Friday, April 29, 2022

Carly; Savior.


Gladys and Sasha...Sasha tries to take a pill and Gladys rounds the corner. Then Brando comes over and they hug. He wants to know why the photographer was chasing them. She said he has a reason. Gladys says she took his memory card. Sasha wants to tell Willow now. She sobs. 

Carly's talking to someone on the phone. Then Josslyn comes to the hospital to find out what happened. The whole story... and then Joss wants to know why Harmony would hurt her. Carly never really answers her. They talk about how grateful that Carly is alive. 

Michael and WIllow in the chapel. She has no idea why her mom was on the road. She cries about her mom, losing time. Cries. Willow comes in and tells her she hit her mother. They cry .Willow is confused by Alexis and Carly's part in all this. 

Reporter Schmalz confronts Michael and Brando at the elevator and he wants a quote about Sasha hitting someone. Brando threatens him. Michael is too fking stupid to even figure out that the guy is talking about Sasha hitting Harmony ahahahahha. 

Ava and Nikolas. He set up dinner again. Tells her his mother talked to Sonny so Esme can go back to the mainland. She's happy but Nik says it will take awhile. She yells-- then yells... and more. He says she has no access to money. Ava says she has to, she went to private school. They argue a LOT and then kiss passionately. 

Esme is listening to Trina and Spencer. She interrupts. They bark back and forth at each other. Spencer stands there. She does call Esme a psycho and Spencer and is still snowing Esme. Now Trina is listening to ES and Spencer. 


Gladys looks at the memory card---

Spencer tries to convince Esme he loves her and he wants her to trust him. 

CARLY is going to tell Willow what happened with Harmony because of COURSE she is. 

Brutal today.. dialog was so off.. just .. not my kinda show. Sorry

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Blood on Rt 31

 Thursday SHOW!! 

Harmony is laying in the road. Sasha says she's still alive. The reporter guy pulls up and is like "MAN, what DID YOU DO"?? to Sasha. She gets him to call 911. She rolls Harmony over; gasps. Does CPS. Harmony breathes. The photo guy takes pics. The ambulance comes... guys say Sasha kept her alive. Photog wants his memory card back or he'll sell the photos of the accident. Sasha says no and attacks him. Dante stops her. Reporter leaves. Dante asks what happened. Tells Gladys to take Sasha to the hospital, she may be in shock. 
Sasha freaks out..Gladys says that Harmony ran out but Sasha was speeding. Sasha gets hysterical (good acting)..and they decide to go to GH to get her checked out. 

Carly and Alexis are in the hospital. Sam is there. Carly tells Jordan to go find Harmony NOW! Alexis and Carly tell Jordan and Sam what's happening with Harmony and Willow/Daddy yada yada. Jordan keeps pressing Carly "Why would she do that"?? Why this why that?? LORD. WEIRD Scenes. 

Dante is out to dinner with Millow--he says Sam couldn't be there (Because of being at GH but he doesn't know that yet). Michael and Dante talk about SONNY. Dante says it's Sonny..Michael says he 'affecting' Wiley. ugh. Dante gets called to the scene of the accident. 

Spencer is talking to Cam on the phone and Esme over hears him. He tells her he's going to The Gallery to avoid Ava and Trina (but we know Trina is there). 

Nikolas has a nice romantic dinner out for Ava. She texts she can't come... Esme walks in.  Nikolas is mad and flips the table over. RHONJ style. Esme tries to make Nikolas feel better and touches him and LAURA WALKS IN!! woot!! Says that Sonny is going to leave Esme alone-- and she can move. Esme pleads poverty but goes to tell Spencer. Laura tells Nikolas that  Esme is a scorpion and she'll poison everyone in that house. 

Trina is in the Gallery-- Rory comes in. She grabs her pepper spray. He said she left the door open and the reports might be out. She goes to get him a soda to take to his squad car.  They talk about art and Spencer walks in. He's jelly. Rory leaves. Trina tells Spencer he abandoned her when she needed him most. 

Portia and Curtis are talking about MARSHALL. SO FKINGBORING. UGH's just the entire story about his file and how Curtis got it and...ugh. 


Carly calls Michael and tells him to get here asap..she's going to tell him about Harmony. 

Harmony is wheeled in.. Sam: Gasps. Carly: Gasps...Alexis: Gasps.. Amy "That's Willow's mother"!! Gasp. AHHAHHAA. OMG.  Willow walks in. Talks about seeing her MOTHER..MOM MOM...Carly's like Um...

Harmony goes into the OR

Sasha comes into GH just as Willow asks who could have done this to her mommy

Reporter guy calls Smatlz 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Nail Polish

 Gym...Curtis  punching the bag...  Sonny and Curtis talk. Sonny asks what made him so upset--or WHO? They talk about MARSHALL :eyeroll: 

Nina calls Brando about Sasha and her being "Fragile" , asks him to come to her apartment. THey talk about Sasha and losing the baby. 

Portia and Drew stop by The Savoy looking for Drew and he's not been returning calls. They talk about MARSHALL :eyeroll: 

Sasha, Maxie, Brook, Lucy and Gladys celebrate Deception at the Metro Patio. The Paps are there and Sasha freaks out. 

Maxie meets up with Austin; he kisses her.  Brook still doesn't like him. It's a weird scene. He wants to go get wings and beer and go back to Maxie's place. 

Then the papazzari guy takes a ton of photos of Sasha-- and she gets upset and bolts from the table. Goes to the hedges to grab a pill and the camera guy snaps pics of her with them. She freaks out even MORE. Gladys ends up taking the camera and his memory card!! Brook and Maxie are impressed. 

