Friday, June 24, 2022

Take A Vote!


Everyone is talking about the Q meeting today and the picking of CEO and merger. Olivia and Carly at the pool, Valentin and Martin at the pool. Q house: Willow, Drew and Michael. They think it's going to go their way. 

Drew and Dante have lunch at Kelly's. Dante wants to know how it happened he got beat up and when he's off their couch. OMG Dante fills him in on Britt and her past with Rocco!! ahahaha!! Then he mentions Faison being her father and wow... Cody reacts big time. 

Jordan and Linc talk at the PCPD about the charges against Chase. 

Brook Lynn is worried Chase will lose his job (they are having coffee outside of Kelly's) . Chase is called into talk to Jordan. 

Britt and Brad talk about Cody. He knows who beat him up. LOL..Mr. Li from the WUS! Britt almost tells Brad about Huntington's but she's called away. 

Q house.. Lucy and Ned come in. Drew and Michael are getting ready for the vote going their way. Martin calls Lucy and we find out she only votes if there's a tie. So you know there will be a tie. 

Martin tells Valentin that Laura is trying to get Victor deported !! Damn it, Val will tell him!

OMG CARLY SOLD HALF THE METRO COURT to buy her stocks!! ahahahahaa I think Olivia owns the other half! 

Willow almost faints on the stairs. 

THE VOTE: it's a tie! So Lucy will have to break the tie! Carly will lose everything and I hope the financial company holding her hotel money is AVA's!! ahahhhaa. 


THE VOTE: (to oust Valentin)
Michael: YES 

Drew: YES

NED: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucy: NO!!!!!!!! 

NO MERGER!! OMG!! Perfect and Carly will be broke!! omg!! YES!!! 

GOOD SHOW TODAY to take your mind off everything going on. Watch it. 


  1. Daytime Emmys tonight live on CBS

  2. I hope Nina owns the financial company! ;-)

  3. Lot of funny one liners today! :)

    Metrocourt pool:

    Carly and Olivia: With all the funny one liners today, Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: Shhhh don't interrupt me. I'm in a middle of a curse.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *dead* Oh oh Carly! You bragging about how rich you will be and going on super duper vacation! You will be dead in the water!

    V.C. and Marty: MARTY! Why did you tell V.C. about Victor being deported? Oh wait is V.C. working for or against Victor? Damn I wish I knew!!! And why is V.C. not in shorts?!?! :)

    Marty on the phone with Lucy: GAH! They are so adorable! GAH! :)


    Dante and Parachute guy: Wow! Dante you told him more than he needed to know about Britch! :) Parachute guy you want to go to the hospital? Oh surreeeee. I know why! To see Britch. :) To talk to her.

    Brase: Awwww Brooky wants to protect Chase. :)

    Brooky and slime ball ex producer: Yuck Brooky don't!! Don't make a deal with him! YUCK!

    The hospital:

    Britch and Brad: Britch calls Cody, Parachute boy! Hahahahahaha! I love it. :) I also love that Britch forgave Brad for his stupidity. :) I also love that Brad told Britch about what his aunty had her man do to Parachute guy.. :)

    Parachute guy, Dante, and Britch: AH HA! See?! I knew it. Parachute guy wants to talk to Britch. :)

    Parachute guy and Britch: Hmmmm what is Parachute guy up to? Does he know Faison?

    Brooky's ex producer slimeball and Jordan: Oh yuck! Jordan kick him out!!!!

    Chase and Jordan: Chase looks so stiff and nervous. :)

    The Q mansion:

    Mildew: Ooooo love Willow's dress and the color. Oh look she is tired.

    Mildew and Drew: Mmmm Drew you look really really goooooooooood. :) Now take off your shirt. :) Willow on the steps! Willow are you dizzy? Oh no! What's wrong?!!?!? Did you eat a half a Tribble? You know that you shouldn't do that.

    The vote: Let the fun and games begin! :)

    V.C.: I vote no.

    Drew: Yes.

    Michael: Yes. (So smug)

    Ned: I vote no.

    Me: I vote no!!! *Evil grin*

    Michael: What the hell Ned?


    Lucy: I vote a no no.


    "Karen says Perfect and Carly will be broke!! omg!! YES!!!"

    Hahahaha. She will lose everything!!! :) Karma at it's best. :) Didn't Michael warn her? :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 9th 2010* Lucky shuts Liz OUT! :)

  4. It was a good show. Originally scheduled for a Monday.
    Nice surprise twist with Carly selling her half of MC.
    I'm liking the 'Parachute Guy'.



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