Friday, January 29, 2016

Watch that Last Step, it's a Doozy!

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Maxie looked SO GOOD today. I'd kill to be able to wear those clothes. I could maybe have pulled that off when I was 6.
LOL..Stupid LULU wants Dante back..NOW.  :eyeroll:

Dante almost signs the divorce papers. 
Lomax goes to Dante, tells him to stop his mama or she'll defund Big Brother Big Sister! Geessssh!
He's like get outta here. I like her, she's good and mean. I think she and Dr.O should be a couple. 

Olivia is getting looked at in the Metro while she talks to Alexis about the lawsuit. All the ladies are happy she's doing it.  Lulu asks Olivia for the key to the loft. Lulu gets all snazzed up in the dress she wore when she told Dante she was pregnant. Then, she and Maxie found the divorce papers. 

Liz talks to Franco about Jake--but she doesn't wanna hear it. Later, Jake shows her the pic of Sam-- and they decide .ut oh, maybe he does need help!! 

SO: Jake... he's with a babysitter and squirts her hair with silly string. She's upstairs washing it and he hurls a jar lid through the window. Then he touches the glass. Gets a cut, bleeds. Sam knocks on the door. He opens it. She asks what happened. He stares at her. He says someone thew a rock thru the window. She says that the glass is on the outside of the house. DUH Jake.
He runs downstairs, Sam follows, she falls. 

Parker? The professor? Is a WOMAN!!!!!!!! Krissy is upset and leaving but Parker shows up at the door. 


  1. Ha! I knew Parker was a woman! Sounds like a good episode.

  2. I knew something was up, Krissy was clearly hiding something. I was thinking more like, Krissy really did sleep with her prof and was pregnant, not that Parker was a woman.

  3. Today was good! No Sonny, we had Boobgate and finally things are moving with this whole Jake thing. Why can't EVERY day be this good??!!

  4. I still wish they'd done more terrorizing with Jake lol

  5. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu and Maxie: I was so distracted by Maxie's outfit. Is the white part of the top sewed on?

    Boobgate: When people were staring at Olivia, I was thinking they are so rude!!!!! Come on Olivia you are so outspoken! Tell those people off! But then that woman showed up and was so nice to Olivia! :) Then everyone clapped. Huh?! :) I guess the people weren't staring to be negative. :) Those high fives with Olivia and Alexis were fantastic!!!! #TeamOlivia! :)

    Olivia and Lomax: Come on Olivia smack Lomax!!! Do it!!! #TeamOlivia for the win!!! :)

    Lante home: Divorce papers!!! Go ahead Dante! Sign them. Wow Lomax is so rude to Dante!!! It's like Olivia is 5 years old and Dante is her father!!!!! Hey Lomax stop being rude and threatening to Dante in his own home!!! You heard him! GET OUT! Shari Belafonte is so good in this role!!!! :)

    Lomax: You know, not only are you a terrible husband, you're a rotten son.

    HOLY CRAP!!!! Someone slap this woman!!!!

    "Karen says Lomax goes to Dante, tells him to stop his mama or she'll defund Big Brother Big Sister! Geessssh!He's like get outta here. I like her, she's good and mean. I think she and Dr.O should be a couple."

    Hahahahaha. Yes Dr. O and Lomax would be a great couple!! And Dr. House could be Lomax's ex husband! :)

    Liz's home: Picture of Sam!!!!!

    Jake: She's a bad woman.

    Jason: What bad woman?

    Jake: Just a pretend one.


    Jake: She is a bad woman from a video game!

    Jason: Can I see the video game?

    Jake: I don't remember which video game it was.


    Oh look Jake is having silly string fun with the babysitter. Oh yes she has wash her hair out because the silly string is so HARD to get out!!!!

    "Karen says he hurls a jar lid through the window."

    Oh is that what it was?!!?! :)

    Jake's thought bubble: Oh look a broken window. Mmmm broken glass. I think I will touch it, because the voices in my head tell me too.

    *Jake touches the broken glass window*

    Jake: OW!

    Well gee Jake. What did you expect to happen? Did you think the glass was nice and soft? Oh hello Sam. Jake under the stairs!!! Oh rats. Is that how Sam falls? Jake didn't grab her leg or anything? What a jip. It's just clumsy Sam falling because she is wearing her stripper shoes. Hmmm Jake? Who else is under the stairs with you?! OH NO IT'S PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS! RUN!!!!

