Monday, July 23, 2012

FIRE! LSD Trips! and Lipstick!!

Dom  Z 's wife is going to have another baby! Read about it on Soaps In Depth!

Um, it's so hot I don't want to go out!! Now I know what it must be like in the Southern States-- indoors a LOT. 

TODAY's SHOW:  Lulu is just the pharmacist, detective, bar owner and now psychologist.  LOL. I love her but geesh, she's all of a sudden Jack o' All Trades! 

"How could you not know Blair?  I'm the guy"...says Todd  "You're in my heart" says Blair... crying...

Connie is back and she ate some lipstick. 

Olivia got a big shot of LSD in her hip. YOU know she's going to be on a LONG, STRANGE TRIP!!  Steven Lars stood there like a giant trout with it's MOUTH OPEN when Dante told him it was Heather that injected Olivia. LOL...
Dante ripped him Steve a NEW ONE!! 

The Fire: Luke's in there, Anna sends the other cop UP to get the firetrucks  (I guess the radios don't work) and then she's wacked from behind. hahaahaa. Heather CHANGED CLOTHES and got by all the police and fire people to get to the cabin. It would be way more hilarious if she was still in her maid's outfit. 
Anna is kick ass Anna of old!! Loved her slugging Heather.
No one was coughing in that mess of a shed? LOL 

All Luke had to do was pee on that fire. You know he had enough in him after all that time! LOL 

Heather aims...shoots. See you tomorrow!!


  1. Two full days of Todd and Blair? Really, you can't put on Monica, Felicia or MAc for 2 seconds, but we had to endure Blair's crying and Starr looking all over a boat for a FLOWER?

    The light finally DAWNED! Steven your mother is a phycho! It is a miracle that he actually believed Dante, without seeing it with his own eyes. Oh and he is sooooo sorry, that makes it better. Dante said Steven was legally responsible for her actions, is someone going to arrest him?

    Today's GH was filled with mentally disturbed people. ConKate who has a mental diability, Paddy who is high on drugs, Olivia who was injected with LSD and taken off in a straight jacket, and Heather who drugged Olivia and shot someone. What happened to LOVE in the afternoon?

    GH once again ended with a gun shot, followed up by the local news covering that guy who shot all those poor people in Colorado. HMMMM.

  2. As if soap violence is in any way connected to a real life nut, Andrea?

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  4. Good post Andrea.

    I think watching shootings, fires, mental illness and madness not quite so fasinating to watch today considering the events of Friday.

    Maybe that is why I feel 'BLAH' about todays show??

    For those of you who didn't watch OLTL that scene today between Blair & Todd has been played out many many times before.

    Patrick is in such pain. Crazy is trying to harm and kill everyone who looks at her wrong. And is Connie Kate, or Kate Connie??

  5. The best part of today for me was Dante tearing Steve a new one. And he hasn't even heard the best of it. ( or the worst, depending on your point of view.) Wait till it comes out that she killed Maggie, held Luke hostage and has now shot Anna,or Luke.

    I think Steve should be held accountable to some degree. He was supposed to be watching her and he never was and he ignored all the warnings others gave him.

    Blair and Todd? Sorry. I FF'd through that as they mean nothing to me. And I did the same with Starr and Michael. I admit I like her better with Michael but they were taking up way too much screen time.

    And that Anna is Not only was no one coughing but that fire would have been incredibly hot. ( And Anna you should know that the first thing you do when you take down an armed assailant is SECURE THE WEAPON. I won't complain too much though as I like awesome Anna and Luke.

    I also find we have way too many unstable people on screen at the moment. I hope Patrick gets some help soon and Heather/Johnny/Olivia/Connie or Kate all get some help or get gone. lol We need more lovin' and less lunacy. The writers should pace themselves. lol

  6. I read that Patrick won't want to quit taking drugs so he doesn't stop "seeing" Robin. Haven't they already done this story when Nikolas had a brain tumor and wouldn't get it fixed because he would stop seeing a dead Emily. I belive that Robin and Patrick were the ones trying to fix Nik then too...

  7. Haunted Starr: Starr is looking all over for the flower that Michael gave her. Oh where oh where is it?!!? Oh where oh where can it be?!?!! Meanwhile Connie (She really IS Connie) and Johnny chit chat about shooting Papa Z's tires! Oh look Johnny admits it! Oh Michael finds the flower and they kiss. Starr wants to thank Johnny so she and Michael are outside Johnny's door and they hear voices. Michael thinks it's Johnny and his mother having sex! ROFL! He don't want to see that! ROFL!

    Olivia and Heather: Heather sticks her with LSD!!! Dante shows up!!!!

    The shack: Anna is at the shack but it's on fire! She saves the day!!! Well almost. She wants to save Luke, but Heather hits her over the head! ROFL! Then while Heather is talking to Luke, Anna beats the crap out of Heather! :) NOW she saves the day! :) Yes Karen Luke could have peed on that fire hahaha!