Alexis asks Harmony if she's just going to keep killing people to keep her secret. Harmony says "if that's what it takes, yes" and rushes Alexis. They argue. Harmony picks up a rock to smash Alexis but Carly stops her. Alexis calls 911 ...Carly holds Harmony back until Harmony kicks her and runs into the woods. Carly wants to go after her. Alexis says let the Police do it. 

Finn and Violet are in the nail salon...Ava is there too. Violet wants Finn to get his nails done as well. He laughs. Then Ava and Finn talk about having daughters. Violet seems to be having her nails done at about 8pm at night., ok?  Cute scenes, just... at night? 

Dante goes to talk to the patient "Erik" Who they brought in all beat up. IT's the guy that Sonny put in the trunk. Dante asks who did this to him.  Again. And again. Oh, TJ Is there too. Guy doesn't talk. 


Sasha is driving really fast because the paparazzi is following them... 

Harmony is running in the woods and....she gets hit ( I think)

TJ gets a package at the hospital's Marshall's clarinet 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Sage My House


Nelle is in Ava's apartment, I totally forgot she rented that! Smaltz is there trying to talk to Nina for his article. Sasha comes in, tells him to get out. Then Sasaha tells Nina she's so scared about what could happen to Brando-- and the robbers being out on bail. Nina says "Sonny took care of it'-- "DID he KILL them"? She asks. They talk about the mob.. and relationships and .. just stuff. 

Brando talking to Lucy about the house. Sasha wants him to look, she's too busy. Brando is so sad about Liam. 

Dante finds Sonny at the gym. Sonny is all bummed about Michael.  He tells Dante what Michael said to him.  Dante dogs on Nina and her bad behavior. Sonny tells him to stop judging. Brando walks in during them arguing. Brando agrees with Sonny and sees Michael as entitled. Dante says he loves both of them 

Willow and Michael talk about him rejecting Sonny.  Blah blah blah He wants to make the Corinthos name a good one. Keep it for Morgan. :eyeroll: He talks about how much he doesn't want to be like him and Willow says not to get too revengeful or he WILL be like Sonny. 

Liz and Finn discussing her situation (again). He still wants her to move in, she still says no. She's going to the Metro. Later they are there sitting in chairs waiting for her room to get ready. Lucy asks how Aiden's project went on the Ouiji board. Finn yells at her for believing in that stupidity and the supernatural. He apologizes and goes to take Liz' stuff to her room. Lucy talks to Liz about what's happening. She THINKS it could be a Franco's spirit and she should take comfort in it. Lucy suggests a medium go to Liz' house. 

Harmony looks at Carly in the trunk and is going to smash her head in with a rock "I'm going to make this look like a tragic accident" .... DUN DUN DUN.  Oh she was putting the rock on the gas pedal to make it look like Carly drove off a cliff. BUT ALEXIS WALKS UP (she's a temp recast).. how did she find her there? DAMN IT. She says Harmony mentioned it when she was drunk. Anyway, Neil was Harmony's court appointed therapist and he kept notes and when he lost his license he felt bad for Nina and was going to tell... Harmony explains that befriending Alexis in the jail was her way of making it 'up to her'! Alexis says that she's out of her mind and she killed 2 people. Carly starts bashing on the trunk. Harmony goes to leave but ALexis runs to the trunk and sees Carly. Tries to wake her up. "She knew too much" Says Harmony and SO DO YOU!! 

It's so sad Nancy had to have surgery and wasn't here for the big reveal ..end Harmony story! Couldn't be helped but..damn. 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Is It Monday?

 ALREADY!!?  THE weekend FLEW BY

Harmony almost burning the papers, Carly stops her. NO wait,'s a nothing burger. Harmony sets it on fire anyway. :eyeroll:  Carly bugs her to tell her what he problem is with Nina. Carly is INSUFFERABLE. Yes, Carly finds out about Willow because when Harmony leaves she goes through the file and finds an old note of Neil's that Harmony missed. FKING CARLY OMG. Unbelieveable. THEN she goes in the fire and finds the first part. Harmony catches her and tries to stab her with the needle and they tussle!!! OOOH!!! 

Curtis and Marshall. Curtis says that his arrest wasn't even that much of a deal; why did he leave his family? THEY TALK FOR A LONG TIME AND ...and.. he was protesting and sent to a mental institution. Curtis doesn't understand why he had to leave the family. 

Diane is with Alexis in Alexis' office. SHE wants the story to run and Alexis says Harmony begged her not to. Diane tells ALexis to just kick Harmony out of her house. They argue. Yada yada. 

Brook Lynn and Chase almost kiss and then.. MICHAEL walks in to talk about the companies merging. He wants her to talk to Ned. Brook and Chase get close and... get interrupted by LEO. "WHy weren't you at my party"?? Do you like them better? OMG so true to life LOL 

Sonny talks to Willow at the Gate House trying to get her to have Michael know he cares and all that jazz. Michael walks in..of course. He tells his dad to bug off. Sonny wants them to heal their relationship. Michael tells him he's cutting him out of his life. 

Liz's house. Jordan is checking IT and hard drive to get files. They are talking about who it could be. Jordan says that the person messed up the tapes by using some blocker. Jordan leaves. Aiden comes in. He thinks it's Franco doing this. Finn says Franco wouldn't want to scare them. Aiden wants to "ask Franco" 


Sonny says he loves Michael but he will have to beg him for forgiveness. Michael says 'don't hold your breath" 

Alexis gets home. OMG, Harmony has CARLY'S CAR and Carly is in the trunk and Harmony is on the edge of a cliff!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Cop Blocked


It's always interesting when I take a few days off and try to catch up on Hulu. It's not the same as watching live (Better--no commercials) and I always feel a bit jumbled. 

Today's SS will be more humor than recap and more observation than anything else. I hope you enjoy. I will try to put everything into a summary at the end in the Wubshell section for those of you that missed the week. 

photo credit: @Here4Sprina 

Friday, April 22, 2022



Sonny had that butterfly bandage on his head for 78 days. 

