Monday, July 31, 2023

Tony Soprano Mention


Drew "saves" Cyrus from the Book guy in jail. Cyrus starts clutching his chest and Drew slams the guy's head on the table and he's out. Oh he's not tho...he gets up and has a shiv. Drew NINJA fights him LOL!! omg. Then the guards come in to take him to isolation. Cyrus still is having a heart attack. Drew talks them into letting him help Cyrus. 

Anna and Sonny have dinner on the Metro terrace. She doesn't think it was WSB trying to kill her but somehow a rouge person. She did admire Sonny sometimes, getting away with what he did. Oh brother. She even mentions Tony Soprano. They talk about the shooting. He's wondering if it wasn't Victor that outted her to the newspapers. 

Tracey and Greg arguing in the elevator. Monica calls Tracey to cancel her lunch. At least Monica is mentioned. They decide to have dinner together. Tracey literally has on a winter coat. He tells her a funny story. She laughs. He mentions having another dinner. She actually smiles. 

Molly has Alexis come visit her now. GEESH. Alexis hugs the horse. They talk about Molly's childhood. OH! Did you know Molly can't have a baby? LOL.. yeah. There ARE OPTIONS THO! (She lists all the options). Says Krissy might be the best choice. Alexis isn't so sure. She lists the pros and cons. Alexis says Kristina being the bio mom isn't a great idea. 

Krissy and Michael argue about whether or not they should be nice to Nina. Then they talk about her LGBTQIA shelter and the permits and codes. She needs his help. "You're the smartest person I know" LOL OMG REALLY? He says yes. 

Felicia and Lucy talking in the lobby of the Metro about Martin and also Sasha's breakdown. Lucy figures out that Marty probably didn't want to lose his 50K a month in alimony and that's why he doesn't want to marry her. Martin comes in. Asks how their girls' trip went. Felicia says they went to Llanview to the spa. She leaves. Lucy talks about how expensive his mother's retirement home is. Then he says his 3rd ex wife is a vulture. 


Anna tells Sonny to stay away from Pikeman

Gregory is having a tremor and leaves Tracey quickly 
Tracey calls Alexis to ask her if Greg is ok health wise. 

Cyrus starts going into the light 

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Nanny and The Confessors


I kinda wanted to hire a scab to write this blog!! This week was a trip for sure. Kind of like everything thrown into a pot and stirred up. We know this week was all 'undercover' writers because not one name appeared. Let's see what happened, shall we!? 

Coffee's on and hot! 

Friday, July 28, 2023


Chechnya...Laura and Valentin are there at a big house and a guy comes out with a gun. I think it's a Cassadine house. Oh he says they are gone and they are awful people LOL Nikolas isn't there. They aren't sure where to go now. No idea where Kevin might be. Yuri is back in PC as we saw. OH! Valentin says Kevin should be back to the 'hotel' by now. 

Ava stomps into Sonny's office asking why he let Betty take Avery out. He says to stay calm, Dex is watching her and Betty will lead them to Mason's boss. 

Avery is swimming in the pool with Betty watching. Joss sees her and they talk. Then Trina comes in and notices stupid DEX Skulking with SUNGLASSES trying to scope out Betty. AHAHAHHA. Joss and Betty talk. Dex just stands around. Joss is snarky to Betty. Betty leaves, Dex follows.

Betty and Avery go back to Sonny's office. He gives Betty the afternoon off (hoping that she'll go see her boss) Yada yada. Then he has Carly take Avery home for a sleep over with Donna. 

Trina and Joss talk about Betty. Joss doesn't like her. Trina thinks Dex is following Betty for Sonny. Trina tells Joss Spencer hasn't texted. Joss says: Well, you text him. Trina says no because her mom doesn't like Spencer and she doesn't want to add to her stress. 

Then all of a sudden, Trina shows up at Spencer and Esme's... THAT WAS WEIRD AF. Esme and Spencer were going to talk Ace to the pool. Spencer and Trina talk and Esme just STARES. Esme goes to get Ace. Trina tells Spencer she doesn't know how to help her mom. He says: Stay away from me. 

Michael is working at Aurora and Carly comes in wanting to talk about "his father". He tells Carly about the dead body Dex found and Carly is wondering about it. Michael says Sonny told Dex to call the cops. WHY would he tell him to call the cops asks Carly.  I forgot Michael is still "Guiding" DEX OMG..derp. 

Nina comes to see Michael next. In her black funeral dress. She wants him 'on board" with her and Willow's relationship. 

Molly gets a visit from Krissy. Krissy brought Molly a stuffed horse that she had as a kid. They talk about being younger. Then about Kristina's abusive boyfriend, Keifer. Krissy thinks that her life has been crappy since then. 

Old-Nu Charlotte is on. The one we loved-- she's tall now!! Dante and she are visiting Lulu who's in a coma-bed but we can't see her face. They are talking to Lulu--Charlotte says she's going into High School. Cries. 

THIS CHARLOTTE: Scarlett Fernandez: (Old Photo) 


Sonny vows to get Betty's boss

Um.. not much else LOL. NOT a Friday, that's for sure

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Falling Down

 Sasha wakes up in the psyche ward, tied to the bed. She's DEF had her baby in this scene LOL (the actress, not Sasha). he has no idea how she got there or why. Gladys drops by and tells her she tried to kill Cody. The psychiatrist walks in too. Gladys tells her she had a psychotic break and she was never getting better. She's just telling herself that. Gladys leaves. Sasha and the doctor argue. She thinks she started getting worse when he gave her the pills. 

Gladys leaves the doctor in the room and goes in the hall. Maxie shows up to visit Sasha. Gladys says doc says no visitors. 

