Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Open Wound

The deal is: I don't CARE about the opening!! LOL...back in MY DAY, we didn't have no stinkin' opening!! Ok, we did have an ambulance and some siren/music but no one cared what the opening looked like.  The "new" opening is so fast and weird, I blinked and it was gone. I guess the actors probably care about it, but me? eh... Wubber Dave pointed out it looks like the old Superman where he villains were trapped in the glass panels!! hahahaa.

This week's show was--- somewhat fun...somewhat boring and sometimes  just filler. I really wish the Spinelli/Heather scene had lasted about 20 minutes because it was hysterical. I also could have listened to Todd ramble on to Sam for another 30 minutes. I'm still not into the Liason dance because frankly, it rings hollow to me. I also think that it's there to antagonize rather than actually fulfill a purpose or a storyline.  I'm still thinking I'd rather see Monica and Jason more than Liz and Jason but-- whatever. I'm sure Lisaoners are all happy. I know I'm going to be interested in the upcoming scenes between McBam during the fireworks. 

No Jail for YOU!
There was a lot of filler this week. Teen Scene, Starr sings, Olivia and Spin,  Spin and Sam, Johnny turns the Haunted  Star into some black and purple coke club from 1984-- Todd in Crimson... yada yada yada. Courtroom shenanigans, because now, who REALLY ever thought ConKate would go to jail? 
Make it Stop

Make it stop. Thanks. 'Cause I can't deal with this storyline much longer!!! The Trey guy is good-- but his purpose as a "reality producer" Stupid-- and NuKrissy? Wow. Just not jelling at all.  Poor Brandon Barash!! LOL. He's gotta be like: UM, HEY! HELLO??  When Do I get to play with the ADULT ACTORS!!!?? 

BLT Love
Heather and Luke... fun yes, but so full of holes. I mean-- well. Keeping a hostage isn't what it's cracked up to be.  His phone goes off. She leaves for God knows how long and manages to dress up and get a job. AND WHO'S SUPPOSED to be watching her!!? geesh.  Isn't she required to be supervised? Steven Larz, you are just not doing your job.
Bye New Girl
Todd had his hands full with Crimson and that newbie I've never seen it before. Speaking of extras, people were mentioning them in the comments on the last post. HELL ya, I've noticed the extras! The Floating Rib is full of them!! Remember when Coleman wasn't around before? NO ONE would be tending bar-- it was pretty funny.  This week we get some new hottie back there. Please hire Conan. He's missed. snifffff.

One more thing I think I may like is Patrick's pill poppin'. NOT because it's anything "new" (we've only had 8 million addicts on the show) but because of JT's acting.  You know he'll do it up! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I'm going with a scene that was pretty fun, and that was Heather and Spinelli. She was hysterical --and really didn't know how to deal with his verbal jousting. BA was just sublime again. He's having fun with Spin. All  I could think of was Little Red Riding Hood during that whole thing. hee. I wish Heather would have said  something like "I'll huff and I'll puff..."!!

 NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:   These two with the Joe Scully Angst. On my last nerve. This scene could have been about "The Balkan"..."Franco"..."Brenda"..."Insert latest mobular craze". Same sheeze , different month. 

Hope you liked GH this week.  I do think it's sticking around for the year at least unless we are blindsided by the trolls upstairs. BTW, July 4th is a repeat--Sonny finds Johnny and Kate in bed I think--something like that.


  1. OMG, Karen, are you really up this early on a Sunday, or did you post last night?

    Is Luke tied to the chair all of the time? HOW DOES HE GO TO THE BATHROOM? (I know that someone else mentioned this, but it really drives me crazy.)

  2. far as the opening it is fine. Nobody is going to like it because it is new and for some reason people are negative about things on this show initally. Whatever the situation is.

    You mentioned 'fill in' storylines. You didn't mention Felicia & Mac. Since I don't tweet, what is the 'word' out there on these 2?? Sounds like they aren't that popular and are on back burner status along with a few others. Any idea what tweeters are saying, or NOT saying about them?

  3. I was UP ALL NIGHT and I posted this at 4:30am before I went to bed LOL

  4. I didn't see them this week--I missed a day, so I guess they were on? People on twitter like them if they KNOW KW from the old days. Newbies don't like her acting style much

  5. No they weren't on this week. I can't for the life of me understand why they aren't using this as a story. The girl has been back since May and we have seen her probably half dozen times..IF!


  6. Am I showing my age if i say I remember that ambulance. lol

    And Felicia is another example of someone they've brought back and seldom used. I like to see more of her and Mac too.

  7. Karen...You party girl you!! ;)

    Personally I'm not a big fan of KW's acting style and I did watch her back in the day. I used to VCR GH then because I was tuning into Santa Barbara. That being said, I do love her with Mac. Their cute, flirty behavior now plays off well. There needs to be more and should not be "backburnerd" while other stories play out.

    Di - I really miss the ambulance sound. I understand completely :)

  8. Crazy Lisa Niles is on true blood :) .

  9. New opening is awful; half the cast is missing!!!

  10. Jeez, how much did of the GH budget was spent on redecorating the new night club? On TV, it just looks BLACK. Time to change the name from The Haunted Star to The Black Hole.

    I'm glad McBain is back. He and Todd are great additions to GH.

  11. Karen! You are so funny! :) Back in the day, with the ambulance and the music, I don't have the problem with the ambulance, but I don't like the music. Yes Karen! Superman where he villains were trapped in the glass panels!!!! :) I so agree! I love your little words in the pictures. :) BLT love! ROFL! No jail for YOU! Make it stop! ROFL! I love seeing the extras! That new bartender is so HOT! :) But, where is Coleman? :(

  12. kdmask said...I was UP ALL NIGHT and I posted this at 4:30am before I went to bed LOL
    ROFL! Did you have a hard time sleeping because of the hot nights that we have been having? :) Damn humidity! :)

  13. I don't mind the new opening all that much, but it makes me think of watching them on a computer screen.

    I liked Mac and Felicia back in the 90s, but all the crap she put him through in the early 00s has me on the fence about them. Part of me wants them to try again but another part wants Mac to run as far from her as he could get. I kinda liked him with Alexis and if the writers had played it the right way, they could have been a great couple. (Personally, I have always liked NLG and I miss her Eddie's Angel Days--she and Ned were my favorite couple in 1999. I can still picture Jason showing up at Ned's with the poster of Alexis in that teddy on it.) Anyway, if the writers want to put Mac and Felicia back together, I would love it if they would show them more often. We haven't seen them in a while, but Maxie seems to know what's going on between them--for some reason she has no problem with it.

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