Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Don't go all Full Frontal on me Man"!

And Alexis in a hot pink dress? WOW...  NLG did say she wore spanks that day lol. At least Shawn took his shirt off. Coleman was like Leave the PANTS ON!
Um, those coffee bags as a 'set' is getting old. I mean--why do they stand around in there? I get Sonny took Joe in to scare him but now? What!? Go into your office!

Sam and Jason. zzzzzzzzz snoozah. Todd realizes his safe was opened. Sam of course, didn't see the paternity results.

Carly wacked Todd with her purse!! LOL and forced him to apologize to Johnny.  And she gets a call from Josslyn's camp. CAMP? A three year old is at a CAMP? I'm assuming it's sleepaway because it's night. What. weird. I KNOW Joss is due to be SORA'd but that might make her like seven. geesh.

Trey took the dang time machine from Atlantic City to PC again!! LOL..his Dad's just pimping that BOY OUT!! 

Today was just boring again..maybe it's the heat. Not sure.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Cameron Recast?

Hey..could happen!!
Only Foolin'

Heather WUBBER

Yep. I'm calling her Heather WUBBER.

Today was retroactive (fake) flashbacks explaining how Johnny's goons saw the baby switch. Now, why wouldn't he have told back then?? He was saving it for blackmail MAYBE??  okayyyyyy

The rest of today was just boring as hellooooo.

Love how Joe has "Inmate" stenciled on his ORANGE jump suit...in case we couldn't tell. LOL
Joe tells Trey to basically become "involved" with Krissy.

ABC's Foolery Cut 2 Minutes from this scene!

Wubber Kristin let me know that 2 critical minutes were cut from this Anna/Heather scene... Watch it all, pretty great stuff. Why the idiots cut it we'll never know!! Probably to get more GAA in. ;/

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Ask The Wubqueen

A turn of events here!! I am answering questions send in by you...on any subject you wish. We'll get to those before I get to discussing this week's show... First question up: 


Over the past month or so, your WUBRUMORS/WUBSPOILERS have  
consistently eluded to returning vets. However, there are no concrete  
names of the characters/actors. We all know that it is your policy not  
to portray things as fact unless you know they are fact. We ALSO know  
that there have been times when you have told us to "take things with  
a grain of salt" due to changes and reschedules. As we all sit here on  
a Sunday, grains of salt in our hand, can you PLEASE give us a few  
actual names that may be teased around behind the scenes of vets who  
have been mentioned as possibly returning? (GH staff only, please). We  
know about Constance Towers. You rumored Richard Dean Anderson. How  
about a few names (and storylines?) that might SHOCK us in regards to  
our beloved vets?

Great..the hardest one FIRST!! Scrub UP and let's get crackin, shall we?  

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony!

You know I wanted to see THESE ladies at the ceremony!!! WOOT! Get the STOLI OUT!! British Wub Hub and I were loving it. Well, I more than he-- Come on--MARY POPPINS! PRODIGY!! Frankie Goes to Hollywood! Mr. Bean!! What!! Too fun.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Bond and The Queen..and THE CORGIS!!

If only stupid Meredith and Matt didn't TALK OVER half the music!! Geesh. I could have lived without NBC's stuff. Ryan Seacrest included. Just show the opening! 

All those little British boys singing...National Health Care (and started by JM Barrie)!  Nightmares! And my fave was the Industrial Revolution's set. WOWZA

All in all it was pretty glorious! Yeah for London home of Hubby-- and of course my kid is 1/2 British!! I will be Team USA. heh.
Yes, Even the Uniforms.

Now...who but a cool country would play Pet Shop Boys while the athletes were coming in!!??

Hey Jude.


Great Day for Dialog!

I'm not even going to snark on the show--fancy that!! Just watch it.  I found it to be very good and honest. Patrick and Liz....Tracy and Luke... Anna Looking for Robin and Johnny and Todd. 
Even Ewan had some good lines! Jane Elliot was on FIRE today.

"Mom" said Robin when she heard Anna in the hall.... The puzzle is: Why pretend Robin is dead and not just kill her? Why keep her alive?? Hmmmm. 
Tick Tock. 


Kelly Monaco Will Be on DWTS All Stars!

ABC announced today the celebrities who’ll be participating in Dancing With the Stars‘ upcoming all-star edition. They include: Pamela Anderson, Kelly Monaco, Melissa Rycroft, Helio Castroneves, Drew Lachey, Bristol Palin, Apolo Anton-Ohno, and Kirstie Alley.