Maxie is exasperated with her kids. NOT ENOUGH room in her house! James and Georgie are being watched by Mac. Lu's at the sitters and Maxie leaves. Mac tries to get them to calm down. They don't until Felicia comes in. 

Carly is working hard at Kelly's with the breakfast crowd. Nina walks in. Carly tells Nina that she bought Kelly's and Nina lets Carly know she got to visit Willow yesterday. "I'm in the bubble and I have you to thank for that". Carly tells her to shut it. Carly also says she's going to get everything back she lost. 

Sante and Cody have breakfast. They talk about his 'passing out' from his wound yesterday. Dante and Cody talk about Sasha's weird breakdown. Cody also tells Dante the entire background of their friendship. 

Sam goes to visit Molly who's in a boot cast.. because she HAD AN ACCIDENT?? Um, must have been written in? I don't know. Weird. She fell down the courthouse stairs. Then all they talk about ovulation, kids... yada yada. 

Portia is crying in the doctor's lounge...Finn comes in and texts Liz to get there asap. 

Liz is in with Curtis checking his vitals and Curtis tells her he wants NO visitors. Especially Trina and Portia. 
Liz goes to the doctor's lounge. Portia cries some more. It's just REHASH AFTER REHASH and day after flashbacks. 

Finn visits with Curtis. UGH Curtis has "man pride" LOL. Finn says he can't insolate or he'll start using again. HE talks to him about being an addict and what he should be doing. 


Portia tells Curtis she's not leaving and shoves some brochures at him about rehab

Cody tells Dante about Selina Wu's gambling den and Glady's debt and he thinks she's stealing Sasha's money. 

Doctor Doom puts something in Sasha's IV and makes her pass out. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

FOGGY Parapet


Ava tells Sonny everything including the fact Mason has Nikolas' body. AND the whole Nelle thing and taping Nikolas' confession. Hiding the body and all that jazz. That Austin caught her hiding Nikolas and how he helped her. 

Sante talk...kiss. They talk about Gladys/Cody and Selina. Sam doesn't like Gladys LOL Dex tells her about the dead guy in the alley. Then they make out. Someone pounds on the door. Dante finally opens it and Cody faints into the penthouse. He left GH and wants to figure out why Sasha knifed him "it makes no sense" he says. 

Jex talk...kiss. He tells her everything about the dead guy in the alley. Kiss more.

Curtis and Portia just talk about his not walking and yada yada. He thinks she just feels sorry for him and wants an annulment. (they never consummated the marriage LOL). She says: You said you loved me!! He says: I was on heavy medication! He doesn't want to see Trina again. EVER. Pfft. 

Millow...just talk. OH! They are folding laundry! They talk about her cancer, getting better, how precious life is...yada yada Then all of a sudden cut to Wiley having cookies with them at the table LOL. OKAY? 

I am so upset about Sinead. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Two For One.

I watched yesterday's GH fast so I'll put some things in from that. They are still going with Liz and Finn, huh? 

Carly and Kelly's... hmmm.. not sure how I'm feeling about this. I mean, it's in the family but I don't want it to change. 

Yuri and Terry. CUTE.  She asks FINN to be her co-boss person? OMG he's second choice --she wanted Portia!! 

WE HAVE A BUTLER for AVA!!! Giles!! I'm so happy!! 

Jail..goonies after Drew. 

Austin, Gordon and Mason. I don't care. 

OH! Gordon is dead !! Nanny person hits Ava!! Is Cyrus really changed or is this a set up for Drew. And can Michael BE more of a dick?? "GET TO BED"!


Dex calls Sonny about dead guy in the alley. Sonny is meeting Betty the new nanny who keeps threatening Ava with her mother getting hurt. Ava tries to sell the nanny to Sonny. Sonny asks her questions and she leaves. He asks Ava WHAT The HELL is going on. HE says he knows Betty has something on Ava. Ava comes clean and tells him they are threatening her mother. He's angry she didn't say so before. She tells him about Mason and everything she knows. He wants to know how Austin is involved. 

Dex calls Dante and Barrett to check the dead guy. He's dead! They want to know why he's at GH. 

Portia visits Curtis. He keeps googling cures. She doesn't think he should. He says he's a grown man and it's his phone. He'll Google if he wants to Google. Portia says she's going to order dinner from their fave restaurant. They'll eat in the room. He finally says ok. Then they eat but he's sad. She talks about Trina's childhood. 

Brook and Chase are dancing in the Metro Pool area. He's singing to her. It's closed and he sees the sign. Wants to leave but Brook says "let's break the rules for once". They get drinks and bring them in. Chase has an idea. They are going to play "catch a peanut in your mouth" and who gets the most wins. The loser has to go in the pool naked. Brook loses but Chase ends up in the pool naked. Um, they HAVE a security camera. How dumb. 

Finn and Liz go to dinner. They are both nervous. Giggle. (eyeroll) They talk about the kids and work. Violet and the boys. Yada yada. They are the last ones in the restaurant. 


Ava says that Mason knows she killed Nikolas. 

Curtis wants Portia to "let him go"

Liz and Finn kiss 

Monday, July 24, 2023



I'm posting this because it's ALL OVER social media. Brooke Anne Smith's brother took to facebook to plead for 'us' to give her a chance as Molly. As an older sister, I most definitely understand the reason behind doing this. I do however, reserve my right to point out certain facts as I see them. I thought she was older from the get-go (although certainly not her real age) and didn't see her body type as Molly at all. As for acting, time will tell. I also totally understand Haley isn't coming back to GH now or probably not in the future so a recast will have to be accepted. 

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Stabby


It's been a week! I so enjoyed some shows and the fact some characters were off canvas for almost the entire time!! I do think someone needs to talk to wardrobe because it's SUMMER and it's HOT. SO many people with long sleeves and blazers. It's crazy pants. 

