Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Parade of Characters

         OMG CL is coming back as NELLE for a short stint!! What do you think????? 

 Anna and Victor talk at the pool. Anna says she wants to make ammends because he's Val's father. She's just trying to snow him, we know this. OMG Victor says he donated equestrian stuff to Char's school and Anna REALIZES he's been using Charlotte this whole time!! Finola is the best actress ever. Damn

Drew and Carly talk in the kitchen. They think they are awesome!! BUT Carly is afraid to start anything with him. yada yada. OMG another couple not "sure".

Trina and Spencer talk at GH ..he tells her his father disappointed him but not about Esme. She says she's sorry. He says it's not her problem. Looks at her longingly SOAPY 101

Nikolas talks to Ava who's still asleep... then he says "I hate to see you like this" and goes towards her. Trina walks in--what are you doing? HE doesn't say-- (that was a nothing burger). They talk about who would do this to Ava. He says someone that hates her. She says or someone that used to love her. 

Jordan asks Liz where she was between a certain time..and Liz says walking alone to 'clear her head' Finn says they got in a fight and he went to the Q house and saw Victor and Spencer. Liz is sure where I was LOL. Jordan badgers her. Nik walks in and gives Liz her alibi --and gives himself one! "We were together"! 

Sasha and Brando go to visit a new doctor (psychologist??) before she goes to the judge. Hoping to get no jail time. She finds out that the whole thing is to get Brando to get guardianship over her. Martin thinks she can get off jail time if she does it. Sasha freaks out. 

Lucy tells Valentin that Sasha needs to go. They talk about that but he says you're really here to check that I didn't tell Martin you were flirting with Victor at the picnic! They talk about pickles Giggle. 

Carly thinks she needs to be on her own awhile 

Jordan finds out that Spencer was puking in the bathroom when Ava was attacked-- one of the servers at the Qs saw him. 

Ava's machine starts beeping badly..TRina: She needs help!

Tomorrow: Bobbie is on... Curtis is on 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022



Eden put this on twitter LOL.. I had no idea they still wore masks on set! 

Carly and Joss drink coffee and guess what?! Moss is back on SET!! YEP! Anyway, Trina comes over and they have to tell her about Ava. Her party is tonight OH NO! Trina says the college dropped her Title 9 thing and she can go back. She wants to tell Ava. Joss says something happened to her. They are going to go to the hospital. 

Spencer is hung over and wakes up to Victor pounding on the door. They talk about Ava. Spencer thinks Victor did it. Victor thinks Spencer did it! Then they wonder if Nikolas did it. 

Nikolas is trying to find out what happened to Ava. So is Jordan. Jordan wants to question people. 

Sonny and Nina are waiting in the lobby to hear any news. He yells at Nikolas and Nikolas yells at him LOL. Ava's in recovery. Jordan wants to know where/what happened to Ava at the picnic before she got stabbed. 

Sonny then goes to Carly's to see Avery. Carly's not happy. 

Brook and Drew talk about Carly. Don't care. They are also being questioned by the police. 


Ava's in ICU ...came through the operation ok but still critical. 

Liz was going to tell Finn what happened last night (fugue state) but Jordan comes in to question them. 

Spencer offers comfort to Trina at GH 

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday: You Hooked Me


Joss is all mouthy to Nina. Sonny tells her to knock it off --she says nope. Leaves. Anna comes in to talk to Sonny. She wonders if he knows why Victor is in Port Charles. He says no idea but he does think Victor bribed the guards to let Spencer out that one time to go visit Courtney's grave. Anna is VERY interested in that. (could get him arrested) 

Nikolas finds a dazed Elizabeth sitting on the grass, she doesn't know what happened. She tells him Finn called Sarah. He's like WHAT ? She says Finn thinks she's losing her mind. THEN she flashes back to the stairs and then she "wakes up" and asks Nikolas what's going on! That wasn't "her" talking to him! wow!  Finn finds them and Nikolas tells him to leave because Liz doesn't want to talk to him. Finn begs to talk to Liz alone. Nik says now. 

Spencer comes to the back porch and Finn and Valentin try to help him sober up. Spencer tells Valentin how much he hates him LOL. Val leaves.  Finn tries to talk to Spencer about what's bothering him. He tries to give him advice. Then Victor walks in and basically tells Finn to leave. He finds out Ava is the one that spilled the beans on Nik sleeping with Esme. 