    The hospital: Olivia is HIGH as a kite!!! Dante is pissed off at Steven Lars and Steven Lars tries to apologize!

    Patrick and Lulu: Patrick is all messed up and high! Lulu tries to throw out the pills to prove Patrick needs it, because he says he doesn't need it. That is some great acting in that scene!!!!

    Todd and Blair: So sad!!!! :( I want them back together! :(

  8. I love Lulu helping Patrick with his problem becaues Maxie is too close to Patrick to be of help. But I guess Lulu is not aloud to help Patrick. I loved Anna being in tough cop mode today. I loved Dante giving Steve hell today.I loved the show today.

  9. ITA w/the others here, WE WAITED YEARS for Felicia to come back, and now she is not seen for weeks? What an insult to the actress, and to us!! GIVE US OUR VETS. Who cares about Blair and Todd, they are swallowing our show!!

  10. - I like Patrick and Lulu's chemistry. Could be an interesting pairing until when/if KM returns. Julie Berman is a good actress when given the right material and maybe it could work. Lord knows, that JT needs to be given more airtime and a decent script these days...They have wasted him the last month or so!
    - Anna/Luke/Heather - old time GH campy fun. Heather is a trip! Loved Anna's judo move
    - Todd/Blair - those that have never watched OLTL would have no interest in these scenes. I was passably familiar with their old storylines, so it did get my attention. Good acting (as always) between the two.

  11. Steve should be held accountable? As far as I'm concerned, Steve should go to jail! Being as dumb as dirt should be at least a years jail time for this jackarse!

  12. Mostly, I loved today.
    My disappointment was that Blair did not just tell Todd that she loved Tomas, that she and Todd were a much damaged love, and Tomas is a fresh and stable love. That she and Todd have been thru it all and failed over and over--the embers are all that are left.
    I do like Todd, but I cannot see him as husband material at all. He is seriously disturbed. Tomas is an excited man, a talented concert pianist, a former super spy, Tea's brother, and gorgeous to boot! What's not to love??

    Actually it was a nail-biter of a show and well-done and well-acted all the way. And I do wish they would show us Mac and Felicia and what they are doing, and let us see Elizabeth and Ewen as well.

    I like Starr and Michael, but agree it went on too long. I want to see them, but I also want to see others.

    I surmise Luke got hit with Heather's shot and will wind up either 'supposed dead' like Robin, or have to be in a hospital for the rest of TG's vacation. At least RC had some creativity when TG had to be gone and we didn't have to miss Luke all summer.

    There was a picture of Lucy in SID and she looked good--good enough to return for the Nurses Ball!

  13. Soaplover says There was a picture of Lucy in SID and she looked good--good enough to return for the Nurses Ball!
    What does it say about Lucy? I want the nurses ball back!!

  14. Best part of the show was Anna's comment to Heather "You really are a crazy bitch, aren't you"!

  15. Monday's ep started out a sleeper for me but then warmed up to some crazy soapy fun.

    Loved the Olivia/Dante/Steve scenes. Especially once Steve aka Leather Face finally found a portion of his brain. LOL.

    The whole Heather/Luke shed thing...I don't know. Too much time has passed..Heather's wardrobe changes..but I absolutely loved Anna rescuing Luke!!! Yay for STRONG WOMEN...and keeping within character!

    DID stuff. My poor Johnny. Can't wait to see how this plays out. BB nails his emotional scenes all the time.

    Same with Patrick. I'm liking the Lulu/Patrick storyline. It's real. It happens. This could be a great story if given more airtime. I would've made Lulu/Patrick the dominant story along with Luke in the shed, and given the Todd/Blair scenes less airtime.

    Michael and Starr was just plain boring. Zzzzzzzzz. Absolutely a waste of airtime.

  16. Dom's little girl is just adorable! I think the new regime should have gotten the clue by now that OLTL viewers have not jumped on the GH train and they need to stop resurrecting the dead. Todd and Blair scenes were a boring and total waste of time, as were the Starr and Michael scenes in the HS. Jason T. has proven once again that he can act the hell out of any crap. Loved Dante giving Steven Lars the Idiot hell. Heather must fly! She doesn't even have a car. Luke's ropes looked so loose that he should have been able to get out of them himself. I did check out his pants for "wetness". Must have a bladder like a camel. Great to see Anna as our heroine once again. Really need to see more GH actors - tired of seeing Todd everyday.

  17. I'm beginning to love this soap again.

  18. MatchboxGinny says The whole Heather/Luke shed thing...I don't know. Too much time has passed..Heather's wardrobe changes..but I absolutely loved Anna rescuing Luke!!! Yay for STRONG WOMEN...and keeping within character!
    Yeah!!! I loved it! It's about time that a woman saved a man!!! Anna has always been strong! :)



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