Sunday, July 2, 2023

Sunday Surgery: A Bed, A Bible, A Belting and A BIG Melting

YEP !! I'm featuring N'neka because I loves her...

It's been a long time since the show surprised me and Cyrus' face showing up right during Crew Zex was AWESOME. (not the zex, but him!! LOL) AND he was reading from the bible!! COME ON..that's just great writing. 

There was a LOT of 'romance-romping' and it's like they made up for the dry spell in 2 days LOL. There were also a LOT of things that drove me crazy, especially since it's summer. Soapy Summers have a certain expectation to them. Does GH fit that bill yet? (you know where this is going!) 

Ok, let's get into it. So much to discuss. The good, the bad ...and the boring. 

Quite a bit happened this week because a ton of characters were on. Bear with me here because it's going to get wordy!! 

 * Note: Ratings are based on production/dialog, not if I'm a fan or not. Let's talk about all the bed hoppin' this week!! First up: CREW. All lovey-dovey and saying goodbye because he's going to prison. Slow, painful to watch and the music? Not to my taste. This gets a 2 out of 10.  Next up? JEX... After slamming Spencer to the ground, Joss and Dex go do what they do best.  Joss actually climbs on top because he's 'hurt' and says she'll "take care of him".  Dialog gets a 6 out of 10.  

Lastly is AA --Ava and Austin. WHOO WEE!! It happened so fast!! First she pushes him away, then runs to him for a good ol' fashioned whopper of a kiss. Next scene they are in bed and then after, they have awesome banter!! Ava makes the bed "I'm IN the bed"!! Says Austin. We also find out she scratched his back up pretty well. THEN, she kicks him out but has a major smirk of lust at the end!! 10 out of 10. 

THE BIBLE OF THE WEEK:  The one good thing about Crew Zex? It was interrupted by this guy reading a passage from King James. I mean... it surprised the hell out of me!! Loved this part. Another 10 out of 10. 

THE BELTING OF THE WEEK: We will get into all of the Spencer Drama later but this was such a weird insert I had to give it it's own coverage. WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? Seriously. Yes, Spencer is his father's son... he's also got Stavros, Stefan and Helena DNA running around in him so I DO get it. But DEX? Wasting it on DEX? *sigh* The whole evidence thing is killing me because this could have been SUCH a good summer story. The four of them could have gone off on an adventure to find Victor's secret. But no, have Spencer get the wind knocked out of him instead and go home to Esme. :eyeroll: 

THE MELTING OF THE WEEK: Yes, it's meltdown time on this. ACE is NOT Spencer's kid. That's his brother. Now, is it NOBLE of him to do all of this? Sure... is it SOAPY? If you want to create a narrative with a couple people hated, yeah...go for it. Not only is Spencer singing a lullaby to the kid, Esme and he 'bond' over their past 'relationship'. He tells her all about her being his first love and giving her a snowglobe at school. In the meantime, Trina's already pissed off with him when she hears him on a voice mail telling Esme to leave the room. 

LISTEN CLOSELY:  I am not a Sprina "Stan" or "Shipper" Or... whatever. I'm not coming at this from that POV. BUT!! From a production, let's get the ratings up stand-point this is completely ridiculous. Should couples have strife? Of course. Sprina has had it for a long, long time. FINALLY Greenland happened. Finally a couple and NOW? You throw ESME IN THERE? Again WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Sprina hasn't even had a proper love scene yet. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR FANBASE?? Doing this tying him to a baby and baby-mama right now (especially when the baby mama drugged one character and sex-video'd another) is just...baffling. I could go on but.. you know. You all have somewhere to get to today. 

Genie's on vacation until lord knows when so it was a hug for Spencer and she's out the door. Kevin and Valentin are going to meet her at the airport. I hope they left enough food for Charlotte in whatever bedroom she's in. No one seems to remember her!! Anyway, this goodbye is crucial leaves Spencer and Esme alone with Ace in that apartment. Not a good look, writers. Not good at all. 

This whole Martin ex-wife, Lucy Deception thing might just prove to be a goodie. She wants to get married. He's like NO WAY!! She's pushing the agenda that he helped develop the "Deceptor"... he's like NO WAY!! Why? Hmmm well, given that Tracey is having Brook Lyn find out what's going on at Deception, I'm thinking Marty's ex is trying to get more money from him. I also think Jackson from AMC will be in the thick of this. Lucy hires Fe to be her private eye to find out about Marty. Tracy's knee deep in all of this too. Mac Daddy got a shirtless scene. MORE please. 