Let's dive in! ... NOT into the Metro Court Pool however, that place is deadly! 

Friday, July 21, 2023

Swank Jail Vist

THIS Girl is going to play "BETTY" ...Avery's new nanny... 

 Sasha is at GH. The doctor tells Gladys he's doing his part. She's angry because it 'wasn't supposed to be that bad' . Sasha goes in with the doctor. He gives her an injection!! He's taping her and asking her questions. 

Diane is at GH looking for Sasha but runs into Robert.  She tells Robert he can't question Sasha yet. HE says that Maxie called him to just come and watch out for Sasha. "We're on the same team"!! They go see her together. 

Diane tells Gladys to back off then goes into Sasha's room. Tells her to NOT SAY another word!! Tells doctor to turn off the recording device. Diane helps Sasha focus and says she'll help her. 

Curtis is yelling about his legs. The doctor says they'll do more tests, give it time. Curtis and Portia talk about second chances. 

TJ goes out to talk to the surgeon. 

Austin is giving Sonny a mean look at dinner.  Austin tries to talk Sonny into a new nanny. Austin takes a call. Nina is like: You know, Austin is awkward and there's some chem. BUT as a couple????? Hmmmm, dont' see it. ahaha. Sonny gets a call from Gladys that Sasha is in GH. He and Nina leave. 

Carly visits Drew at Pentonville Swank Tank waiting room. They love each other. He loves Scout. HE tells her about Cyrus. She's upset. He says Sonny has people watching out for him in jail. Tells Drew that Curtis got shot. 

Jex is at the pool. They talk about Curtis getting shot and how the bullet was meant for Sonny. "It could have been you" says Joss. (we wish!!) They start kissing but Sonny tells him to get back to work and keep an eye on Austin. 

Joss is at the pool and gets a call and ...she's all "what are you talking about, who is this"?? that's all they show... WEIRD 


TJ tells Portia that the surgeon says Curtis may never walk again and she tells Curtis 

Sonny is suspicious of Gladys

Austin thinks Sonny's "on to them" as Dex listens

Drew confronts Cyrus in the waiting room. 

Sasha is taken away in a wheelchair. She's a blank slate. Just staring. 

Thursday, July 20, 2023



Sasha keeps seeing Cyrus for Cody and wants to stab him again. Maxie stops her. Sasha realizes it's Cody she stabbed and Cody passes out. The reporter films the whole thing.  The Detective wants to charge her but they show him the pills and tell him her baby and husband died. He takes Sasha in for a psyche eval. 

Cody goes to GH. Gets Stitches. Sam comes in and talks to him. 

Cyrus comes out to visit Esme at the jail. She wants to see Heather, but he's there first. HE says that they are 2 of a kind. "Reformed and no one believes him". He also says her baby is part of his family. HE tells her Laura is his sister. Heather walks up: NEVER SAY THAT NAME, RENAULT! He leaves. Esme is there to ask Heather why she abandoned her. They talk about moms and Esme says at least she's raising Ace. Heather says "we are a lot alike" . They talk about Spencer and Heather calls him a "Fairy Tale Punk" LOL! She says what will happen when he finds out what really happened to your adoptive parents??? SQUEEEEE 

Ava and Austin and Sonny and Nina are double dating at The City Grille. LOL they were JUST there. Just changed their shirts. Sonny says that Brit trusted Austin. They talk about the nanny. Then some giant guy walks in and asks if "you're Dr. Gatlen-Holt" he says he's a former patient and he's not happy. Oh he's a mob guy...they go to talk. Sonny's suspicious. Gordon tells Austin in the alley that Mason didn't pay for his services. Sonny goes out to check on Austin!! Austin is going to get beat up and Sonny says stop. (Sonny looks like a shrimp next to both of them LOL). 

Trina is upset about Curtis and wants assurance he's ok. Marshall and Trina go in to see him "I need my daughter" he says. He has no memory of getting shot. He tells Marshall he saw his mom and TJ. Portia comes in, says they have to run more tests. 

Spencer tries to reassure Portia the Cassadines won't hurt her family. TJ glares at him. Portia asks about complications. 
Sprina walks away. Talk about family. 

Sam makes Kristina and Molly talk to each other. Sam gets a phone call from Maxie about Britt stabbing Cody. Runs out. Tells the girls there is ice cream in the freezer. They keep talking. Yada yada. 


Curtis has no feeling in his leg

Sasha is wheeled into GH and sees Cody

Sonny says he knows what Austin is up to now

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

That's Gonna Hurt

NU-NU MOLLY AND she looks like Esme, Nell and Sasha and her voice is TOO MUCH. I mean, you can TRY to do Molly but.. ugh. Anyway she's at Sam's. She and Sam talk about Kristina saying she wants to be a surrogate. WOW, this girl's inflection and artic is... um, "interesting". I prefer the old Nu Molly. SO Molly is sad she can't have a baby and Krissy can. 

Krissy is at Sonny's. She filed the wrong building permit and now everything is a mess. She'll fix it herself. Sonny says Alexis said Kristina might need help. She's like "MOM was talking about ME"? She tells him about wanting to be a surrogate without TELLING him about the surrogacy thing. He tells her to talk to Molly and is all sage in his advice. 

Esme is in Alexis' office, picking up a mess. Apparently, Alexis has a whole box on Esme and Esme found it. It's actually for a story on Heather Webber and Ryan. Esme says "Don't do they story"!! Alexis reads Esme--HARD!! "Own up to what you did". She says she can't make her past go away. 

Trina is having breakfast with Taggert. HE says she has to eat. She's worried about Curtis but has to take care of herself. They talk about how things are changing because of the DNA test. 

