Thursday, April 21, 2022

PCPD (Thursday blog)

(Note: Karen suggested that I put together a blog about the PCPD. I figured it was a no brainer. 10 shirtless pics of Chase and call it a day. No such luck. Karen vetoed that. So you are stuck with this blog for Thursday...)

Looking over the list of people who have worked at the PCPD, there are well over 30. I was thinking about how I could put something together that talked about the people who have been on the force and also keep it short enough not to bore everyone.

Here is what I am going to do. Every character and actor has an indelible scene etched in your head when you think of them. For instance, if you think of Stone and Robin, chances are you will think about their final scene where he "sees" her for the last time. (Cue the tissues). I am picking 3 people from the PCPD and will spotlight them with a scene that I immediately think of when I think of them. Wish me luck.


I remember this scene like it was yesterday. Burt was pissed when he was overlooked for Commissioner and had to share the title with Anna. He then went rogue and started heading up the Mob as the now infamous "Mr. Big". Robert found out (they were very good friends) and he walked him down to the docks and arrested him. (location shoot, can you believe it?). Watch Robert and Burt in this scene. Acting perfection. The two of them were a powerhouse together. This was one of those winning combinations of acting, writing and directing coming together for a scene which I still remember vividly decades later. (PS. Did you realize that the singing was all in Burt's head?).


I really liked him. Apparently, a lot of people did. His character (and the actor) was well received by the fans. He was our newest "hero", the good guy who saves the day. Watching him in his first scene on the show, you knew exactly what you were getting from both the actor and the character for the remainder of his tenure. I somewhat felt that the show kept giving him a new family member every few months. Not sure the character was really thought out from the beginning. But his genuine smile and natural acting style easily made him a fan favorite. Until, of course they killed him. I think that was his decision (Ryan) because he did venture off and has been in a lot of TV movies since his stint on GH. I also loved his final scene, when he was a force ghost with Georgie and the two said goodbye to Maxie. Not a dry eye in this household.


Where to begin. I never could see Lucky as a cop. At least not the Jonathan Jackson portrayal. He was always a more free spirit and had a lot of his father in him. I always found making Lucky a cop really unbelievable. Totally out of character. Its almost as crazy as making Luke a Mayor (wait a minute...) I want to state that Greg Vaughn is a very good actor. Very good. And I can see him portraying a cop. But not as Lucky. I wish that Greg was given a different character to work with, one that maybe was a cop, but with a different name and backstory. To show you how awkward I always felt this to be, here is a clip (skip to timer 6:00 if you want) where it is just painfully uncomfortable watching the family tell Laura that he is a cop. Even they don't believe it. 

NOTE From Wubsy: Awesome picks!! I remember when Robert was police commish and he had a Kangaroo holding an Aussie flag on his desk! LOL.. 

AND THEN... THIS HAPPENED !!! MAC SCORPIO ARRIVES!! Police chief Robert freaks out!! Mac of course, becomes a cop himself. He had a big ol' Aussie accent too. 

Look at those scenes--on location and the crowd felt SO REAL! 

Karen will be back tomorrow. This is the Thursday blog. Have fun.


  1. I soooo remember Burt as Mr. Big and the take down by Robert. Thanks for the clip, it was spectacular! I was shocked out of my socks. Spoilers were scarce back then.

    I loved Nathan too. I didn't think he was that great of an actor in the beginning but he got so much better over time. Sobbed like a baby at his funeral, sniff!

    I totally believed Greg V. as a cop and enjoyed his version of Lucky. But JJ will always be "it" for me no matter what you say, lol!

    And pooh on Karen for nixing the Chase pictures. What was she thinking? HAHAHAHAH!

  2. Excellent blog post! Watching those scenes again reminded me about how good "GH" could be given the proper writers and resources.

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!!! :)

    Police station:

    Cop Rory and Jordan: Cop Rory is very nervous talking to Jordan about what happened. Someone give him a steak to put on his eye! Or maybe he just needs Tribbles juice.

    Laura, Finchy, Cop Rory, and Jordan: Laura first shows up, then Finchy. Nervous Cop Rory has to explain it all!

    Jail cell:

    Cam and Spencer: Of course they are arguing! Spencer wants Cam to shut up! He will take all the blame. Cam is wondering if Spencer will have to go back to jail again.

    Cam, Spencer, and Laura: Laura lets Cam go, but keeps Spencer in his jail cell! Laura is just like her mother. :)

    Police station:

    Spencer, Laura, Cop Rory, Jordan, and Cam: CAM AND SPENCER ARE FREEEEEEEEEE! :)

    Spencer and Laura:

    Spencer: Alls well that ends well.


    Laura: You think that is funny?


