Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jason's box of pain just got bigger

Starr is called into Johnny's office for singing badly LOL. Um, ok. Weird.

Michael looked like he was going to start doing something to himself on that dock!! LOL Sorry but that's all I could think of!!

Sam and Jason's wedding rings. *sigh* Kristina looked like she wanted to keep Sam's ring.

Starr and Johnny are dating Mom and Son. Hee hee

Todd and Heather-- and he won't print the photo of Sam/McBain. Aw, such a nice guy. Which shouldn't be on the same page.

Steven Larzzzzz telling Liz that Heather is "quirky"...um you think??  Heather  bugged Johnny's office!! 
Steven Larz tells Jason to back off Liz hahahaha. Okay. 
Sam overheard the KISS conversation that Steven Larz and Jason were having!! Ut Oh.

Kris Alderson tweeted this! 


  1. Steven is totally blind when it comes to his mother. Give me a break.

    How long do you think it will take for Johnny and Starr to start a thing?

    Kristina looked like she was going to grab the ring right from Sam's hand. I'm not liking this Kristina.

    I don't feel bad for Sam at all overhearing about Jason and Liz. She admitted she wanted McBain to kiss her and Kristina asked her if it was over, she only said that he was going back to Landview. What comes around goes around.

    Maybe tomorrow's show will move a little faster.

  2. GAA did not have a good ratings start! See the Link.


  3. ADORABLE photos!!

    Today's show was completely sickening. It made me call the hotline at abc!!


  4. I haven't seen the show today. What was sickening about it 2Cents?

  5. Brender you ask what was so bad??

    Starr & Michael.

    Liz & her brother.



    I felt todays show was written for 14 year olds. jmo


  6. Ok, so it was just bad writing. Just wanted to see if I should watch it tonight or skip it. guess I can skip it.

  7. Just curious... why is Abbey in these pics? Are they all friends with the actress or was this at a fan event.

  8. Today's ep was okay. A bit slow and at times repetitive. It was apparently the "catch you up to speed ep". Like we need that. LOL.

    Good stuff with Heather and Todd. They are hilarious. Love the comments Todd makes. Devious Heather put cameras in Johnny's office....things are going to interesting!

    Anna, Johnny, Mulva, Heather...nice storyline going there. Me likey!

    Jason should have thrown his wedding band in the water and if Sam is going to take her ring off her finger it needs to go back to the Q's. She never should have been given Lila's ring in the first place.

    Steven Larrrrsssss is so annoying. Makes me think there's more to this than meets the eye when it comes to him not wanting Liz near Jason. Hmmmm...

    Once again, I wasn't annoyed by Starr and Michael. I'm finding Starr to be less annoying when she's with him and seeing Michael actually enjoying a happy scene is nice :)

    Can't wait for tomorrow's ep and the fall out of "the kisses". hahaha! Yay for soapy goodness!

  9. Todd and Heather: Great stuff!! :) Heather gives Todd the McBam kiss picture! Todd says no to printing it. Todd wants her to get something on Johnny. Heather puts a camera in Johnny's office hahaha! But I don't think there is any sound!!! Todd is bored watching. ROFL!

    Heather and Anna: Anna and the cops take Heather in for questioning about Papa Z hahahaha!

    Jason and Michael: Poor wittle Jason tells Michael about seeing Sam kissing Santa clause. Er I mean McBain! Michael tells him about kissing Starr! Since Jason is all depressed he tells him no no no! Not a good idea!

    Kelly's: Liz calls Jason and leaves a message. Steven Larz over hears! And they talk about the kissy kissy that Liason did. Jason shows up and Steven Larz confronts him! LOVE IT!!! Sam overhears them talking about Jason and Liz kissing. WOOT WOOT!

    Starr and Todd: Star lays into him pretty good!!! Love the scene! :)

  10. I think Steven Larzzzz should spend less time worrying about Liz and more time worrying about his wackadoo mother! I was cringing when he told Liz about Heather's non-date. He actually fell for that??? LMAO!

    Todd is hilarious! Never watched OLTL, but love him on GH.

