Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Step by Step

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Remember that song? 

Step by Step

Heart to Heart
Left Right Left 
We all FALL DOWN.....

Ok, so it's "Toy Soldiers" but come on.. I really wish they were playing it when Sam took a nose dive down the stairs.  But alas, we only saw her giant boots and a tumble. I think Sam has fallen more than any other soap character in history. 

Let's have upside down pineapple cake today. You know, because falling. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Watch that Last Step, it's a Doozy!

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Maxie looked SO GOOD today. I'd kill to be able to wear those clothes. I could maybe have pulled that off when I was 6.
LOL..Stupid LULU wants Dante back..NOW.  :eyeroll:

Dante almost signs the divorce papers. 
Lomax goes to Dante, tells him to stop his mama or she'll defund Big Brother Big Sister! Geessssh!
He's like get outta here. I like her, she's good and mean. I think she and Dr.O should be a couple. 

Olivia is getting looked at in the Metro while she talks to Alexis about the lawsuit. All the ladies are happy she's doing it.  Lulu asks Olivia for the key to the loft. Lulu gets all snazzed up in the dress she wore when she told Dante she was pregnant. Then, she and Maxie found the divorce papers. 

Liz talks to Franco about Jake--but she doesn't wanna hear it. Later, Jake shows her the pic of Sam-- and they decide .ut oh, maybe he does need help!! 

SO: Jake... he's with a babysitter and squirts her hair with silly string. She's upstairs washing it and he hurls a jar lid through the window. Then he touches the glass. Gets a cut, bleeds. Sam knocks on the door. He opens it. She asks what happened. He stares at her. He says someone thew a rock thru the window. She says that the glass is on the outside of the house. DUH Jake.
He runs downstairs, Sam follows, she falls. 

Parker? The professor? Is a WOMAN!!!!!!!! Krissy is upset and leaving but Parker shows up at the door. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Baby

Yesterday's show: Hook Up with Darby in the sweaty coffee house.. and Morgan says NOPE.

Sonny's such a bitch. 

I saw the promos coming up.Sam FALLS again. LMAO 


Sonny tries to stand in front of Carly. Wonder if he'll walk in time to shoot Julian on his wedding day? UGH. He doesn't want Carly to know he can walk so he tells her it's his arms doing the work, not him. 
He tells Max he's gonna 'TAKE BACK DIS CITY"!! And no one will know.. 

Morgan wants Kiki back. Kiki's, nope. BUT! She will go out on a date with him. 

Sabby's in labor. Carlos wants a girl. She has the baby... Carlos looks at her... 

Robert and Anna skulking around. They figure out where Carlos and Sabrina are by ISP address. Then, they get arrested.

Jasontells Liz he remembers a SAM memory LOL..he wants to get hynotized. Later, Jason sees the pictures Jake drew. 

Franco talking to Sam was the best part today.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All Hail Wed!

HUMP day!! I'm out at a seminar so post away. I have to re-state how great Brandon Barash was yesterday. Loved him.  He's such a nice guy too..reminds me of Jason Thompson. Geesh. 

We have lake-effect snow today. Great. :) 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sonny Riseth

OMG.. So I came home and watched... Sonny and Epiphany. AHAHHA> The Music? You have to play glorious organ music when he stands? The only thing that saved that scene was her hugging him.

Then..she asks how it happened.He says "I had a dream, I had to same someone...and I realized that's who I am...That's who I gots tah be... dats who da people want me to be"!! 
are WE the people? GIGGLE 

Oh my goodness..and get this: wow. WHY would you let Brandon Barash go??? WHY!! He's worth Dillon and Nathan hands down. He was awesome today. You had him come back and then paint him into the corner?  BB was magnificent today!! 

Yeah, don't forgive Julian Sonny because let's keep this mob shit going. Yeah, thanks. 

Lucas remembered his wedding was on hold. 

Ok! That's all I got! see ya! 