    The hospital: Will someone listen to BobTodd already!?!?!?!!? GEEZ! Oh FINALLY! :)

    Jason: Franco's right.


    Julexis home: Alexis and Krissy scenes were so good! :)I am so glad Molly isn't around. The last time Krissy and Molly had a scene together, Krissy was rude and told TJ Molly won't have sex! She said it just for revenge. Grow up Krissy! Anyway today's scenes were so good. Sam and Krissy scene, meh same old same old. Then at the end, PARKER IS A WOMAN!!!!!! HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!!!!!! I did NOT see that one coming!!! On another site someone said that they wish Parker was a chick. WOW is Krissy gay? Or Bi!?!?!?! What a twist!

    What happened to Carrrrrrbrina and the baby!?!?!?! They weren't shown today. Someone on that same site I brought up, said that yesterday was the last time you will see them until May!!! Cus Teresa Castillo is on maternity leave. No not May!!!!! Why can't they just show Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos in a hospital waiting for good news or bad news, and then the doctor comes out saying the baby is okay? They don't even have to show Sabrina. Otherwise I am just going to assume the baby died, mourn the loss, and then move on. :'(

  6. "kdmask said...I still wish they'd done more terrorizing with Jake lol"

    Yeah me too!!!

  7. What a surprise! My first thought was what is Bridget doing there? That's Ashley Jones from B&B!! I really like her and am amazed they kept this quiet. Good show today.

  8. Did anyone notice Kelly Monaco laughing and looking off-camera just when a scene between Sam & Krissy began? It was like she wasn't expecting the scene to have started yet. That, and Alexis & Olivia messing up their high-fives, were both cute today.

    Also, one good thing that I've noticed about the new writers: the constant flashbacks that were a daily nuisance under Ron C. have mostly disappeared now. I noticed the little montage of Jake scenes and realized that if Ron was still headwriter we would have seen each of those clips muttiple times every day the story was shown. Not a big thing, just one positive change. (Just wish most of the actual stories they are telling were more interesting, although this Krissy twist has grabbed my attention.)

  9. Oops forgot one other thing.

    Lulu and Dante: Lulu in a summer dress. Aren't you cold Lulu? Oh yes let's forget what has been going on for the last few months and let's have sex! That will solve everything. Forget talking, forget going to marriage counseling. Let's just get down and dirty with sex! *roll eyes*

  10. Random thoughts ...
    - I thought it was a coaster Jake tossed out the window? Doesn't matter. Should I even bother to wonder where Cam and Aidan are?
    - Wow, Lomax has some nerve! Dante handled her well, although I did laugh at her 'lousy husband' comment.
    - I hope we don't have to wait until May to find out if Sabrina and Carlos's baby is okay. (They wouldn't have another of Sabrina's babies die, would they?)
    - I love Anna and Robert! They are so great together.
    - Not sure how I feel about Lulu trying to get Dante back so aggressively.
    - When did Christina become Chrissy?
    - Loved the Sam/Jake cliffhanger.

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  12. "Avalonn said... Hmmmm, the Britch is back?"

    That's what I heard and saw her twitter post!!!! :)

  13. Any one else think that lulu looked like a $20.00 whore? That dress was dreadful and the makeup??? Toooooooooo much.

  14. I hope it isn't the Britch - she doesn't really fit in anymore unless it is in a storyline with mutter. Lulu did look trashy. Anna and Robert are pure gold.

  15. I hope that Britt is not the big surprise....she's okay but can do without her. and another triangle Britt/Nik/Hayden will surely put me to sleep

  16. Robert and Anna need to hit the sheets again...Would be great for Robin to pay a visit to find her parents are back together again. OR get Tristan and Genie Francis some scenes together. Robert and Laura were good friends back in the day and perhaps the two could reconnect as romantic interests.

  17. I agree - I'll be irritated if we don't get at least one Laura/Robert scene soon.

  18. I want Olivia with Robert! I remember that she had a huuuuuuuuge crush on him the last time she saw him! Let's have Robert tied in with Olivia and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The only good thing about the britch being back is we would actually have a DOCTOR besides Lucas on the show ...and ok she and Brad are funny but I guess we don't get to see him anymore since they DROPPED THAT WHOLE Rosealie Brad killing someone thing?!? Never made sense why they were married. N unless the Britch can help.

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