NEDDIE MAINE OF THE WEEK: "Neddie..get it?" LOL. So, no.."Eddie" is not the Eddie we knew and loved. Ned has basically taken that persona and melted into a 'rock star' to avoid life. The head injury put him into that place and his neurons took over. ERGO, he's not a nice guy. He's basically looking out for himself. He doesn't remember L&B records or Lois. He's trying to find his way. Sonny offers him some help in the local market but crafty Nina talks him into going nationally. WHY? She wants him and his memories OUT OF PORT CHARLES! It's so Nixon Falls Vibes all over again, I'm howling. Even his shirt. He needs a cowboy hat. 

VANDALISM OF THE WEEK:  BLOOP! Anna's house gets tagged and Valentin is all upset. She thinks it's kids and appears not to care. They have a nice talk on the stairs (not in bed which surprised me) and she says she'll be fine if he leaves for Chechnya. There were also some good scenes with Robert, Felicia and Laura trying to drag her out to The Savoy. She didn't end up going. Good for you Anna. I would have stayed home too! 

MARROW UPDATE: AHAHAHA.. Ok, this is just getting to be so funny. We didn't see Wills again this week. (which is fine) It's like she's evaporated. Drew had a 'week' to say good-bye and he's leaving 'tomorrow". So.. time went ahead a bit I guess? Still? Willow's just.. in there. 

Sante watching Dex and Spencer "fight it out" LOL. Loved it. I think Sam and Dante are the most stable couple on GH after Mac/Fe and KevLar. 

POOL SIZE PHOTO OF THE WEEK: You can see here just how narrow it is!! Ha-- 


Brook copied Maxie's file on The Deceptor and gave it to Tracey

Lucy is plotting to find Marty's secrets

Laura, Kevin and Valentin leave for Chechnya

Anna is upset about her past leaking out , her door gets spraypainted "Murderer" 

Everyone at the Savoy witnesses Eddie Maine faint on stage

Eddie goes to stay with Sonny. Nina tries to get him to 'go on the road' 

Portia is angry, Curtis is angry, Jordan is .. I don't know and Zeke just wants some lovin' 

Dex and Spencer fight in a dive bar

Spencer and Esme bond over an ice pack and a snowglobe

Trina's had it with everything, goes to talk it out with mom

Sasha talks to Sonny and decides she should petition to end the guardianship

Liz and Finn have a date that was orchestrated  by Violet. 

NEWS:   Tuesday July 4th will be a repeat of Epiphany's tribute episode. Get your tissues out. 

Nicholas Chavez has been cast as a Menendez brother in Netfix's "Monster" anthology series. This is a big "GET" for him for sure. Damn. Wishing him all the best. GH is saying he'll be taking a 'leave' but... well, he might just make it big folks! 

And...that's a wrap. Took me a LONG time to write this because there was so much happening I couldn't even begin to organize my thoughts. I am convinced things are filmed/inserted out of order due to the writers' strike. I'm happy for a fun story about Marty and his Ex's.. (and I don't think that is connected to the whole "Mason Boss Pikeman" story.) I think we'll get a fun ex-wife coming on as well. Seeing more Cyrus will be good. Ava and Austin? He's not my fave character--but Maura and Roger? Love them. I wish Dr O, Scott, Selena Wu and Brad were on more. I want the Willow saga to just END and they can go to Paris. 

Hope YOU had a good week. Our air quality was 179 on Friday! It's getting better but whew. What a time that was. Poor Canada. Next week will be catch as catch can as I might be going to my Dad's pool and just hanging out. We will post things so check in daily! Thanks for being such great readers!!! 


  1. Thanks Karen

    I am not really excited for any of it at this moment :(

    Wishing they would do justice to the Marty's ex wives story though. OK, we know Genie is always gone for 3 months in the summer, which means probably that Jon Lindstrom will be gone. Is JPS on vacation for the whole 3 months too? That would be horrible. And, when does Finola go on vacation?

    You are exactly right about the Sprina thing; they didn't even get started as a couple and now they are finished. Between Esme, baby and Nicholas and Nicholas Chavez getting that role, Sprina is history before it's even started.

    Robert and Diane are going nowhere. :(

    That baby must think that is a big bathtub. lol. Guess they can't have a real pool on set.

  2. I always forget that Jophielle Love is NINE years old. Her mother is a stunt woman and father is a high wire acrobat. Wonder if she is a "daredevil" at heart too?

  3. Thanks again for the great SS kd.
    I'm thinking Marty wants to keep his name as far away from Deception as possible or his ex's will go after that too. Still don't understand how alimony works here as he shouldn't have to pay 3 ex's that much unless he's a millionaire and they're destitute.