Felicia tells Mac he should tell Cody he was in Dominique's life. He says there's no way she would have had a baby and left it. Felicia says maybe she didn't know.  What if Leopold sent her to Shadybrook and took her baby? Then Flea says maybe Dominque didn't even know she HAD A BABY!! 

Britt smacks Cody after he kisses her.  It's just a stupid fight about why he wants to know about Peter and Faison. HE says you like me. She says no then finally gives in and says yes she does but she doesn't want to. She talks about St. Jaysus. They end up kissing again. 

Ava bleeds out on the boathouse deck. JOSS finds her!! She doesn't have her phone with her and goes to leave but Ava grabs her leg! No..don't go!! Joss gets a rag but Ava passes out. She can't leave because she needs pressure on her bleeding. Dex runs up (he was delivering papers to Sonny) ...he sits with Ava and Joss calls 911. Dex says they have to take her to GH NOW because they can't wait for the ambulance to get there. They get her to the car. 

Olivia finds out someone was attacked on the grounds, runs to tell Felicia and Mac. Mac finds the blood at the boat house. 

Anna gets a call from Jordan about the attack. She's in the kitchen and is going to go out to find it. 


Ava's at GH

Everyone at the party finds out Ava was attacked and they have to stay for questioning. 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Surgery: In A Pickle


Short, sweet and to the point. I saw Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's shows. What a pleasure to just dip my toes in and not HAVE to watch daily! This was a good week to just watch because it was all in one place and characters came and went. Great dialog--funny. Pathos as well. 

Ready??  Grab a Gherkin! 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Here I GO again!!

 I had to see if Spencer heard Ava say that Nik and Esme slept together! So I'm tuning in again today

Spencer finds out from a teary Ava that Nikolas slept with Esme! OMG watch this scene!! Even if you hav to just watch that ONE on youtube. Nicholas Chavez is just AMAZING as Spencer. I cant' even describe it. WOW.  Nikolas BLAMES AVA!! OMG! WOW... he's such a dick! Ava smacks him. She leaves. Spencer and Nikolas go on and on WATCH IT!! 

Second-string is at the picnic now. Maxie, Austin, Britt, Cody... Felicia, Mac, Anna..Lucy. Valentin. 

So, Valentin and Victor talk. He wants Valentin to step up and "do his duty" .

Austin's stupid cousin comes out of the bushes. He tells Austin he owes the debtor money. Austin squeezes his head to be a tough guy. Then Mason picks up a knife. Ava sees it all!! WOOT 

Felicia and Lucy tell Mac and Anna that Cody is Dominque's kid. Mac goes to find him-- (nothing about Mac being his father yet tho). Mac finds Cody with Britt. They tell him they knew his mother. 

Anna wants Lucy to try to get close to Victor. Lucy goes in and flirts. It's hysterical. She tries to open a pickle jar with her boobs kinda...AHAHHAA.

Elizabeth finds out that Finn called Sarah. She's pissed. He says SHE has to take care of herself because he's worried about VIOLET! WHAT!! OMG I hope she kicks him to the curb. He says her boys know something is wrong and she owes them to get well. He also says he's a doctor. She says YOU'RE NOT MY DOCTOR---you're not my ANYTHING" ...she runs. 

Next time we see Liz she's bruised and bleeding. I think from running through the woods. She flashes back to the top of the stairs with that lady. 


Spencer is very drunk 

Mason is looking for Ava..Nik is looking for Ava.. Spencer is missing...

Ava gets stabbed in the stomach with a hook. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Throwback Thursday!


WHAT ICONIC SCENE IS THIS FROM? One of my favorites!! I was dying to watch the whole week. 

Today's Show was fun picnic stuff. I watched and was determined to be ALL SUNSHINE AND LIGHT!! 

Loved the clothes and Sonny and Olivia!! Liz looked so pretty.  Crew almost had boathouse Sex!

Nicholas Chavez is just a fabulous actor. My goodness.

Leo was a riot LOL.. "Mommy said you stole Carly's business" --to Nina! ahahaha 

Very fun scenes today.  