OMG..wait..BRISTOL PALIN!? OMG. Please. 

TCA News and Views!

Friend Terry Morrow (@telebuddy) of Nashville attended the ABC TCA yesterday and has a terrific blog up about the whole event. 

When they feared the show was being canned, "we were kind of like the walking dead for little while," Nancy Lee Grahn said. "It was like we were heading for the iceberg going, 'Why doesn't somebody do something?'

Read it all on Telebuddy's Blog --"The Past" "The Present" and..some semi-spoilers!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

GIANT GH Trending Today!

It was the critics' panel for #GH, and they were trending on twitter!! Which was a nice surprise. I had taken a LITTLE nap because twitter was down and when I got up-- there they were! NICE! I think Jason Thompson was trending at one point as well. THIS Is why:

 BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 26: Actress Kelly Monaco and actor Michael Easton speak onstage at the 'General Hospital' panel during day 6 of the Disney ABCTelevision Group portion of the 2012 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 26, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) 

It was the critics panel! GH isn't usually a part of that. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Ghost Anthony is back!! WOOT!! I'm so happy. I only wish Claudia was back as well.

Robin's trying to get out of being shocked and Lulu's trying to get Patrick to rehab. Poor Robin gets a a bite plate while her brain is being washed. wahhhhh She's in Ferncliff..where Ewan worked. You know it's him. (well, ONE of them)He examines her.

EWWWWWWWWWWan is back. Wonder why? Hmmmm. Liz says he's the best psychiatrist ever. yeah..he was on a COT looking at the ceiling with you! ! He runs into Liz.

Todd tells ConKate Crimson is "a magazine about playing dress up".
another gem:
"The world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime TV chat show!"
Kate matched Todd's office perfectly in her turquoise dress.  Todd knows Johnny did it!! he's gonna kill him!

Anna would make a wonderful vampire..those teeth are perfect!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bed Pan in the Head!

Robin really looks like she might be escaping her "prison"....at least she beaned the nurse lady in the noggin and ran!! 
Then she's caught again!
Patrick is talking to her...through his brain. 

Robin is going to get mind-shocked with some big machine.

Starr and  Todd...classic Todd and Starr. He's going to send that photo of McBam to Natalie.

Anna tells Luke Robin could be alive. She knows, she was dead a long time after Faison "Blew her up".  Luke says Heather is just being crazy and mean to Anna.

Johnny should just kill Connie because she's he one that knows his secret. (that's my reason lol) 

Starr, Michael, Sonny and ConKate at brunch together!!

Jason wasn't on...I think day 8. Steve Burton must have had his first real vacay in YEARS. 

What's more FUN in a POP Culture diva's day? The Jackson Family dramaz or the Kristen Stewart apology? ahahhahhahaaha. She's such a bad actress AND a (fill in the blank). The director is scum too. What idiots.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday on GH: Ask The Wubqueen

Here's an idea sent in by one of the wubbers out there: Ask me any question about GH or life-- fun stuff WHATEVER and I'll try to answer it in Sunday Surgery! You can email me at maskedrumors@aol.com  Just put SUNDAY QUESTIONS. Keep them clean because I'm delicate.  LOL
Not really.

TODAY I need a BREAK from GH. That's the truth. Even after yesterday's hooey, I just need a little break! I trust you understand...  :) I will be looking for spoilers however so check THE WUBS NET tonight.

Monday, July 23, 2012

FIRE! LSD Trips! and Lipstick!!

Dom  Z 's wife is going to have another baby! Read about it on Soaps In Depth!

Um, it's so hot I don't want to go out!! Now I know what it must be like in the Southern States-- indoors a LOT. 

TODAY's SHOW:  Lulu is just the pharmacist, detective, bar owner and now psychologist.  LOL. I love her but geesh, she's all of a sudden Jack o' All Trades! 

"How could you not know Blair?  I'm the guy"...says Todd  "You're in my heart" says Blair... crying...

Connie is back and she ate some lipstick. 

Olivia got a big shot of LSD in her hip. YOU know she's going to be on a LONG, STRANGE TRIP!!  Steven Lars stood there like a giant trout with it's MOUTH OPEN when Dante told him it was Heather that injected Olivia. LOL...
Dante ripped him Steve a NEW ONE!! 