Portia is in Curtis' room, Spencer is looking for Trina. He leaves. Marshall comes in and tells Portia that Spencer is in the waiting room. Portia comes out to talk to Spencer.  She says the bad things in Trina's life happened because of him. Also living with Esme is hell on Trina. 

Train comes in and hugs Spencer. Her voice is hoarse again. They filmed this out of order. Anyway, Curtis' finger twitches. 

Maxie, Gladys and Sasha talk about Sasha doing an interview about her mental health and the shoplifting. The interviewer comes up and Sasha is ready to talk.

Cody is at the pool. Maxie tells him not to come over to the table and not to talk to Sasha during the interview and to put a shirt on LOL 

Ok, so the interview goes on and Gladys goes over to argue with Cody (who put his shirt on). The interviewer asks about Cyrus and Maxie says that's off bounds. Then Sasha hears Gladys and Cody and SHE SEES CYRUS!! WOW.. I didn't see that coming. Then, he switches back  to Cody, then Cyrus smirks at her! 


Taggert puts whiskey into a coffee cup 

Curtis wakes up

Kristina comes to Sam's and sees Molly

OMG SASHA sees CYRUS PUSHING Gladys but it's CODY AND SHE STABS HIM IN THE BACK with the LIME CUTTING KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Squid vs Octopus


Anna and Dante plot the way they will lure the killer out. Mac rings the doorbell. He wants to know where Felicia is... Anna says: Lucy is out of town too. Ut OH... (see below)

Jackson has Lucy arrested for fraud and Felicia arrested for breaking and entering. He says Lucy tried to push him down the stairs and took his car keys to try to stall. She says he couldn't drive drunk lol. The cop puts handcuffs on Felicia. They decide to call Anna

Anna's with MAC!! She puts it on speaker phone and Felicia is trying to NOT tell what's happening. Lucy finally jumps in and says: ANNA, tell your friend JACKSON MONTGOMERY NOT TO ARREST US!! 

Jackson and Anna talk. He tells her he knew Lucy was lying because she knew about Hummingbird Cake. He knew the exact recipe because Martin retained him to sue his Ex-Wife over trying to sell the recipe to Little Debbie's!! AHAHAHAHHAAA. Anna says that Lucy is just in love with Marty and that's why they are doing what they are. She asks him as a favor to drop the charges. 

Mac talks to Felicia and Lucy on the other phone. Lucy tries to explain. Mac is like WTF have you two gotten yourself into!? He's mad because they called Anna not him first LOL!! HAHHAHA. 

Ned is 'home' because Chase asked him to stop in. Olivia is angry because he's not staying. Chase thought he could explain things to Leo and make it better. Olivia says it will make things more complicated. Brook gives Eddie a drink and Cody wants to talk to Olivia alone. Cody says that she should try to calm down and just talk to Ned as "Eddie" he has an idea: Eddie can move above the stables into his room and he'll move to the mainhouse. She thinks that's a good idea.

Leo runs out.."DAD"!!! He asks Eddie what's better a squid or an octopus? He says octopus. Leo says: You're really not my dad, are you? He says no I'm not. They talk about Squids and Octopus. Eddie says he's sorry he's not his Dad. Awwwwww. Goes on to ask what Eddie likes and he says music. Gets the guitar. Leo says that's his dads. "Can you play'? Eddie plays and Leo says he can borrow it until his Dad comes back.. I HOPE he's coming back. 

Chase tells Brook he loves her. She loves him too! He says he doesn't want to know what's going on with Tracy and her. He trusts her. 

Alexis goes to Sam's house to talk to her about Kristina. They can't get either one on the phone or text. Dante comes home, Alexis leaves. Sam is going to tell Dante what she's been working on. She tells him about Cody and Selina Wu. She also says that she thinks Mac is sad Cody isn't his biological son. 

Tracy talks to Greg in the park and he says thank you for helping Chase get his badge back. IT's a filler conversation for sure. She talks about Finn and he goes to leave and drops his keys and falls on one knee. She's like "you can't even make a good exit"... Alexis comes up and helps Greg. They sit on the park bench together. 

Lucy finds out that Martin is getting alimony from his exwife. 

Jackson calls someone to say they were trying to get info on them and the company 

Eddie is going to keep staying at Sonny's.  

Who's Aunt Charlene??


While at dinner with Jackson, Lucy mentioned her Aunt Charlene!! I was so happy. She was a great character in the tradition of Myrtle or Opal from AMC.  Charlene was played by Maree Cheatham from 1987-91 on General Hospital and then went to the soap Port Charles. 

Was she important?? Um, she was Colton Shore and Decker Moss' MOTHER!! And Lucy's AUNT!! SO, yes... a major player!! She helped Lucy with so many hijinx including being a "housekeeper" for her and hubby Tony Jones. They go on to get Lucy hitched to a bigger fish, Alan Q. 

Charlene left town. ERGO, she's still out there!! 

Monday, July 17, 2023



Sonny, Dante and Anna still talk about her plan to lure the shooter. Dante says it's too dangerous. Sonny likes the plan. Dante still says it's too dangerous. Sonny backs up Anna. yada yada . Sonny leaves and Dante says he'll help her. Dante says he's done ops before and REALLY WANTS to help. It's like he's crushing on her LOL They are going to partner together. 

Lucy meets Jackson for dinner in Pine Valley looking ultra sexy.  Jackson comes out and Felicia leaves. He orders wine. Asks about where she's from. Then says: HA AH! Your maiden name wouldn't be COE would it???? "I know exactly why you're here" Talks about Erica Kane and Enchantment. Says she doesn't own any of it anymore. He doesn't like being used. He gets a call saying he has to go to the office. (Felicia is breaking into the safe) and Lucy tries to keep him at the restaurant. He ends up staying and they talk about Hummingbird Cake. He's remembering where he knows that from. 