OH Spencer finds out Nik and Esme slept together and Finn called SARAH WEBBER and Liz sees it on his phone!! Sarah! I thought he called Her mother! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022



Who do you think drank the love potion!? I was kind of hoping that Sam and Chase would randomly hook up!! We never get those anymore! LOL I think the last one was with Molly and Brando!! Hope you're doing well!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 It's raining and I'm bored so HERE I AM! Watching LIVE TODAY!! 

Curtis gives Portia a GIANT ROCK! She says yes. TJ records it on his phone. I think they'll find out soon he's not divorced. 

Jordan is kinda sad but says congrats ...she just wants him to be happy. 

Leo is mixing up LOVE potion. "Amore...Amore"!!  He pours it into the lemonade. 

Willow can't even tell Michael because he's too busy being a dick to his Dad.  He slammed the door in Sonny's face. Sonny tells him NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Sonny stomps off. Michael tells Willow he can't imagine life without her. 

Drew is grilling :eyeroll: He's so much of a nothing. Then, Dante takes over. 

Nik and Ava are going to bicker forever, no? 

Marshall and Jordan talking about Tommy.  He thinks his struggles were due to his genetic ties to schizophrenia. She saw no signs of it and thinks it was PTSD and her cheating. 

Ava and Sonny talk about Esme. Sonny's kinda suspicious about Esme posting on Social media.. then Nik walks in and tells him to shut up. 

Terry and Willow talk about her treatment and postponing it until next trimester. Terry says she respects her choice


All of Leo's cups are gone..he's panicked LOL 

Jordan over hears Portia on the phone with the genetic counselor talking about Trina!

Monday, August 22, 2022



EMMA SAMS WILL BE BACK TO GH IN OCTOBER!! WHOO HOO!! She was last "seen" in 2020 and because of the Pandemic couldn't come back as she was suffering from Long Covid.  Remember we saw her on the monitor?? WHO Has her? I have to say Victor but who knows. Deadline ran this story on Twitter 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday 8/18


                                      Courtroom Soapyness is always good Soapyness. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Kelly Thiebaud is Leaving General Hospital


According to Deadline who broke the story, Kelly is leaving for the Prime Time Drama, Station 19 that runs on ABC. She will be rejoining the show in season 6. 

What a loss for the show. Kelly's Britt Westborne is one of the highlights I can count on. She's a great comedic and dramatic actress. Happy for her however because Prime Time ?? Go for it. We all know people can all return to soaps at some point! 



Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Serenity Now


Well, this week was a week that proved just how bloated GH is with cast, stories and also-rans. I could sit and complain for an hour but I'll just do a nice old fashioned snarkly blog. If you want details, skip to the Week in a Wubshell. 

**SERENITY was the name of Dominique's house/grounds where Cody grew up. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday--Fill In Your Own


I'm out today. Not that I'm upset about it! This week has just been draining for me when it comes to the show!! Hope it's at least got a LITTLE excitement today! 

Thursday, August 11, 2022


 Jordan is outside of Oz' room and Curtis and Portia can't wake  him from the coma yet.  Jordan tells them that Esme is gone. They don't know how they are going to get in there with Rory at the guard. 

Trina and Joss are at the pool Joss admires DEX's body.. GROSS ME THE FK OUT. Ugh I hate him. He's NOT a sexy bad boy...he's just.. a boy. 

Maxie and Austin kiss at the Metro restaurant. Georgie doesn't like him-- so he wants to take them all on a family fun vacation. Then he gets a call and has to go to Pautecket or where the hell ever. 

Martin wants Lucy to go away with him.  He tells her about Anna's threat. She says don't mess with Valentin. 

Spencer and Sonny talk at the prison guest room some more.  Yada yada. Spencer has a favor. He wants Spencer to find Esme. 

Martin urges Spencer to sign that he'll tell on who bribed the guards. He'd get 10 days in Spa Jail if he does. If not, 3 months in Pentonville. 

Sonny then goes to the pool because Dex called him about Joss saying something about Kelly's. He tells Joss not to worry herself over it.  He says it might save Trina. 

Oh today was just ... really bad. Sorry. 


Spencer won't sign the deal...he's going to jail. 

