Thursday, April 14, 2022

A whole show today!


SPENCER!!!!!! YEAH!! Snowing ESME!! But why not tell TRINA!!? 

Maggie's letters to ESME....interesting. 

Scotty and Dr. O --LOVE 

Sam knows Dante's password...and  Dante catches her. 

Cam can't work at the kid's camp because of the tape. That's a real consequence for sure. 

OH ROBBERY at Charlie's! THAT's why they didn't show the show Tuesday! 


Brando and Sasha see The Pub getting robbed. Brando rushes in, Sonny beats up one guy, Brando beats up another. The guys get arrested. Sasha takes a pill. Dante talks to Sonny about the guys. Brando thinks maybe the crooks did know Sonny but didn't care about robbing his bar? I don't even know. 

Dante catches Sam on his phone. She tells him the truth. He's not happy she's trying to do something on the Trina case. He's disappointed in her...sad horn. He leaves for the PCPD. 

Drew stops Carly  from saying anything to Dante about being the one that told Sam to get info. Carly tells Drew ALL ABOUT the entire Video thing. :eyeroll: Esme is setting Trina up. Yada yada. Then they have a love fest about how great each other are. 

Joss goes to The Gallery to talk to Trina. Trina says "there's no there there" with Spencer. Joss says "He's a tool" LOL!!! They go to Kelly's. While eating, Joss notices Rory staring at Trina. She's like WHAT YOU LOOKIN' AT!!? Rory introduces himself. Joss feels terrible. 

Spencer goes to talk to Cameron "I really need a friend". Cameron tells him to go away. Spencer finally gets in. Tells Cam there's no baby.  They argue. Finally Spencer blurts out he knows Esme is guilty and that he's going to save Trina. Then he says Don't tell Joss and Cam gets all mad. 

At the gym: Spinelli, Austin and Chase ....Brook and Maxie come in. Maxie wants to talk to Spinelli and Austin. Chase and Brook talk about the same old sheeze. 

Sam and Spin talk at the Metro Bar. GET HIM ON THE TRINA CASE!! GEESH He tells her to tell Dante how she feels. 


Cam says he'll keep the secret from Joss

Sonny's going to remind everyone he's the boss!! 


  1. It was nice to see a whole show.
    Cam not telling Joss = problem. Trina and Joss should know. Esme is just getting started.

    1. "Cam not telling Joss = problem."

      Well, yes.. Soapy angst. :)

  2. CLEARLY Brando is gonna be nu-Jason and Sasha will hate it/take more drugs...
    I thought nothing of the hold-up until Dante brought it up----so I guess the whole thing is about Sonny's fierceness and hiring Brando.....2 families? did Joey Novak go away for sure?
    WOOHOO with Rory and Trina----he is so cute!
    Carly CLEARLY flirty with Drew and I hate them together....'what would you say about me?'

  3. I loved the Spencer/Cam interaction today. Nicholas Chavez really showed his actin chops. He has grown so much since starting this role.

    I also liked the Trina/Joss interactions and, of course, the appearance of cutie cop again. lol I think I've got a boy crush. lol

    I hope Dante doesn't let Sam off the hook too easily. That wasn't a mistake, it was a deliberate action that she knew wasn't just wrong; it was probably illegal too. Their trust is broken.

    And I don't know how Nina doesn't know that Sasha is high. She's seen her like this before. (Not opening the floodgates of hate, just making an observation.)

    The robbery scene was a nice little bit of action and a needed break from all the talking lately. The mobster growl is back. There's going to be payback, no doubt.

    1. "Di says, I loved the Spencer/Cam interaction today."

      Me too!!!! :)

      "Nicholas Chavez really showed his actin chops. He has grown so much since starting this role."

      I don't think he was ever bad. He has shown his acting chops. He won me over as Spencer.. Dammit!!

  4. Ava's gallery:

    Trina and Joss: Awww friendship. :)


    Trina and Joss: YES! Be strong! Lift your head high and live your life! Joss is right! You are not under a microscope because it doesn't exist!!!

    Trina, Joss, and Rory: RORY!!! :) He is so yummy! :) Those eyes! Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Excuse me. Which one of us are you looking at? The video star, or the criminal mastermind?

    ROFL! I said out loud, no he is okay!!! Hahahaha. Glad Trina defended him. :) Rory likes Trina, and Trina likes him. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sante: Oh Sam you should not have done it!!! And Carly you are not helping! I thought Sam wasn't going to do it? Well, Sam's bread are crying.

