Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gossip Doesn't Take a Holiday!!

  Ok, let's see. NuXtina in a bikini trying to seduce Trey who really REALLY isn't that into her....TJ is on again with Molly.  He's not been on in AGES.

TJ and Molly are kissing... and Alexis is lurking!! TJ is undressing and she walks in and screams. heh. Molly says that Alexis got PG when she was a teen--ALEXIS WAS RAPED!! god!! stupid wench.

Heather "I'm the gossip columnist, I know when people are feeding me a  line"!!  And Tawd was going to tell Sam the truth. Awwww. 
 "Forgive me for having a heart," says Todd. "Which seems to come and go like the wind," says Heather

Tracy and Anna are in the boathouse (not sure what Tracy was doing there) discussing missing Luke. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Anna figures out Heather probably moved AZ because Luke would like it.

Sam sees the Asian guy from her wedding. He asks about Jason. Whoops! 

Joe and Sonny--so, do you believe Joe about Connie? I do!! I don't know why but I just do. Hmmm, Interesting. Joe admitted to killing Theresa.  He said it's McBain's fault because she was talking to John who was a Fed.


  1. Gh is the WORST it has ever been and we can no longer blame Jill Faren Phillips,Bob Guza and Brian Fronz for it.

  2. Alexis's home: KRISSY! TREY DOES NOT WANT YOU!!!!Don't do this to yourself!!!!! Get the hint! Alexis comes home and sees TJ half naked in Molly's room ROFL! Alexis freaks out!!! I just love freaked out Alexis!!! :) Molly says something stupid! She says just because you got pregnant when you were a teenager, doesn't mean I will! ALEXIS GROUND HER ASS! She just doesn't get it!!!

    Todd's Crimson: Todd was going to tell Sam the truth, when Heather shows up and tells Sam to get Chinese food for lunch and that she is going to talk to Todd alone! They talk about him wanting to confess. Todd says he isn't good under pressure! ROFL! Yes you are Todd! What the hell are you talking about? ROFL! Oh look that Chinese guy who married Sam and Jason! Sam doesn't tell him they aren't together anymore. Sam brings the Chinese food in, and Heather decides she doesn't want Chinese food anymore. Now she wants BLT ROFL! Heather loves her BLT's! :)

    Sonny's warehouse: Sonny and McBain got Joe Jr to confess that he killed Theresa and it's all McBain's fault! The cops come in and McBain arrests him! He didn't give him the full miranda rights! HEY! And umm Karen I believe Kate! Hey we have known Kate for years! We just met Joe Jr!!! :)

  3. I totally believe Joe about Connie. Kate/Connie is not cured either, there's more to this story...

    I could care less about TJ and Molly. Same goes for Kristina and Trey. Not liking the acting at all! A complete waste of airtime.

  4. I found the show dull but loved Heather's comment to Sam about stealth and hinting if it's a problem for a P.I. then you 're not very good. Sam as a P.I is a joke. She was better as a con and a thief of married men. She lies alot but she's transparent.
    The fortune cookie BS transparently telling viewers that they are reuniting jasam when she finds her baby was predictably stupid.Guess Kelly Monaco has a good contract with GH.

  5. Today was not good at all. Way too much repetitive dialogue from everyone and terrible acting from NuKrissy and the newbie Trey.

    I always love Anna/Tracy scenes but not when it's flat out repetitive dialogue. Waste of time and MONEY. Move on GH, move on with the storylines and characters that you keep backburnering for weeks at a time. Very annoying.

    Let's hope tomorrow is much better. I want love and intrigue and mixing up the scenery!

  6. Todd and Heather as always were great. Heather is right Sam is a horrendous PI. Always liked her better when she was a bad girl.

    Anna and Tracy were repetitive.

    The Davis's were good, except for new Krissy - she has got to go.

    I was rooting for McBain to let Sonny shoot Joe Jr We do NOT need any more mobsters.

  7. I hate when Sonny gets all righteous. He drugged and had sex with Karen Wexler when drunk and he's getting righteous about rape?

    He ordered dead 9 rivals onscreen a few years ago, as well as Alkazar, and countless others offscreen and he's getting righteous about murder?

    i want Sonny to pay more than ever.

    He needs to be written as killing Deke cold-bloodedly after he had sexual interest in his mother. His character is so twisted they need to embrace it. Also, make him fondle Kristina or have a gay porno star past. Make him a Chippendales dancer from Greenwich Village. Hell, that's where Nico Kelly was from, on AMC (MB's AMC character). Make Nico Sonny's true ID. Maybe Nico offed the real Sonny and stole his ID.

  8. GH soap writers don't seem to understand soap fans watch the show every day. There is no need to keep repeating dialog to bring the viewer up to speed. It's like they think we're all suffering from Alzheimer's.

    If they're going to have so many storylines going at once (and that's fine with me), the stories all need to progress every day. Stagnant, repetitive storylines cause viewers to tune out because they know they can just watch Friday episodes and be current.

    I'm not enjoying ANY of the "teen scene" storylines. TJ/Molly, NuKristina/Trey, and Starr/Michael are all dull and uninteresting.

    I am loving McBam, Todd, Heather, Anna/Tracy, and new-and-improved Spinelli. Sam is a much better character away from Jason.

  9. So now that Sonny is redeemed, who is the New Sheriff in town??
    McNostrils or Correntho's?

    Krissy air time needs to go away. Far far away. Take Starr with you.