Felicia finds a folder marked "Marecellia" or something and looks inside. OMG .. the end: The police come in and arrest her and Lucy is in handcuffs and Jackson is behind her!! Busted!! 

Olivia freaks out and throws stuff around the Q living room while Brook and Tracey try to calm her down. She's looking for stuff for the Q Picnic/GH thing and can't find it. She misses Ned. Cody comes in carrying Leo who has a bloody knee. He fell off Comet and Tracey says "Call Elmers" LOL Then Brook tells her Ned is singing at the park. Tracey leaves. 

Ned sings in the park. Chase invites Greg to watch? (I don't know, just go with it) He says Brook told him to watch Ned? I don't get that part. Then some guitar guy comes up and says to arrest Ned. He's a busker at that spot and wants it back. Ned suggests a "play off". Tracey comes running up, yelling at Ned. Tells the other guy to go embarrass his parents somewhere else. LOL She lays into Ned about acting like the man he is or at least "act" like it. Tells him about Olivia, Brook and Leo needing him. Good scenes. Watch on You Tube. Neddie finally says: I can't come back to that life and leaves. Chase follows. Greg and Tracey talk about kids. They are together A LOT...??????? Hmmmm...

Ava and Nina have dinner to catch up. Ava says she had sex with Austin. Then Austin comes in, kisses Ava and sits down. He's all lovey dovey. Ava flashes back to the zex. Nina says she has to go to the restroom. Austin says Mason told him to get "Betty Rutherford" into Sonny's house as a mole. Then he mentions Ryan's Bar. Ava says "He's threatening my mother". And then Sonny walks in looking for Nina. Ava says something like "I think our nanny needs help, I want to hire someone too" he says no way not until he vets them first. Austin doesn't look happy. Sonny asks Nina about Austin later and when they met and all that jazz. 


Chase walks into the Q house with Neddie. 

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Stray Bullet


So, the observation I usually have when I watch GH the next day. HULU makes it SO much better!!! With no commercials it doesn't drag. Still jumps around and scenes are short but it doesn't make me sleepy. LOL Seriously, it was such a different experience. 

This blog might be all over the place because frankly, the show sure was!! Things just didn't flow again. Days blended into nights blended into--I don't know what! Grab that coffee and hunker down!! 

Friday, July 14, 2023

10 things that should happen by end of year

With the writers strike happening and things in sort of disarray, here are 10 things we hope happen between now and the end of the year: These are just spit-balling some ideas! 

NOTE: I'm not sure I'll be in today (Friday July 14th) so please use the comment section below for your comments. Also comment on what you'd like to see!! 

 Bobbie will be in a car crash and on life support. Carly will anguish about turning off the life saving equipment. It is discovered that Bobbie is an organ donor and like BJ's heart donation, will donate her organs to those who are on lists. (Expect flashbacks throughout) While this is happening in the hospital ER.....

Lucy and Martin can be getting married in the chapel. Lucy can be frantic, wondering where Bobbie was as Bobbie promised to be at her wedding and she didn't want to get married without her. They can go back-and-forth between Lucy and Bobbie scenes. Lucy and Martin can walk through the hospital after the ceremony and run into Carly and those gathered around and realize what has happened.

LC will retire. With her blessing, Monica will pass away. It will be discovered that earlier this year her cancer metastasized to stage 4. She left town to get hospice care and didn't want to burden her family, telling them she was taking vacations and going to seminars. She leaves the house to Tracy which turns out to be bittersweet. 

Spencer gets his own place which is unfortunately, right across the hall from Dex. (Shades of Sonny/Jason back in the day).  He decides that Esme can raise Ace on her own. He will keep an eye on him from afar.  Trina moves in with Spencer, Joss moves in with Dex. 

 Gladys is murdered ... (it's the psychiatrist) but Selena Wu is the one arrested. 

After Gregory dies, Finn is posted in some remote country because he's working on some infectious disease control. Leaves town with Violet. 

Austin is really an Alkazar and is taking over Sonny's territory. He wakes up Nikolas and uses it to control Ava. Ava eventually realizes he's really the bad guy and reports all to Sonny. Together, they take down Mason/Austin. The two are sent to Pentonville. Cyrus tries to get them into his Bible Study Group. 

Sam and Dante plan their small yet fun wedding. You guessed it: Lulu wakes up. Dante will stay with Sam however and Lulu will live with  Maxie in her new giant house. 

Maxie and Spinelli get back together. Spin runs social media for Deception. Office hijinks occur.  

Alexis somehow gets reinstated as a lawyer and she, Diane and Martin decide to open a firm together. Scott Baldwin is their constant nemesis. 

Thursday, July 13, 2023




All of a sudden MOLLY comes out at GH and says "TJ doesn't know a lot more" WTF did she get there? Spencer is gone, Trina's losing it. Sonny and Nina walk in. He hugs Molly. Marshall is surprised he's there. He wonders why Curtis was shot. 

Portia goes to her office to get a sweater for Trina because no one has changed clothes and she flashes back to Curtis' and stuff. She sees Trina crying about Curtis on Phyllis' shoulder. 

Curtis is getting operated on and TJ watches from the door. Bullet is out, then he flatlines. Curtis dreams he's in the park with his mother. Such a good scene. Watch it. She says Tommy is calling him. But Curtis hears TJ calling him from the operating room. He tells his Mom he has a daughter. She still tries to get him to leave with her lol. 

Sasha is arrested by Chase for walking out with clothes she didn't pay for. She says they told her she could take them. (See below) 

Willow says Sasha was acting weird, call Gladys. Michael does but she doesn't answer her phone. 

