Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Doc In Town

General Hospital has cast it's newest doctor and he sure do look like Patrick! Oh well. I was liking Dr. Kranky with Sonny but we all know that couldn't last. Matt Cohen, who has a recurring gig on Supernatural will come on as Dr. Griffin Munro. No Tom Hardy Jr. No relation that we know of. Just Dr. Munro. 

February is set for his air-date. 


  1. Yeah I saw that today! Well we do need new doctors. Too bad Dr. Kranky is gone! I really liked him!!! I guess Munro he is gonna have a good bedside manner? Blech!

  2. Matt Cohen?? Really, a hot Jewish guy, and they have to cast him as someone named Munroe? Why can't we have a Jewish person on the show? Huh? Why?

  3. I don't care how cute he is I still want Michael Easton back. The scenes with Sam and the DNA doc were beyond ridiculous. Maybe all the problems weren't all RC's fault, just a thought. The best part of the week was Mac and Robert together


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