Saturday, January 16, 2016

General Hospital Side Fixin's...

OFF the top of my head...done on a Saturday Morning just sitting here. These are not perfect but have a crystal of possibility! 

1.  After it's found out she's out of school, Kristina works at Crimson. Molly becomes a new and upcoming model (during her breaks from PCPU) because Nina decided to do a "kids on campus" feature. Darby and she fight it out for the cover. Kristina is really mad because she wasn't asked to model. Take it from there.

2. Speaking of Crimson, since Julian owns it and he sees it's going well, he decides to further sabotage it by making his sister co-owner and pain in the ass to Nina.  It would get Ava in the Crimson orbit. Kiki would want in too--she can be Gigi Hadid and Molly can be Kendall Jenner.  We need some young guys too.  Maxie has to sort out the youngin's. Plus, Nina and Ava hate each other. Perfect. Oh, and since Franco is a wacky art guy he can work there.  Set designer.  He can still do his hospital stuff but let's face it, art therapy isn't that much in vogue at the moment.
PS. the Kiki thing ..not tied to that, she can leave as well. Maybe in a nice murder mystery (see below under "CSI") 

3. Somehow, Luke retained some ELQ stock and that letter he gave Laura was actually to change proxy to her. She's been waiting to pounce to get Tracy right where she wants her. The two vie for company control. FOR REAL. Like not every other week, but almost daily. ELQ offices appear. Michael actually does something. Monica's around. You know, Monica. Ned appears because he's off DAYS. He and Olivia marry. Olivia gets involved with ELQ as well because of her running of the Metro. (she can do business stuff). 

4. If you are going to get that hospital in gear, you'd better do it. Hell, every writer has said that the hospital will be coming back to life. So far? Wah-wah. (sad horn). Since Lucas is the only doctor so far, he needs to be ON MORE. Brad needs to be in the lab. Someone needs to be training to be a doctor (interns are the best) ...maybe TJ? Just SORA him a bit. We don't care. Felix runs the front desk ala Amy. Curtis should have been a doctor instead of a skulker ex-cop. Maddox needs to be on more because hey, we know 1/2 the town is in need of therapy. "In Treatment" was a great HBO show. They could feature a session of therapy a week with one character. Sort of a monologue, montage deep exploration about the under-belly and emotions of Port Charles. Think outside that box!  Film it completely differently than you would the soap. 

5. Speaking of out of the box, the waste of JZ on this Val story is pitiful. BB is a great actor. He needs to be front/center. If you are going to continue the MOBULAR stuff he needs to start getting  in with Ava and they become super power couple to rival Sonny and Carly. Think about that for a minute. Poetry in motion! 

6. SORA Josslyn. Hannah has left--and just age her up to be the pill in Carly's side we know she can be. If you need to SORA Spencer too. I love Nicholas but he's on another show now. We need some teens too. I know everyone is saying "Cam" too--ok, make him older as well. Being shipped off to Grams every day is dull. 

7.  Paul, Dillon.. I love ya but geesh. Sorry, you aren't working out. We need more Qs -- so either recast Dillon into a snark ( JPL would have been perfect) or cut bait. Paul can go. Love the actor but.. you got painted into the wrong corner. 

8. Bye Val. 

9.  Put Lante back together. Sure they've been together forever but even in soaps you have "that couple". I really need to see some real life stuff going on with them and Rocco. He's deaf...he's PDD-- something. Get rid of the HS or have Robert and Mac buy it. They can live on the boat with Felicia and Anna. 

10. Brownstone. LONG Overdue.  Get people living in there. That way with recurring characters, it makes sense to come/go. Pop in and have fun. 

11.  I don't even know what to do with Nathan. I know Maxie prolly should have a guy but... eesh. Dull. So I'm cutting him loose. Sorry. You're nice to look at but--

12.  As much as I like Becky and Tyler, they have to do something with these two or bye-bye to them as well.  Yes, he's a Cassadine but let's face it. He skulks around chasing Jason and this whole Hayden thing is a mess.  Missed the boat with Sarah Webber. Missed THE. BOAT! 

13.  The Jason Story. I honestly forgot about that because I HATE IT SO MUCH.  Since "Jake Doe" Is basically another character, get his interest in medicine back. Have him fall in love with all things medical. Get him in the hospital. Anything other than standing out there with no job trying to decide between Liz and Sam. This whole "in danger" thing with Jake? We know where it's going. Jake's doing everything--so just end it already. He and Monica bond again. He moves back into the mansion. 

14. Ric comes back and is like "told ya so" to Liz. She can't hate him because he lied ..she did the same thing to keep Jason. Either put them together or have Rick Hearst leave the show. He's already gone anyway so use him or lose him. 

