Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Blind Ambition

Cartini will need Neo powers to thwart off cyber-attacks!
 I'm starting out this week's Surgery a bit differently. I'm going to start with some RUMORS that are tearing around the net. The biggest being that Liason have Sex and so do McBam.  Todd's finally going to come to his senses, tell Sam in a letter or something and then tell Tea. After much foolin' around and chasing, Tea finally gives Victor up to Sam. By this time, Todd also spills that it's Jason's kid and whoops but everyone is involved with the wrong people. THIS IS THE RUMOR. Now, I've heard about the sex--I've heard that of course the baby stuff comes out. Why do I think this version has legs? It's just about what happened on OLTL with the whole John/Brody/Nat situation. I'm also quite sure Ron knows what fire he's playing with between the JaSam and Liason fans. Everyone will "get" something in the end. The question that people will be WATCHING FOR (ergo the ratings boosts) will be:  with whom does Jason end up? Sam or Liz....stay tuned! Remember these are rumors and things change faster than lighting.
Are you scrubbed up yet? We need you germ free to read on!

Rumors continue on the Spy-Vs Spy front. It all boils down to who has Robin and why. Heather's going to drop a nugget to Anna about the possibility of Robin being alive. Is it mind control? Is it OLTL based Irene spy stuff with Jerry Jacks dragged in? Is David Hayward involved? Who else is alive? Does it have to do with the organ selling biz--or is it way more sinister than that? Ewan?  Where's Helena?
Now you know I heard Hells was due back this summer. I know that got pushed back and I'm not even sure if she's coming in the fall right at the moment.  We'll have to see how contrived this whole Robin thing ends up being.

AFTER ALL the  rumor-mongering I am going to say this (yet again):  THE STORIES HAVE TO BE GOOD and:
They need to be consistent.
They need to play out in a timely manner. 

They need to involve a LOT of the cast. 
and most of all...
THEY NEED TO MAKE ME WANT TO find out what's going to happen next!! 

I don't really care what couple is together. I want a reasonable chemistry connection and decent excitement. I could deal with the Tracy/Luke/Anna triangle because the dialog and actors made it fun. And although Anna and Luke aren't my THING, I could be entertained watching. Right now? I'm still struggling. There are parts of this show I like (mostly the Todd scenes) and more that I just don't care about (Trey, Joe Jr, ConKate). I just find things choppy and not flowing in some areas. I do get a giggle every day but the stories? eh. Please for the love of GOD someone surprise me on daytime television. I was surprised on OLTL--- now transfer it to GH. Some unique stories. Something different. Anything. Have someone go over Niagara Falls in a barrel naked. I don't know. 

Mind Control
DID split personalities
Switching partners
Who's the Daddy
Kidnapped switched babies/kids
Hostage situations (single or group) 
Addiction stories....

I'm done. I had more of a connection watching Molly and TJ smile at each other when Alexis was reading them off their "conditions" than just about anything else on GH this week.

Funny things of note: Dolores' "undercover" consisted of asking Johnny a few questions and slipping doubt into his mind at the PCPD. Oooo, wow.  Maxie's stuff is still at Starr and Trey's apt. Michael drives to the lake to see what he should wear. Hello, kids would totally Skype or use them web cams to do that now! Shawn is not on enough to make me care about anything. Steven Larz is such a baffoon it's sad. Heather's camping gear in her purse. heh. Maxie trying to keep her job with Todd.   That weird ball of cork on Todd's desk. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Luke's hallucination. Not because the "scene" was that dramatic but I just loved seeing Jane, JMB and Finola bust on him.  They looked like they were having a blast. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  NuKristina and Trey. I'm sorry but I can't stand these two. Trey and Starr, I can deal with. Get her back to Yale. Thanks. 
Stealing the Show...
Todd is really becoming a great character on GH and although we know he would have killed Heather 100x by now, he's morphing a bit into a guy with a conscience which may be interesting.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK? "Crazy Calling" "Crazy Calling" ringtone! 

Hope you are keeping cool... some scoops are up. I'll be rounding up more rumors for later as well. 


  1. Connection & Excitement isn't happening for me either on the show. The best day this week was Thursday. It consisted of Shawn, Alexis, the kiddies and everything NOT Sam, Liz, Jason & John.