Esme and the GO GO dress!! LOL 

Carly and her MUMU dress!! LOL 

Harmony and the whole "I'm terrified of me" ... eyeroll. I HATE it when Soap Characters are all "I feel so guilty". 

Sonny kidnapped one of the robbers LOL 

Is Roger off for awhile or what? GEESH... Austin is more MIA than normal. 


Cameron's real wife... okay. whatever. 

OMG The OUIJI BOARD!!! Lord help me

Sonny-- still has that bandage on and he's being a dick to WU. Love Brad's look. 

Cam and Britt? No. 


Well it starts the next day and it's just a mess. Chase is in GH-- all ready up from being knocked out an his phone is broken. I thought I missed something??? How'd he get another shirt? Why would Liz think that was an ACCIDENT? Why didn't we see her reaction?? This is really weird and it's really pissing me off ...

Also, Leo's adoption thing started in the middle of everything? Oh, Leo's taking theater therapy! 

Carly flashes back to Harmony saying that Willow wasn't her's but she writes it off to her being drunk. Alexis talks about Smaltz and the story he's doing on Willow and Michael/Nina. 

Drew tells Michael and Ned that maybe ELQ and Aurora should merge. 

Harmony is afraid that Alexis looked at her files. SHe's mortified she drank so much. She gets mad when Alexis tells her Smatliz is wrigting a story on Willow's past. 

Trina sees Marshall leaving and wants to go (kinda) since she's facing a bunch of crap in PC. 

Curtis talks to Jordan when she comes to the club the morning after the poker party. She over hears N'neka talking about a "4am party"...then Selia WU WALKS IN. Curtis is like: DOH! Selina says she's planning a private BIRTHDAY party and has to talk to Curtis. Jordan leaves. Wu gives Curtis the file. Tells him that looking at it could change everything and only be sure he really wants to know the truth. 


Jordan asks Liz to download the app for the cameras. They see a brass animal on the floor that could have hit chase. 

Carly catches Harmony trying to set her files on fire in Alexis' fireplace

The footage of the security cameras ARE CORRUPTED OF COURSE

Marshall is ready to leave but Curtis stops him and wants to talk about why he left the last time. 


Thursday, April 21, 2022

PCPD (Thursday blog)

(Note: Karen suggested that I put together a blog about the PCPD. I figured it was a no brainer. 10 shirtless pics of Chase and call it a day. No such luck. Karen vetoed that. So you are stuck with this blog for Thursday...)

Looking over the list of people who have worked at the PCPD, there are well over 30. I was thinking about how I could put something together that talked about the people who have been on the force and also keep it short enough not to bore everyone.

Here is what I am going to do. Every character and actor has an indelible scene etched in your head when you think of them. For instance, if you think of Stone and Robin, chances are you will think about their final scene where he "sees" her for the last time. (Cue the tissues). I am picking 3 people from the PCPD and will spotlight them with a scene that I immediately think of when I think of them. Wish me luck.


I remember this scene like it was yesterday. Burt was pissed when he was overlooked for Commissioner and had to share the title with Anna. He then went rogue and started heading up the Mob as the now infamous "Mr. Big". Robert found out (they were very good friends) and he walked him down to the docks and arrested him. (location shoot, can you believe it?). Watch Robert and Burt in this scene. Acting perfection. The two of them were a powerhouse together. This was one of those winning combinations of acting, writing and directing coming together for a scene which I still remember vividly decades later. (PS. Did you realize that the singing was all in Burt's head?).


I really liked him. Apparently, a lot of people did. His character (and the actor) was well received by the fans. He was our newest "hero", the good guy who saves the day. Watching him in his first scene on the show, you knew exactly what you were getting from both the actor and the character for the remainder of his tenure. I somewhat felt that the show kept giving him a new family member every few months. Not sure the character was really thought out from the beginning. But his genuine smile and natural acting style easily made him a fan favorite. Until, of course they killed him. I think that was his decision (Ryan) because he did venture off and has been in a lot of TV movies since his stint on GH. I also loved his final scene, when he was a force ghost with Georgie and the two said goodbye to Maxie. Not a dry eye in this household.


Where to begin. I never could see Lucky as a cop. At least not the Jonathan Jackson portrayal. He was always a more free spirit and had a lot of his father in him. I always found making Lucky a cop really unbelievable. Totally out of character. Its almost as crazy as making Luke a Mayor (wait a minute...) I want to state that Greg Vaughn is a very good actor. Very good. And I can see him portraying a cop. But not as Lucky. I wish that Greg was given a different character to work with, one that maybe was a cop, but with a different name and backstory. To show you how awkward I always felt this to be, here is a clip (skip to timer 6:00 if you want) where it is just painfully uncomfortable watching the family tell Laura that he is a cop. Even they don't believe it. 

NOTE From Wubsy: Awesome picks!! I remember when Robert was police commish and he had a Kangaroo holding an Aussie flag on his desk! LOL.. 

AND THEN... THIS HAPPENED !!! MAC SCORPIO ARRIVES!! Police chief Robert freaks out!! Mac of course, becomes a cop himself. He had a big ol' Aussie accent too. 

Look at those scenes--on location and the crowd felt SO REAL! 

Karen will be back tomorrow. This is the Thursday blog. Have fun.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Loss of Legacy (Wednesday blog)


There are so many children of Legacy characters that have been removed from the show. Many have died, but some have just vanished. These are just a handful of characters with legacy parents we have lost on the show. How would storylines be different today if the children were alive?

Feel free to comment on those listed, maybe name some of your own, and predict what they would be doing now. 

*note: Dave did this wonderful blog to fill in for me while I'm away this week!! 

