Monday, July 16, 2012

Kim McCollough Back to GH....Sort of...

 well this is what SOD has to say about it:
Kimberly McCullough, who was last seen on GH in March when it was revealed that Robin didn't perish in the hospital lab explosion, after all, returns to the show this week and reunites with Jason Thompson's Patrick. "It was great to work with Kimberly again," says the actor. For more details on the long-awaited scenes, see this week's Digest.

We know it's him  "Seeing Robin" on the boat. It's not like she's BACK BACK.


  1. I hate it when they mislead fans like that.

  2. Read Michael Fairman's interviews with Rebecca Herbst and Jason Thompson. Rebecca is a class act and very gracious about her emmy loss and firing last year! Love her and look forward to her scenes with Jason and as Rebecca says there is a reason why liason is so loved by their fanbase, off the chart chemistry those two.
    Jason was asked about the possibility of Lulu and Patrick becoming a couple and he gave interesting answers. I really don't want to see Patrick with Lulu but rumors are flying of this connection. Love these two actors.

  3. It is misleading. Although I do believe in time Robin does come back.
    At the rate GH is being written, she will be back sooner as I don't see gh surviving another year. jmo

    Yes Michael Fairman had a nice interview on his homepage with Jason Thompson, if anything, looks like Patty is sticking around!!

  4. My guess is that KM has a standing agreement with GH that if it gets cancelled anytime in the foreseeable future she will make herself available for a return to wrap up Robin's storyline.
    Patrick and Lulu would be an interesting storyline, especially with Luke and Anna's relationship in play as well. Anna's son-in-law dating Luke's daughter? Could spark some interesting directions to go in. Frankly, anything that mixes up the Spencer and the Scorpio clans means something to me, as I always have liked the Luke/Robert friendship.
    Wish they would get Tristian Rogers back on the canvas soon. By now he should have figured out that the whole Ethan thing was a ruse. Of course, if they bring him back and them don't use him like they are with Mac/Felicia now, that would tick me off...

  5. Frankly, I hope that Faison is one of the "vets" they are referring to...would be amazing to see Anders Hove play that role one more time.



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