Thursday, January 7, 2016


"By the powers vested in me by the internet.."

I Loved Robin's dress. Such a beautiful color and not the usual princess white-look. 
This is what soaps are all about..sniff. 
That's what legacy non-recasted characters can bring!! 
Speaking of, I wish Sarah Brown was there, she and Robin's history was amazing. Robin actually said Carly was GOOD for Jason and Sonny. YES she said that. 
I'm not kidding.

This won't ruin my good mood though! 

Felicia looked so good..and Mac..awwwwwww. 

Gramma Anna gives Emma a plane ticket to come visit! yeah!! 

I'm so happy that Robert was there-- and I did cry at the end when the family said good-bye. WAHHHHH wow. Love Patrick  and Anna talking. One person missing? Epiphany. Darn it, wish she would have been there. 

Laura and Nikolas..she's all "do the right thing" yada yada. Whatever. Don't care about them today!! 

Tracy says she knows who "Hayden is"...we don't though..they didn't tell us. 



  1. I'm actually going to watch this.

  2. You were so right, Karen. This was a true soap opera day. Hooray!!!
    I got misty at all the good byes, too. And boy, the tear ducts really burst the dam with the SCRUBS flashbacks.
    Ahh, nice soapy day.

    1. I know right! I loved the flashbacks. So sad to see them go.

  3. Looking forward to todays episode.

  4. Looking forward to today's episode, also. Some of my patients cancelled today, so I might actually watch it before dinner, YAY!!

    Here is an invitation to all of you: I know I mentioned losing my good friend, Karen, in November, who shared with me for decades our mutual passion for GH. Well, she passed the legacy onto her children, who have watched it, I guess, since they were born (and likely even before). Her daughter invited me to join her and her brother at a GH event in Bellmore, which is on Long Island in NY. The show is Jan. 30 at a comedy club, and will feature Carly, Ava, Lulu and Maxie. I bought VIP tickets for my Goddaughter and me--she went with me to the last (and only) event I went to, where I got to go backstage and meet Sonny, Jason, et al. (I have spoken about this several times on this blog.) So, if any of you live, or are in NYC on Jan. 30, it would be SO FUN if you met us there! The website is, let me know if you plan to come!

  5. Ant Joan, that invitation is just wonderful. Wish I could join you and the other wubbers. But cannot at this time, so I would request that you take photos, and memories and share them with us, please.
    And please give greetings from this wubber to your friend's daughter.
    And especially, please, HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!!

  6. The wedding scenes were wonderful! Just their closest friends, although Patrick should have invited Epiphany also. I expected more interaction with Robert, since he has been Robyn's dad for thirty years on the show. Maybe he was too emotional to say a lot on camera.

    I can't believe Nic is going to blackmail Jason! I hope Jason surprises Nic by going to the cops instead of giving in to the blackmail.

    1. I hate Nik! Glad Jason brought up Emily's name, not like it did any good.

  7. I boo-hoo'ed at the Robin-Anna scene in which Anna told Robin to go live her life. My daughter lives away in New Orleans and I am so proud of her -- but I miss her so much. FH and KM really love each other and the sentiment shone throughout the scene. #sniff

  8. kd said....PERFECT SOAPY DAY!! SNIFF I cried. GESSSH.

    My sentiments exactly. And I did cry. Loved the wedding and the family scenes, and the montage at the end. It was an episode that I might actually rewatch. *sniff*

  9. Ishould: Thanks so much, will do!!

  10. Scrubs wedding: WOW! LOOK!! It's Felicia, Robert, Anna, and Mac all in one room!!!! *passes out* Robin looks beautiful with that dress! And love her hair! Carly comes in with dessert and puts it near a lit candle!!! Geez Carly! You want to start a fire?!!?!?! I did not cry until Patrick gave Emma vows!!! :'( Love the flashbacks!!! I did not like Patrick's hair then. I didn't even find him attractive back then. Beautiful wedding!!!!!!

    Carly and Robin:

    Robin: You are good for Jason.

    SAY WHAT?!!!?!

    Robin: You are good for Sonny.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!?!?! :0 Never thought I would ever hear Robin say that! Back then, no Carly wasn't good for them! :)

    Robin and Jason: I love the way Jason got very close to Robin. See? Now THAT felt natural, and not forced. Great scene!