The Fire: Luke's in there, Anna sends the other cop UP to get the firetrucks  (I guess the radios don't work) and then she's wacked from behind. hahaahaa. Heather CHANGED CLOTHES and got by all the police and fire people to get to the cabin. It would be way more hilarious if she was still in her maid's outfit. 
Anna is kick ass Anna of old!! Loved her slugging Heather.
No one was coughing in that mess of a shed? LOL 

All Luke had to do was pee on that fire. You know he had enough in him after all that time! LOL 

Heather aims...shoots. See you tomorrow!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Surgery: "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Nancy Lee Grahn's Charity Event

Oh, I had trouble thinking about what to write this Sunday. So I sat, and I sat...I went over clips and photos. And I sat.
How was GH for you this week? I didn't think it was bad--or all that boring but I'm finding it hard to be excited or add anything new to the conversation.
Luke tried to burn himself out of the roaps.
Anna's solving the Heather mess
Heather's running all over like a chicken with her head cut off
Steven Lars is an idiot
Pat sees "Robin"
Starr Sings
ConKate's bug eyed.  
And... Blair's in town.

That's it. 
JaSam was off all week...so was McBain. Sonny seemed to be standing in the warehouse for days while people came and went to Atlantic City. I do find it hard to care about the Joe Jr. and Trey back story. 
The promo on Friday gave away just about everything that's happening on Monday so there's that.  Not a lot happening if you ask me. 
I had an interesting talk with my hairdresser last week. She is a big GH fan and so's her BF,  Krissy. They loved OLTL as well. She was like: so..is anything happening I should know about?


We know eventually the baby will be back...that Jason will find out the truth-- yada yada. Robin's alive and some contrived story will be brought into play. Word is Jerry Jacks will be back and Ewan tied to it all. NLG even tweeted she's kissing an "old Flame"--presumed to be Mr. Jacks.

SCENE Not SCENE of the WEEK: For the first time the best scene of the week for me was also the worst. How can that be? Well... here goes my explanation:  Jason Patrick is stellar in his scenes as always. Kimberly brought her single tear and was awesome. I loved it..and I also hated it. I told you that day it was so reminiscent of the Ghost Gigi and Rex story I could have gagged on my iced tea.  I am NOT into that. I am in dire need of new material. If Delphina comes out I'm running the other way! 

Kudos for the Todd Blair scene as well...it was brilliant. IF you know them from OLTL. If not---then. Sorry. 

So the discussion remains about watching GH. Of COURSE I'm going to keep watching the show. Everyday dialog is hilarious--and it's MY SHOW.  The cast, crew, production team et al are fantastic. We have our 50th anniversary coming up. (note I said WE lol--) Yes, I want more of this and less of that. The show is a so much better than last year, I can't even tell you.  We need to watch or DVR as much now as ever. I can see that Lara Spencer all chipper and ready to be in OUR time slot. All I can say to that is BACK UP!

Scuttlebutt: SID is saying Jen Lilley is out and Kirsten Storms will be back filming soon.  Glad Kirsten's back, sad Jen is leaving.

Frank V said something like he loves Nurses and Loves Singing so...that may be a fine thing for the Nurses' Ball return at some point!! They still keep promising "returns" and I hear Sebastian Roche is coming as Jerry. See the spoilers on WUBS NET.

Another BIG Rumor? Someone from FCW said Steve Burton sold his LA home and is moving to Nashville for good (contract is up in Sept).  Now this is TOTAL unconfirmed gossip but I'm feeling all TMZ right now 'cause I need some fun.
On a more sober note, it doesn't look like John Ingle will be back as Edward anytime soon.

Ratings:( SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Ratings Report for the Week of July 9-13, 2012
Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,402,000 (-103,000/-212,000)
2. B&B 3,065,000 (-50,000/+121,000)
3. GH 2,318,000 (+76,000/-124,000)
4. DAYS 2.230,000 (-179,000/-201,000
 Only show to gain viewers last week...it's not a lot but it's a gain.  See all the stats on Soap Opera Network.

 In the New York Times Crossword:
Now, how cool is that!!

About Fan Club weekend:

Hearing Michael Easton has the longest line; received loudest applause at fan club weekend.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kudos to Jen Lilley....

SID Announced today that Jen Lilley will be leaving GH  and Kirsten Storms will be taking back the role of Maxie Jones. I know a lot of people will be happy-- and as a fan of Kirstens's I am as well. I will also really miss Jen. She embraced the complex character of Maxie; she of rapid fire dialog and quirky personality traits. I think Jen did it with gusto.

