Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Gag Reflex

Coffee and Bullets
This week was one show shorter and I didn't even notice. My Gagging doesn't come so much from all the cross-kisses (although they are there to antagonize and not much more) but the complete lilli-fi-cation of Sonny. I mean, really. When he was yelling at Joe Jr he sounded like a guy that never owned a strip club, never drugged up girlies, yada yada. PLEASE don't make Sonny this 'nice guy'-- because Joe Jr. was right; if he was ordered to kill Theresa McBain, he would have. The scene lasted two long, long days-- and I'm just stupefied at the cliche dialog. zzzzzzzz And ANOTHER mobster is on  canvas. LOL. Someone from Sonny's past no less. 

Now,  don't get me wrong, GH is a hell of a lot better than last year, imo. I'm just waiting for the bigger arcs to start. Will they ever? Who knows. Let's dive into this week's surgery...get scrubbed and join me!

If you watched OLTL you'd know this is not Todd. Todd would have killed Heather or had her taken away in a nano second.   He certainly wouldn't dance around with his conscience over this. No way, no how. Then again, I don't really care because I love him. He's my favorite part of the show.

Which is a little sad, isn't it? 

Let's move on to: LUKE!! How does he pee? They never EVER  address peeing in hostage situations on soaps. I need to see the pee bottle! LOL... Heather in her pink blazer tottling off to the woods after all that hoo-ha about having to be "watched" all day if she got out. Okaaaay. I do like her gossip column. 

TRACY!! I'm not liking her throwing Luke under the dang bus. I want she and Anna to work together to find Luke. Then, Anna realizes how much Spanky belongs with him and moves on. To someone like--er...well, not sure. LOVE her as the head of the PCPD. Nice change--and although I miss Mac, it really helped that situation. Also really liked the Tracy/Anna scenes.

Speaking of Mac--where are Flea and Mac?? What happened to Dolores' undercover?? Shouldn't she be pretending she got fired from the PCPD and bartending at the Haunted Star??? Yes. 

ON to the BIG STUFF! The "KISS heard  ROUND THE DOCKS"!! So? What did you think?? Put your couples aside and you can't tell me that wasn't a nice hot kiss.  It was, Blanche it was. Now Liason is going to "retaliate" on the bridge. We'll measure that hotness against McBam's next week.  
MaRR or Michael and Starr--I think they are cute and I guess I like them.  It was great not to have them around Trey and NuXtina. I like Trey but the whole reality show bit? ugh, UGH. bleck. Just too contrived and the 'joke' is old. No way would Sonny put up with that sheeze. Neither would Alexis.

ALEXIS!! Total freak out about TJ. lol..she should have been NAKED--and turned around and her body covered the "parts' for us. The boxers? They were GIANT! lol. Then again, I would have put some Sponge Bob undies on the kid.  I can't wait to see what she says to Molly about Molly's mouth "You got pregnant as a teenager".  RUMOR has it Molly either gets PG or has a scare. This is Ron's MO-- he had 2 pregnant teens on OLTL. many addicts CAN WE HAVE on one show?? I love Jason Patrick, and I like Maxie living there but-- couldn't it have been depression or -- I don't know, maybe he gets into online porn. Heh. Anything but the same ol' same ol'. I just have this feeling Emma's going to take one of those pills because you know that's what always happens. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Gotta go with this just because it's a game changer and a hell of a gamble. Plus, it was hot. I so want vampire sex next  heh. Livvy and Caleb were Bella and Edward (Kinda) way BEFORE they even existed. OFF. The. CHARTS. That doesn't mean I don't want JaSam to get the baby--because if I know Ron, they will. This is so much the Natalie/John MO. They had a baby too--didn't know it was John's--she went off with Brody and he went off with, well, lots o' women.  Then, they realized they loved each other. So, anything can happen. But I'm enjoying the sizzle while I can. THAT'S WHAT DAYTIME IS ALL ABOUT!! 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Now come on, your mother is a certified wachadoodle and you CHOOSE TO BELIEVE her over your sane, never been to Shadybrook girlfriend. Um, Steven Larz, you are officially stupid. Like, big time. 

RUNNER UP: NuXtina basically begging Trey to look at her boobs...or notice her in any way sexually. Geezzzzzzze.'

Watching Wimbledon-- it's Hubby's country on display! Huge year for England, eh?  Jubilee--Tennis final...Olympics! 
Have a good one!


  1. Karen: are you like me and rooting for Joe, Jr. to finally be the mobster that takes Sonny down?

    I cannot stand the character. Like MB, but Sonny is the most cowardly evil character EVER. Takes ZERO responsibility.

    He drugged and raped Karen. He has ordered at least nine executions we've seen, Alkazar offscreen and dozens of others.

    He is legally a rapist and murderer, worse than Johnny or Joe Jr. WHY do the writers think we want him as an anti-hero? he has ZERO good qualities.

  2. I used to like Sonny-- then he became the untouchable guy that really had little redemption left. The revisting of the stepfather DEKE did me in. I would rather them explore his bipolar illness as part of the problem. They ALWAYS make Sonny say things that are just stupid. If he was just a ruthless guy it would be easier to take. LOL I believe Joe for some reason-- I want Sonny to be taken down by the cops. Anna/John. That or be broken enough to turn WSB or something. I LOVE he and Alexis, btw. That is another relationship I'd love to have explored more.