PS from Dave: As always, with all the drivel from me when Karen is gone, this is complete and utter nonsense and should be taken with a grain of salt. It's just my thoughts, trying to stir up conversation and open a blog for todays show. DO NOT take it seriously.

Logan Hayes (dad: Scott Baldwin)

I had such hope for this one. This was 100% a classic Romeo and Juliet story. He was dating Lulu (both first names began with same letter, so you know this was destiny) and the two fathers absolutely hated each other. Can you imagine Scott and Luke fighting at their wedding? Prediction: I think Logan would have opened the first Cannibis Dispensary in PC and would have laundered money through it. Jail time would be inevitable. Logan would have been in trouble with the law several times, left town and returned as needed for storylines (kinda like Ethan did at times), but Scott would never have given up on him.  

Lucky / Lulu Spencer (parents: duh)

Both characters should be on the show. No excuses. Recast if you have to, but get them back on the canvas. This was painfully obvious when Luke (a-hem) died. Who is paying the electric bill at the Haunted Star anyway? Prediction: Lucky would be bored with the law and no longer be a cop. He would head back to his more care-free days. Maybe work on a caper or two like his dad. I'd want him back fighting with Nikolas because those were some good scenes when they first met. He would always have that chemistry with Liz and love her dearly, but never launching back into a full romance and letting Liz move on. (I know I am getting hell for that) Lulu? Let her get out of that coma and return home. Karen once said it would be soap 101 if Dante and Maxie started dating and Lulu came home and walked in on them in bed. (deja vu re: Valerie?) She would bring back gambling to the Haunted Star along with a jazz club in honor of her (a-hem) late father.

Lucas Jones (mom: Bobbi Jones)

Still alive, but you wouldnt know it. He had a storyline which dragged on for over a year, and then just vanished off canvas. Prediction: I would want Lucas to return as a doctor on staff, on contract and in a lot more scenes full-time. Should be played by the most recent actor (Matt Trudeau) who did a good job for the few scenes he was in. Plus he looks "soap opera-ish" (ok, I don't know what that means either) Also, I would want him to be dating Mike Webber (remember him?) There is another legacy character that would be interesting to bring back and see what he has been up to.  Karen Note: Lucas could be lighting up the gay scene in Port Charles. We have enough night spots, make the PC Grille an after hours hang out. He and Felix? Yes..Brad still wanting him? Yes. 

Serena Baldwin (dad: Scott Baldwin) 

The last we saw Serena was when she came home following Lee's death. There really isn't much said about her adult life other than she was studying in Paris. Prediction: After finishing college in Paris, she returns home to become an executive at her mother's company, Deception. Original actress, of course. She was amazing during the Lee shows. Maybe she crosses romantic paths with Chase? Karen Note: Most certainly a Deception connection!! BUT.. maybe she has a shopping addiction and is deep in debt that only her Dad can get her out of. OR she's running an MLM company online lol. 


Georgie Jones (mom: Felicia / sis: Maxie)

Is anyone else STILL crying over this one? Who greenlit this storyline? She was absolutely the sweetest thing possible and was part of a great trio of actresses (Kristina and Kristen) that is sorely missed. There is so many unfinished storylines with the Jones girls. Prediction: She would be a doctor, no doubt. Maybe a pediatrician? I think she would find herself married once or twice with about 3 children. (Any guess on husband?) As for her sister Maxie, she needs help and Georgie would be the voice of reason, as she was when she was ghost Georgie. Karen's note: Would she have ended up with Spinelli? Maybe... then again I see her as someone that would have ended up on the marriage go-round. She would be weary of 'bailing' out Maxie one too many times. Such sister stories could be told!! 

AJ / Jason / Dawn / Emily (mom: Monica Quartermaine)

How do you kill off ALL of a woman's children? I know it is "only a soap" and stuff like that, but FOUR children? Are you serious? And yes, I am including Dawn even though the show doesn't. With the loss of Alan, Rick, Edward, Lila, Gail, Jason, AJ, Dawn and Emily how much more can Monica take? Prediction: Monica's mansion (the one that Alan gave to her) would be so incredibly over populated that Monica would have to hire Cooks 5, 6 and 7 just to keep up. AJ would still be scheming to get into ELQ and Ned would still be blocking it. Eventually, AJ will go into business with Skye and start a competing company. Jason will be... well... there is no prediction there. We all know what he will be doing. Let's say Dawn got pregnant by Decker, but no marriage. She is living in the mansion with her daughter Destiny (age: 27) and her two grandchildren (twins) Dallas and Dakota. She comes and goes and leaves town frequently but Destiny remains constant. Emily is not in the mansion. She is at Wyndemere living happily ever after....

Karen note: LOVE THE DESTINY and Dallas/Dakota names! SO DYNASTY 80's LOL. 

It's Wednesday. Comment on today's show in this blog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

LACE: Carolyn Webber (Tuesday blog)


One of the greatest lines in TV history had to be Phoebe Cates uttering "Which one of you bitches is my mother?". 

LACE was a total camp mini-series. Panned by critics and loved by gays, it was truly a sight to behold. And now I can almost hear Elizabeth uttering the famous line but without the accent. 

We have had Carolyn Webber's name mentioned several times lately. We have never seen her onscreen. It is time.

As we have speculated with Jeff Webber's inevitable return, Karen and I are going to throw a few names out as a potential mother for Liz. As always, it is speculation. Nothing more. No spoilers, no inside knowledge, just our guesses. Feel free to play along and let us know who you think might be a good fit for the role. 

Jeff is listed as 72-ish. I am pegging Carolyn as mid to late 60s. Because of lack of background, I have no idea if she would be motherly/grandmotherly or a total bitch. I'm hoping someone a little reserved and cold so that she can warm up to Liz and  the children and grow into the role. 

Here goes nothing.