    The Savoy:

    Maxie and Spinny: Spinny is all dressed up for something. Pawtucket Holtster can't have his date with Maxie because he has to work. Maxie is talking about Britch's date and Spinny is acting all Squirrely! Hmmmm. Spinny are you Britch's match date? :) Maxie really really badly wants to see Britch's date. So, off they go! :)

    Ms. Wu and Sonny: Ms. Wu is wearing a sexy dress! Sonny wants to join the poker game.

    Ms. Wu, Curtis, and Brad: Brad is there!!!! Brad has a problem. Someone at the poker game wants a different type of drink that Curtis doesn't have. Ms. Wu wins the line of the day.

    Ms. Wu: Then go buy some!

    WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Ms. Wu has spoken!!! :) And Brad does what she says! Hahahahaha.

    Ms. Wu and Curtis: Ms. Wu will give Curtis the file on his father. TOMORROW!!! :)

    Ms. Wu and Brad: Brad is back from the store! ROFL! Ms. Wu don't like that Brad brought up the name of the poker player who wants a different type of drink. He is making mistakes and she don't like it. She hopes he don't make the same mistakes again! :)

    Curtis and TJ: They talk about Curtis's daddy and what Curtis did to make Mr. Hat man upset! #Sorrynotsorry ROFL!

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Drew and meeting associate: HEY! The meeting associate is played by Cameron Mattheson's wife! :) Great scene. Oh I hope she comes back and then I hope they become a couple. :)

    Drew and Britch: Drew is stuck with his life and is trying to figure out what to do. Britch has been stood up by her date, who is the cat guy. That sucks. Who the hell is this guy?

    Drew, Britch, Maxie, and Spinny: Maxie and Spinny show up. Maxie thinks ol Drew here is Britch's date.. Spinny is acting very strange again. SPINNY ARE YOU BRITCH'S DATE OR WHAT?! Drew and Spinny both can relate to being stuck in their life and trying something new.

    Outside the Port Chuckles Grille:

    Maxie and Spinny: I can't believe Maxie hasn't asked him are you Britch's date? Cus damn he is acting so odd. Even for him!

    Central perk:

    Mr. Hat man and Piffy:

    Have they been dating off screen? He is telling her he is leaving Port Chuckles! She is all confused. Is he really leaving? You should stay and be with Piffy dammit!!!
    Liz's home:

    Chase: and Aidan: Aidan wants to play with the Ouija board! He is trying to contact BobTodd! Chase don't believe in ghosts. Man Aidan is loud! Be more quiet Aidan! Your mother is sleeping! The light went out!!! Chase went to call Doc to pick Aidan up. Chase is alone and hears noises.

    Spencer and Finchy: Finchy brought Spencer home. They see CHASE IS ON THE GROUND UNCONSCIOUS!!!! Did someone hit him over the head?! Who hit my baby over the head?!?!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *Turns into Cujo* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 6th 2006* Tracy's birthday!!! Sonny shows up because, well, he and Emily are a couple. GROSS!

    1. Poor Chase. I hope he got a look at who it was, or that it was at least caught by a camera.

    2. Yeah I hope the camera caught something!!! If not *Facepalm* I hope Chase saw who it was!

    3. Spinnelli was acting nuttier than usual. And I thought the same thing, that he was Britta's date. So weird!

      I felt bad for the Rookie. He was thinking to himself...crap...the mayor's grandsons....both of them...I'm fired for sure! :) Poor dude.

      If there isn't anything on the cameras I will scream. And you'll hear me all the way from Michigan! Lol!

  4. Lots of sitting at tables and bars chatting today.
    Chase probably tripped on the rug.

    1. Hahahahaha! Tripped on the rug. You made me laugh out loud, thanks!

  5. Thank you. That clip with Genie made me cry

  6. Thanks for those clips. The really good "ole" days. Miss when the show was so good all the time.

  7. "I figured it was a no brainer. 10 shirtless pics of Chase and call it a day."

    Sounds good to me! :)

    "No such luck. Karen vetoed that."

    Awww come onnnnnnnnnnnn Karen!!! :)

    "(PS. Did you realize that the singing was all in Burt's head?)."

    What?! I didn't know that. How did you find out about that? I thought it was real people singing!

    "I really liked him. Apparently, a lot of people did. His character (and the actor) was well received by the fans."

    Yeah! I was a fan of his.. When he first started on GH, his acting wasn't the best, but he got a lot better!!! :)

    "AND THEN... THIS HAPPENED !!! MAC SCORPIO ARRIVES!! Police chief Robert freaks out!! Mac of course, becomes a cop himself. He had a big ol' Aussie accent too."

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH Welcome to Port Chuckles Mac! :) Love him!! :) The actor's fake Aussie accent hahahaha. UGH! ROFL! I'm glad it faded away.

  8. I was thinking the singing was done by Robert. Great storyline. It was so suspenseful and soapy. Robert is the best!

  9. What about 5 shirtless pics of Chase and 5 shirtless pics of Nathan.


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