The Never-Ending Story

Well, today I am out. I did try to add up all the stories going on with GH lately and it's massive. Much like the character list I did last year, it's just too much. No matter how you shuffle them or spin them, one gets lost in another. Let's see if we can list everything: 

Nik/Hayden...who is Hayden?
Hayden working with Tracy-ELQ takeover
Hayden's bullet...and Curtis
And the bullet and SHAWN who's still in jail?
Lante mess (which includes Dillon and Val)
Will Sonny walk?
Morgan's bipolar
Avery custody
Ava and Paul..
Ava and Kiki
Kiki and Morgan
Michael and Sabrina
Nina and Franco
Gun Running and Bad-DA Paul
Sabrina and Carlos on the run
Anna and Robert looking for above
Curtis/Jordan and TJ 
Krissy and Professor 
Julexis Wedding
Boobular Gate
On Going Leo stuff
New Mayor
New Psychiatrist --Jordan connection 
New Psychiatrist--Robert/Anna connection
Johnny Z and Lulu (on again today)
Franco's art therapy with Jake
Liason-JaSam stuff
Who's doing the stuff in Liz' house? 
Motherly Advice By Laura (which I put in here only to show sadness in this)

Dropped Stories:
Nina's backstory
Nate's father
Dr. O; anything

Of course, the majority of this being the St. Jaysus Saga .  Which like I've said, is sucking the life out of GH. Yes, a lot of those stories are fillers and secondary stuff but with all that going on, it's maddening! I suppose we can count the Rachel-Hayden thing as a 'mystery' that's forefront right now. 
I keep wondering what they are doing for sweeps and I guess it will be Who's Rachel and the Jake/House hates Sam story? 

Anyway-- I still miss Mac, and they brought him on for a few days and he's gone. Why wasn't he with Robert/Anna and Dr.Maddox? Why hasn't Jason had anymore scenes with Monica? WHY WHY WHY WHY so many things.  I did see an interview with Varni saying Brad and Lucas story will be going forward. Um, when? Why do you wait so long? So we lose interest?
Same thing with ELQ. It's laughable... they never ever show ELQ, why should I care at all what happens to it?? 

So, these 2 days shall help me with all this!! I will put a place-holder up again tomorrow. I am also taking a Twitter break. So if you follow me there, I'll be quiet for a bit! 

Have a great day. It's 40 something there--balmy! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

"I Do"

Hayden said yes to Nikolas ..they will marry. (maybe?) Although he shot her in the head-- so, there's that. Laura comes out to give some Motherly advice to Nikolas

Tracy sees...LARRY ASHTON at the Spa. Not Luke. Not Ned. but LARRY ASHTON. WTF cares? Come on@@@!!!!
Tracy was smoking pot...or at least they are inferring she is. 

Julexis planning the a CHURCH.  Krissy tells TJ Molly said she's "never having sex" LOL. They look a lot alike. 
Alexis wants them in the wedding. Molly snipes about Kristina never having any school work to do. Later, Krissy tells Parker not to tell her parents about "it" and she won't tell his wife. 

Sam and Jake went up on "the roof" of the Penthouse to remember their kiss under the lights. 
I do not care about this. 

Curtis!! He's in the Metro eating and Jordan comes, in they banter ..then TJ comes in and goes "Uncle Curtis"??
TJ is pre-med.
Jordan tells Curtis not to hurt TJ. I guess he knows about her affair with Shawn? 

I am out tomorrow and Wed. I will do a blog place holder for you to write in though! Wow, this show is just making me crazy right now. I needed the Closed Captioning on for JaSam. They'd never make it in theater!! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Boobular Horrification

20160122 0427(23)
WUBS reason for watching lately. 

I missed Thursday and Friday's show. I watched Thursday but Friday's isn't on the DVR as my cable went out. Internet and Phone too. UGH and I hate watching online.

So, part of me is like--hummmm.. do I want to watch ?? Not really. That says something right there. I'm just being honest.
YES I love 'the show' but right now? meh. 

Pull up a chair and have a Chai. I ate too much yesterday to have real breakfast! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Must I apologize >>???