Who better than the actual mother from the LACE miniseries? Bess has been acting since the 70s. She is no stranger to both television and the movies. And she can do both comedy and drama and both very well. She is my number one choice. I like her work and feel she would bring a huge amount of chutzpah to this role. I can just see Bess playing a very no-nonsense hospital administrator.


She has been on TV forever. Many shows behind her and a recognizable character actress. She started on Ryan's Hope and then  Another World and then became a sitcom queen. Plus, in my opinion, I think she looks like Liz. Or, rather, Liz looks like her. This would be a really good pick. 


She started in the 80s with cheesy teen comedies and then went adult with Knots Landing. Sporadic acting credits in the past 10 years, and was on the Masked Singer with husband Clint last year. If the character background is a flighty, free-spirit one, I bet they can get her for a few months. Imagine a Nurse's Ball where we have an excuse to see her sing on the show. Maybe Clint can play a janitor and she can pull him onstage for an impromptu duet. 

OH MY GOSH... David did SUCH a great job I'm afraid to name anyone LOL... here goes nothing!! 


Daphne Zuniga --Daphne has been on many Hallmark movies and the show Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  I think she'd kick ass as Ms. Webber. 

Susan Day-- So, she's totally retired from acting but sometimes when I look at Rebecca, I see Susan back in the 70's!!  She's the right age and maybe can be enticed ?? 

Gabrielle Cateris-- Again, the right age. Icon of the 80's and hey, I could see her in the PC landscape. She's still acting and busy. GET her on the phone!! 

Karen will be out until Friday, so you are stuck with me and my nonsense for 3 days. Yes, 3 whole days. Try not to be too traumatized. Sonya, please do your thing and the rest of you, do the comment thing. Thanks to everyone. Today is the Tuesday blog. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

 Happy Dyngus Day! And if you know that, you're either Polish, have Polish friends or like me, grew up around Buffalo NY!! 

Docks: Curtis is sitting there thinking of WU and Jordan walks by. She says she's been to spoon island.  They talk a bit about the sex tape.  Not much else. Jordan leaves. WU comes out to talk to Curtis!! She says he people couldn't find anything on Marshall in the witness protection program and ergo, he was never in it. 

Alexis and Finn are going to an AA meeting. She talks to him about Harmony and letting her live with her and that it's weird. Harmony knows her way around and was looking at her house while recruting Krissy. He tells her about Liz "stalker"...She thinks Liz should talk to Kevin about it all. 

Alexis goes into her office and Valentin is sitting in her chair. They hug.  OMG Valentin is like "well, I sent Charlotte to boarding school"!! HAHAHA. He says Victor is happy they have a media company at their disposal. 

Finn meets up with Liz and gives her the idea to talk to Kevin about the figure she saw when she was half-asleep. 

Laura, Robert and Flea and Anna are catching up on the Jennifer Smith arrest and Fiji . Robert can't believe it was Jennifer that killed Luke. Laura thinks she's too stupid to have set up the cable car accident LOL. They realize that Victor is in town at the same time as the Ice Princess thing and is talking about mind-melding and Drew. They try to find a link. Robert says Anna needs to use Valentin to get to Victor. Felicia is surprised that Anna and Val have a relationship. They all decide to try to find the French sea captain that was in  Jen's room. 

Brad and Britt eat outside GH in a REAL OUTSIDE SHOOT. LOL They are still talking about Britt dating . She wants to go to The Savoy together. Brad keeps asking about his job at GH. Britt hedges (remember Selina is blackmailing her). Brit thinks he should get a better job than orderly. 

Harmony goes into Brenden's hotel room looking for Neil's file on Willow. She got it.. Puts it in her satchel. Goes to the Metro Bar and orders a whiskey. Willow comes by as she's trying to put the file back in her satchel. Willow sits at the bar... she has a headache. Wants some soup. They talk and Willow says what a good person her mother is now and how she's forgiven her. LOL 

Liz calls Portia out about not doing a patient note. Portia gets defensive then cops to the fact she forgot to write it. They talk about how much stress they are both under. Liz also tells her about the weird things happening to her at the house. They say they'll look out for each other. 


Selina has Marshall's sealed report but Curtis has to have poker games first before she'll give it to him. 

Liz hears a guy say "Don't forget me" on the phone at GH but it was a patient asking for a blanket

Alexis finds Brenden's body floating in the harbor. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Light as a Feather....Stiff as a Board...


It was a filler week. I understand we need these now and again to reset the 'good stuff' and circle around to the stories that don't interest me. (It's all about me, people). GH is still SO large that it's a giant wheel of stories and who knows what's going to get picked next to air. Leaving the Ice Princess hanging a week after Jen Smith gets hauled off is and Yet, we are finally having baby-steps about the Elizabeth "stalking". I'm just glad I'm not in charge of all that because you know I'd only have my faves on!

Good Easter Sunday to you if you celebrate...find those eggs!! 

Friday, April 15, 2022



Michael and Willow talk to reporter Smalz and give him dirt on Nina. They hope public opinion goes their way. Smatlz has to ask Nina her side. He hopes there are no skeletons in their closets. 

 Harmony is going to meet Brenden but has a giant needle in her purse. Willow sees her and asks why she's at the Metro. She makes something up and Willow tells her that the press is going to dig up all their pasts because of a story. Harmony hugs Willow. 

Alexis is talking to Nina about Harmony in her office. She wonders why Harmony thinks she "owes" Nina something. It's a 'hunch' she has? Weird. Smaltz bursts in with the 'exclusive" -- and sees Nina. Tells her that Michael and Willow were talking about what a mess she was. Does she care to comment? ALexis is not happy. Nina storms out. Smaltz says that Alexis should at least read what he wrote about the custody thing. Then he explains how Nina basically "kidnapped" Sonny and the justice system failed to punish Nina. And isn't that the kind of story she's looking for? 