KS left right in the middle of the JaSam wedding reception and 'poof' Jen stepped right in. It couldn't have been easy. Maxie was on almost every day and also had the break down after Robin "died".  Talk about into the frying pan!
The other thing I admired was her embracing of twitter and the GH fans. She engaged in a dialog with GHers at a time when many of them didn't want to hear about anyone "taking over" Maxie.

With her bigger than life eyes and peppy personality, I really took to Jen and found Maxie with a bit of new life. When Kristina Wagner came back, Jen even looked like she could be her daughter. I think she grew into the role and I give her credit for everything. 

Here's hoping that Jen finds great success in her career. She's already been in  "The Artist"  (THE movie of 2011) and upcoming Pepsi commercials that go through time.  Jen also attended the FCW and had a fun bowling party with fans last night. 

Good Luck girlie!!  Now you're part of the GH family--meaning we are going to be following you everywhere. Sorry about that!! ;) 

Tweet Jen at: or join her FB page:  Jen Lilley

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is for Foolin' Around.

This photo is on GH's FB page today and I have to say, this is the worst sweater/shirt thing for Finola EVER. ugh, I hated it when I saw it!! There, that's my shallow post for today.

Not really in the mood to blog about GH-- seems not really important.I actually watched a rerun of "The Hills" today because I needed mindless TV. Speidi got married. There is mindless for you. 
Son had a flat while leaving for work so I'm trapped in the house. bah. 

Luke is going to kill his voice. 

Olivia is WAY to smart to be pushing Heather like his...come on. AND then she wouldn't let her leave?

Sonny tells Kate "he'll wait" if she's "not up to it" ummm, I seriously doubt that's ALL "Kate".  They were kinda porno today..didn't like it. 

Patrick kisses LULU thinking she's ROBIN! whoops!

"only person in the world who can calm me  down" says Todd to Blair... What great scenes for OLTL fans...not so much for GH fans. Sorry.  POOR TODD!

TOLD YOU CONKATE was still a nutter. 


Hearts to Aurora

What can one say? Nothing--it's a time to reflect and just be kind. Life is fleeting and there is madness everywhere. Take care of one another.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today was ASK GH with Kris Alderson ...this is her tweet about Maxi's outfit:

's outfit 😍 it's a shirt and a shirt! They're separates! Can you believe it? Props to our Emmy winning wardrobe team.

You know I love the wardrobe stuff. And Prop Stuff..and set stuff.  

LSD for LUKE!! YEAH! WE all NEED SOME!! Heather is going to give it to Anna? Huh? Oh to make her cray-cray.
As a baby, it was Steven Lars (then known as P.J.) who caused Heather to ingest the crazy-making LSD. Just and FYI...speaking of I HATE the Steven Larz and Olivia story. She is too good of a character to waste on this nonsense. Let her run Kelly's..or marry a cop-- I don't know. 

RJ should have walked in that club because it has Indigo's lighting!! Anyway, I like KA's singing. It's bland but I've heard worse. LOVED her dress very unexpected for her age.Just looked nice.

I think Trey is gay...he's not even looking at Krissy's tah tahs. it would be a nice touch, we need a gay character, imo--and he's a MOBULAR's son. 

Anna caught the forger guy-- and Dante looked like a Men in Black. They also found out about the Memphis connection and Maggie's murder!  AND Heather goes after Olivia with the tea LOL.

Patrick takes about 9 pills  GEEzee no wonder he's seeing things. OMG

Robin says "Save Me"...
SHE'S GIGI and if you know What I'm talking about back me up. WHAT LAZY WRITING IS THIS? first the DID stuff NOW the REX/GIGI sheeze??

I love Ron you all know that but this?
Not cool.