Ok, so here's the deal: My internet/cable/phone were all down from 1:45 to about 3:30 today so I didn't watch GH. 

Now I COULD watch right now on my DVR but frankly? 

I don't want to. Why? Hmmmmmmm, not sure but I didn't see the show yesterday and I"m in no rush to catch up. 

I'm hoping this is a phase. 

PS:  Brooklyn was a good movie, pretty true to the book. It was very "British" in that it totally could be a BBC mini-series. I LOVED the guy that played Tony, the male lead. He's adorable. Not sure if I would go to the theater to see it, you can wait for DVD/streaming if you're not hugely in a hurry. 
I still liked Mad Max better ... :) 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I will be watching this with my son, who is going to see ALL the Oscar nominated movies. I've seen Mad Max and this one :) I think I may go see Anomolisa on Saturday. I hear it's brilliant! I will have to watch GH at a later date! 



Nina and Franco! Good Day!!  She's happy about the magazine. He's happy for her. She's interviewing with a guy from Financial Times.

Olivia got arrested for assaulting the mayor. Whoops. Not because of her boob-feeding. Alexis is going to represent her. Kinda like family. She doesn't like her but don't mess with her! 
Shari, Alexis and Lisa...great scenes.  Alexis basically tells Mayor to drop this because it would be bad for her politically. 

KEVIN COLLINS!!  LOVE. He's afraid Liz will have another break down.  Later, another doc (child psyche) says he needs art therapy. 

So glad Maddox is tied to Robert and Anna. Great job. He's also an FBI profiler and works for WSB. YES!! 

Sabrina is in a cabin with Carlos. Felix calls her to tell her Micahel is sorry and made a mistake. Carlos is mad she used her phone.  She throws it in the snow.
The WSB team think they are in Hallifax NS. 

Sam and Jason zzzzzzzzzzz. talking about Liz' house and weird stuff going on. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Mayor recast, Sherry BELL A LOMAX is on. She's aged well, no botox crud. She and Paul talk while Robert and Anna talk at another table. 

JZ is brought in on his way to Niagara Falls... he gets Scotty as his public defender. Scott's not happy.  Johnny says he threatened Lulu to help him. Oh GOD WHY!!!!!? ugh! 

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Val pegs Lulu with "I know you were in on this"...They argue, end up slugging each other. Dante breaks it up. Tells Lulu not to talk. 

Ava and Olivia bond over a baby yoga class. Later, Olivia meets with the mayor for a business luncheon and Olivia tries to breastfeed Leo right there. LMAO They get in a huge argument. Security for the mayor comes. 

My cable went out at 2:45. UGH sorry

It's back! 

Robert tries to talk Anna into going after Paul with her womanly wiles.  AND DR Maddox is a mole guy/profiler that works for the WSB and FBI and stuff. That's why he was so interested a the police station. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Fire Fire Pants on Fire!

Alexis, Sonny and Krissy out to lunch. They are telling her how wonderful she is with school and she's cringing.  She tells Sam that she's suspended from school. She tried to get a good grade by Zexting up her professor! Ka-CHING!!  He didn't take her up on it, tho, he turned her in! :) 
When she goes to leave. "Parker" (the professor) texts her to call him asap. 

Sonny's not happy that Alexis is marrying "that rat-bastard" Julian. They think something is up with Kristina. 


Liz tries to get Sam to believe that she and Jake are sleeping together-- and then Jake walks up behind Sam. HAHAAA. whoops.  LATER, Jake tells Liz and Jason that SAM broke that picture or wishes she did. . And he was talking like he was medicated. geesh.

Lulu saves Val. She gives her CPR IN THE burning cabin...she doesn't drag her out. Valerie wakes up and they run.  Lulu left her keys and phone in the burning cabin in her coat. DOH!

Bobbie is at the PCPD defending Valerie about the Johnny Z photos. 

Franco- Towers TV!