    I want that baby found now.
    Not in the Fall.

    My thing with Sam is, why does she always NEED a man in her life??
    My thing with Liz is, why are the writers writing her like they are? She looks and sounds ridiculous. I would hope a real women would walk away from a couple in the midst of a marriage crisis. But Liz is right stuck in the middle.
    I could do w/out this storyline altogether.

    I did read that Alexis will be getting a front burner storyline. She also has sex after 7 years!!
    Wait I heard for 7 years she is getting a front storyline so don't hold me on that one!! It would be nice to see a show with Alexis in a lead, Mac & Felicia, Shawn, Monica, all the people who are brought out once a week for a scene get the airtime. These are the ones I want to see front and center!

    I LOVE KS, but I am so tired of the DID story. I didn't like it on OLTL, I don't like it anymore now.

    Why don't I get what I want from the show? If this show was more even, less choppy, could be good. They do have great actors on the show, its just boring right now.

    People are tiring of Heather. Like Karen said, we always get a laugh, but her popularity is sinking.

    Not looking forward to Blair coming to GH. Sorry. I would rather see more GH characters come back to light.

  2. lol..wierd ball of cork! That's been bothering me all week too!

  3. The stories are boring and choppy. The scenes are too short. Where are my GH vets? Where is the show history being honored? I just can't get into it. I just don't CARE about these characters or what will happen next.I'm really sorry to say this because I want to like the show. All I can say is thank goodness for Anna, Luke and Tracy.

  4. The problem with GH is that I can see the repeat storylines from OLTL. I can acurately guess what is going to happen.

    The DID storyklline needs to go away. It has been so killed on OLTL and I do NOT need to see it on GH.

    Todd is a awsome. I always loved him on OLTL and he brings life into the show. will watch him no matter who is in the scene. Carly and Todd could be awsome. I am not looking forward to Blair coming back. I never liked her and hope it is only a short stint, maybe she can come get Starr and take her away.

    Please let there be some twist to the Liason/Jasam storyline. I think that McBam might throw a wrench into any "end game" of Jasam. Because Sam and McBain are the hottest thing I have seen on a soap in a long long time.

    But if Cartini holds true to what he had done in the past, the rumor sex then the truth comes out sounds very plausable.

    Guza and co were very stuck on Jasam, because focus groups had them skewing higher in the "right" age range, even though Liason receives much more "snail mail." It seems Ron might go in another direction, BUT I wouldn't hold my breath.

    I have to say less Sonny is a good thing. I would have liked the Joe Jr. story better if Sonny didn't come out the good guy in the end. I want it to turn out that Connie was NOT raped by Joe and she willingly slept with him, and away because she was ashamed.

    I think the worst thing that all soaps do right now is TELL the audience EVERYTHING. This Sam/Jason baby thing would be better right now if we still thought that Franco was the baby's father. Have the news come out as a surprise to the audience when it is revealed to the characters. I think that you just annoy the audience when you have Sam come "this close" to finding out 15 times, when you know that you that she won't find until fall.

  5. Yes, Molly and her friend smiling at each other was the best!!

  6. Andrea....I agree. This is OLTL being written on GH.

    I am actively contacting the hotline.
    The numbers this week were horrible.

    I want to know where is Monica? Where is Shawn & Felicia & Mac?
    Coleman? Max??
    Now Blair is coming over??

  7. KS's Maxie would have been the perfect person to go toe to toe with RH's Todd LOL!! They would be hilarious!

    Karen, is the Jerry Jacks rumor true or not? i mean really has it even been announced by SOD at all?

    They usually have a casting announcement. the SID guy usually says i have good news but nada

    I mean really even FV is not making his usual announcements "we are still crossing out the T's and the I's, stay tuned"

    Even Seb Roche who is rumored to be taping with Nathin Butler tomorrow is not saying anything, not even tweeting each other with the usual.. hey men , see you on monday.

    ok ok i ge the whole let's keep silent thing but it still makes no sense to me at all.

    I also noticed that FV/RC follow the cast as well so by now they would have followed SeRoche . no? they'd even be trying to twang in french or italian or spanish..........mmmmmmm? anyone?

