Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coffee Tea or??

Of all the fun things Crimson should have had gone wrong, turning it all ISN'T VERY FUNNY or interesting...Just say it's a "recycling" know "GREEN". Oh, I think Nina might be thinking the same thing!! 

 I am over JaSam and Liason. If I have to sit through this back and forth for another year. 
UGH. Sam actually "trips" up the stairs into Jason's arms. That's THREE times so far. Wyndemere, the bar and now this.
STOP IT.  He's remembering stuff. They go to Kelly's for coffee. 

Scrubs tells Emma they are going to California. She's sad at first, then ok with it (has to be). Anna finds out too. She cries. Robin cries.  They decide to have the wedding and going away party tomorrow since they are leaving so fast. 

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Jordan is dating Andre. I love Jordan and Curtis Banter... not this romantic thing as much. I think Anna likes Andre too.  Jordan and he kiss.

Franco bonds a bit with Jake..he gives him crayons to color. Liz is told by a cop there's nothing to be afraid of, they couldn't find a thing.
Did Jake see things? Or?? Is someone out to get him. 

Franco wants to be friends with Liz. Her eyebrow goes up.  She says no. He quotes Star Wars. "You DO let your boys watch Star Wars, DON'T YOU?" LOL

Jake's drawing was left in the sketch pad on the bench.  Franco finds it. It's haunted houses and looks like a Cassadine mansion.

Olivia brings over a giant photo of she, Julian and Leo in those Christmas sweaters. LOL Alexis about dies. Olivia sees her engagement ring. She's mad no one told her.


  1. I'm gonna beat Sam with her damn heels! Also Liv, really??? Overstepping much?

  2. Little Jake's drawing have lines that are too true and too experienced for a child who is supposed to be his age.
    Maybe Sam will trip one time, and take both her and Jason out. PLEASE!!!!

  3. Sam's home: So basically,

    Sam: Hi.

    Jason: Hi.

    Sam: Want me to show you around? Let's go upstairs! Oops! OUCH my ankle.

    Really Sam? REALLY?! You gotta stop wearing those kinds of heels! And when he was carrying her, it felt really awkward, and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I didn't like it.

    Julexis's home: Okay this Olivia scene was very odd. She seemed jealous of Julian and Alexis getting married. And why would Julian have to tell you that he is engaged Olivia?!!?! You need to step back! And that painting, was so strange!!! Olivia never acted this way with Sonny! If she did, Carly would tell her off! :)

    The hospital:

    Liz and Jake:

    Liz: Just promise me, you will not talk to that guy over there.

    Huh?! But Liz! I thought you and BobTodd had an understanding. That you were starting to like him!

    Liz and BobTodd: Jake wins the line of the day!

    Jake: My mom told me not to talk to you.


    BobTodd: Come on I thought we had a breakthrough.

    Exactly! Me too!!!!

    Liz: Did you think we were becoming friends?

    Awww come on Liz! I think you two would be great friends! :)

    BobTodd: That would be great. Yes lets you and I be friends.

    YEAH! :) Although Nina might be jealous. :) Oh Jake's drawings! Looks like Cassadine Island!!


    Anna and Jordan: Oh Jordan is having her second date! With whom?

    Jordan and Dr. Maddox: What?!?!! Your date is with Dr Maddox!!?!? No no no no! Jordan! You could do better! Like Curtis! :) I like you with Curtis! So I hope you and Curtis aren't brother and sister! OH man Dr. Maddox and Jordan are so boring and so dull!

    Liz and Jake: Let's go to an Italian restaurant across the street.

    What?!!?!! There is a new Italian restaurant across the street!?!?! I have so many questions!!! What's the name of it?! What does it look like? Who are the owners? When did it pop up? Did anybody in Port Chuckles go there? How are the bathrooms? What are the prices? Show pictures! Show the place!!!!!!!!

    Crimson: Dillon, Nina, Maxie, and Maxie's multicolor hair are all happy that the shipment has arrived!!!! They are squeeing! :) Oh oh! GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! ROFL! Yes I agree with Nina! Just go with it! See how it goes! :)

    Patrick's home: Love the family scenes!!!! And then you add Anna, and it's perfecto!!! :) I hope Robert is there for the wedding!!! Awwww Anna supports everything except them moving tomorrow! Love it!

    Emma: You are gonna get married and have a wedding before we move. Or my name isn't Emma Scorpio Drake!

    Yeah Emma! YOU TELL THEM! WOOT WOOT! :)

    1. Sonya it felt awkward to me also, I just don't like the pairing at all. I see no chemistry at all between the two, seems forced. As for Liv, that was just awkward and weird.

  4. Ummm, silly soap watchers. Jake totally made up the man in the window so that daddy would come back. Sheesh. Soap 101

  5. "Michelle Latta said...Sonya it felt awkward to me also, I just don't like the pairing at all. I see no chemistry at all between the two, seems forced."

    YES! Very forced! I don't see any chemistry at all either!

    "As for Liv, that was just awkward and weird."

    Yeah it made no sense! And that portrait makes no sense either!

  6. Oh my I agree with you guys on Jason and Sam they just do not connect at all. I'm not sure if it is the Billy Miller trying to play someone he is not comfortable with or what. And Olivia? come on, she is acting so damn stupid. Does she think just because she had the one night stand that produced Leo, that Julian owes her telling everything he plans and does. If I were Alexis I would have told her off, not that I care about Julian and Alexis, I just think the whole situation is just stupid. And it was sooooo predictable that Sam was going to trip going up the stairs. arghhhh, wish he would either just get his memory all back or never and move on with his life away from both Liz and Sam. And yes those drawings looked way too old for that kid. Hope they don't drag that story out forever either. Loved the Scorpio Drake stuff yesterday. Going to miss thm, but at least they are getting a happy ending this time. :)

  7. I agree about Jason and Sam. I see no chemistry at all and her falling up those stairs was beyond ridiculous. She's chased down people in those shoes and climbed buildings. We've all commented on it. now she can't even climb a stair. And the scene with her in his arms was definitely awkward and weird.

    And ditto with the Olivia stuff. I was waiting for Alexis to tell her that it was HER house...a la Quartermains...hehe What woman in her right mind would expect another man's wife to put a picture of her over her fireplace? That was just too weird. If Alexis doesn't lay the law down to Julian soon I'm ffing through all their encounters.

    The Drake family scenes were great. Emma was precious as always.

    And I can't wait for nina and maxie to stick it to Julian. lol

    And the scenes with Liz and Bob *He who shall not be named* were ok. He was good with Jake too.

  8. I feel like with Jason the story line has now been developed but the character of Jason 3.0 still needs to be developed. Unfortunately, I just don't care about him right now. A break would be nice.

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again KM had the best chemistry with Michael Easton. I don't see any between her and BM and that trip on the stairs felt forced to me too

  10. "Di said...And the scenes with Liz and Bob *He who shall not be named*"


  11. lol That message was just for you, Sonya.

  12. "Di said... lol That message was just for you, Sonya."

    Oh? :) Well thanks cus I loved it! :)


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