Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dream A Little Dream


Sonny dreams he can walk. Morgan wants to help with the Business. Sonny is all NO WAY.  He should just tell Morgan he's too stupid to handle it but he uses the bipolar excuse.

Kiki and Ava..AGAIN at the Metro discussing their relationship. Paul looks on. 
Paul tells Ava he was thrown out of the Q house. 

Sabrina tells Anna Michael's no the father of her baby.  She does tell her it's Carlos. Anna wonders if he forced himself on her-- she's like NOPE.  Anna tries out "too bad Carlos is dead"-- and Sabrina drops her coffee. 
Later, Anna offers to babysit for Sabrina. 
Later than that...Sabrina calls Carlos. 

Jordan and Dr. Maddox make another date. 

Morgan talks to Dr. He says he doesn't feel like he "fits" in his family. He also thinks being stable is boring.  Dr Maddox says Sonny's setting  a great example by trying to walk. Ok, whatever. 


  1. "Dr Maddox says Sonny's setting a great example by trying to walk. Ok, whatever."

    Okay this kind of stuff needs to stop. It can't be Jelly's idea to write this sort of stuff. Who's dictating this? I feel like they are trying to write Sonny Conrinthos as if he's Victoria Lord. LOL

  2. Yes, God help us if Sonny Corinthos has now become the great example of how to live your life.

  3. You know I wish they would make Sonny a true patriach, at this point he could start to pull it off, not so much Carly doing the Matriach thing tho. But yes making him a good example for trying to walk..... that is stupid.

  4. Soooooo boring! I'm so sick of Morgan, please just stfu already....today was a waste.

  5. A lot of great scenes today!!

    Sonny's home:

    Morgan and Sonny: Great scene!! I hope Morgan doesn't go behind Sonny's back and helps him in his business! Don't skip meds Morgan! Morgan wins the line of the day!

    Morgan: Hey Mikey. Worry about your own life.


    Michael and Sonny: Great scene!!! Poor Michael!!! :( Love that Sonny is giving Michael advice. :)


    Sabrina and Michael: Awwwww. :( This breaks my heart! Forgive her Michael! :(

    Anna and Sabrina: Wait so Anna was in earshot of Mabrina, but yet she didn't hear anything they said? Come on! Oh oh Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos talk is making Sabrina nervous! :)Oh and I am so glad that Scrubs are safe and sound!!! Whew. Glad the plane didn't crash!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava and Kiwi: Great scene! Love the rules and boundaries Kiwi set up! :)

    Kiwi and Morgan: I'm not sure where the writers are going with dumb and dumber.

    Ava and Paul: Great scene! Dirty money makes Ava a horny gal! :) Come on Paul! How long does she have to wait until she gets to have dirty sex with you? :)

    The police station/Jordan's office: Oh no! Not Dr. Maddox! Don't trust him Jordan!!! I don't trust him ever since he blackmailed Anna!!! Dr. Maddox giving Jordan a knick knack? What is that thing? A listening device? Oh Anna even notices! Jordan even moves it around!!! I am going to keep my eye on that thing!

    The hospital/Dr Maddox's office: Oh great scene between Morgan and the doctor! :) Morgan is realizing a lot of things! Bravo Brian Craig for the scene!!!! :)

    Hey they didn't show that rude doctor from yesterday! On another site, this person called him a Dr. House wannabe! I am going to call him Dr. House from now on! :) I hope we see him again! Or is he just on once? :(

  6. Sonny like Victoria Lord LOLOLOLOLOL thanks for my laugh of the day. I don't know what they are trying to do with him but it's not working for me


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