The Mac-Daddy Connection


Confused about Cody? Don't be.. When he says his mother was Dominique Stab, he's talking about a character from long ago who came to Port Charles via Mac, who saved her from her abusive husband. Yes, Mac could be Cody's father. They were together at her estate, Serenity at one time.   Dominique desperately wanted a child and I can't imagine she'd leave one behind. All happened off camera! 

Fun Facts:  Deominque was once in Shadybrook! She was also DEAF but a gunshot restored her hearing (LOL) 

By the way, Katherine Bell (Cody BELL) was Dominique's sister. Her mother was the cook at Serenity and had an affair with the "master of the house" and therefore, Kat wasn't recognized as an heir.  So, Cody COULD have been left with "the Bell family" at Serenity. 

 That's all you need to know. 

Read it all on Soaps In Depth 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Day Three.. of..


Dante tells Spencer he could go to Pentonville this time, not Spa Jail lol . Cam sends him a sandwich from Kelly's. Sonny comes to visit. Wants to talk to him about surviving Pentonville. He's got people to protect him on the inside. 

Alexis comes and talks with Nikolas. Victor got them together.  Wants to keep Spencer out of Pentonville. Thinks Alexis can do it with the paper.  Alexis says no. BUT she can do an article on Esme. Nik says that Esme is gone. 

Valentin and Drew. Drew wants to make Val an offer for ELQ. He says he can give Valentin Victor.  They talk about fathers and how bad Victor is. Valentin is interested in Drew's plan. Drew won't tell him what it is yet. 

Nina and Sonny kiss in Charlie's..then they leave zzzzz no sign of Kristina. 

Spinelli gets a pedicure and is ticklish. He's with Maxie. She wonders why he has a crush on Britt now. He says what's wrong with that. She says it's 'all wrong".  Dumb convo. 

Cody popped Scotty in the nose "that's a long time coming" he says.  Dr O knees Cody in the ballios! ahahaahha. Cody says in 'another life I may have called you Dad".  He's Dominique's son. Remember her?  And instead of bringing back Serena you BRING ON THIS CLOWN? AHAHAHAHAAA. Didn't Jimmy Lee Holt's son teach you nothing????? So, Cody's dad was a stable hand at Dominques' estate and she left him behind. Scotty thinks that Cody is there for her money. "Serena spent it all on whales" says Cody. 

Anna and Drew talk in Charlie's. She wants his legal help with Valentin. He's surprised. He says no, Val is a friend and he's his attorney. Anna mentions Martin's 3 ex-wives. He hid a ton of assets from them. She knows all about it..She's going to blackmail him into helping her. 

Ava and Nina sit at the bar in the Metro and talk about their love lives. Nina is happy; Ava is sad


Cody is arrested 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Day Two of Fillings


Here's hoping today's show is MUCH more interesting than yesterday's show. Lordy, I was falling asleep. \

Britt and Cody again... Good gravy. Leave her alone. Dr O meets Cody. He gets her an iced tea.  They get along. 

Sam and Dante talk about Britt and Spinelli... and.. stuff. Lots o talk about Lulu. They do love each other and want to move forward at some point. 

Felicia and Anna at the yoga studio. Felicia has to work out to "keep Mac" haha and they talk about her being a PI. Do exercises. Do more exercises. Anna isn't sure about Valentin. Felicia says she should find out if he told the truth about going to another clinic. 

Ava and Scotty. Talking about Nikolas and the divorce and ... he and Liesl. She flashes back to Esme falling. Nikolas comes up "we need to talk .....alone". 

Nina and Sonny at Charlie's.  Blab Blab blabber.  Carly will always be a part  our lives.. and you could reconcile. Smolz comes in and asks for a statement about Sasha or something. Sonny tries to punch him but Nina stops him. Um, Is Kristina not on today again? WTF. Anyway, they decide to face the world as a couple.! As "Sonny and Nina'!! :Eyeroll: 

Drew talks to his real life wife (life coach lady). Carly comes along. So does Valentin. Then Valentin goes to meet Victor.  Victor isn't convinced Anna's not on to them. 

Victor is talking to someone on the phone and he's trying to get Spencer out of jail and just pay a fine. He and Valentin talk about Charlotte and school and Laura being out of the country. 

Nikolas is talking to Ava about how everyone is looking for Esme so ...they have to stay married. Ava says she'll stay his wife but keep the papers. 