Gladys is in the same dressing room that Sasha was in earlier, trying on a sable coat and SCOUT wanders in. Then Sam? WTF? Scout tries on dresses. Gladys tells Sam she's treating herself to a fur coat. Sam asks her why Wu, Cody and she are so close. Gladys finally looks at her phone. Has to leave. 

After Gladys leaves, Scout is sad about swimming because her dad isn't taking her and picking her up like he used to. 

Alexis and Kristina are in Kelly's talking about surrogacy. Why isn't Alexis writing this up for the paper. Then Maxie shows up. Alexis says she wanted to ask her about doing a story on the Deceptor. I guess she couldn't call her. OH!! OH!! I get it.. It's so KRISTINA could ask MAXIE about surrogacy. Maxie says she'll talk to her later. 

Alexis calls Sonny to come and talk about Kristina and her foundation. She thinks Krissy is over her head. 

Chase calls Maxie about Sasha. She's at the PCPD. Gladys makes it there first and watches the footage of Sasha stealing the shirt. Sasha doesn't remember it. Gladys thinks she needs some time off. 

Selina Wu slaps Cody because he cheated and lied. He says he wants out of her employ and she says NOPE. YOU CAN'T! Then leaves Li to beat up Cody. Cody blurts out about the WSB paying him 10 mil for losing his necklace. "Want a cut"??  He agrees to 40/60 in Wu's favor.  Cody goes to call Sasha. Wu follows him and Sam is taking photos of them in the alley and someone grabs her shoulder. 

TJ walks out of the operating room and everyone asks him if he's alive. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2023



Anna goes into the hotel room that the shooter used. Someone comes in. She punches them and it's Marty LOL . It's his old room. He wonders why she is there. They talk and then he wants her to help him figure out what's happening with Lucy. She says that women don't like it when the men they love say they'll never marry again. 

Tracy, Brook and Chase are at The Pool. BORING Tracey leaves. Chase and Brook talk. Anyway, it ends up that Brook comes clean to Chase about Tracey helping him to get his badge back. Tracey says all she did was get the board in the room. So, Chase has to leave but he kisses Brook first. He's not mad

Sasha is deep in a manic rush shopping with Maxie. Acting like a druggy ...she also picked out some clothes for Willow. She tells Maxie her doctor gave her some 'happy pills'. She keeps taking more. She's acting like a fool. 

Gladys, the psychiatrist and Wu are at The Savoy Bar.  Gladys won big. Wu is mad because Cody wasn't supposed to let her win.  With everything that happened to Curtis last night, this just makes it worse. She thinks Cody is trying to get fired. 

Felicia and Lucy are outside of Jackson's office in Pine Valley. Lucy tells him she needs legal advice about her husband who has another "family" in PA. Felicia is eyeballing the files. She gets into them. But it was too easy she thinks. There's a safe in there but she can't open it. Lucy comes out and Jackson invites her to dinner at 8. On today's show, we saw Felicia going through the files and NOTHING of Lucy talking to him in his office. 

Willow's home. Sitting on the couch. *sigh*. They can't have sex yet. No one cares. Sasha comes in, acting a fool EVEN MORE. If Willow can't tell then OMG. 


Tracey tells Brook she can't quit Deception because she stole those files. 

Anna says Marty's exwife #3 is rich and pays him alimony 50K a month and if he marries Lucy it will stop.

Chase arrests Sasha because she walked out with merch from the department store she was in (An expensive blouse for Willow)

Selina finds marked cards that Cody used to throw the game. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Neck Pain

I wasn't sure if I was going to even blog today but.. what the heck. It IS a gorgeous day but I'm better in the air conditioner. 

Is it me or does it seem like someone is shot on this show ever other month? Valentin, Anna... now Curtis. Dex was shot a few times. I'm like: MEH.. we know they aren't going to die, what's the point? 

So, they are operating on Curtis no matter what the risk. He's wheeled up to surgery. 

Marshall and Stella are in the coffee shop, eating pie at night but, I what do I know? She says she's sorry about him losing Epiphany. "She was a fine woman".  NO ONE has called them YET? and they just keep blabbing about everything and.. NO Phone call. OH! Here we go, finally at 2:25 they get the call LOL. 

Joss goes to tell Spencer at the end of the baby class thing about Curtis. Spencer rushes down to be with Trina. Joss wants to have a "Chat" with Esme. She's ON TO HER. Esme is saying all she said was thank you. Esme is acting all innocent. Joss "You took things from me you never gave back".  She wants Esme to turn herself into the police. The she talks about Heather and Ryan being her parents LOL. Dex comes in and they all leave. 

Spencer goes and hugs Trina, waiting for word on Curtis. Then Marhsall and Stella come in. All hug.

Liz and Finn sit in the park --why the FK wouldn't they go to GH? At least HER?? Portia is her BFF (they've said that enough times). They talk about death... morbid junk. Then about mistakes. Boring junk. Then about the boys and the pool and taking a second chance. They kiss. 

At the pool, Anna and Sonny talk about who could have been shooting at them. Nina walks in. Sonny tells her to go home. She's like: UM NO, it's my hotel. Sonny tells her it was Curtis. She wants to know how bad was it and who else was hurt. They had to tell her that it could have been he wasn't the target. Dex calls Sonny and catches him up. Nina goes to the hospital. 

IT WAS HARD sitting through the show today. I think I might be better off watching on Hulu at 8pm at night so at least I don't get commercials. 

Andrea Evans Passes Away (OLTL)


Oh my gosh, I was in shock when I heard the news. Andrea Evans was such a staple of my soap watching days, I thought her invincible.  One of my favorite memories is of her playing Tina, coming in to stop Cord's wedding (and holding his baby!!) One Life to Live was lucky to have her! Although she came and went throughout the years, she remained "THE" Tina Lord. 