  3. My least favorite scenes of the week are anytime Kristina are on. If I talked to my mom like she talks to Alexis, my mother would very firmly show me the door. For someone who hates her parents, she sure is living off them and not too worried about going off on her own to make her own money and her own life.
    That is one big thing that I don't like. These kids on soaps practically get to run over their parents. Most of the time, you can't find a kid who is trally ticked off at either their mom, dad, or both and will treat them like crap. The parents yell back a little bit, but still don't do anything about it.
    I even hated that they had Molly rolling her eyes at her mom and talking back so much. Yes, she is a teenager now, but since I have to watch every other kid yelling at their parents, it gets very tiring. Hopefully Emma, Cameron, Aidan, and Josslyn (yeah right) treat their parents better....

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  5. PS I do love Maurice Benard-- he's done well against some terrible storylines over the years!

  6. I'm with you Karen. I am loving Todd and Heather. I did not watch OLTL that often so I don't know how he was before, but LOVE him on GH. There are still a lot of holes in the story lines. Can't stand nuXtina - just awful. I'm sure the actress is good, but the whole spoiled brat, begging Trey, do my reality show or you will never see me again is lame at best. I really wish they would have not turned Patrick down such a dark road. Sam/McBain-Jason/Liz - OVER IT! I'm beyond caring at this point. Starr and Michael are growing on me. Heather is still brilliant.

  7. I have never felt sorry for either Liason or JaSam fans (most likely because they ARE Liason or JaSam fans!), but I sort of feel sorry for them now because it is extremely obvious that TPTB are going to be playing Yo-Yo with both fan bases for as long as General Hopsital is on the air (that's not long!).

    Even Stevie Wonder can see that Sam is eventually going to get back together with Jason (probably a "Christmas Miracle" episode) and then realizing she is unable to fight the urge to be with John and that deep down inside she truly loves John. And all through the back-and-forthness of it all, steroid boy begins to despise and degrade Elizabeth simply because he can and nothing can ever be Stone Cold's fault.

  8. Karen you are right on with everyone of your comments. I couldn't agree more.
    I love Todd too, and does Luke pee?? lol

    Why Killerbee does there have to be a Jasam or Liason base? Can't there be a neutral base?? I happen to like SB alot, and enjoy his scenes.
    However, I hate what he is doing to Liz right now. That too, is out of character for Jason.
    I like SB. Not a fav of Sam or Liz. Where does that leave me?

  9. Karen! You want to see Luke's pee bottle? ROFL! Wait who should be naked, Alexis? Man that picture of McBam kissing, is HOT! :)

  10. Practically every word out of Sonny's mouth this week was hypocritical! Wow. What a lame leading character he is.
    I hate Sonny so much by now, it is beginning to spill over to Maurice and I know it isn't his fault (at least I don't think so, unless he has super influence on the writers!)

    The actor who is playing Joe Jr is so good he had me believing him, but he is still a slimy little SOB. The kid playing his son is perfectly cast as his son, they look so much alike, but the kid is far more obnoxious.

    The show is FAR more interesting than last year, but I so wanted them to get out of the mob business.

  11. Loving the couples mix up. It's what soaps do and need to do so fans don't get bored. So glad Ron is using his smarts and playing Jasam/Liason/McBam. It's necessary as I have never seen any chemistry between Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton and found their coupling to be boring but I clearly see it with Steve and Rebecca and Kelly and Michael. So kudos to Ron and Frank for making GH a real soap again by using natural chemistry between actors!!

    I really thought the Saint Sonny thing was going to go away when Ron came on board, but....obviously not. So sick of him and HIS boxOpain.

    NuKrissy needs a new storyline because this one makes her unwatchable and newbie Trey simply needs to go. Trey means nothing to me even if he turns out to be Kate's son. Not invested in him or NuKate to be honest. Plus the storyline itself has so many holes in it. NuKate's son should be Dante's age. Not Krissy's age. I'm still hoping for my own "Christmas Miracle" by having Spinelli really be Kate's son. Now THAT I would be interested and invested in because it makes sense!

    I'm all Heather'd out and I love her. Far too much airtime. I'm still having trouble with Ron's character pacing and it greatly irks me when I see newbies getting more airtime than Patrick, Lante, Mac, The Q's...need I go on...??

    I found myself being less annoyed with Starr and Michael. Maybe I'm suffering from heatstroke. We'll see. Lol.

  12. Why is everyon beating up on poor old Sonny. Don't forget Sonny is a good mobster who can do no wrong.A Sonny fan wanted that scene longer and more violent. The Sonny fans think he is not on enough these days. I hope we see more of the other characters soon.

  13. Can anyone (other than the Liason and JaSam cult members), tell me why Jason is still on this show other than to give us his constipated, deer-in-the-headlights look? He brings nothing yet brings down every female he is positioned with.

    I mean, seriously.

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  15. you jealous of a fictional character on a fake TV show??
    Something is 'OFF' with you.


  16. Like him or not, Jason has roots on the show. I just wish the character would evolve a little...Maybe reclaim his status as a Q and become a ruthless businessman or something. The hitman lacky stuff for Sonny is getting old

  17. Totally agree OldSchool! I too have thought what a great story to be told to have Jason's memory come back and considering how much of a goody two shoes Jason Q was can you imagine how conflicted he would be? Way better than any DID story anyday! Unfortunately, going down that road could very well be the end of Jason/Sonny. Fine by me!!!

    Also, everyone is quite taken with the how does Luke pee? I say we all take it to the experts on this kinda thing. Where's Anderson Cooper and Gerard Depardieu when you need them?

  18. @My2Cents: I have as much right to dislike Jasus as you have to idolize him.

    And you really shouldn't go off making negative and crude remarks about other posters.

  19. Renegade...You can dish it, when someone else shows you up, then you cry.
    Boo Hoo

    Someone is jealous

  20. NuKrissy needs a new storyline because this one makes her unwatchable and newbie Trey simply needs to go.


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