    Carly and Drew: Pam and Tommy sex tape talk! Wow after they came back to them, why was the camera so close to them?! Weird.

    Spinny and Sam: Great scene! :) Spinny you give great advice, and you are so fiercely loyal to your friends! :)

    The gym:

    Chase, Pawtucket Holtster, and Spinny: Yeah did we miss a scene?

    Maxie, Pawtucket Holtster, Chase, and Brooky: They should go on a double date!!!! :)

    Maxie and Spinny: Awwww Spinny is protective of her.. Hmmm he is acting like a big brother to her. :)

    Liz's home:

    Cam and Spencer: Well I am glad Spencer told Cam!! And yes Spencer is right. It should be between them for now. It's safer that way. And yes Cam, Spencer wants to be the only hero to Trina! :)

    Nixon Falls restaurant: Are we in Nixon falls? Boy it feels like it. No no we are at Charlie's. And look one of the bad guys stole Spencer's mask. :)

    Bad guys, Nina, and Sonny: I bet Nina is turned on when Sonny beat one of the bad guys up! She must be thinking, Sonny is a hero and let's have sex! :)

    Nina and Sonny:

    Sonny: I'll always protect you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Brasha: Oh boy! What's going to happen now that Brando saved Sonny and Nina?

    Sasha and Nina: I thought Nina saw Sasha take the pill! Close call! Awww Sasha is so scared to lose Brando. it will be okay. Would watching the Pam and Tommy sex tape help?

    Brando and Sonny:

    Sonny: I'm going to remind everybody that I'm the boss.

    Oooooooooo nice! Is Ms. Wu the bossette? :) Also is Brando going to join Sonny's business? Yikes! Sasha won't like that!

    Dante's phone text: I messed up. I'm sorry. I promise I will do better.

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 5th 2001* Felicia had the nerve to tell Laura that she is in love with Luke! SHUT UP FELICIA! You are not in love with Luke! Go back to Mac!!!! Felicia made me so mad at that time.

    1. Sonya - odd post from you today - not one tribbles mention - couldn't it be possible that the tribbles are moving in on Sonny's territory lol

    2. "Johnny 265120 says, Sonya - odd post from you today"

      When I read that, I'm thinking huh? I was confused! :)

      "not one tribbles mention"

      ROFL! Oops! Sorry! :)

      "couldn't it be possible that the tribbles are moving in on Sonny's territory lol"

      HAHAHAHAHA! YES!!!! Quite a possibility! :)

  5. That was my line of the day too, sonya. I love her quick wit. (good job writers)

    And I'm also happy to see Spinelli but he should be working on a computer now, making himself indespensible in the quest for justice. (flings cape over my shoulder) hehe

    1. "Di says, That was my line of the day too, sonya. I love her quick wit. (good job writers)"

      Yes! I love her quick wit too! :) And she doesn't want to hide either. She is strong just like her mother. :)

      "And I'm also happy to see Spinelli but he should be working on a computer now, making himself indespensible in the quest for justice."

      YES YES YES! HE SHOULD!!!!!! Maybe he IS working on it off camera.

      "(flings cape over my shoulder) hehe"


  6. Every time BLQ sees Chase her face scrunches up all angry looking. These two probably have more chemistry than any couple on air right now. Let's see them happy for a few minutes.

    1. You are right. Anna and Valentin they show together like every 6 months. So frustrating. We don't get enough of Brooklyn and Chase either

    2. Anyone good doesn't get air time... go figure.

  7. I don't even remember carly and drew being friends once it was found out he was not jason

    1. He was a different person then. He's changed. Just go with the character the way he is now. He seems to get along with everyone and that's not a bad thing, for him or us.

    2. Carly and Sonny kicked him to the curb 100%. I feel it was the writers doing that to Billy. Cameron is doing great just hope to see him in a better storyline very soon

  8. Since Esme doesn't know who her biological mother is, maybe Nina had triplets. Lol.

    1. Yes please! Maxie needs a sibling. She would be horrified and therefore it would be entertaining!

    2. "Mommyknowsall says, Since Esme doesn't know who her biological mother is, maybe Nina had triplets. Lol."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You win!!! :) *Dead*

  9. I just read on that GH has hired Cameron Mathison's wife as an executive coach who helps Drew get his life together. Another new character. Big whoop.

    1. Ooooo! Great! :) I wonder when she will start! :)


      It's on a few soap sites too. I reed about it yesterday.

    3. Thanks Zazu and thanks Di! :)


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