Primetime Emmy Noms

 I wish "The Middle" would get some Emmy love...wah. I am happy that "Breaking Bad" and "Downton Abbey" got quite a few.  The Supporting Actors in a Drama Series are all awesome. I had no idea "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was still on. LOL 


"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS)
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" (HBO)
"Girls" (HBO)
"Modern Family" (ABC)
"30 Rock" (NBC)
"Veep" (HBO)


Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in "The Big Bang Theory"
Larry David as Himself in "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan in "House of Lies"
Louis C.K. as Louie in "Louie"
Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy in "30 Rock"
Jon Cryer as Alan Harper in "Two and a Half Men"


Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in "Girls"
Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn in "Mike & Molly"
Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day in "New Girl"
Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in "Nurse Jackie"
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope in "Parks and Recreation"
Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in "30 Rock"
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer in "Veep"


Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett in "Modern Family"
Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett in "Modern Family"
Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy in "Modern Family"
Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker in "Modern Family"
Max Greenfield as Schmidt in "New Girl"
Bill Hader as various characters in "Saturday Night Live"


Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler in "The Big Bang Theory"
Kathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskey in "Desperate Housewives"
Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy in "Modern Family"
Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in "Modern Family"
Merritt Wever as Zoey Barkow in "Nurse Jackie"
Kristen Wiig as various characters in "Saturday Night Live"


"Boardwalk Empire" (HBO)
"Breaking Bad" (AMC)
"Downton Abbey" (PBS)
"Game of Thrones" (HBO)
"Homeland" (Showtime)
"Mad Men" (AMC)


Glenn Close as Patty Hewes in "Damages"
Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in "Downton Abbey"
Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick in "The Good Wife"
Kathy Bates as Harriet Korn in "Harry's Law"
Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in "Homeland"
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson in "Mad Men"


Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson in "Boardwalk Empire"
Bryan Cranston as Walter White in "Breaking Bad"
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in "Dexter"
Hugh Bonneville as Robert, Earl of Grantham in "Downton Abbey"
Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody in "Homeland"
Jon Hamm as Don Draper in "Mad Men"


Anna Gunn as Skyler White in "Breaking Bad"
Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham in "Downton Abbey"
Joanne Froggatt as Anna in "Downton Abbey"
Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma in "The Good Wife"
Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart in "The Good Wife"
Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway Harris in "Mad Men"


Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad"
Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo 'Gus' Fring "Breaking Bad"
Brendan Coyle as John Bates in "Downton Abbey"
Jim Carter as Mr. Carson in "Downton Abbey"
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones"
Jared Harris as Lane Pryce "Mad Men"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Coco Chanel Rule

Anna tells Emma to always "take off one accessory"...aw, they are both so cute!

BLAIR IS HERE!! Todd is not happy she's next door..whoops. Todd doesn't like to have Blair and her "man whore" next door !ahahaa. Although Tomas isn't here so that's awesome for those two. Todd can't contain himself. He even said "Blairbonics"!!! eeee!!

Oh Maxie's chartreuse dress was just killin' me. I hate that color. Spinelli finally grew a pair and told her off again! yeah!! 
CARLY'S BOOB-SLING of a dress was awful too!!

Anna and Patrick had a nice chat... although she didn't like the Maxie - Factor very much.  "Thank you Grandma Anna"..awww.

Luke ate that BLT like porn!! LOL... and his letter to "Lulu"? Ummmm okay

Luke's letters were pretty cool. The handwriting thing was genius.

"Part of me wants to send you a strip-o-gram just to get a rise out of him," says Johnny to Lulu

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Promise I Won't Touch Your Little Johnny

So, what's this? Says Carly holding the hockey mask!! heh... He tells Carly it's Jack. "Jack hates me, he gets that from his Mom"... Todd told her the whole Victor story too. Carly tells Todd Blair is coming.

Sonny has been in the coffee bean bag room for 3 days now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  GEESH at least go get something to eat. There is NO WAY Kate is Trey's mother. I mean Olivia and Dante are bad enough but Kelly Sullivan is 34 and looks it!

Poor Dante...even his Mama brings Cannoli's... which everyone knows makes Italians amorous! Olivia has a beer with Dante...

Johnny and Lulu discuss Heather. She listens i n on her computer.

I did some investigation and it looks like Kelly Sullivan is 34 and Erik V (Trey) may be 32!! ahahahahaaa.
They look EXACTLY the same age which is why I went on a hunt for their ages. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Kim McCollough Back to GH....Sort of...

 well this is what SOD has to say about it:
Kimberly McCullough, who was last seen on GH in March when it was revealed that Robin didn't perish in the hospital lab explosion, after all, returns to the show this week and reunites with Jason Thompson's Patrick. "It was great to work with Kimberly again," says the actor. For more details on the long-awaited scenes, see this week's Digest.

