Friday, June 10, 2022



Epiphany and Portia studying for E's MCATS. She's afraid she's going to fail them. Marshall is there to get his bandage changed. Epiphany takes him to a room. She tells him she's mad he left without really saying goodbye and that she's taking the MCATS. 

Curtis tells Portia that Marshall is schizophrenic and you can she she's like: OH NO (because Trina is his, you know she is) She asks a bunch of questions. Curtis says he's sure it can be passed on by DNA. Portia says it sure can. 

Greg, Violet and Finn going somewhere... State Park. They take an age to pack the car LOL. talk about Liz. 

Laura talks to Cameron. He doesn't want to go camping. Laura guilts him into it. 

Esme says if the guilt is too much to bear, and Nik has to tell Ava, she'll be by his side. Then she hugs him and leaves. 

Ava tells Spencer she knows he likes Trina. Just as he's going to tell her he's playing her, Stupid Nik walks in.  Spencer walks out. Ava smells Esme's perfume on Nik. 

Felicia and Mac are at GH with Bailey. Going to have dinner. RYAN IS COMING OUT OF THE ELEVATOR!! And Mac leans down to talk to him and then RYAN ERUPTS AND SCREAMS in his FACE!! OMG!! I jumped a fking MILE! ahahahhaa. THEN!!! They show Ryan EATING MAC'S NECK!! OMG!! 

RYAN was thinking all of this!! WOW!! Great segment. LOL Creepy.  EESH! Esme gets in to see him by saying she was sent to help him communicate. She tells him his plan is working "perfectly". He says what did you offer Nikolas? "ME"! she says . He's delighted and asks how Ava reacted. She says she didn't tell her. 

Trina and Joss find out what the Dean says and she has to go in for a hearing. She says she's going to clear her name. Rory walks in and says he'll support her. They end up saying that they'll find holes in Esme's story to prove her wrong. 


SPENCER quits his job at Kelly's 

Felicia starts to walk towards Ryan's door. 

Portia calls a genetic counselor (for Trina I'm sure) 


  1. I was so disappointed with that Mac/Ryan scene. As soon as Ryan yelled they flooded the scene with light and we knew immediately it was going to be a daydream. Grrrrr I want him to escape from the hospital. Maybe he can head for the woods and we can have some excitement or haunt the tunnels of Windemere. Either way it needs to gallop along.

    And I guess the truth about Trina will come out soon.

    1. Trina is going to have a lot to deal with soon between the sex tape and finding out Taggert isn't her father.

  2. Karen said " Ava smells Esme's perfume on Nik." I told Sonya Esme was the type to drown herself in perfume. LOL

    1. Yeah. Can't imagine how she didn't smell it on him right after they were together.

    2. "Gary says, Karen said " Ava smells Esme's perfume on Nik." I told Sonya Esme was the type to drown herself in perfume. LOL"

      Hahahahahahaha! She must bathe in it. :)

      "Di says, Yeah. Can't imagine how she didn't smell it on him right after they were together."

      Yeah I know! Ava's nose must have been on the fritz.

    3. Sonya, it is pollen season. Ava's nose may have not functioning at normal standards.

    4. "Gary says, Sonya, it is pollen season. Ava's nose may have not functioning at normal standards."

      Hahaha yes you are right! It IS pollen season. I can relate! My poor nose! UGH!

    5. Right...after a 3 second hug Ava can smell Esme but not after they had sweaty sex. Stupid.

  3. Wyndemere:

    Spencer and Ava: Spencer you better be nice to the queen. Or really fake being nice. She has the power to give you your money or not.

    Nik and Vampira: Yesterday, I forgot to mention that Nik asked if he could go to the pharmacy for Vampira. What for Nik? To get her the morning after pill for her? Hmmmmmmm? OH! Vampira is in the mood to hug today. She says they made love! Hahahahahaha! More like lust filled.

    Nava: Ooooo Ava smells Vampira's perfume! Very nice Vampira. :) That's why you hugged him. *Evil smile*

    The hospital:

    Flea, Mac, and Ryan: Even though I saw the previews yesterday, and knew what Ryan was about to do, and I prepared myself, it still scared me!!! I heard a crunch!!!! Like he was eating Mac's brain!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hmmm it looked like Kristina Wagner was trying not to laugh.

    Ryan: Felicia!

    ROFL! The way he said it, was so funny. He was going to win the line of the day, but someone else wins it.. Oh it was just a daydream. Whew! :) Gee yesterday I thought it was Doc who talked to Ryan. Oops!

    Flea and Mac: Flea wins the line of the day. Mac thinks she got the preggers.

    Flea: Oh God no!


    Piffy and Portia: Great scene.. :) The actress playing Piffy, she has this wetness on the side of her eye, but then it was gone when Mr. Hat man and Curtis showed up.

    Piffy and Mr. Hat man: Oooooo he is asking her out on a date!! :) Mr. Hat man is smooth! :)

    Purtis: I was thinking are they going to have Mr. Hat Man's schizophrenia to come out? Cus if not, then what is the point of him having it? Unless Curtis gets schizophrenia. But then Karen said on twitter,Trina, and I was confused.

    Portia on the phone: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's why Trina! :)

    Vampira and daddy: Oh oh. Daddy not happy!!! Vampira didn't tell the Queen that her hubby cheated on her. Time to spill to the queen!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Joss and Trina: No no no! Trina is innocent!!! She didn't tape Tommy and Pam having zex!!! Gotta find some pudding with some proof in it! You know, because proof is in the pudding! :)

    Joss, Trina, and Rory: Awwww Rory wants to help. How sweet! :) That was a strange comment that Rory said about Vampira. Hmmmm.


    Cam, Finchy, Gregory, little V and Laura: Camping day it's camping day yay! :)

    Cam and Laura: Yeah Cam go camping! You don't need to work! Your mom will be fine!!!

    Cam, Laura, and Spencer: Cam and Spencer talking in code and Laura is confused! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Finchy, Gregory, and Little V: Camping day it's camping day yay! :)

    Sidenote: Yesterday forgot to mention that when Spinny was with Carly and Sam, Bradford Anderson flubbed his line hahahaha!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to January 18th 2010* Lucky after finding out about Liz and Nik, he destroys his home!

  4. I STILL do NOT believe Hat Man ONLY left because of his illness-----gotta be more - he HATES SOnny; 'I know men like that' and he called someone the 2nd day to report in UNLESS that was Stella he called?
    Curtis maybe isn't Marshall's?????? still could be Stella's?

  5. It is 2022. Schizophrenia is not a death sentence. It is treatable. That story should end now. Even if Trina inherits it.
    Loved the Ryan scene. It was raw and startling even though only a daydream. Something GH has been missing for a long time. He was such a creative killer. lol

    1. I respectfully disagree. Mental health is at the forefront of most of our lives. If it's done right the story may be worth the risk. Would love to see people of color get a solid storyline

    2. "If it's done right" is the key. I do agree about mental health and a solid story line but up until now their air time has been a repetitive waste. Here's hoping!

  6. I will say that I do like Marshall when he is with Epiphany. They make a cute couple.



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