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James Franco was cast in Hulu's lead of Stephen King's 11/22/63 and Connie Towers has a small part as well.  The 8 Part Mini-Series will air February 15, 2016,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Light a Penny Candle

20160116 1037(6)

Well, if anyone thought new head writers would bring any new ideas, you can stop right there. GH is so filled with cliches, it's painful. There were good moments for sure; Robert and Mac being one of them. I could have had about 20 more minutes of them (with Anna and Maxie joining) than about anything else on screen. 

Go read my post below on GH Fixin's! :) I have some ideas up my sleeve!!

Ok, here we go... I have some left-over Pizza to eat (cold naturally).  Oh, and I'm lighting a candle but I'll keep it at the opposite side of the room. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Doc In Town

General Hospital has cast it's newest doctor and he sure do look like Patrick! Oh well. I was liking Dr. Kranky with Sonny but we all know that couldn't last. Matt Cohen, who has a recurring gig on Supernatural will come on as Dr. Griffin Munro. No Tom Hardy Jr. No relation that we know of. Just Dr. Munro. 

February is set for his air-date. 

General Hospital Side Fixin's...

OFF the top of my head...done on a Saturday Morning just sitting here. These are not perfect but have a crystal of possibility! 

1.  After it's found out she's out of school, Kristina works at Crimson. Molly becomes a new and upcoming model (during her breaks from PCPU) because Nina decided to do a "kids on campus" feature. Darby and she fight it out for the cover. Kristina is really mad because she wasn't asked to model. Take it from there.

2. Speaking of Crimson, since Julian owns it and he sees it's going well, he decides to further sabotage it by making his sister co-owner and pain in the ass to Nina.  It would get Ava in the Crimson orbit. Kiki would want in too--she can be Gigi Hadid and Molly can be Kendall Jenner.  We need some young guys too.  Maxie has to sort out the youngin's. Plus, Nina and Ava hate each other. Perfect. Oh, and since Franco is a wacky art guy he can work there.  Set designer.  He can still do his hospital stuff but let's face it, art therapy isn't that much in vogue at the moment.
PS. the Kiki thing ..not tied to that, she can leave as well. Maybe in a nice murder mystery (see below under "CSI") 

3. Somehow, Luke retained some ELQ stock and that letter he gave Laura was actually to change proxy to her. She's been waiting to pounce to get Tracy right where she wants her. The two vie for company control. FOR REAL. Like not every other week, but almost daily. ELQ offices appear. Michael actually does something. Monica's around. You know, Monica. Ned appears because he's off DAYS. He and Olivia marry. Olivia gets involved with ELQ as well because of her running of the Metro. (she can do business stuff). 

4. If you are going to get that hospital in gear, you'd better do it. Hell, every writer has said that the hospital will be coming back to life. So far? Wah-wah. (sad horn). Since Lucas is the only doctor so far, he needs to be ON MORE. Brad needs to be in the lab. Someone needs to be training to be a doctor (interns are the best) ...maybe TJ? Just SORA him a bit. We don't care. Felix runs the front desk ala Amy. Curtis should have been a doctor instead of a skulker ex-cop. Maddox needs to be on more because hey, we know 1/2 the town is in need of therapy. "In Treatment" was a great HBO show. They could feature a session of therapy a week with one character. Sort of a monologue, montage deep exploration about the under-belly and emotions of Port Charles. Think outside that box!  Film it completely differently than you would the soap. 

5. Speaking of out of the box, the waste of JZ on this Val story is pitiful. BB is a great actor. He needs to be front/center. If you are going to continue the MOBULAR stuff he needs to start getting  in with Ava and they become super power couple to rival Sonny and Carly. Think about that for a minute. Poetry in motion! 

6. SORA Josslyn. Hannah has left--and just age her up to be the pill in Carly's side we know she can be. If you need to SORA Spencer too. I love Nicholas but he's on another show now. We need some teens too. I know everyone is saying "Cam" too--ok, make him older as well. Being shipped off to Grams every day is dull. 

7.  Paul, Dillon.. I love ya but geesh. Sorry, you aren't working out. We need more Qs -- so either recast Dillon into a snark ( JPL would have been perfect) or cut bait. Paul can go. Love the actor but.. you got painted into the wrong corner. 