Carly goes to Charlie's to check on everyone after the robbery. She wonders if she has to worry because Sonny's enemies are smelling "blood in the water"..She talks about NINA and WILEY AND WILEY AND WILEY. THANK GOD Phyllis walked in. 

Chase gets a phone call in and has to come out of the shower shirtless.. LOL he says he'll be right there. 

Liz and Finn talk about her spending the night alone at the house. She said Cam was there. He has another plan. Oh, he wants Chase to live there!! Chase says he can help catch whoever it is doing this. Liz says no way should he live there. They talk about suspects. He says not Heather because no one has even visited her since 2018. Liz says its' someone really close to her because they know too much about their marriage. "it's like the call is coming from inside the house". Chase at least has a damn camera to finally install to see who's doing all this. 

Aiden is looking up Ouiji boards on his phone LOL ... Gram Laura walks up (outside Kelly's) and asks what he's doing.  She says those boards are fake and she played with them as a kid. He's not so sure. Lucy comes up and they celebrate and talk about Deception. Lucy brings up when Laura was also with the company in the 2000's. Laura says: I know you're dating my brother, it's ok. Lucy mentions talking to the universe to give their relationship a blessing. Aiden perks up. Laura goes in to get coffee and Aiden asks Lucy if she believes in spirits. She says she doesn't talk to them anymore and that she's more into positive universe vibes. 

Harmony is in a park and has a GIANT needle. LOL. "Ready Harmony to make this all go away" says Brenden. She decides against it and puts the needle back in her purse. Gives him $1000. He says that's not enough. She says she'll pay him off monthly. He says no. He pushes her, she  falls and the needle falls out. Brenden picks it up and says, you do heroine too?? Did you hook my brother on it? WAIT A MINUTE!! YOU MURDERED HIM DIDN'T YOU? 

Harmony pushes Brenden over the cliff

Carly finds out that Phyllis knew Harmony/Lorraine back in NYC 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

A whole show today!


SPENCER!!!!!! YEAH!! Snowing ESME!! But why not tell TRINA!!? 

Maggie's letters to ESME....interesting. 

Scotty and Dr. O --LOVE 

Sam knows Dante's password...and  Dante catches her. 

Cam can't work at the kid's camp because of the tape. That's a real consequence for sure. 

OH ROBBERY at Charlie's! THAT's why they didn't show the show Tuesday! 


Brando and Sasha see The Pub getting robbed. Brando rushes in, Sonny beats up one guy, Brando beats up another. The guys get arrested. Sasha takes a pill. Dante talks to Sonny about the guys. Brando thinks maybe the crooks did know Sonny but didn't care about robbing his bar? I don't even know. 

Dante catches Sam on his phone. She tells him the truth. He's not happy she's trying to do something on the Trina case. He's disappointed in her...sad horn. He leaves for the PCPD. 

Drew stops Carly  from saying anything to Dante about being the one that told Sam to get info. Carly tells Drew ALL ABOUT the entire Video thing. :eyeroll: Esme is setting Trina up. Yada yada. Then they have a love fest about how great each other are. 

Joss goes to The Gallery to talk to Trina. Trina says "there's no there there" with Spencer. Joss says "He's a tool" LOL!!! They go to Kelly's. While eating, Joss notices Rory staring at Trina. She's like WHAT YOU LOOKIN' AT!!? Rory introduces himself. Joss feels terrible. 

Spencer goes to talk to Cameron "I really need a friend". Cameron tells him to go away. Spencer finally gets in. Tells Cam there's no baby.  They argue. Finally Spencer blurts out he knows Esme is guilty and that he's going to save Trina. Then he says Don't tell Joss and Cam gets all mad. 

At the gym: Spinelli, Austin and Chase ....Brook and Maxie come in. Maxie wants to talk to Spinelli and Austin. Chase and Brook talk about the same old sheeze. 

Sam and Spin talk at the Metro Bar. GET HIM ON THE TRINA CASE!! GEESH He tells her to tell Dante how she feels. 


Cam says he'll keep the secret from Joss

Sonny's going to remind everyone he's the boss!! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

NYPD interruptus

yesterday it was fun to see everyone's hair..some shorter, some longer lol. Wes got a residual check! 

Brasha looking for a house since she made so much money on Deception stock. Sonny comes into Charlies, says hello and congrats Sasha on being in the family. He introduces them to Phyllis. She says congrats, sorry about their baby. 

AND...NEWS BREAK.... the Brooklyn Shooter was interruption. At least its' GOOD news. He was found in the East Village?!! Thank goodness he dropped his credit card. 


Sonny asks Phyllis for a favor. He wants her to buy Charlie's but... for VERY cheap. Oh, $100 for taking him in no questions asked. Nina walks in. 

SPRINA: Arguing at the Gallery ...he says he's sorry. She says he's not. 

Nikolas and Esme talking about how sad she is with no parents. And he never had a mother growing up..yada yada. She's trying to get CLOSE to him. She tells him her adoptive bros and sis don't like her. Her Nanny, Maggie is the only one that did. 

Scotty and Ava. She wants Spencer away from The Gallery..maybe picking up garbage. 

Dr. O and Sasha are drinking and talking about dating.  Dr. O is waiting for Scott. He finally comes after talking to Ava. 

Sam and Dante at the bar...she asks him about new evidence. He says "let's get a table" . Ava comes by, says Trina is innocent, arrest Esme. 

Joss and Cam are making out on his couch at Liz'. She hears someone. 

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 2:30--- NYC Police briefing ergo...I guess I'll watch it later on HULU!! *sigh* 


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

GH Postponed


Due to ongoing breaking news coverage, today’s scheduled episode of General Hospital will air tomorrow. #GH

Monday, April 11, 2022


 Nina is talking to Millow at The Metro and Brenden recognizes her as Nina Reeves, Willow's mom and just watches. Then he asks the bartender to take his photo with Nina and Willow in the background. Nina, Willow argue about Wiley. Brenden goes over to Nina "It's your lucky day"! He works for Greenlight investments and says its' "their lucky day" for Crimson. 