    Even the SOD mag has nothing on Seb Roche returning or that he will begin taping on monday at prospect.

    I know some idiot tweeted FV that DD had taping information and that Seb Roche will be taping on monday and then added "just so you know"
    But no one is talking about it and there is no buzz AT ALL!

    Even Nellie Branco who usually has his SOU updates tweeted has nothing.

    Non of the soap blogger have anything not even Jamie Giddens or Ryan.

  8. Karen:

    You make it sound like Todd was a remorseless killer.

    Perhaps Victor Jr. wd have offed Heather but Todd's always been an involving hypocritical character. Plus, let's not underestimate Heather. Robin Mattson has always been great.

  9. Out of 9 air days in July ( exclude 1 for holiday) we have Todd, Sam and Heather with 7 air days.
    Starr=Michael=6 air days
    Jason=MCBAin=Sonny at 5 air days.
    Liz = 3 days.
    Shawn =1 day
    Monica, Edward , Cameron= 0 days
    I wonder what contracts each actor has because clearly some are dominating the show as usual.

    While I love Liason and MCBam,and look forward to their lovemaking scenes , I think I truly want to see some vets and knew storylines also. Grant Putnam did kidknap Anna before when she was married to Duke Lavery. So if he comes back, that isn't the vet I was hoping for. I like Todd's humor but I still feel more attention on OLTL characters driving story.

  10. Mac, Felicia, Max , Milo also had 0
    air dates in July.

  11. Mac, Felicia, Max, Milo also had 0
    air dates in July.
    And where's Coleman & Monica??

  12. Sebasitan Roche coming back is a rumor...I think I put it on the front page of the wubs net and shouldn't have

  13. How about a couple that gets married six months ago and still has no story and did not get a honeymoon, where a boring couple gets a honeymoon that was boring as heck.I find Jason and Sam one boring couple. Don't forget people Sonny should the the star of the show accouding to some Sonny fans. Some of the Sonny fan are now complaining he's not on enough these days. I don't mind Sonny, I'm just not a big Sonny fan. I didn't mind the did storyline, It was just on too many days.

  14. Jasam's honey moon lasted for thirty odd days, becausse they rushed the wedding to have it on the last day that AMC was on and the first day the Spew was on, in hopes to get the ratings. Then they dragged the honeymoon on and on and on and on, because they pre taped the Franco scenes (probably all shot in 2 days). ABC and co wanted The Franco scenes to air in Nov sweeps. Roughly (45 days after the wedding)

    We the audience were subjected to a really really boring homey moon that even the most die hard Jasam fans were tired of by the end.

    The whole thing MIGHT have been better if it was all shown with in a 2 week period, ( I say MIGHT because the whole Franco is Pyschotic thing was done to death over the last 2 years and it would have been nice to see something more original).

    We didn't even get a reason from Franco, we had to wait until Heather came on and we got new writers to find out why Franco was obsessed with Jason.

    I too would like to see more of Mac and Felicia and the Q's. BUT I have to say that GH has far and away better writing and storylines than it did a year ago.

    There is a lot less of Sonny (Thank God). And the diagolue is snappier. There is still some reapeat scenes, which I think has a lot to do with the black taping the GH does.

    I didn't make it a point to watch GH for years, now I want to see what is going on everyday.

  15. I dont understand why this wasnt the new opening song introduced last week when GH changed its opening. It should have been.

    Here's what you do
    When you don't find the rainbow's end
    This time.

    Here's where you go
    When it looks like the rain won't end
    Don't cry

    There's always tommorrow
    Where you can have a second chance
    And after tommorrow
    All that you have to remember.

    Here's what you do
    When you think nobody cares
    For you.

    Look in my eyes
    And see there's an answer there
    It's true

    We'll find tommorrow
    A place for us
    I know because

    Time only knows
    How long forever's gonna last
    And we don't even need to ask

    Let's live today
    And find someone to share it with
    Cause we only have one life to live


    Don't cry
    I'll give you tommorrow
    Let me the be to share it with

    And each day that follows
    Cause you only have one life to live!

