Monday, April 18, 2022

 Happy Dyngus Day! And if you know that, you're either Polish, have Polish friends or like me, grew up around Buffalo NY!! 

Docks: Curtis is sitting there thinking of WU and Jordan walks by. She says she's been to spoon island.  They talk a bit about the sex tape.  Not much else. Jordan leaves. WU comes out to talk to Curtis!! She says he people couldn't find anything on Marshall in the witness protection program and ergo, he was never in it. 

Alexis and Finn are going to an AA meeting. She talks to him about Harmony and letting her live with her and that it's weird. Harmony knows her way around and was looking at her house while recruting Krissy. He tells her about Liz "stalker"...She thinks Liz should talk to Kevin about it all. 

Alexis goes into her office and Valentin is sitting in her chair. They hug.  OMG Valentin is like "well, I sent Charlotte to boarding school"!! HAHAHA. He says Victor is happy they have a media company at their disposal. 

Finn meets up with Liz and gives her the idea to talk to Kevin about the figure she saw when she was half-asleep. 

Laura, Robert and Flea and Anna are catching up on the Jennifer Smith arrest and Fiji . Robert can't believe it was Jennifer that killed Luke. Laura thinks she's too stupid to have set up the cable car accident LOL. They realize that Victor is in town at the same time as the Ice Princess thing and is talking about mind-melding and Drew. They try to find a link. Robert says Anna needs to use Valentin to get to Victor. Felicia is surprised that Anna and Val have a relationship. They all decide to try to find the French sea captain that was in  Jen's room. 

Brad and Britt eat outside GH in a REAL OUTSIDE SHOOT. LOL They are still talking about Britt dating . She wants to go to The Savoy together. Brad keeps asking about his job at GH. Britt hedges (remember Selina is blackmailing her). Brit thinks he should get a better job than orderly. 

Harmony goes into Brenden's hotel room looking for Neil's file on Willow. She got it.. Puts it in her satchel. Goes to the Metro Bar and orders a whiskey. Willow comes by as she's trying to put the file back in her satchel. Willow sits at the bar... she has a headache. Wants some soup. They talk and Willow says what a good person her mother is now and how she's forgiven her. LOL 

Liz calls Portia out about not doing a patient note. Portia gets defensive then cops to the fact she forgot to write it. They talk about how much stress they are both under. Liz also tells her about the weird things happening to her at the house. They say they'll look out for each other. 


Selina has Marshall's sealed report but Curtis has to have poker games first before she'll give it to him. 

Liz hears a guy say "Don't forget me" on the phone at GH but it was a patient asking for a blanket

Alexis finds Brenden's body floating in the harbor. 


  1. Rather a slow day but still moving forward. Thank heavens. I want Liz to go see kevin and see someone other than herself or Franco.

    Now we know Marshall was not in Witsec are we to assume he was just hiding out from the mob or are they still trying to figure out his back story.

    And Val sent Charlotte to boarding school. lol Some of the kids were there so long they didn't even realize a different kid came back. 。:゚゚(´∀`)・。 Will this happen again?(¬_¬)

  2. I knew Alexis would find the Liz hearing this makes me sad that it IS going to be DID - which I HATE - she is a single mom----she doesn't need this storyline!!!
    Willow's headache=another spoiler that a blood test is a-coming....something is wrong with her.
    not much happened today but I LOVE the vets all together!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Makes me sad too Mufasa. I do NOT want Liz having DID. :(
      Let's get back to the Ouija board, lol!

  3. So many funny one liners today!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and V.C.: V.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is lookin so good! :) He is so hawt! Especially in that suit. :) I just want to hug him and kiss him. :) Charlie is in boarding school! Hahahahaha. And when she gets out will be she 25?

    V.C.: You will always have me.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet. :) It felt like he was saying it to me!!! :) V.C. you will always have me too! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Felicia, Robert, Anna, and Laura: Ooooo! Love this scene! Hey where is Mac?! And yes Felicia Vanna are together now. :)

    Robert, V.C., and Anna: Hey! Is that a British flag mat on the ground?

    Vanna: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: You found the devil does that mean you were speaking about me?


    V.C.: I haven't stopped thinking about you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    The hospital:

    Fiz: Oooo Finchy has a great idea. Yes Liz go talk to Doc! He can help you get memories out from her brain! :)

    Liz and Portia: Oh boy! Besties spat! Well glad they are okay now. They both have struggles in their life. Glad they are there for each other.

    Portia and Jordan: Ooooo Portia is in mama bear mode! :)

    Finchy and Alexis: YAY! FRIENDSHIP! :) LOVE IT! :)

    Liz and the patient: Geez. That sounded like Finchy when he said don't forget me! Liz could have said Finn? Is that you? :) Oh it's a patient. I thought at first that Liz pre recorded a voice that calls her to tell her don't forget me. :)

    Outside the hospital:

    Britch and Brad: Whoa the camera is moving so much! Make it stop! Great scene until Britch said this line.

    Britch: Jason was NOT a hired killer.

    Okay! I'm out! I can't believe she just said that! Goodbye! Oh wait Ms. Wu! :) YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU HAVE A JOB BRAD! :)

    Metrocourt hotel: and the maid: That maid looks like Laura! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Willow and Oh! Mr. McJudgerson is at the gym! How nice. Awwww Willow forgives her mama! But then that will be all undone when the truth comes out. And then the McJudgerson's will be out in full force.

    The pier:

    Jordan and Curtis:

    Jordan: Are we good?

    Why? Are you besties now?

    Curtis and Ms. Wu: Mmmmmm delicious scene! Ms. Wu is no dummy! :) Now Curtis give her a hug!!! :)

    Alexis and Brendon's dead body: HOLY COW! Did you just hear that noise?! It's the Friday the 13th CAH CAH CAH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. I loved how Felicia and Laura were cracking up when they were questioning Anna about her relationship with Valentin, lol! And how Robert mispronounces his name is hilarious!
      I was thrilled that Portia jumped on Jordan about Trina and her feelings for Curtis. Good for Mama Bear!
      Liz really needs to talk to Kevin, and I need something to show up on those cameras other than Chase in a towel. HAHAHAH!

    2. Oh ya, Laura and Felicia were laughing about Anna being "in relationship" with Valentin.

  4. For those who missed nik saying hes plain esme. 24 min mark

    1. THANKS! I wouldn't have believed him, either. He just casually mentioned it---not like Spencer's confession---- I guess that is why it wasn't huge in the spoilers!

    2. Yeah he did say that. :) Glad he is awake! :) Of course Spencer's confession was more important really. :)

    3. Lol that day we had sprina daydream and I couldnt tell which of them had the fantasy so I only knew at least nik was wise to esme and maybe spencer was too. The next day when Spence talked to cam I knew he was good too. Now I just need both those casadines to wise up to viktor...

  5. Happy DYNGUS DAY! We celebrate that in Cleveland, too!

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  7. I can't figure out what Valentin is up to. Is he brainwashed by Victor? Trying to solve all this alone? Why put Charlotte in boarding school? Acting standoffish with Anna? I am so confused. Is he a bad guy again? Anyone know?

    1. Valentin is going to ruin his relationship with Anna like he did with Nina, AND I actually like VAnna and not Nina


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