8. Bye Val. 

9.  Put Lante back together. Sure they've been together forever but even in soaps you have "that couple". I really need to see some real life stuff going on with them and Rocco. He's deaf...he's PDD-- something. Get rid of the HS or have Robert and Mac buy it. They can live on the boat with Felicia and Anna. 

10. Brownstone. LONG Overdue.  Get people living in there. That way with recurring characters, it makes sense to come/go. Pop in and have fun. 

11.  I don't even know what to do with Nathan. I know Maxie prolly should have a guy but... eesh. Dull. So I'm cutting him loose. Sorry. You're nice to look at but--

12.  As much as I like Becky and Tyler, they have to do something with these two or bye-bye to them as well.  Yes, he's a Cassadine but let's face it. He skulks around chasing Jason and this whole Hayden thing is a mess.  Missed the boat with Sarah Webber. Missed THE. BOAT! 

13.  The Jason Story. I honestly forgot about that because I HATE IT SO MUCH.  Since "Jake Doe" Is basically another character, get his interest in medicine back. Have him fall in love with all things medical. Get him in the hospital. Anything other than standing out there with no job trying to decide between Liz and Sam. This whole "in danger" thing with Jake? We know where it's going. Jake's doing everything--so just end it already. He and Monica bond again. He moves back into the mansion. 

14. Ric comes back and is like "told ya so" to Liz. She can't hate him because he lied ..she did the same thing to keep Jason. Either put them together or have Rick Hearst leave the show. He's already gone anyway so use him or lose him. 

15. Sonny and Carly go on an extended vacation for a bit. Morgan somehow thinks it's his place to run the mob. Hilarity ensues and some big time screw ups. Having Carly and Sonny go away to get him some leg treatment would get them off canvas for a bit (god knows we need a break), lets him walk again and would give Rise to Morgan the Menace in a big, big way. I think he needs to get into drug smuggling for real. Sonny comes back is furious and Morgan does a spin-off mobular company to rival ol' Dad's. Mad Morgan may be a perfect thing. PLUS if Ava and Johnny are also in there, it could be awesome for that angle alone. 

NOT that I'm encouraging the mob, mind you, but this could get Sonny OUT-- if he sees it sucked in Morgan so badly he can work with feds to get him away from the baddies and work a deal.  Michael needs to become anti-mob angry again. It worked. 

16. Ditch the cliches. Kidnappings, Who's the Daddy, false identities... the lot of it. I also never know why soaps use pregnancy the way they do. Then, they have all these babies we hardly ever see and whom get used for custody battles or danger-modes. Every woman in PC that has young kinds should be exhausted. Fires, bombs... just take a break for a bit. 

17.  Jordan should have been a Ward. She could be living at the Qs because Monica decided to help her out. But..nope. 

18.  Brad and Lucas wedding. Splashy and great fun. They both work at GH so we need them. Get the Rosie thing tied up and let them have a wedding. Maxie plans it. Bobbie's all over it too. It can be a great Spring thing. Crimson can do a big cover story on "Love and Medicine" featuring the couple. 

19. I like the concept of Julexis and having a somewhat stable fam on that end with Molly, Krissy living there. Sam could have stayed there too, I wouldn't have objected. Alexis is the lawyer in town, Julian runs the paper and Crimson from afar. He's kind of a recurring house-business guy and is used mainly for family stuff with Davis Girls. 

20.  Have Tom Hardy Jr. Come back. Yes, we are up the anny in characters but he's needed at the hospital and a core character that could tie some things together. Maddox should have been him-- he could have been a psychiatrist. He could be all protective and sibling-like to Liz because of Audrey connection. Why don't people THINK BEFORE they just create stuff? WHY!!? Same with Hayden who should have been Sarah Webber. Oy. 

21. Get a great writer of forensic/crime/hospital drama on the staff. Not the usual soap stuff but more gritty CSI type things. It would meld the law, PCPD and hospital together.  