    Anna and Emma: Awwww Anna giving Emma a plane ticket! Yes Emma! You could come visit sometime! Every now and then! :)

    Liz and Patrick: Awwwwww! :) Sweet sweet sweet. Wait we never got to see Patrick confront Liz about Jason! What a wasted opportunity! :(

    Liz and Jason: Awwww Jason! Forgive her. :(

    Emma and the bouquet of flowers: After the wedding is over, and Emma sees the flowers, it was near a candle, so I thought it would start a fire. Twice I thought there was going to be a fire at the wedding. Emma is acting very strange wit that bouquet. What is going on there?

    Emma, Patrick, and Robin: Bye bye!!! I will miss you guys!!! Oh no wait! They aren't going to have a plane crash and Patrick and Robin are going to die are they?!!?!?! Anna said a second time to Emma she has the plane ticket! Oh no! Writers no!!! Emma has been through enough!!!! Please no!!!!! :( Let them have a happy ending!!!! Oh crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant: Great advice Laura you gave to Tracy!!!! Hope she takes it!!!! Now where is Luke so Laura can tell Luke that Helena is dead! Maybe he knows already.

    The hospital/Nik's room: Oh look Nik still has that maxie pad on the side of his neck, and it looks like it's gonna fall off! Tyler Christoper sounds like he has a cold. Oh hi Laura!!! More wonderful advice from Laura!!!! :) But when is Laura gonna have her own storyline? :)

    Liz's home: WHAT THE HELL NOISE WAS THAT?!!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?! :0

    1. Girl Sonya, Paddy was soooo hot back then. Yeh what was that noise?

  11. "AntJoan said...Looking forward to today's episode, also. Some of my patients cancelled today"

    Hmmmm. I wonder if they cancelled because they wanted to watch GH. :)

  12. Today was just beautifully written and acted . I was boohooing through it all. Really going to miss that Scorpio Drake family. These actors do obviously care about each other which makes it all the more moving.
    Wish I could go AntJoan-have a great time!

  13. Geez, remember when an actual wedding back in the day on GH would take like a whole week or so to get through? Now they blast one out in an hour! That said, it was pretty good for what it was although I still don't understand the reasoning in writing the characters off to the west coast. Oh least they get the happy ending!
    KM and JT will be missed - that was a Guza-era storyline that actually worked for me. Liked Patrick's connection to Noah Drake and the chemistry that KM/JT had was pretty good.
    Guess we're down to just Anna and Mac/Flea and Maxie to carry what's left of the Scorpio torch in town.

    Other stuff: dang Genie Francis is great even with the bare bones stuff they are giving her these days. Seriously, it's time for A REAL STORYLINE FOR HER.

  14. Yes, let us have a petition: REAL STORYLINE FOR GENIE!! (And, while they're at it, more hospital and less mob, and STORYLINES FOR ALL THE LEGACY CHARACTERS!)

    Sonya, I was wondering who was going to mention the maxi pad on Nik's neck!

  15. I agree about Genie needing a decent storyline and she looked fantastic yesterday. On the other hand, aside from the maxi pad and I don't know if it was just the makeup, but Nik looked terrible - really puffy.

  16. "AntJoan said...Sonya, I was wondering who was going to mention the maxi pad on Nik's neck!"

    Well someone was bound to. It might as well be me! ROFL! And this wasn't the first time I did either hahaha.

    "LindaV says On the other hand, aside from the maxi pad and I don't know if it was just the makeup, but Nik looked terrible - really puffy."

    He did look puffy. He also sounded like he had a cold.. Poor thing!

  17. Yesterday was so good! A day I have been looking forward to, a day when it all came together. I think it is now time for me to stop watching for a while. I will keep up with this blog to see if anything interesting is actually happening, but too much going on in my life for stories that don't move.

  18. I loved the wedding, the only thing that bothered me was Felicia not getting to say a word, yet Sonny and Carly did. I didn't even like them being there

  19. "Michelle Latta said...Girl Sonya, Paddy was soooo hot back then."

    You think so? I think he is hotter now. :)


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