Friday, April 22, 2022



Sonny had that butterfly bandage on his head for 78 days. 

Esme and the GO GO dress!! LOL 

Carly and her MUMU dress!! LOL 

Harmony and the whole "I'm terrified of me" ... eyeroll. I HATE it when Soap Characters are all "I feel so guilty". 

Sonny kidnapped one of the robbers LOL 

Is Roger off for awhile or what? GEESH... Austin is more MIA than normal. 


Cameron's real wife... okay. whatever. 

OMG The OUIJI BOARD!!! Lord help me

Sonny-- still has that bandage on and he's being a dick to WU. Love Brad's look. 

Cam and Britt? No. 


Well it starts the next day and it's just a mess. Chase is in GH-- all ready up from being knocked out an his phone is broken. I thought I missed something??? How'd he get another shirt? Why would Liz think that was an ACCIDENT? Why didn't we see her reaction?? This is really weird and it's really pissing me off ...

Also, Leo's adoption thing started in the middle of everything? Oh, Leo's taking theater therapy! 

Carly flashes back to Harmony saying that Willow wasn't her's but she writes it off to her being drunk. Alexis talks about Smaltz and the story he's doing on Willow and Michael/Nina. 

Drew tells Michael and Ned that maybe ELQ and Aurora should merge. 

Harmony is afraid that Alexis looked at her files. SHe's mortified she drank so much. She gets mad when Alexis tells her Smatliz is wrigting a story on Willow's past. 

Trina sees Marshall leaving and wants to go (kinda) since she's facing a bunch of crap in PC. 

Curtis talks to Jordan when she comes to the club the morning after the poker party. She over hears N'neka talking about a "4am party"...then Selia WU WALKS IN. Curtis is like: DOH! Selina says she's planning a private BIRTHDAY party and has to talk to Curtis. Jordan leaves. Wu gives Curtis the file. Tells him that looking at it could change everything and only be sure he really wants to know the truth. 


Jordan asks Liz to download the app for the cameras. They see a brass animal on the floor that could have hit chase. 

Carly catches Harmony trying to set her files on fire in Alexis' fireplace

The footage of the security cameras ARE CORRUPTED OF COURSE

Marshall is ready to leave but Curtis stops him and wants to talk about why he left the last time. 



  1. Definitely weird.

    Poor Leo. Why would Olivia ask him to do a reading now when he's not fully prepared.

    They need to get Spinelli to look at that phone!

    Curtis look a little annoyed when he read Marshall's file but it wasn't an overly dramatic reaction. I wonder how they've wimped out on this BIG secret.

    And Alexis may have just put Smoltz in Harmony's cross hairs.

  2. The hospital:

    Portia and Jordan: Hey! I'm glad Portia apologized! :)

    Chase, Liz, Finchy, and Jordan: Okay did we miss something? Did we miss a scene? I'm so confused. He accidentally hit himself? What?! Maybe Chase knows it's Liz who hit him over the head and is just protecting her? That's all I got. I'm lost.

    Portia and Chase: HA! Memorizing numbers.. I hate memorizing numbers! So annoying! Just like you have to memorize something for a test in school. I don't know how I did it!

    Liz's home:

    Liz, Finchy, and Jordan: WHAT?! CORRUPTED?!?!! WHAT THE HELL?! OY! *Facepalm*


    Drew, Michael, Ned/Mildew and Carly: While Drew, Michael, and Ned were talking, you can see Mildew and Carly talking.. ROFL! So distracting.

    Carly and Sam: Carly still feels all the guilt feels. Is Sam wearing a robe? Sam forgot to put her clothes on today.

    Carly, Sam, and Willow: Willow all worried about her mama! Do you need some xanax Willow? Nah I think your mother needs it. :)

    Sante: Sam thinks she put a wedge between her and Dante! A sandwich wedge? Or you hungry Sam? Geez you forgot to wear clothes and now you forgot to eat! She is a mess!

    Brase: Chase made it! YAY! Now he gotta tell her what happened!! I hope we don't have to hear about it, cus that will just confuse me more!

    The Savoy: Nkita!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Man if that file is redacted I will NOT be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the point of Curtis having the file then?!

    Curtis and Jordan: I didn't think you were teasing Jordan. You always seem so serious.

    Curtis and Ms. Wu: She touches his arm!!!!!!!! Sparks flying!!! Hey Curtis she is wearing a dress that is easy to unzip! :)

    Curtis and Trina: I'm glad Trina told Curtis about his papa!

    The pier: HOLY THICK FOG BATMAN! People can throw croutons!!

    Trina and Mr. Hat man: Oh he is already to leave!! Listen to Trina! Don't go! You should stay and open up a jazz place!

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and YIKES! is going to turn into the incredible hulk isn't she?! OO and Carly: Um why couldn't she get the matches BEFORE she put the papers in the fireplace? Oh hi Carly! Is going to accidentally burn herself?

    Flashback Friday: *Jump into my time machine to go to July 16th 2004* Remembering Lila.. This is when she passed away. :( There are 3 parts to it.

    1. Michael is such a waste, I wish he would just go away, no chemistry with Willow, doesn't seem to be very smart........just disappear!
      I wish they had kept Neil's brother alive a little longer......

    2. "sammy says, Michael is such a waste, I wish he would just go away, no chemistry with Willow, doesn't seem to be very smart........just disappear!"

      I like Michael. I don't like Mildew, and I love when he yells at his dad. :) I love when he protects his mother. As a good boy should! :) Mildew has to break up and he needs to date that Francesca lady! I liked them together.

      "I wish they had kept Neil's brother alive a little longer......"

      Yeah me too!!! :(

  3. They would have NEVER schedule the adoption without Monica - just say she got sick - NOT at a conference...
    Liz's face kinda showed me today that she knew the file was corrupt---SHOOT I DO NOT want DID - I would rather Franco come back from the dead!
    Enough of Chase and Brook Lyn dancing around their attraction - get to it
    enough of Hat Man - get to it
    don't care about Sam and Dante-----
    Harmony must trap Carly or something?
    NEXT week starts May sweeps-------------will ANYTHING be solved/explained/come to fruition? MONTHS of the same-o, same-o

  4. It's evident that even if they give Becky a DID story it will be half A$$... (show her once per week). Give this girl something better, she deserves to be up there with Laura Wright.

    Chase & Brookie... I agree officially start dating and show us a fun relationship

    I am so bored with the Curtis/Marshall story or lack there of

    I don't mind the Harmony story (except that it includes Willow).

    1. totally agree. especially about rebecca herbst

  5. Every time I see Sonny I wonder about that forever bandaid. Used to know someone who wore one on his forehead always. Called him bandaid Joe.
    Curtis is being wasted with this stupid non story. Put him and Drew back together as PI's. It could be their side gig.
    Carly was at Leo's celebration because....?
    I don't know much about autism but I would think that kids who are on the spectrum do not like to be the center of attraction.
    Everything is dragging along.
    Harmony's desperation is probably a tell on her not remaining on GH for much longer. We've seen it before.


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