    Loved seeing Silas again. Hope we get a decent story with him. If not his preaching is much more entertaining than the usual wash rince repeat drivel from the other couples.

    1. I had to laugh because you said Silas. :) You're like me, forgetting the names everywhere LOL

    2. lol Sometimes my brain and my fingers just don't connect like they used to.

  4. Thanks for today's great SS! You really make GH sound so much better than it's been.
    Little mention of the boring Ashford situations. TY
    Cyrus...a breath of crazy air! I love JK! At some point I'd love him to be a free man.
    Could the lust between A & A make their story a better one? I sure hope so!
    GH depends too much on amnesia and comas. Neddie's story imitates both Nixon Falls and Esme.
    Thank you Karen...for giving us something good and fun to read.

    1. Oh my gosh...I was writing it up an had a photo of Portia to put up for the WHINING of the week but forgot all about it!! Geesh.. I really can't stand that whole story. Now ZEKE Is pulled into it!

  5. you are SOOO right - 7 days passed with Drew but NO MENTION of Willow? I am just baffled and growing weary of all of it - which I NEVER have felt this way in 55 years.
    ----I must have missed something - MURDERER on her door applies to what person she killed? Anyone know?
    ------I want Spence and Esme to get together since Sprina will never happen but I want the DNA test to show months from now that Ace is NOT a Cassadine!
    -----Anyone know again if Laura, Valentin, Kevin and Yuri are gonna be off camera or will we see any scenes at all?
    -----Filler of FInn and Elizabeth just sigh.......Curtis, Jordan, whiny Portia, Zeke is yuck...
    -----I won't list all the storylines but I wrote them down this week - WOW lotsa storylines and most are just every 3-4 weeks....which is why I can't get invested in Franoc/Ava....
    -----Marty storyline is the ONLY thing getting me through this. Lucy, Felicia, Marty and Mac were the best part of the week. I don't even like Tracy anymore...
    ------Will Cyrus LIKE Drew or not?????

    1. I read somewhere, but can't remember where, that Tracy is in cahoots with Cyrus and asks him to protect Drew. I do like that possible connection if true. Don't care about Drew.

    2. thanks - I kinda thought Tracy had bribed the judge to sentence Drew cause she thought he needed to be punished? but I hope Cyrus IS protecting Drew

    3. Was it decided if Tracy called the SEC too?

    4. Remember that Cyrus came on the scene pretty late in the game. He lived a lot of life before Port Charles. So did Drew-- maybe they met long ago, somewhere else?

  6. "Lastly is AA --Ava and Austin."

    I forgot their couple name. Wasn't it her last name and his last name or his first name or something?

    "she kicks him out but has a major smirk of lust at the end!! 10 out of 10."

    Yeah she enjoyed it!!! Loved that smirk when he left. :) She likes him. :)

    "LISTEN CLOSELY: I am not a Sprina "Stan" or "Shipper" Or... whatever. I'm not coming at this from that POV. BUT!! From a production, let's get the ratings up stand-point this is completely ridiculous. Should couples have strife? Of course. Sprina has had it for a long, long time. FINALLY Greenland happened. Finally a couple and NOW? You throw ESME IN THERE? Again WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Sprina hasn't even had a proper love scene yet. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR FANBASE??"

    Like I said to someone on twitter who is pissed off, Nobody is going to be together forever on a soap opera. I even talked about Luke and Laura. Us Luke and Laura fans waited a long time for them to be together, and then they finally get married, and then Laura "dies"!!! Anybody remember that?!!? Did anybody remember when Laura came back from the dead and then L&L just leave the show together!! It sucks when the couple you love breaks up or one dies. You just have to get used to it. :(

  7. Seeing spoilers, true or not, hinting at Erica Kane re: Deception. Would make sense. Especially with WW coming along soon.

  8. 2 things I read that I like and make sense: the ex=wife is the one who gave Marty the idea of the deceptor years ago???? and that is why he doesn't want to be associated.....
    -----Drew gives Carly to run while he is away... but all blogs agree that Tracy's partner IS his ex!

  9. I can handle a little Lucy but she was always too much when she was front and center of storylines, like with her breaking free from Anna and Valentine and somehow outsmarting them to get to the nurses' ball....I hope Martin does not marry her and that he is paired with a less shrill character.

    1. I understand she can be annoying. But I really like her with Martin. I would much rather see her with Martin than a newbie with no ties to anyone else. Most of the time I can giggle at Lucy's shenanigans as long as they aren't too far fetched like the break free you mentioned above.


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