We know it's him  "Seeing Robin" on the boat. It's not like she's BACK BACK.
Sonny needs to throw Krissy OUT THE WINDOW! Right out! UGH. She's such a stupid little wench. She said she wants to be the next Kim Kardashian. Did you hear Sonny say "You want to show off your giant..(beat) mistakes"??!! heh.

ConKate going to Joe Jr. I really didn't like that interpretation of the scene. Rang false, and the dialog was too weird. 
Joe Jr. and Trey look A LOT alike!! Trey got to Atlantic City in about 10 min if you follow Sonny and Xtina's convo. LOL..even for GH that's fast. It's CRAZY!! At least Trey finds out Dad knows Sonny. 
CONKATE made it back to PC too!! ahaha. Atlantic City is like NINE hours away-- good lord.

Tawd cuts the pineapple in half for Luke!! LOL then he gives him a juice box! He almost had Todd talked into it.

Heather and Anna...zzzzzzzz

Olivia and Dante  Zzzzzzzzzzz

Johnny and Lulu zzzzzzzzzzz

Kudos on the Anthony Look alike...right down to the bowling shirt.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Blind Ambition

Cartini will need Neo powers to thwart off cyber-attacks!
 I'm starting out this week's Surgery a bit differently. I'm going to start with some RUMORS that are tearing around the net. The biggest being that Liason have Sex and so do McBam.  Todd's finally going to come to his senses, tell Sam in a letter or something and then tell Tea. After much foolin' around and chasing, Tea finally gives Victor up to Sam. By this time, Todd also spills that it's Jason's kid and whoops but everyone is involved with the wrong people. THIS IS THE RUMOR. Now, I've heard about the sex--I've heard that of course the baby stuff comes out. Why do I think this version has legs? It's just about what happened on OLTL with the whole John/Brody/Nat situation. I'm also quite sure Ron knows what fire he's playing with between the JaSam and Liason fans. Everyone will "get" something in the end. The question that people will be WATCHING FOR (ergo the ratings boosts) will be:  with whom does Jason end up? Sam or Liz....stay tuned! Remember these are rumors and things change faster than lighting.
Are you scrubbed up yet? We need you germ free to read on!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Luke's having all sorts of hallucinations in that shed. He should be hallucinating about a urinal.  LOL!! Poor guy. Instead we get Lulu and Tracy and Anna. Which was fun.

Todd and Heather...now COMEON-- TODD would just kill Heather. This back and forth? Um, no.

Michael goes all the way to the Lake House to ask Starr what to wear!!? And he's so cute with the flowers. awwww.

How did Kate know where Sonny was? In the middle of the coffee beans? Then Kristina and Trey?  I know it's the warehouse but it looks like the depths of the basement.

Trey finds a medal in the warehouse..and knows it's his father. Even though about 700 million Catholics wear the same thing.  :)

No one on Twitter liked my idea of a Starr Brook Lyn sing off! LOL 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maxie: Where's Crimson!?

ahahaha. She didn't know it left. OMG. How funny. And a Maxie Sam scene.Nice. I like. Sam: You are living with Patrick??! And Sam, you couldn't check out Heather's purse WHILE talking to Maxie? Geeze. Todd takes the purse and finds the DNA test.

Olivia and Steve. I wish she'd give him a brain infusion. He's such a dope.

Lulu and Dante were on. Yeah. Bickering.

Molly's mouth is getting her in trouble!! She tells Alexis she has no life heh. TJ and Shawn were on. Yeah, Shawn is still around. TJ asks Alexis if she doesn't like him  because he's BLACK. :eyeroll: At least that was squished.  Shawn is going to talk her into letting TJ date Molly.

Epiphany is blaming some poor orderly for stealing drugs. Of course Patrick won't tell  her. 

Heather wants her lipstick at the PCPD! LOL  Her Purse had 2 candles,  cooking oil and smoked oysters! 

 Here's Franco in the OZ movie: 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Emmy Party on GH Set!

This photo was posted by Frank  V and I stole it off Twitter! ABC gave GH an emmy party today. Let's hope they remember this--

Showdown at Kellys!

No idea why I put Daniel Craig popcicle up! But there you go!!

 Johnny throws stuff all over the place and Todd watches! Lulu comes in and tells him she KNOWS he didn't kill AZ. Um..no.  Carly just rubbed it in over and over to him.

CoDD I kinda like them..until Blair gets back. ;) hee hee 
OMG, Todd's Ring Tone for Heather is "Crazy Calling, Crazy Calling"!! ahahahaa.