Last but not least, why not engage twitter/social media more? Get an account for "Crimson" and have "Maxie" and "Nina" tweet and have a FB page with "behind the scenes making of" and that sort of thing. Could just be outtakes and photos. Fans love that sort of stuff! Hell, an intern can do it easily. Both KS and MS are engaged in social media anyway so they'd probably love it. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

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LOVED Mac and Robert's talk yesterday at the Metro Court. Hell, Mac/Robert...Jordan/Anna could just have a dang crime soap on and I'd watch it!! :) Awe, we got some Anna and Robbie at the end of the show too! 

I wish Lulu was staying at Wyndemere, it would blend the canvas way more. 

OMG Johnny Z...acting just like his daddy with the crazy wolf howl ...all he needs are some orchids! 


JZ and Val. Ok, I hate this story. It won't make me feel sorry for her and it won't. NOPE. I so want AVA AND JOHNNY TO HOOK UP!!!  That would be EPIC.
Johnny is putting a gag on Val now.  UGH  He leaves her tied up and she knocks the CANDLE OFF THE TABLE...and you know, Soap 101. 

Laura figured out Lulu knows about Johnny. She's good like that. 

Ok. SO, Tracy said Hayden's name is RACHEL. There was a Rachel on the show but I had to look it up:  WIKI 
Can it be her?
WTF. Ugh.. I don't even care lol  Maybe that's her..she's connected to Courtney, who was connected to Nikolas. 

Jake got to go out for ice cream... and Cam and Aiden are at Gam-Gam's doing housework I guess. 

Sam found a Dr. (Dr DNA) and his lady friend to say they saw Jason and Nikolas and Jason wasn't at fault.  They are going to the cops.  Jake doesn't like that...Jake doesn't like Sam. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Yes, I will be getting my CROWN today.. actually at the dentist, which you know costs as much as a real jeweled one! 

SO, GH..for you to watch. It's been a very frustrating week for me to watch ...that's all I'll say. Perhaps a good break getting Novocaine will help! LOL. 

BTW.. let's play: Where's Ric. 
I'll go first... 

I think Ric is in... Monte Carlo gambling. Your turn! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Guess Who?

Anna and Jordan are snowing Paul by saying they are closing the investigation. Later, after he leaves, she tells Jordan that Paul is the mole. 

Embedded image permalink

Nina interrupts Maxie and Nathan. They gab about Crimson.

Stupid Val fills out an application at the Metro... Olivia is not happy with that. 

Dante and Michael are at the sweaty gym. Dante's being sad about Lulu makes Michael want to go see Sabrina.  Sabrina is talking to Carlos who says come with me-- or I will turn myself in an Anna will kill me. 
Paul meets Carlos on the docks gives him money. Sabrina hears it.
Carlos begs her to leave.  Jordan and Anna go and try to bring her in. 

Michael turns up at Sabby's..Felix tells him she's gone.  He goes to find her. He has a letter from her she says goodbye.

Sabby leaves with Carlos. With no luggage. 

Maxie is telling Nathan about Johnny. But Nathan tells her he was working on finding him. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dream A Little Dream


Sonny dreams he can walk. Morgan wants to help with the Business. Sonny is all NO WAY.  He should just tell Morgan he's too stupid to handle it but he uses the bipolar excuse.

Kiki and Ava..AGAIN at the Metro discussing their relationship. Paul looks on. 
Paul tells Ava he was thrown out of the Q house. 

Sabrina tells Anna Michael's no the father of her baby.  She does tell her it's Carlos. Anna wonders if he forced himself on her-- she's like NOPE.  Anna tries out "too bad Carlos is dead"-- and Sabrina drops her coffee. 
Later, Anna offers to babysit for Sabrina. 
Later than that...Sabrina calls Carlos. 

Jordan and Dr. Maddox make another date. 

Morgan talks to Dr. He says he doesn't feel like he "fits" in his family. He also thinks being stable is boring.  Dr Maddox says Sonny's setting  a great example by trying to walk. Ok, whatever. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Flunking Out

OH College mail for Krissy.. she failed to make her GPA. whoops. SO she loses her scholarship..which ..she doesn't need with her Cassa-Corthinos connections.

