anyone explain Trina's current predicament? Was she expelled? Is that why they are looking for evidence? I never understood what the school told her...
    If her trial begins July 11------does that have anything to do with school? and of COURSE Curtis is gonna save the day - not Taggart.....

  7. Karen didn't have signal to watch GH! :(


    Brase: Brooky tells Chase that he can lose his badge, and he says something else means more to him. Awwwwwwwwwww! :) What job do the writers want Chase to do?!?!! :(

    Chase, Gregory, and little V.: Oh! Brooky called Gregory to make sure Chase is okay because she is worried about him. Awwwwwww. :) Oh and little V wins the line of the day.

    Little V: Total coincidence.


    Q mansion:

    Drew, Mildew, V.C., Lucy, and Ned: Drew is heartbroken and Michael is furious. Lucy tries to make things better, but it didn't work hahahhahahaha. Michael told Willow to go to the metrocourt pool! He wants to get rid of her! ROFL! V.C. wants a picture with Ned. :) Awwwwwww. :) V.C. leaves while he is talking to Marty about what just happened! :)

    Drew, Michael, and Ned: Yes Ned. Michael DID have ulterior motives. Revenge on Sonny, but he won't admit it.

    Drew, Michael, Ned, Brooky, and Olivia: Drew is so heartbroken he has to look out the window. Brooky and Olivia don't like what Ned did.

    Metrocourt lounge:

    Carly, Joss, and Bobbie: Bobbie and Carly talk about the past and that they are glad that Joss didn't make the same mistakes they did! :) Carly has no clue that she is about to lose everything. Carly's broker called, but she didn't answer!!!! She wants to bond with her mom and daughter! Delayed devastation! :) *Evil smile*

    Carly and Joss: Joss asked if Bobbie will ever retire hahahaha. Yeah I doubt it. :) Oh hello V.C. :) Are you going to tell Carly what happened? Nope. :) Oh leaving so soon V.C.? Okay. :) Oh there is Drew! He is hiding. :) Joss has to go..

    Carly and Drew: Oh yeah! :) He is gonna tell her! :) Tomorrow! :)

    Metrocourt/V.C.'s room: I thought someone was going to hurt him! Whew nope. He is on the phone.. :)

    Brando's garage:

    Brando, Dex, and Sonny: Sonny looking for his sunglasses. Dex went to go find them!

    Brando and Sonny: They are talking about Michael Michael Michael! Took Dex forever to get the sunglasses..

    Brando and Dex: Awww look! "Brothers" bonding. :) Shake hands? No? Well then just hug! :) Show the love! No hug? Too bad.. Maybe they can go see the Tribbles! That might help bond them! :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Olivia, Nina, and Sasha: Oooo Olivia don't like Nina and wants her out. Sasha shows up to defend Nina!

    Willow, Nina, and Sasha: WOW! Willow don't look so good! Great make up, make up department! Nina and Sasha want to help her, but Willow is all upset.

    Willow, Nina, Sasha, and Sonny: Willow does not want to be the go between. Wow Michael taught her/brainwashed her well! Oh oh Willow passed out. I thought she was going to fall in the pool! ROFL! Sonny caught her.

    Tomorrow: There is an unexpected Jan 6th hearing!! At 1:00!!!

    1. Sounds like they, Senate committee, found something that needs to be told. I hope all this is not in vain. Our country is sinking.

    2. "zazu says, Sounds like they, Senate committee, found something that needs to be told. "

      Yeah sounds like it.

      "I hope all this is not in vain. Our country is sinking."

      Yeah I hope it's not in vain either. We need all the truth to come out.

    3. Sonya said "Yeah I hope it's not in vain either. We need all the truth to come out."
      Indeed we do. And we need to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    4. Are we talking IRL, or on the show? I just got home

  8. "Gary says Indeed we do. And we need to make sure it doesn't happen again."

    Yes I agree with you!


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