Dr O introduces Scott to Cody and Cody punches him. 

Nina and Sonny kiss. 

THAT'S IT! There ya go! Tomorrow doesn't look that interesting either but maybe we'll find out why Cody belted Scotty? 

Monday, August 8, 2022



I'm still not feeling 100% ... and our heat index is over 104 LOL. LIFE right now? UGH ..SUCH a Monday VIBE!! 

Kristina is back at Charlie's...she's the manager. Sonny and tells her that he's sad Michael and Joss hate him. She says she can never hate him. He asks about how she feels about Nina. 

Dr O gives Nina a Japanese weapon thing. Kind of a letter opener knife. Nina was trying to persuade some chef to come and be a celebrity chef at The Metro Liesl says watch out for Carly. Nina is jelly that Carly is having another grandkid. 

Willow tries to look up her biopsy results but they aren't in yet. Ava comes up to her. Wants to see if Esme was checked into GH lately. Willow checks but says no. Willow loses it over talking about the baby and cries to Ava. Ava tells her being a mom is hard...yada yada. Hormones. You know. 

Spinelli tries to tell Britt not to go out with Cody. Cody overhears gives Spin a dirty look. He comes over . Not a lot happens. It's dull. 

Sam asks Maxie what the deal is with Spinelli being so weird. Maxie says nothing. Asks about Sam and Dante. Sam tells her Dante wants to move in together but she's not ready. 

Linc and Chase talk about a deal. Dante is on to Brook's plan. "Chase is no Quartermaine so don't drag him into your plans" . Brook then tells Linc and Chase maybe they'd better call it all off. 

OUTSIDE SHOOT: Michael and Dex meet at a dumpster in a car. It's really outside! Dex wants a raise. He says Sonny asked him to threaten a civilian. Oh the horror! LOL "it's a felony"! Michael won't turn in Sonny for jury tampering..but he does give Dex a raise. 


Cody says Spinelli is data mining his customers without their knowledge-- and is going to blackmail him again. Oh great :eyeroll: 

Nikolas calls Ava.. and she yells at him. She tells him that Esme isn't in GH in a bed or a morgue 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Whack a SchMole


Things were a bit violent  on GH this week or what!?? Valet Signs!! Parapets!! was wild. SO much happening, hard to fill it all in, that's for sure. 

Park it for a bit and enjoy! 
Photo thx to: @Soapspoilers 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Dialog Dumpster Today

 Dante and Jordan. He talks about not taking the Manhattan job and not wanting to lose out on any other jobs zzzzzzzzzz

Sonny has a job for Dex. Looking for jurors on Trina's trial. He wants him to talk to the jury foreman and strong arm him. Dex finds him at Kelly's. Talks to him RIGHT OUT FRONT? LOL (see below) 

Portia is telling Curtis and TJ all about the trial... so if you missed it, there it is. zzzzzzz She's worried. Curtis and TJ tell her their plan to wake Oz up early. She says TJ can't do that to his career. She tells Curtis later SHE will do it herself. Great scenes from Brook Kerr today. The only part worth watching (besides Sasha smashing the shit out of the Kia) 

Carly and Joss talk at Kelly's to catch the audience up on things (zzzzzzzz). It's just so boring. 

Joss walks out of Kelly's and finds Dex talking to the Juror. She's like You're the JUROR GUY. STUPID DEX. Guy leaves. Joss yells at Dex for working for Sonny. :eyeroll:  Dex has  to answer to Sonny after. 

Sasha smashes the CRAP out of the reporter guy's car with a sign! HOLY SHEEZe!!! LOL She is STRONG and just destroys the front of the car. She's screaming and clubbing it. Brando comes out and tries to stop her. HE finally restrains her. Dante arrives. Schmalz wants to press charges. Sasha is catatonic. 
They go to the PCPD. Brando calls Sonny who suggests stuff and basically ends up not helping LOL its dumb. 


Curtis and Portia are going to get Oz out of the coma together

Sasha is booked and put in jail

Dex calls Michael to renegotiate their deal. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Feet in the Pool


Joss Cam...Joss tells Cam about Spencer. She wonders why he's not surprised. He tells her he knew about his plan all along. Ut OH...She's PISSEDDDDDD. "I'm your GIRLFRIEND, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN"!! Cam tells her the whole plan right down to the fake biological mother. 