Sonny gets a pissy new neurosurgeon...they are crabby in real life, believe me ..99% of them I've met in my job anyway! They are brilliant but bedside manner? Lacking sometimes. IF You are ONE I AM SORRY! lol 
I LOVE him :) hes' a great actor and we need cranky on the show. The hospital is too cheery. Epiphany can't be the only one. 

Jake needs some acting lessons. I like the kid, I get he's not a recast..but ouch. Plus, they are writing him so much younger than he is. Character and In Real Life. The police guy comes (looks like the new doc but shorter). They are going to open an investigation since there has been 2 incidents. 

Diane called Alexis to take over Jason's case for now because she's on vacation with Max (off screen). Alexis is like, "um, he looks kinda guilty to me"
Sam has on nice red lipstick today. 

Maxie tries to turn in Johnny but Lulu stops her.  Maxie is a little jelly that Lulu might be fooling around with JZ. 

MY NEW MATTRESS IS HERE.. I had to leave at 2:44 sorry!! :) I'm so excited to sleep well on my gel-foam 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

CATV 3 20160107 1327(13)
PUFFS Plus, Extra Large Box, Please! 

This blog shall be dedicated mostly to the SCRUBS goodbye this week. Why? It was in my opinion, the perfect synchronicity of these 7 things:   

Long time viewing 

Few Recasts of Principal Characters
Youngsters involved 
Soapy Goodness with all the FEELS.

CATV 3 20160107 1358(41)

I also felt that when the three of them walked out the door a little piece of my viewer's soul went with them. Dramatic? You bet. Accurate? YEP.  Am I ashamed? NOPE! 

I'm having a big old donut fest to celebrate all that is Scrubs. It's sweet ooey goodness will match my happiness. 
*Note: I did NOT win the Powerball. In fact, I got ZERO numbers correct. Ergo, I'm not on a drinking spree and can publish this blog.
You are Welcome. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Marry ME?

Who's Hayden? Welp, we aren't gonna find out now. She had a was in the papers...and it connects to Nikolas.  I think she's Rebecca Shaw..Emily's twin sister, remember her? She's known in town-- she scammed everyone too. It would totally fit. 
Rebecca Shaw Backstory: HERE 
I don't know if this is TRUE... I'm bored as hell and speculating. It seems to go along with what Tracy said.
Oh, and at the end, Hayden asked Nikolas to marry her. Not sure if it's due to ELQ stocks or her testifying about the balcony thing. Didn't pay attention. 

Laura...boring. Why she hasn't dragged Jake to therapy yet is beyond me. Jason comes to Liz', finds the door open and a picture smashed. 

Jason and Nik..double boring. Whatever. Jason won't give up his shares to have Nik drop the charges. Nik's gonna press charges. 

Lulu/Johnny... Dylan... blah blah..  OH! Maxie walks in and sees him now. 

Stupid Val might flunk out of The PoPo Academy. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


"By the powers vested in me by the internet.."

I Loved Robin's dress. Such a beautiful color and not the usual princess white-look. 
This is what soaps are all about..sniff. 
That's what legacy non-recasted characters can bring!! 
Speaking of, I wish Sarah Brown was there, she and Robin's history was amazing. Robin actually said Carly was GOOD for Jason and Sonny. YES she said that. 
I'm not kidding.

This won't ruin my good mood though! 

Felicia looked so good..and Mac..awwwwwww. 

Gramma Anna gives Emma a plane ticket to come visit! yeah!! 

I'm so happy that Robert was there-- and I did cry at the end when the family said good-bye. WAHHHHH wow. Love Patrick  and Anna talking. One person missing? Epiphany. Darn it, wish she would have been there. 

Laura and Nikolas..she's all "do the right thing" yada yada. Whatever. Don't care about them today!! 

Tracy says she knows who "Hayden is"...we don't though..they didn't tell us. 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coffee Tea or??