The Kelly's Sam/Liz/Jason dance, interesting. Sam got so caught! SNAP! Whoops, yep. Jason saw you kissing McBamalamaah! You could tell she was way jealous of Liz though.  I wouldn't be too jealous of that fugly shirt she had on. ugh.

LOVED Anna creepily watching Heather.

Did you see the NEW PROMO for the summer that includes ROBIN?? Well, a vision of Robin...by a crying Paddy. Hit that link BABY! 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jason's box of pain just got bigger

Starr is called into Johnny's office for singing badly LOL. Um, ok. Weird.

Michael looked like he was going to start doing something to himself on that dock!! LOL Sorry but that's all I could think of!!

Sam and Jason's wedding rings. *sigh* Kristina looked like she wanted to keep Sam's ring.

Starr and Johnny are dating Mom and Son. Hee hee

Todd and Heather-- and he won't print the photo of Sam/McBain. Aw, such a nice guy. Which shouldn't be on the same page.

Steven Larzzzzz telling Liz that Heather is "quirky"...um you think??  Heather  bugged Johnny's office!! 
Steven Larz tells Jason to back off Liz hahahaha. Okay. 
Sam overheard the KISS conversation that Steven Larz and Jason were having!! Ut Oh.

Kris Alderson tweeted this! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

"Threw Up in My Mouth a Little Bit"!

Oh TAWD!! LMAO!! He's the voice of the people!!  He wants to take over Starr's recording contract. "I've killed my twin in cold blood"..."I've killed my mother.in cold blood"...that's just in the last year!! Heh.

Jason sees THE KISS..and blinks 3 times instead of the usual 2.  And THEN Sam leans in for kiss number TWO!! wowzaaaaaaa THAT was a make out!! Jason runs to the BRIDGE where Liz is--by herself.  TO find an IRONMAN doll... Cam left behind.

Patrick.  OUCH.  those girlies got you!! He looks kinda cute all high as a kite, doesn't he?? 

Starr and Michael decide to give it a go. Wow, SHE is further along in her grief process than Patrick.

Ok, The shed: Anna almost gets to Luke --when the dog smells a dead body or animal in the woods so they leave. He falls over in his chair.  They leave. Whoops. Poor Luke.

"Why does it seem like all we do is say goodbye" says Sam...Such OLD SCHOOL SOAP!! eeee!!

Um,  Heather caught the McBam kiss on her computer!! whee hoo!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Gag Reflex

Coffee and Bullets
This week was one show shorter and I didn't even notice. My Gagging doesn't come so much from all the cross-kisses (although they are there to antagonize and not much more) but the complete lilli-fi-cation of Sonny. I mean, really. When he was yelling at Joe Jr he sounded like a guy that never owned a strip club, never drugged up girlies, yada yada. PLEASE don't make Sonny this 'nice guy'-- because Joe Jr. was right; if he was ordered to kill Theresa McBain, he would have. The scene lasted two long, long days-- and I'm just stupefied at the cliche dialog. zzzzzzzz And ANOTHER mobster is on  canvas. LOL. Someone from Sonny's past no less. 

Now,  don't get me wrong, GH is a hell of a lot better than last year, imo. I'm just waiting for the bigger arcs to start. Will they ever? Who knows. Let's dive into this week's surgery...get scrubbed and join me!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Revolution is DEAD!

How fitting...only 2 days after the 4th of July and our own Revolution. THIS one is cancelled. Idiot ABC good going.
Go to Get Glue and get your fireworks sticker today!! They are doing up the GH stickers!! woot!!

McBam is busy getting loaded (which is a carryover from OLTL) -- and Sam's boobies are hanging out!! WOOT!

Starr and Michael and THE VITAMIN water placement--did you see it??! They were dresses so weird too. For Tennis? Where WAS MONICA?!! She could have brought them more vitamin water. He takes off his shirt..she takes off her's...well, her TOP shirt.  She did have a bikini top on.

I would have rather Lulu swallowed that pill to see what happened!! BUT NOooooooo they look on the net. 

Spinelli is helping Anna out just like Huggy Bear would LOL.

I tweeted today that Luke must stink--- headwriter tweeted back: "Luke is Self-cleaning"!  heh. But, seriously, he'd reek.  

You know Mr. Guza was crying with the fireworks. MaRR kiss... and so does MCBAM and it was HOT.  :thud: Next up? Liason kiss--
Oh they know how to stir it up!