Alexis finds Harmony at the docks and asks what she's doing there. Alexis is going to Wyndemere. Harmony gets the photo from Brenden. She gets teary and leaves. Alexis wonders what's up with her. 

Harmony goes to The Metro and sees Brenden talking to Nina and the kids and thinks he's talking about HER. She texts Brenden "You win" ... he leaves and Willow wonders if she knows him. 

Esme fixes Nikolas a cheese try and drink at Wyndemere LOL...Spencer is there too. They talk about Sonny and how sad she is and not pregnant and yada yada.  Same ol same ol. Alexis comes in. Surprised to see Esme there. 

Spencer goes to leave the house, Esme catches him "is it something I said"?? 

Trina and Ava are at the Gallery. Trina finds out Esme isn't pregnant. Ava tells her about going to Sonny and how she kinda got Nikolas involved and Esme ended up at the house. BUT they are in separate bedrooms. Trina says don't let Esme win!! 

Jordan tells Dante she has a conflict with the Trina case because she doesn't think she's guilty. They get the evidence pack from Rory. "It's not good" says Jordan.  The phone was also used to buy online art with Trina's credit card. Rory is listening at the door. I think HE'LL Find the proof to get Trina off! 

Carly asks Sam to find out what evidence the PCPD has on Trina because "she sleeping with a cop". Um, derp. JUST GET SOME CELL PHONE PING evidence!! LORDY. They talk about how devious Esme is...Sam is worried Victor is involved and likes' her. Sam leaves...her hair is curly wurly today !! 


Nina tells Carly she's going to court over Wiley. Carly says: Oh she doesn't even miss you LOL 

Spencer is going to tell Trina he's not going to work for Trina at the Gallery, he'll do something else to make restitution

Sam sees the new evidence folder Rory is holding. Radar: UP

TOMORROW: Oh Trina told Scotty that Nikolas is her alibi! HE was in the park when the video was uploaded, remember??!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Party Royale


So, a bit of a different week in that Carly was only on ONE day and there were other stories on the move with little twists and turns.  I was entertained and happy. Can't get much more than that!  SO much character interaction between stories and I love a good soapy tapestry. 

Hang on to your lipstick and lets get going! 

CORPORATE PARTY OF THE WEEK:  I don't know about you but the Deception party just snuck right up o us?? One day Lucy is talking about "entertainment" ...Brook is writing a song and then BAM!! They are back from NYC and the party is in full force at The Savoy. While I appreciated all the ladies (Felicia, Anna, Lucy, Maxie, Brook...) and the twist: WU IS A STOCK HOLDER!! I was really stumped on this one. Wasn't Amy going to sing Brook's song??  Wasn't Chase going to agree to do it last minute and look longingly into Brook Lynn's eyes? Didn't Lucy say there was going to be 'acts' like the Nurses Ball? What happened?? Sonny was also seen saying he was going to on a suit then was back at the same set (gym) net show. Something got cut. Very strange indeed. There was also NO social media on this. NONE. Lynn Herring did a better job on IG with still photos than the show. :eyeroll: 

HOUSE PARTY OF THE WEEK:  In an abrupt sequence, Curtis is all of a sudden plopped at his house with Portia and throwing a house warming do for 'close fam and friends". Drew shows up; Aunt Stella is there and of course, Marshall drops by. Seems TJ thought he should be invited. Stella and Marshall talk on the patio and she tells him to keep lying, it's too much to tell the truth. Must be bad? Anyway, Stella then has a big old panic attack and is taken to GH. I really liked Trina and Marshall's talk. Good stuff. 

PITY PARTY OF THE WEEK:  Esme isn't pregnant. Sad. But Glad...but sad. Not sure how I feel about this one. No, we don't need another baby on GH but come on--SO SOAPY. A Cassadine Heir to boot!! Nelle on Steroids because Ryan's the grandfather. But alas, Negative. Now we wait to see if Spencer's brain heals from his stupidity. 

DREAM OF THE WEEK:  In a great fake out...Liz says good bye to Laura and finds someone in her house. SHE's DREAMING!! It was actually done very well and I was surprised. The other little twist is that he wrote "Don't Forget Me" on a paper in the living room where she was sleeping. Fresh paint. WHO could have gotten in there? Liz was dumb enough to disarm the alarm because the "boys kept forgetting" and Dante tells her no one on the police detail assigned to her house saw anything. It's also obvious no one thought to set up a nanny-cam in the house because well, that would be too easy. Liz freaks out, wants to send her kids to Laura's and stay in her house alone as to not put anyone in danger. Huh? Is that a plan? Still hoping for a juicy DID story for Becky! 

JOB OF THE WEEK:  Poor Brad. He finally finds a decent position (Patient advocate) through Britt and Terry (rightfully so) shoots it down. Given Brad's history, it does make sense. He says he'll even take an orderly job to get back into GH. They agree. While he's leaving the office, Amy stops him and screams for security. LOL. He has a ways to go PLUS defying his aunt. 

EMPRESS WU OF THE WEEK:  First off: Who doesn't love a good blackmail on a soap?!! Seems 'ol Selina knew Faison (squee!) and that Britt was out doing evil deeds with him for a few years. :Twiriing: She's going to use it to make Britt do her bidding with Brad!!! We also learn she's got stock in Deception and hey, I'm all for her being in Deception's face. OR BEING The Face of Deception!!  :Giggle: Maybe she'll launch a perfume or a pallet and do some Tik Toks. Skin Car line perhaps?? Then, she goes to Sonny and basically convinces him to let her run a gaming empire in Port Charles sadly gone "since Luke Spencer left town".  Yes, please. Gamble away!!  FINALLY (yes, there's more) at the end of Friday's show, Curtis calls her to say he's going to be interested in the deal to have the games held at The Savoy!! He wants her to get that file because no one else will. 