Of all the fun things Crimson should have had gone wrong, turning it all ISN'T VERY FUNNY or interesting...Just say it's a "recycling" know "GREEN". Oh, I think Nina might be thinking the same thing!! 

 I am over JaSam and Liason. If I have to sit through this back and forth for another year. 
UGH. Sam actually "trips" up the stairs into Jason's arms. That's THREE times so far. Wyndemere, the bar and now this.
STOP IT.  He's remembering stuff. They go to Kelly's for coffee. 

Scrubs tells Emma they are going to California. She's sad at first, then ok with it (has to be). Anna finds out too. She cries. Robin cries.  They decide to have the wedding and going away party tomorrow since they are leaving so fast. 

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Jordan is dating Andre. I love Jordan and Curtis Banter... not this romantic thing as much. I think Anna likes Andre too.  Jordan and he kiss.

Franco bonds a bit with Jake..he gives him crayons to color. Liz is told by a cop there's nothing to be afraid of, they couldn't find a thing.
Did Jake see things? Or?? Is someone out to get him. 

Franco wants to be friends with Liz. Her eyebrow goes up.  She says no. He quotes Star Wars. "You DO let your boys watch Star Wars, DON'T YOU?" LOL

Jake's drawing was left in the sketch pad on the bench.  Franco finds it. It's haunted houses and looks like a Cassadine mansion.

Olivia brings over a giant photo of she, Julian and Leo in those Christmas sweaters. LOL Alexis about dies. Olivia sees her engagement ring. She's mad no one told her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday--TB Day


Because I work with kids that are so little,  and contract with the county, I have to get a TB Screening today and 'wellness" check.
Ergo, NO Live GH.

That might be too much information but I want you to know I'm doing my part keeping the youth disease free! 

:) Let me know how the show was today!! 

Monday, January 4, 2016


It must be like 1 am in the morning right? 


Nina and Franco. Stupid KIKI is in the livingroom. ugh Now Nina is like "Maybe it will ruin us" if we have sex. She's totally Mrs. Hughes from Downton today, LOL... 
BUT!! Franco is nice and they finally 'go for it" 
WOW, hottest love scene in a long long time. Goodness!! wow. 

Spin, Ellie and Sam are all talking in the Floating Rib about St. Jaysus.
Liz called him because Jake was scared and the cops came. Took until 2:30 to find out that Jake saw "someone on the lawn" started yelling and Liz called the police.
Aiden and Cam SLEPT THROUGH IT ALL.!! LMAO!! ahhahaaaa. 
Jake asks his Dad to stay so Jason sleeps on the couch. Liz apologizes for lying to him. Yada Yada

Morgan is skulking around the docks, talking to hisself. He's an idiot. Kiki scares him (she's out at 1 am on the docks?) Whatever.  She talks to him about his bipolarism. Him drinking and meds. She's been 'reading up' on it all.  His alarm on his phone goes off for him to take his meds. He's going to do it.
Um, it's 1 am...he takes meds at ONE AM? WELP!

Johnny about begs Lulu for sex. They kiss. She says no. Dante knocks on the door. He realizes she must be with someone in the room. She's like SO WHAT!? He leaves. She's all upset. She then gets upset and tells Johnny "he's never looked at me like he hates me".  WHY NOT!!!? 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kim McCullough Shares Her 2015 Year

I first saw this on twitter when SOD had something up about KM's miscarriage.  I was hesitant to RT or to post about it because it feels so raw and I didn't want to invade any privacy. I do believe now that KM wants to share and have people read about her journey this year. Go to her BLOG  and read about the brave lady that she is. 

Sunday Surgery: Another Year Down

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NEW YEARS!! You have NO IDEA who I am!!

Three day week! Here's hoping I can write this quickly and you can get back to the New Year's celebration (mine is lasting until Monday Morning when I have to get back to work!!) 

My British guests had a good time and it even snowed a bit when they left. Looks like our 60 degree weather in winder might be over? 

I'm too stuffed to eat anything so I'll just have Chai. 

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...