Alexis: Not Raped?

Who's My Daddy?
 That's what people are telling me.  I don't know why I thought that...I remember some discussion with Helena about the circumstances-- but that's not it. What little we know he was older (and somehow my memory is thinking a teacher/professor??) and she was 16. So, maybe I'm thinking of statutory rape? Anyway, Mekkos made her give the baby away. 

Sorry for the confusion. When Molly said that, it triggered something in me. LOL.

Maybe SOMEDAY when they decide to tell Sam's Daddy's story, we'll find out! 

HERE'S the YOU TUBE clip of Jason/Alexis talking about it: 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gossip Doesn't Take a Holiday!!

  Ok, let's see. NuXtina in a bikini trying to seduce Trey who really REALLY isn't that into her....TJ is on again with Molly.  He's not been on in AGES.

TJ and Molly are kissing... and Alexis is lurking!! TJ is undressing and she walks in and screams. heh. Molly says that Alexis got PG when she was a teen--ALEXIS WAS RAPED!! god!! stupid wench.

Heather "I'm the gossip columnist, I know when people are feeding me a  line"!!  And Tawd was going to tell Sam the truth. Awwww. 
 "Forgive me for having a heart," says Todd. "Which seems to come and go like the wind," says Heather

Tracy and Anna are in the boathouse (not sure what Tracy was doing there) discussing missing Luke. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Anna figures out Heather probably moved AZ because Luke would like it.

Sam sees the Asian guy from her wedding. He asks about Jason. Whoops! 

Joe and Sonny--so, do you believe Joe about Connie? I do!! I don't know why but I just do. Hmmm, Interesting. Joe admitted to killing Theresa.  He said it's McBain's fault because she was talking to John who was a Fed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

And it's a REPEAT day-- Johnny, Kate and Sonny. WHY OH WHY can't they show a classic old 4th of July picnic in the park!!? *sigh*

I missed yesterday because I was visiting my cousin in the hospital.  Everything is fine but we decided the last minute to go out. So, No GH. I saw rumblings on Twitter btw, that people were going to boycott the show Thurs/Friday due to certain  "kisses". 
NOW GET A GRIP. How stupid is this?? Called cutting your nose off to spite your face.  You can't have anything if we have no show. It's called being a loyal fan. Kinda like when your team is trading people. 

What are you doing today? All my son wants is "an American meal"... LOL.  McDonalds? :) No..RIBS. Which I don't like. So I'll have something else. Scotch? hee hee... 

Have a good one!! 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Franco Writes for Playboy!

GH guest Mr.Franco will pen a column for PLAYBOY! 

The Actor  plays Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in the recently wrapped movie "Lovelace" - has already written his first piece for the pub. It's a Q&A with Marina Abramovic that appears in the July/August issue. The column is said to explore the issues of "space, energy and magic," and is one of six columns he'll write for the publication.
Space, Energy and MAGIC!! LOL 

AH! NO idea he was playing Hugh-- ;) Who remembers Linda Lovelace!!?  Goodness. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


first Joe Scully Jr. thx to @dinkologist/twitter

1. Heather Threatens  Olivia--in her mind

2. Jason's on the National Watch List for AirTravel. 

3. Kate and Olivia hug--Sonny tries to explain DID

4. Starr and Michael zzzz they KISSED. Oh, almost. sorry she doesn't want to

5. Might Joe Jr. was on today..working at a place that looks like a french antique store  and he called Trey "SON"

6. Heather called Spinelli a "Hobbit"and Olivia tells Steven Larzzz about Heather's lies.

7. Trey tells Krissy Joe Scully is his Dad and he "has no mother"

8. McBain pulls a gun on Joe Scully and gets knocked out by a body guard. 

9. Trey tells  NuKrissy to cut out the lip action, he doesn't want her. 

10. St. Jasus saves McBain and mows down 2 body guards LMAO

11. Jason leaves and doesn't untie McBain.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Open Wound

The deal is: I don't CARE about the opening!! LOL...back in MY DAY, we didn't have no stinkin' opening!! Ok, we did have an ambulance and some siren/music but no one cared what the opening looked like.  The "new" opening is so fast and weird, I blinked and it was gone. I guess the actors probably care about it, but me? eh... Wubber Dave pointed out it looks like the old Superman where he villains were trapped in the glass panels!! hahahaa.

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...