Rory takes Trina to the pool to relax (in their court clothes LOL). They talk about Spencer's testimony and Rory's. Also about their kiss. Oh she thinks Rory is sending signals to 'just be friends' because she may go to jail. Weird dialog there. They talk about their feelings and Rory admits her likes her. They kiss. barf.

Nina seats Sasha at the Metro. Sasha is going to meet her junkie girl friend...why would she go there? HUH weird. Like go to some dive bar or at least Charlie's. OMG it's the make up artist and Smaltzy set HER UP to give drugs to Sasha!! EEE!! Oh wait, no..she has a tape recorder to get her to admit she hit Harmony while on drugs. Smaltzy says that Sasha is good news and 'click bait'. The make up lady gets right into the accident with Harmony LOL. Um, way to fast. Sasha gets spooked and leaves. 

Brando is crying to Sonny. Sonny tells Brando to give Sasha space. Brando wants Sonny to put a tail on Sasha to make sure she's ok. Sonny's like  You don't wanna do that. Brando agrees and leaves to look for Sasha himself. 

Jordan tells Spencer he's probably going to jail. He calls Nikolas. Tells his Dad he's in jail. Nik tells Ava about Spencer's testimony. He's also kinda suggesting Ava has to stay at Wyndemere because Esme's dead...or maybe dead. She says she can do it alone. Nikolas leaves. 

Nik goes to the PCPD with Martin, Spencer's attorney. He argues with Jordan about not having him stay in jail 

Nikolas finds out from Spencer what his plan for Esme was. Spencer wants Nikolas to talk to Esme because they've "gotten so close" LOL 

OH! Ava goes to see Sonny for help!! She wants Sonny to make sure Esme isn't found guilty. He says to make Esme confess. Ava says he Can't DO THAT!! "what did you do ava..."? HEH. She says just help her and he says yes. 

Spencer spends the night in jail

Sasha catches Smaltz and Sienna in the car together, she knows they set her up

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Drama Days!

 So I watched yesterday's show...!!!!! OOOOOOOO HUM DINGER!! Loved the Trina/Spencer looks when she was on the stand EEE!! Esme!! Parapet!! WOW! Another one gets pushed over. LOL We know she's probably not dead but.. it's so soapy 101~ 


Shows Esme falling again and she has the letter in her hand.  Nikolas tells Ava not to call 911.. and he's going to clean up everything. She goes to the master bedroom.  She finds a giant bruise on her collar bone. Covers it with make up. Nikolas comes back. He can't find Esme, but has her shoe. Ava worries because she survived the parapet fall herself. They talk about the staff hearing the fight. She thinks she'll be implicated no matter what happens. They figure out their plan. Nikolas hid her suitcase. 

Willow thinks about her cancer diagnosis. She consults with Terry and Britt. They wait for Liz to get back with the final results but Terry is fairly sure it's leukemia. They want to do a bone marrow test. Willow insists they do it that day. She won't tell anyone. In a split second, they get her in the op room and do the procedure LOL GEESH, even for GH that's fast. 

Later, she finds Michael. She's all dressed and ready to go! 

Curtis steals Oz folder and takes a photo. Jordan sees him. Oh she didn't see him take a photo of the report. They talk about getting evidence that Esme visited Oz at the apartment. They talk about the drug in his system and how Spencer asked Britt about the same drug. They figure out Trina was drugged by Esme. They want to talk to Esme. 

Trina admits she had feelings for Spencer but doesn't anymore. (BULL SHEEZE) They talk about Esme being jealous and how Trina would never hurt her friends. The ADA tries to get her to admit she used her phone to film everything. She denies it. So.. back and forth and the closing arguments are given. Trina talks to Rory after the trial. Spencer wants to talk to her and Joss is like, um.. let's just leave it at you doing a good thing, ok? 

Liz sees Peter at the bottom of the stairs, almost falls. Then she hears "Daddy..Daddy.." in her head. She sits. Finn finds her. He tries to comfort her. They get up to leave and leave Willow's chart in the hallway. They go to his office. She drinks water. Shrugs off falling... Finn says she needs to see a neurologist. She gets mad. He says do it for your kids. "you think I can't take care o my kids"??!! 


