Monday, June 13, 2022


OOOFFF but today's show was a bore. 

Felicia finds Esme and Ryan holding hands in his hospital room. Felicia asks how he communicates and says even if he has to say letter by letter it's still too much. She tells Esme about Ryan's past killing people and that she could be next. Then she leaves. Esme tells Ryan she has something BIGGER planned for the Q Clan (I'm thinking baby)

Marty and Val are out to lunch and Jordan comes by. She has news about his brother. (Cyrus). He was cleared of targeting Laura and him waaaaaaaaay back when they left town. (remember that?) Um, good lord. She leaves and Martin and Val talk about ELQ. 

Laura and Spencer talk. She can't understand why Ava would want him to stay at the house.  He says that even tho he doesn't like Ava he can learn to live with her because of his father. Laura is happy he's matured. 

Nikolas says their marriage can't be saved. Ava is puzzled. Nik wants to start fresh and get married for real. 

Carly is buying up all the stocks. TEMP-RECAST MICHAEL is back... Um..  ??? WEIRD. Carly bought a TON of stocks. Will she be CEO because she has to be in every damn story? Can she even DO this? Isn't it insider trading? She leaves. Lucy comes along and Drew and Micheal try to get her to buy stocks. 

Sonny and Jordan. He wants his coffee back. She says to call the Harbor Master. He says she can do something if she wanted. Then they talk about Sons and hell cries to her about Michael. Then CARLY comes along and wants to talk to Sonny So BYE JORDAN. 

THE 15,000 Episode which will be Genie centric is airing June 20th now due to interruptions. 

The Guy that plays Gregory is on contract now. Doesn't bother me , he's a good actor and is for Alexis so we probably won't see him much anyway LOL 



  1. I think Felicia's little chat gave Esme some food for thought. I loved it.

    I think they may have filmed several new Michael scenes while he was there and that way they had enough to add in when they were needed.

    This isn't what the previews had said was coming today so I'm assuming the breaks had interfered with that too.

  2. Okay first of all,

    "Karen says, The Guy that plays Gregory is on contract now. Doesn't bother me"

    He is on contract? That's great! :) I thought at first you were saying don't bother me. That you didn't want people to bother you by whining that he is on contract! ROFL!

    "he's a good actor and is for Alexis so we probably won't see him much anyway LOL"

    ROFL! Well right now he is camping. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Marty: MARTY! YAY! WELCOME BACK!!!! :) Poor V.C. has lost so much, that is why he doesn't want to give up ELQ! And that is why he won't listen to Marty.

    V.C.: ELQ has been my salvation.

    Awwwwwwww. :(

    V.C., Marty, and Jordan: WOW! Jordan usually talks to Curtis or Portia and she is either at the hospital or at the police department. It's nice that she is talking to other people and at the Metrocourt too! :)

    Sonny and Jordan: She wasn't flirting with him this time. Oh but don't get to close Jordan. Sparks will fly. :)

    Sonny and Carly: Awww the poor girls. :(

    Metrocourt pool:

    Drew and TempRecastMichael: HEY! Robert Adamson again! :) YAY!

    Drew, TempRecastMichael and Carly: Oh of course Carly bought stock!!! I bet she bought TONS! :) Did the Tribbles buy stock too?

    Drew, TempRecastMichael and Lucy: Lucy is intrigued with the offer. The look on her face when Drew told her that ELQ and Aurora is going to merge, yeah she is interested. :)


    Spencer and Laura: Come on Spencer tell your grandmother what the plan is! :) I wonder if Spencer, Laura, Doc, and Vampira are still doing that weekly talk. :) Spencer is disappointed that Trina and he are not friends anymore awwwww. :(


    Nava: Nik's plan is so stupid!!!! Come on Nik! It's dumb dumb dumb!

    Nava and Laura: The look on Laura's face when Nik said they are getting a divorce! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Vampira and daddy: Daddy isn't very happy with you Vampira! Oh hi Felicia!

    Vampira, daddy, and Felicia: GREAT SCENE! :) Oh Vampira! You don't know her! Don't call her Felicia.. She is Mrs. Scorpio!!!

    Felicia: It looks like you have been chatting away one letter at a time.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Ryan's eye blinking: You are the bomb.

    ROFL! He would have won the line of the day, but another line is even BETTER! ;)

    Vampira and daddy part 2: Vampira wins the line of the day!

    Vampira: Trust me daddy. What I have planned, will blow that family apart once and for all.

    Ooooooooooooo! *Evil smile* Soapy delicious! :) So since Nava are getting divorced and then remarried, during the wedding, is Vampira going to stop the wedding? Or is Ryan? :) Hmmm I can see it now!

    Ryan: Ava! Nik cheated on you with Esme.

    Vampira: And I'm pregnant.


    Ryan: And Felicia, Esme is our daughter.


  3. Esme is NOT Felicia's daughter. 😠

    1. "Di says, Esme is NOT Felicia's daughter. 😠"

      ROFL! Okay then Vampira is just pregnant. :)

    2. OK. I'll give you that one. And if they really want to impress us with their horror stories, the little darling can come out with a hook for a hand!! 😁

    3. "Di says, OK. I'll give you that one."

      YAY! ROFL!

      "And if they really want to impress us with their horror stories, the little darling can come out with a hook for a hand!! 😁"

      Ewwwwwwww! That would mean Vampira's daddy is the daddy! Hahahahaha!

    4. Ditto...Esme is NOT Felicia's daughter. If we keep saying it, we will make it so.
      Hook for a hand...hahahahahahahha! (gross!)

    5. "Julie H says, Ditto...Esme is NOT Felicia's daughter. If we keep saying it, we will make it so."

      ROFL! Just like if we say beetle juice 3 times he will show up? :)

      "Hook for a hand...hahahahahahahha! (gross!)"


    6. How can someone not know they were pregnant for 9 months a gave birth? Too farfetched. Felicia was great though!

  4. The CEO thing does look like it's being set up to be an outsider. Carly is in everything so why not. The boys would all be pretty shocked.
    Get a divorce to refresh the marriage. Why, just why.

    1. I sometimes wonder what they're smoking in that writing room...or are they all working from home now and haven't sobered up before they zoom. lol

  5. I actually would like for Dex to be double crossing Michael and really be working for Sonny.
    So isn’t it odd that Monday is the big 15,000 episode with someone trying to destroy Mayor Collins Laura-and yet the set-up is four days? Is that not weird. Or thrown together at last minute?

  6. didn't alexis sleep with finn? now she will be with his father. too much like bnb

  7. Carly's actions are insider trading. I hope the SEC hauls her up on charges.

    I don't mind Gregory Harrison on contract, at least he can act. Let's get rid of the Brando/Dex/Cody contingent to make room for him. (And throw in Sasha and Willow, for good measure.)

  8. I like temp Michael. He can stay. :)
    Don't like the new Jordan. She can go.
    Carly in every story....sigh. I'm with Kevin, haul her in on insider trading charges!
    Felicia was great and those were very good scenes. That was about the only thing I liked today. And of course seeing Marty!

  9. I can see why we see so little of new Jordan - can't act, just there for looks. Temp Mike at least looks alive. Drew is so not like the former Drew that it is just ridiculous. Someone needs to throw Carly in the pool.


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