    I think Alexis needs to call Ric Lansing about his daughters disrespectful mouth!!!
    And Krissy needs to get thrown out of the house, leave credit cards behind.

  10. Everytime Krissy starts with her self righteous indignation, I want to gag. And now Molly is going to start mouthing off too. When is Alexis going to smarten up and put Kristina out of the house. Let her find her own place and earn her own way. And get rid of those damn cameras!!! It's ridiculous.

    And Alexis needs to sit down and have a serious discussion with Molly about how she was raped as a teenager. Or are they going to pretend that didn't happen and rewrite that storyline too

    I agree Wanda Woman. they treat us like we're all stupid. They don't understand the typical soap viewer at all. We can tell them what happened 24 years ago; never mind 24 hours.

    And I'm really torn about who to believe,kdmask. I would say it's a given that you believe the victim when someone says they were raped but Joe Jr really had us wondering, didn't he?

    Connie was so believable in her flashbacks that I was in no doubt that she was raped but after listening to Joe I'm wondering if she was upset because she gave it up to him or because she got pregnant. I can see her as a money grabber who must have used more than a few people to make her way to the top. (It has been hinted at before.)

    On the other hand Joe Jr is a sleaze and would probably say anything to save his life at this point.

    The one thing that really makes me suspicious is that I find "Kate" acting a lot like "Connie" from time to time. Her little argument with Trey in the diner was really bringing out her Connie side; albeit a little more controlled.
    I just find her character very odd lately. She often looks like she's trying to conceal her real emotions and I think Connie is not far below the surface.

    I also hope that McBain takes more of a back seat now that he's caught Joe Jr. We need dante and the PCPD to be doing the police work on GH. Not a visiting cop with no juristiction. Let HIM take a back seat now and give our GH cast a few storylines.

  11. My2Cents2 said...I think Alexis needs to call Ric Lansing about his daughters disrespectful mouth!!!
    YES! Or Alexis should call Ric just because!!!! :) I want to see Ric!!!!! :)

    And Krissy needs to get thrown out of the house, leave credit cards behind.
    Yes please!!!! :)

  12. @Rebeccakeen
    GH is the worst it's ever been? Hardly! Let's have a little walk down memory lane:
    - Ric Webber returning and being t treated like he molested Laura and cheated on Leslie and then was murdered and uncerimoniously dumped into an unmarked grave.
    - Any plotline givine Sonny yet another child
    - Casey the Alien
    - The pointless murder of Georgie. The pointless murder of Alan. The pointless death of Tony Jones. The pointless murder of Justus Ward. I need to go on?

    GH is far from great but the mere presence of Anna, Heather, and Todd elevates it well above rock bottom status.

  13. For those of you who watched OLTL,you will understand my problem. The writers are making Todd look like a wuss. He was never afraid of anyone and now he seems to be shaking in his boots because Heather is threating him. On OLTL he was devestating to those who got on his bad side.

    As far as Krissy,someone should wash her mouth out with soap and Molly too. If I had ever spoken to my mother like that,well I wont elaborate but it wouldn't have been pretty. I agree with Sonya. Alexis should show Krissy the door. My comment would be,"Threaten me will you? Fend for yourself you ungrateful child." Sonny should back her then too and see how much she likes it.

  14. Yes, NuKrissy and her giant knockers should be thrown out, along with the cameras, PLEASE bring back Krissy. You know, w/Molly a little older, she and the real Krissy look SO much alike, this one does not look like the sister of the other 2 (although she does look Hispanic, like Sonny).

    I also can't believe Todd is intimidated by Heather, and that he and Sam are spilling their guts all over the place. They don't need to keep telling everyone all the gory details of their lives, something is REALLY off.

  15. If Connie is the horrible person she is now, then wouldn't it make sense that she was a horrible person back then? If she is trampy with no class now, wouldn't she have been like that then? As someone said, isn't Kate the alter?

  16. I don't think Alexis was raped. She was young and got pregnant it was Mikkos who made her give the baby up. I am sure if Alexis was raped we would have heard Sam say something to that effect for all the months she was carrying around Franco Jr.

    Please this show has enough raped women we don't need to add Alexis

  17. That's exactly what I think.

    And I also said that Kate is the alter. Why do they keep saying Connie is gone? Maybe Ewan thinks he's intergrated the personalities but i don't think there's much of Kate left there. IMHO she's an act put on by Connie right now.

  18. Anon...YES it IS worse then it has ever been! Even thogh all of that happened then at least it was never boring and GH had good actors/actresses then. NOW we are stuck with a bunch of BAD actors/actresses from OLTL everyday.

  19. I wonder why they are makeing Connie the alter,when Kate should be the alter. I am hopeing new storylines are starting soon too.

  20. I think Kate/Connie was hooking when she hooked up with Joe..When Kate and Sonny were in Bensonhurst last fall and she got up at night and put lipstick on and went out..She looked like a hooker to me and I wondered at the time if we would find out that she was hooking as a teen to get nice things..

  21. I am still 2 days behind, but the scene yesterday with Sonny, McBain and Joe Jr. was one of the worst I have ever seen on this show. Poorly written, horribly acted, especially by MB, and just plain awful. I'm really sick of seeing Heather's manipulation - she makes my skin crawl. On the other hand, seeing Anna regularly on my screen, is wonderful. Still cannot stomach Krissie. How did she get so trashy in the short while she was gone? And so hateful.



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