Spencer is arrested for leaving Spring Ridge

TJ tells Curtis if they take Oz out of his coma, he could die

Monday, August 1, 2022

Happy 25th To Rebecca Herbst!


Well, doesn't look like GH will give Becky her own stand alone show which is tradition so Twitter is going to try to get #Becky25 trending. I'd like to do a little blog for her as well. I'm at a meeting today from 2-4 so this will be your space! 

This blog is in no way comprehensive in it's history of Elizabeth Imogene Webber or of Becky Herbst. These are just the parts that are special to me! 

*Note: Becky does NOT age. Period. 

August 1, 1997: Elizabeth arrived on Grandma Audrey's doorstep smoking a cigg and being mouthy to her older sister, Sarah. Yes, back in the day, you COULD smoke on soaps!! Loved her from the start. She was no where the goodie-two shoes she morphed into. Sarah was the 'golden child" and Liz the "black sheep".  

Yes, I'm an OG L&L 2 fan!! . Loved JJ and Becky in the roles. They just seemed to have 'it'. Of course, GH "killed" Lucky in great dramatic fashion only to bring him back as 

Helena's Robot (played by Jacob Young 2000-2003 ) not my fave time for these two!! I missed JJ and the sparks that flew. 

Greg Vaughn took over the role in 2003 all the way to 2009. I didn't mind this reincarnation but I still did miss the JJ BH magic. 

Of course, you can't really talk about Elizabeth without mentioning Jason...because Liason was a huge force on the show for many years. They share a son Jake and have been through it all. 

One also can't talk about Elizabeth without mentioning her rape in 1998. Poignant and shattering, it was an excellent storyline that was eventually the catalyst for Luke confessing the rape of Lucky's mother so long ago. 


She painted the box car when Lucky was living in it (don't ask LOL)

She painted the wind when Jason took her on a motorcycle ride

Slept with Zander Smith and had his baby, Cameron

Had a baby with Jason, Jake

Had a baby with Lucky, Aiden 

Miscarried Ric's baby 

DID YOU KNOW? Becky was let go From GH in 2011 and a huge backlash/fan outcry had her reinstated to the show. 

Becky appeared in a Goo-Goo dolls video "Naked" in 1995 

She won "Best Younger Actress" in 1998 for Soap Opera Digest 

Was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as  Best Younger actor in 2000

Lucky and Liz's catch phrase was: Permanent Lock 

Material object: Subway Token

Becky Fans First referred to themselves as "The Pearls" for years 

Liz is one of the very few ladies that was never seduced by Sonny Corinthos. Super plus in my book! 

Becky is married in real life to Michael Saucedo who played Juan Santiago  on GH From 1999-2001 /various cameos. Together, they have four children (!!!)

Much has been written about and discussed regarding Becky's lack of airtime over the years. She was featured heavily when "Jason" returned (Billy Warlock) but after that, really hasn't had the airtime she deserves. Recently she was involved in the Peter murder storyline but that was directed to other characters. We thought she was going to have DID when it was found out that it was her that kept doing damage to herself. That took a left turn and Elizabeth ended up in Shadybrook for (mostly) a nervous-breakdown and sleeping pill misuse. The only story on the horizon may be one involving her parents (Jeff/Caroline Webber) but I'm not getting my hopes up. 

Elizabeth had many suitors over the years because she's been on this soap for 25!!! Her newest coupling is Hamilton Finn which has been met with mixed reviews. Some of my fave relationships are below: 

The OG Fab Four with Tyler Christopher, Amber Tamlyn, Becky and Jonathan Jackson. Hang out ?? Kelly's . 2021, I finally got some kick-ass Liz and Sam scenes while Sam burned Jason's stuff on the dock!! I've always loved their Frenimies vibe and think both Becky and Kelly work well together. 

Last but not least, Elizabeth was given a 1/2 sister when Becky Budding came to GH in March of 2015. What a great pair. Unfortunately RB left the show and so far, no plans to bring her back that I know of--one can hope however! 

AGAIN, CONGRATS To Becky for 25 great years on GH and thank you for the entertainment !


Becky met Alberta in the 2000's!!!

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