15. Sonny and Carly go on an extended vacation for a bit. Morgan somehow thinks it's his place to run the mob. Hilarity ensues and some big time screw ups. Having Carly and Sonny go away to get him some leg treatment would get them off canvas for a bit (god knows we need a break), lets him walk again and would give Rise to Morgan the Menace in a big, big way. I think he needs to get into drug smuggling for real. Sonny comes back is furious and Morgan does a spin-off mobular company to rival ol' Dad's. Mad Morgan may be a perfect thing. PLUS if Ava and Johnny are also in there, it could be awesome for that angle alone. 

NOT that I'm encouraging the mob, mind you, but this could get Sonny OUT-- if he sees it sucked in Morgan so badly he can work with feds to get him away from the baddies and work a deal.  Michael needs to become anti-mob angry again. It worked. 

16. Ditch the cliches. Kidnappings, Who's the Daddy, false identities... the lot of it. I also never know why soaps use pregnancy the way they do. Then, they have all these babies we hardly ever see and whom get used for custody battles or danger-modes. Every woman in PC that has young kinds should be exhausted. Fires, bombs... just take a break for a bit. 

17.  Jordan should have been a Ward. She could be living at the Qs because Monica decided to help her out. But..nope. 

18.  Brad and Lucas wedding. Splashy and great fun. They both work at GH so we need them. Get the Rosie thing tied up and let them have a wedding. Maxie plans it. Bobbie's all over it too. It can be a great Spring thing. Crimson can do a big cover story on "Love and Medicine" featuring the couple. 

19. I like the concept of Julexis and having a somewhat stable fam on that end with Molly, Krissy living there. Sam could have stayed there too, I wouldn't have objected. Alexis is the lawyer in town, Julian runs the paper and Crimson from afar. He's kind of a recurring house-business guy and is used mainly for family stuff with Davis Girls. 

20.  Have Tom Hardy Jr. Come back. Yes, we are up the anny in characters but he's needed at the hospital and a core character that could tie some things together. Maddox should have been him-- he could have been a psychiatrist. He could be all protective and sibling-like to Liz because of Audrey connection. Why don't people THINK BEFORE they just create stuff? WHY!!? Same with Hayden who should have been Sarah Webber. Oy. 

21. Get a great writer of forensic/crime/hospital drama on the staff. Not the usual soap stuff but more gritty CSI type things. It would meld the law, PCPD and hospital together.  

Last but not least, why not engage twitter/social media more? Get an account for "Crimson" and have "Maxie" and "Nina" tweet and have a FB page with "behind the scenes making of" and that sort of thing. Could just be outtakes and photos. Fans love that sort of stuff! Hell, an intern can do it easily. Both KS and MS are engaged in social media anyway so they'd probably love it. 


  1. Great ideas... Not one bad one in the bunch. Wish someone from GH or ABC would actually READ this stuff...

  2. Karen - that was a masterpiece !

  3. Hey this all sounds agreeable to me. I just hope and pray they use Tristan more than Jackie Z or Kin Shriner or Lynn Herring! I NEED MORE SCOTTY AND LUCY IN MY LIFE AND MORE SCORPIO!

  4. LOVE your ideas! Very fresh and out of the box. Writers, are you listening?

  5. Replies
    1. Me too! I wish we could've had him come to GH...

    2. Me too! I wish we could've had him come to GH...

  6. You should be the head writer for GH!

  7. Please let this happen I would actively watch GH if it was close to this

  8. Love it! Only thing I would add is s real man for Laura for ONCE, and I have to say, fix the Carlos mess and get Sabrina back to Michael as soon as TC is able.

  9. So how do we all send this to TPTB??????????????

  10. Everything sounds great, but the writers don't care what we want. They are writing for them.

  11. Also would love to see Ned back and he and Olivia together. Want her to stop this silly jealousy routine with Alexis and Julian, it's unbecoming to her.

  12. Love it all and would just add Michael Easton to the list I don't care who he plays. JPL would have made a great Dillon!!!

  13. Seriously Send this to Nathan Varni.. He might listen

  14. Wish I knew why the only ones WITHOUT vision are the writers. Or, do they have vision but aren't allowed to use it because it doesn't fit in with the "plan".

  15. I love how short and sweet #8 was..."Bye Val." Hahaha! Also #11 - some feel he has improved, but in the 2 yrs he's been on the show I find RP is only marginally less stiff than he was on day one. I like good guys but I think Nathan is very dull and has zero personality.

    I don't know if anyone read the SOD article where Nathan Varni says all the right things about improving the show, acknowledging the ratings decline and how viewers FF a lot of scenes, and the desire to use the vets more than just background or as talk-to's. He mentioned that Laura is supposed to be getting a story, which we've heard before. Varni gets a lot of flak from viewers, so I wonder if all of this is sincere, or is he just blowing smoke. I guess time will tell!

  16. dear karen,

    i couldn't have said it better myself.


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