QUEEN AVA OF THE WEEK:   Spectacular. Simply. The. Best. Why?? Well, while ding and dong Nikolas and Spencer are all falling for Esme's Soapy 101 Vixen tears, she knows the score. 

KING VICTOR OF THE WEEK: So handsome and charming. Such an accent. Trying to convince Laura he wants to save the world. I really think this will come down to some sort of Climate-Change Fix. It keeps with the "weather" theme of the Cassadines and could be noble. So what if he had to kill Luke Spencer to do it? Luke was in Amsterdam so long I don't care. Plus, it gives Laura airtime. Yes please. 

WILEY OF THE WEEK:  OH. MY. GAWD. (Janice; Friends) . I've said it before, I'll say it again, let Nina take that kid out for some fries and call it a day. But Noooooooooooooooo, let's talk about him NON-stop until I'm ready to punch someone. Nina's going for Grandparent's visits and Michael is trying to have a shady Smaltz guy write a hit-piece on her to sway public opinion. She did after all, steal a baby fresh outta the womb. (BUT! Who's counting!!).  I hope there comes a point where I don't hear this kid's name for years. SO redux of Edward "My Great- Grandson" Quartermaine. That wasn't my favorite either. 

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK:   Anna tries to call Valentin about The Ice Princess and he's going to voice mail. We next see a Tropical Jennifer Smith sitting bar side talking to someone on the phone about taking over the "East Coast"soon. A dashing "French" Sea Captain walks up and starts charming her. YEP, it's Val. AND.. OMG Felicia and Anna are there too and Valentin puts the diamond in Jennifer's safe. He's working WITH VICTOR to set her up for the murder of Luke!! OH delicious because I love a great Cassadine caper/twist. 

NO SURPRISE-SURPRISE OF THE WEEK:  Did ANYONE not see this coming?? It's been a rumor on twitter for literal years. Nina actually had twins and they were Nelle and Willow. One was sold on the black market ...and one given to Harmony. Will this make Willow any more interesting? I'm saying NOPE. It will however, get Harmony into a situation with Neil's brother where she may have to kill him too. I really hope Nelle comes back because good-evil sister just make me want to watch. BTW, Harmony was awesome in her scenes. Just superb. 

OUT OF THE BLUE OF THE WEEK:  Who's this?? Gregory?? WHY? So, Finn and Chases' dad shows up for a visit after how long and no mention? I don't even remember when he left but I think it was the height of Chases' poisoning? Just random. Was it to bash Brook Lynn so Chase could defend her? Um, okay? 

DIMPLES OF THE WEEK: Just had to recognize NinSon here because I do like Sonny. Now. I like his softer side. Sure they have flaws but after watching CarSon for decades, it's refreshing to have another tale to watch. He was also flashin' those dimps at Ms Wu. Awesome-sauce! 

CHEAP SET OF THE WEEK: I had to laugh because the "Tropical" Set was EXACTLY like the Greece set and the bar the same. Same place and everything. Less "Grecian Tiles" and  plate smashing and more steel-guitar. Not to take away from Felicia and Anna however!! 


Chase defends Brook Lynn to his father

Deception Party goes off at The Savoy; Sasha does drugs but nothing comes of that...

Ms. Wu is a surprise shareholder in Deception

Harmony is blackmailed by Neil's brother, Brenden because Willow is Nina's daughter

Michael gets Smaltz (no idea the spelling) to drop charges in exchange for a 5 part story

Marshall triggers a panic attack in Stella 

Curtis agrees to Wu's terms to get the classified sealed file on his father

Sonny agrees to Wu's terms about gaming in PC

Felicia and Anna go to the tropics to bid on the Ice Princess but the WSB arrests Jennifer Smith for possession of said diamond and the murder of Luke Spencer. 

Valentin is revealed to have set Jennifer up on behalf of Daddy Victor

Victor thinks he and Laura can be a  great big happy family

Esme is not pregnant

Ava leaves, then moves back into Wyndemere to stake her place 

Elizabeth dreams of an intruder but then finds a note written to her while she was asleep

Brad gets a job as an orderly at PC; His aunt gives Britt an ultimatum however: DON'T hire my nephew or your Fiason-Evil Doings will be exposed!! 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Finola Hughes celebrates 37 years on GH!! Yes, she took some time away but still, such an icon. Love her and her British ways! 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:  Things move along in the GrandMa Nina case,  Jordan and Curtis see each other on the docks, Stella remembers a bit more about not mailing the divorce papers and Laura helps a stressed out Aiden. 

WUBS LECTURE OF THE WEEK: I'm ending this blog on a personal soap-box of my own and I hope you'll indulge me. I am so tired of people commenting (not here, mostly FB and Twitter) about how they hate/dislike/won't watch the show because their faves aren't together anymore. OR they want so and so to realize something that's obvious. IT'S A SOAP and yes, I hate it when people say that BUT IT'S A SOAP DAMN IT!! lol.. If people were together and happy, IT WOULD BE SO DULL!! I love really weird things happening and twists and lovers apart. Ava and Nikolas sparring is so much more everything than them being happy. Esme coming between Trina and Spencer? Um.. CLASSIC!! Anyway, that's all I have to say. Watching anything for one couple or pairing is just setting yourself up for frustration. If you don't like the story, that's one thing. But not watching because your faves aren't all happy and sunshine? Um.. why? Do what you want but I'm really hoping that we have our soap for a long time to come. That's all! 

Thanks for reading and Cheers!! 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...