Tina was flighty, shrill and complex. The perfect sister for Victoria Lord. She also embodied the '80s glamor girl. Tina and Cord had such soapy chemistry, they were a joy to watch. 

Andrea also appeared on The Young and the Restless, Passions and The Bold and the Beautiful.  In 2013, she was cast in the online soap DeVanity as Vivian Price. 

Andrea leaves a daughter, Kylie Lyn Rodriguez (19) and her husband Steve. She died in Pasadena CA of breast cancer. She was 66. 

Monday, July 10, 2023

Anybody Out There?

In addition to not being able to snag photos from Twitter, the blog reading is way down too. Ratings? I know they were 1.6 last week so.. Let's pray things turn around. I know it's summer and people are on vacation but...summer is also a time ratings can go up because people are home. 

Ok, So Curtis got shot at the pool in the back kinda in the lung area. Portia is all shaken then Finn and Liz run in and take over applying pressure. 
Sonny runs out and says: STOP THIS 
Then the police come, Curtis goes to GH.. and yada yada. Then Anna and Sonny try to figure out which one of them was a target. 

Dante and Chase go to the hotel room to look around and find a GIANT ASS'D GUN behind the couch. Like the SWAT Team didn't see it? Dante says it's a ghost gun and shells and wont' be traceable. 

Davis girls: Krissy thinks she can maybe be surrogate for Molly and Molly hears it and isn't happy. Alexis tells Kristina to cool it about the whole thing. Kristina doesn't think so. Alexis and Sam say carrying someone else's baby isn't easy.  Kristina agrees. It would be a big thing to go through for 9 months. She's glad Molly and TJ didn't hear it. WHOOPS

Molly tells TJ about over hearing Kristina. She thinks Kristina wants to make everything about her. TJ says they won't decide anything until they are ready. 

Esme and Spencer go to some lame-ass class at GH.  They bicker and go inside. It has five couples. It's all about "communication" and "negotiation". It's all lame.  "you make a good team" says the teacher. 

Trina and Joss are at the park for fireworks. Tab's voice is REALLY hoarse and she doesn't talk much.. (I think because it's so bad). Joss goes on and on about Spencer looking out for Cam but thinks he also might be INTIMIDATED BY DEX!!!!!! AHAHAHHAHA WTF? Who wrote that?

Dex gets a call saying Curtis was shot at the pool. Trina calls her mom. Portia says he's alive but fighing for his life.   Trina goes to GH. 


Liz and Finn walk in the park 

Jordan has to have a press conference about the shooting. 

The Bullet is next to Curtis' spine

Joss sees Esme touch Spencer after their parenting class. 

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sunday Surgery: I Need A Cookie


I had to steal this from Soap Central 

I guess it must be the summer curse but GH is on my last nerve. I couldn't even take it enough to stick around Friday. BUT!! I have to say when I watch it on Hulu, it's SO much better because no commercials and it goes fast. LOL

You know we are having Shirley Temples before Violet drinks them all. 

NOTE: Thank you to Soap Central for the photo. There were none to be found. 

Friday, July 7, 2023



I hope I REMEMBER TO POST THIS right after I do it today!! LOL..geesh!! I totally forgot yesterday.

Jordan and Anna at the Metro pool...and it's all 4TH OF JULY DECOR!! lol..ok?  Valentin told Jordan about the murderer on the door. 

Tracey and Brook, Chase comes up.  Tracey has a smug look and then Brook and Chase leave. 

Violet, Chase and Finn are going to have dinner.  Oh Brook Lynn too . But then Brook leaves and Violet invites Tracey and Greg walks out. WOW. This is crazy weird. 

Liz talks to Portia in the GH break room. Small talk. About Portia being sad about Curtis and Liz about Finn and.. this is the EXACT conversation Liz had with Terry yesterday. EXACT. 

TJ is talking to Curtis when the Davis family comes in. Molly doesn't look happy.  TJ talks to her. She says nothing is ok. 

Curtis asks Sam about Drew. She's still mad he got 3 years. 

Sonny is eating dinner with Dante, asks him to be his best man. Dante says yes. Sonny says it's a small wedding. 

OK, I left at 2:20... I rushed home to watch and the show is just making me angry today. Just all over the place. Same dialog -- and I have stuff to do ~~ See you Sunday. 

Nailed It

 Lucy and Maxie argue about who leaked the information. Then Brook says 'It was ME"...She says she wanted to be proactive and look at everything so she could do a social media account about it. Lucy lays into her for going into a private account. Brook also says she has the zip drive at home. Lucy freaks out BADLY--says GO GET IT! 
Maxie and Lucy talk. Then Felicia comes in to talk to Lucy about Marty's stuff she found. Maxie leaves. 

Tracey wants to offer Marty a "challenge"...a business challenge. She wants him to run ELQ because Valentin is gone and Ned is "where ever" . OH, Valentin gave him power of attorney when he's gone, that's why she wants him to do it. AND she wants a favor. She wants him to talk her to the GH Fundraiser that the Q's put on. He says yes. 

Brook rushes in when Marty leaves "We have a problem" she says. Oh! Then Finn and Violet come in. Tracy talks to him about Liz. UGH really?

Molly invited Alexis, Krissy and Sam to the nail spa and brought champagne. Molly is acting like nothing is wrong. She says she wants to live and concentrate on the 'important things'. They say she's not concentrating on what's bothering her. FINALLY after Kristina bugs her she blurts out she can never have kids and TJ can. She leaves then comes back and apologizes. Sam suggests a surrogacy or adoption. Molly says she can't think of that yet. 

TJ is at The Savoy, worried about Molly and talks to Marshall and Curtis. Neither one knows about Molly not being able to get pregnant. They are sad for the couple. TJ isn't sure what to do about Molly. OMG Curtis: give her time to process. :eyeroll: TJ says Molly didn't go to work today and she's not acting like herself. Marshall leaves. 

