Monday, July 16, 2012

Sonny needs to throw Krissy OUT THE WINDOW! Right out! UGH. She's such a stupid little wench. She said she wants to be the next Kim Kardashian. Did you hear Sonny say "You want to show off your giant..(beat) mistakes"??!! heh.

ConKate going to Joe Jr. I really didn't like that interpretation of the scene. Rang false, and the dialog was too weird. 
Joe Jr. and Trey look A LOT alike!! Trey got to Atlantic City in about 10 min if you follow Sonny and Xtina's convo. LOL..even for GH that's fast. It's CRAZY!! At least Trey finds out Dad knows Sonny. 
CONKATE made it back to PC too!! ahaha. Atlantic City is like NINE hours away-- good lord.

Tawd cuts the pineapple in half for Luke!! LOL then he gives him a juice box! He almost had Todd talked into it.

Heather and Anna...zzzzzzzz

Olivia and Dante  Zzzzzzzzzzz

Johnny and Lulu zzzzzzzzzzz

Kudos on the Anthony Look alike...right down to the bowling shirt.


  1. I do not like NuKrissy at all. I think she looks and acts like she could have been cast as Sonny's girlfriend not daughter.

    Todd as always wonderful.

    I do not like this ConKate / Joe Jr thing. The whole thing today was just off.

    Steve is just too stupid to live, let alone be a doctor. He needs to be locked up just like Heather, I'm sure he is a danger to himself and others if he is that delusional.

    I love on soaps how it will take a whole show to get cross town to the hospital, if there is an emergency. But one can get to EUROPE and back in the time it takes to cross a street.

    Not the best show today, a Little snoozefesty.

  2. ANDREA!! yes!! When he was cupping her face today?? Um..awkward!!

  3. today's episode was a huge waste of time. it was all about Sonny. sure, Heather and Johnny/Lulu were thrown in there, but the majority of the ep was Sonny.

    Kristina is such a little bitch--she reminds me a lot of my aunt, who makes a similar threat once or twice a year. Her most recent threat was this past Saturday when she thought we were poisoning her food with sugar. (yes, we have nothing better to do than to put her in a diabetic coma.) This time I told her just to go; it shut her up really fast. Sonny should have said the same thing to Krissibitch.

  4. Police station: Anna is grilling Heather! Steve is trying to get a lawyer but he can't! Oh look a look alike Papa Z!!! With the Charlie Harper bowling shirt! :) Heather is freeeeeeeeeeee!

    Steve's place: Olivia has a romantic dinner for her honey! Dante shows up and they talk about Lulu and Johnny! Olivia wants Dante to go to the Haunted Star and claim his woman! ROFL! Dante leaves, and Steve shows up with his mama!!! Olivia isn't happy. Heather is smiling! ROFL!

    The cabin: Todd gives Luke pinapple to eat and a juice box! Luke figures out that Heather has something on him. Todd doesn't talk. He is still wearing the Jason mask. Luke begs him to help him and that he needs to get to his daughter! That she needs him. That he has abandoned her in the past, and he is working hard not to. Todd was going to untie him, when Todd's phone rings and it's Heather. Awww why isn't his phone saying crazy is calling? :( Why did you shut it off Todd?

    Haunted Star: Lulu talking to Johnny about the argument she had with Dante. Lulu is putting light bulbs in the light fixture, when she almost fell!! Johnny caught her. She is in his arms, when Dante comes in! Tells Johnny to get his hands off of her. :) She explains, and he wants her home because he has a nice romantic dinner. Lulu can't go! DUMB LULU VERY DUMB! Sure the opening is tomorrow, but Johnny can get ready on his own! He is a big boy!

    The warehouse: Trey sees his father's madalion and then his father calls him!!! Trey has to leave. Sonny warns Krissy about him. She sticks up for him and denies liking him. The Kardasians! ROFL! Why don't you join that family Krissy! Since you hate YOUR family so much.

    Jail: Joe Jr and Trey are together! Trey visits his father. Joe Jr calls him Joey! I KNEW IT!! TREY IS JOE JR JR JR!!!!! :) They look alike!!!!

  5. you make it sound so interesting, I can hardly wait to watch it on soapnet tonight!!

    I don't suppose they showed Mac & Felicia.

  6. Mac and FELICIA??

    Surely you're joking!! LOL

  7. Mac and FELICIA??

    Surely you're joking!! LOL
    Yep I guess I was joking! I call the hotline most days asking for them. I see though its not helping.

  8. oh Karen i totally felt your pain today

    Lulu and Johnny was total Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and forced forced forced kjust to get Dante there and i have i mentioned how dumb she sounded today?
    Telling Johnny about the case and that Dante likes her for the suspect???? Good God! words

    Dante and Olivia had a nice convo and at least she did not prop johnny..
    today's episode could have used some Carly walking into that hauntes Star to see how stupid Lulu is.

    Awwwwwww Dante aplologized and for what? nada!

    Todd was funny today chopping Sponge Bob's house to feed Luke.
    Awwwwww the packet of juice was so sweet. he tasted it to make sure there was no LSD.

    Luke was afraid it was ice tea ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
    I love how Todd flashed back when Luke asked him if he had ever been improsoned by a mad woman (they did not show the Irene /Todd flashback) but i knew that's what he was recalling and when Luke asked him if he has a daughter he almost let Luke go.

    Is still don;t get why Todd can't tell Carly (oh wait) LOL Poor someohow slip Carly a message on where Luke is....oh wait! he can't! Poor Todd! LOL!

    Today's show did look like a filler epi esp the haunted star scenes. Lord! couldn;t they just give it back to Luke and have his casino running wit high rollers? they's be a lot of mytery in there.

    What was that with Sonny and Kristina? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Too Awkward!!!!

    Kate needs Xanax for a good amount of time. her angst is just eh! Expose the whole Trey thing and let's move on. All of a sudden am seeing that tis D.I.D thing is too dang long! i miss Crazy Tess! Now that was FUN!!!

    Infact Lulu reminds me of Marty McFarty! Anyone remember him from the Hostage crisis in 2007? ROTFLMAO!

  9. i meant telling Johnny that Dante likes him for the suspect not Her like i had posted. could not find the edit button

  10. I had a great chuckle at the box of iced tea. Why would you bring that to a man who's dehydrated? It's a And he brought him pineapple to eat. Not a protein drink or any solid food. PMSL That's not going to last too long Luke. It'll be running down your leg in no time at all.

    And that scene with Sonny and Kristina was too wierd. As someone aptly said...Ewwwww.

  11. Um, Kate AND Trey both got to AC and back in, like, 5 minutes? I know GH isn't all that realistic, but THAT WAS CRAZY!!!! LIke Karen said, it's like 9 hours away!!

  12. Snoozy, Fast-forward day. :(

  13. It was almost too distracting to ssee the ridiculous time travel to Atlantic City. I hate seeing this because it just confirms that the writers think they are writing for an audience of idiots. Can't stand Krissie - too old and hard looking, and of course, stupid. I guess Luke was able to get to a bathroom since Todd didn't seem to notice a two week odor. I'm ready for Heather to be caught for her nasty deeds.

  14. For the first time in a long time, I watched the first 5 minutes then shut it off...

  15. Hoping today's episode is much better than yesterday's snooze fest. Ron and Frank need to step it up. I can do without the Trey/JoeJr thing. I have zero interest in those newbies.



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