  11. I think Steven Larzzzz should spend less time worrying about Liz and more time worrying about his wackadoo mother! I was cringing when he told Liz about Heather's non-date. He actually fell for that??? LMAO!

    Todd is hilarious! Never watched OLTL, but love him on GH.

  12. So...I'm watching today and notice Rebecca Herbt's nose--whenever she gets preggers in real life, her nose changes first. I'm calling this one.

  13. Gwen Hayes said...So...I'm watching today and notice Rebecca Herbt's nose--whenever she gets preggers in real life, her nose changes first. I'm calling this one.
    What do you mean her nose changes? :) Like how?

  14. MatchboxGinny, I agree with you about Starr and Michael. She's much less annoying when she's with him just being a "kid" so to speak. I hated the screechy overacting we were subjected to the first few weeks she was on.

    And I like this carefree happy Michael too. We've never really gotten to see him be a happy teenager.

    And I'm still chuckling over that comment about him on the docks, kd.

    I also think Stephen Larzzz is going to be doing some fancy back peddling soon when he finds out who Heather's non-date really was, and how she buried him; and when the truth about the paternity tests comes out. Never mind the kidnapping. I just hope Olivia is still alive to rub it in his face.

  15. Sam's boring self was on today. At least, she admitted that McBain didn't do anything that she did not want him to do. She wanted McBain to kiss her. Imagine Kristina has to be the one telling you to fight for your marriage. Foolishness. Heather is supposed to leave town when all is revealed letting Anna know that robin may be alive?!

  16. How would everyone feel if the show took summers off. TVSource has asked that question on twitter. The soaps in europe take the summers off. TVSource feels the show taking summers off would help the show stay on the air.

  17. Parts of today's show were slow, but it was still a hell of a lot better than what we were subjected to a year ago! Not sickening by far...

    I also wondered why Abby is in those photos. And seeing MB in that t-shirt is just so un-Sonny-like!

    Just my opinion, but I think if the soaps took the summer off it would definitely be the end of the soaps, not save them...

  18. Or we can all call and complain and make "fix" suggestions. I'm sure we'll save GH that way!!!! I am a fan and I don't want to lose a show I've been watching for 30 years give or take. It's better than it has been for literally years. One or two bad days compared to several bad years? I'm not going to complain or frickin' nit pick. C'mon you guys. We are all not going to be pleased at the same time, that's bloody impossible. But, just look at the glass half full. If GH gets cancelled what are we all going to bitch or rave about? Not GH that's for sure!! Rant is done.

  19. I enjoyed today's show very much and frankly, folks, it ain't Shakespeare, but then, soaps were never intended to be.
    We are getting romance, relationship complications, family problems, friendships, a bit of mystery and suspense -- all the stuff soaps are made of. And Port Charles really seems like a community now. Think last year when it was all SO heavy, all about mob wars and shootings and drunken mistakes and suffering! Almost no romance happened; when it did it sure wasn't very romantic. AND what a relief it is to not to have Sonny on every damned day--that in itself is a major improvement.
    Let's face it, we all don't like exactly the same thing, but there is enough here for lots of enjoyment for everyone!

    I think we need to consider where this 50 year old soap has been and should be going and not be so nit-picky. The budget is nothing like it was in Gloria Monty's day, after all.

  20. My2Cents..that because it was wriiten FOR 14yr olds by writers who have the brains of 4 yr olds.That is why OLTL was CANCELED because it had stupid shit like this ALL of the time.

  21. Abby is still friends with the crew. I think that is nice.

    HOT RUMOR...is Vicki visiting gh in the Fall??


  22. I also like seeing Michael happy - he really is kind of cute instead of when he has the furled brow. I lov the way Anna the Commissioner is being written - smart!!! Ugh, Starr and Johnny boring, Sam and Krissie boring, too much Heather, and where in the world did she develop the hight tech knowledge and ability to get and install a surveillance device which Johnny's computer is connected to? Not a great day.

  23. @Sonya: I guess her nose gets bigger...maybe rounder is a better word. Usually, if I notice any actress's nose at all, it turns out they are pregnant. Maybe I'm some kind of savant, lol.



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