Finn is reading a book about Worms in the Human Body, eating a sandwhich and Liz walks in (break room) They are making small talk. MORE Small talk. Thank god TERRY comes in and Finn leaves. Then Terry and Liz talk about Liz and Finn. GGEEESH

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Sell My House

 Brook, Sasha and Lucy are at Deception. Sasha takes a pill the doctor gave her. They talk then Sasha goes to get a latte. After she's gone, Maxie runs in. Lucy says they have a "Snake" in their midst. She says IT told her files were downloaded from Maxie's computer. Maxie says SHE didn't do it. They try to figure out what happened. 

Felicia breaks into Marty's hotel room dressed as a maid. (that's the only thing we see, we don't see her going through things)

Tracey wants to hire Diane. She says someone "stole" the idea of The Deceptor and she wants to sue. She gives her the timeline stuff Brook stole. She says intellectual property was stolen. Tracey won't give her details until Diane takes the job. Tracey says she can have 1/4 of the court winnings. Diane says nope, 1/3. 

Marty comes and lays in the pool area. Tracey side-eyes him. Then goes over an throws ice on him. They banter a bit about Lucy. 

Cody calls Mac a "Friend" ...Dante kinda mocks him. Mac leaves to go watch James because Maxie can't find Felicia. He's jumping on the couch LOL. Mac gets there and James tells him he wants to live with him because he's the only boy. Felicia walks in and says sorry she's late but she was on a job. She has James get a sheet and then dumps garbage on it from Marty's room to go through. Mac is like: WTF. They pull out a receipt for Hummingbird Cake. Felicia says they have to put the shredded paper together. 

Carly tells Sam she's going to sell the house. Oh, Maxie needs a house... and...Carly's selling. Sam says Carly shouldn't sell as it's her HOME. Carly's all sad about losing it, but she's a survivor and she has to do it. Diane comes by, Same leaves. Carly tells Diane she has to sell the house. Diane says no you don't. 

Nina and Sonny in the PH talking about Willow going home. And about Nixon Falls.  Then Michael calls. 

Willow NOW wants to have her "MOTHER" (meaning) Nina be on the 'visit' list. She wants to give Nina a chance like she gave Harmony. Michael calls Sonny and tells him Willow wants to see "her mother". 

Nina and Sonny go to visit Willow...Nina's all scared to see her. She flashes back to telling Ava that when Willow finds out she turned in Crew, it will all be over. She finally goes in and they talk a bit. Willow tells her she wants her to come visit when she gets settled. 


Marty is getting checks from someone in PINE VALLEY! 

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Today's GH: Epiphany's Tribute Episode repeat


No new show today due to the 4th celebration but if you want to watch, it will be the Epiphany tribute. It's a good one and I'm glad they chose it for today. 

I'm also going to include this YouTube clip I found last night. LOOK at how long the scenes were!! How deep the dialog! I was just floored. The shooting schedule allowed for this type of show. Not the jump-hop-skip of today: 
Nikolas finds out that he's Stefan's Biological Son 

Have a fun and safe holiday. May the humidity, smokey fire-air and rain bypass you!! 

Monday, July 3, 2023

Carly is Golden (again)


Carly calls Sam to come talk to her at the house about DREW and his leaving. She's not happy. Sam basically lets her off the hook and says Drew really loves her to take the rap for the stock stuff. Carly says she's lost SO MUCH. Sonny. Jason...her hotel and now 5 million bucks. Sam feels badly for her (oh brother :eyeroll:)and says she ADMIRES HER!! OMG!! geesh.. it's disgusting 

Gladys tells Sasha the charges are dropped in the necklace case (GEESH) ..and then the psychiatrist comes out to take Sasha into the office. He tells her to mediate for 10 min and he'll be right back. He gives her medicine and says it's ok to take with her anti-depressants and that they are non-addictive. 

Drew is at SONNY'S to give NED his favorite guitar?? This is SO WEIRD. Sonny says he owes Drew and knows guys in Pentonville and will help him out. Then Drew evaporates. Gladys is there. Sonny tells Gladys they need to leave Sasha alone because she's ok. 

Drew goes to Pentonville and is 'check in' and gets fingerprinted and such. Cyrus comes to see him and offer him a bible. He wants Drew to join his 'group" in bible study. Drew figures out who Cyrus is and tells him never to talk to him again. 

Cody is told by Scotty that the charges are dropped in the necklace arrest. Scotty wants him to sign an affidavit to prove he's Talbut's son to get the necklace money. That along with the birth certificate should be enough unless they want to exhume the body for a DNA test. Cody is like NO!! He finally signs the document. Dante wonders why Scotty wanted him to sign something. Scott says none of your business.
Mac tells Cody not to trust Scotty. 

Willow is basically cured. Big whoop. She can go home. Most people have to wear masks around her and such but she is ok. 

Drew Takes the Bible.. It has a SHIV in it

Willow tells Dante she wants NINA to visit her

Gladys tells the doctor to let Sasha take the drugs...she doesn't want to stop the process 

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Sunday Surgery: A Bed, A Bible, A Belting and A BIG Melting

YEP !! I'm featuring N'neka because I loves her...

It's been a long time since the show surprised me and Cyrus' face showing up right during Crew Zex was AWESOME. (not the zex, but him!! LOL) AND he was reading from the bible!! COME ON..that's just great writing. 

There was a LOT of 'romance-romping' and it's like they made up for the dry spell in 2 days LOL. There were also a LOT of things that drove me crazy, especially since it's summer. Soapy Summers have a certain expectation to them. Does GH fit that bill yet? (you know where this is going!) 

Ok, let's get into it. So much to discuss. The good, the bad ...and the boring. 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...