  16. For, those wondering why we haven't seen Edward, I think reports stated that John Ingle is having health promblems. Not sure if true. Karen the odd thing about your barrel/nigara falls statement is that The Simpsons did that with Marge and Homer and a bouncy castle(don't ask).

  17. i started watching GH when VM came back (which was done horribly) but then I got interested in AMC (Dixie came back) and OLTL (Original Todd) because you were talking how good they were (and they were!). I've stayed with GH out of a sense of obligation and waiting to see what happens. I used to love the characters of Sonny, Jason, Lucky, Carly, etc. but this time around it was bad. The mob stuff bad. Carly was awful (but now I like her w/Johnny and LOVE her with Todd). Can't stand Sonny (esp. w/Kate). Actively hating Jason (and starting to like Sam who I never liked) - and the chemistry w/McBain is off the charts. Wish for more of the Q family, love Anna (and this "old" version of Luke); some resolution for Mac & Felcicia. And for God's sake, give Alexis a meaty story! I'm charmed by Jen as Maxie. And Starr has made me like Michael (he's like a different actor now). I guess bottom line: bringing back some of the originals has helped and I love the infusion of OLTL folks. It's helping to keep me around.

  18. Karen one of your spoilers says **Look under the bed...and further down the line, it's not just you, it might be the wine. Hehehe what?!!?! ROFL!

    Laison and McBam have sex!!! I HOPE IT'S TRUE! :)

    Karen I'm confused.. When you talked about,

    Mind Control
    DID split personalities
    Switching partners
    Who's the Daddy
    Kidnapped switched babies/kids
    Hostage situations (single or group)
    Addiction stories....

    Does that mean you don't want ANY of those storylines? But but mind control? You don't want the old school mind control brainwashing? I miss it!!!

  19. I completely agree with Dr. Linda on almost everything she said. I stopped watching GH in 2009, only watching when I was visiting my mom on school vacations. Even though I stayed up-to-date with the show through this site, I really wasn't invested in the day to day stuff. Then, I heard that FV and RC were coming over once OLTL was over, and I decided to give it a chance. While GH is nowhere near as good as it was when I first started watching back in 1995, it is 10x better than the crap that had been happening for the last decade. The high Guza period went off the deep end, especially when it came to the mob storylines. For this I completely blame The Sopranos. If that show hadn't been as big as it was, I don't think that GH would have become so Sonny-centric. There was a nice balance between mob storylines and regular people storylines back in the 90s and it seems like we're starting to get more of that again. If GH is back next year, I think we might start seeing less choppiness and more continuity--even with block taping.

    I do understand why a lot of non-OLTL fans are very annoyed with what is happening right now, but they need to understand that what was going on at GH was not bringing in the ratings. OLTL was, but it was canceled because it wasn't Frons's pet show. An infusion of OLTL characters is a good thing. I actually like Micheal and Sam for the first time in years. The only problem I have with the current GH storylines is that they are very much a repeat of the last few years of OLTL. We don't want to see those same stories again. We want innovative storylines like what we had on OLTL. I loved the Shane bullying storyline, but I definitely don't want to see it repeated on GH. They need to try something that is a little out of the soap box. I'm not saying they should ditch all the soap strongholds (I love a good serial killer storyline--probably why I am a huge Criminal Minds fan), but they need something that hasn't aired on every soap since The Search for Tomorrow.

  20. If Con/Kate's DID is true to soapie-form, another alter is hiding - the alter who did invite Joe Jr into bed - who wanted the baby (Trey) but Kate/Con took over and abandonned the baby. The baby was raised by Joe Jr who was exiled from (or kicked out of) his family because Joe Sr thought more of Sonny than he did of his own son: Joe Jr.

  21. imspncycl said...If Con/Kate's DID is true to soapie-form, another alter is hiding - the alter who did invite Joe Jr into bed - who wanted the baby (Trey) but Kate/Con took over and abandonned the baby. The baby was raised by Joe Jr who was exiled from (or kicked out of) his family because Joe Sr thought more of Sonny than he did of his own son: Joe Jr.
    OH! imspncycl I LOVE it!!!!! :) If it doesn't happen that way, too bad! :)

  22. imspncycl I shared on another board of your theory. :)


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