Thursday, April 7, 2022

1/2 Show Today!

Well, GH was interrupted by the SCOTUS VOTE.. which is allowed.  Historical Day Today! 

So she MADE IT! 

Show started about 2:30 

Smalls the Reporter is talking to Alexis about hiring him as a reporter. She says she'll look at his next story but that's it. 
Michael and Willow have the reporter sit down. They want him to drop the charges against Michael for punching him. Michael will give him an exclusive about Nina Reeves and her time in Nixon Falls and her KIDNAPPING AVERY!! 

Sonny is talking to Nina about WILEY and her chances of seeing him. They end up kissing. Nina filed with the court to see her grandson btw. 

Marshall is talking to Trina about Spencer and her troubles while Stella is being evaluated at GH. She tells him all the things Spencer did..he says he's not worthy of her. 

Stella at GH... there's NO NEED TO FUSS...she just had rapid heart beat from stress.  

Harmony applies for a job with Carly (missed what the job was for) ... she says she'll think about it. Alexis comes in and tells Carly she was asked to be on a TV panel about Joss and Cam. Wanted to know if it was ok. Carly says to ask Josslyn. Then Alexis wonders why Harmony was looking for a job. 

Valentin is in Jennifer Smith's room trying to get into her safe. She's in the shower LOL. Then she's out and catches Valentin when he's just getting in the safe. 

Brenden (Neil's brother) wants to see Harmony


  1. Sad day for America! Happy day for child molsters! Not sure how she can be the first black woman when she doesn't even know what a woman is.

    1. It is a sad day for you. Take your comments elsewhere please.

    2. Please take your vitriol elsewhere

    3. This is Karen's blog. She can put what she wants on here.

    4. This is about GH, not your political opinion. TY...

  2. Oh my
    Does politics and division had to be in everything
    Some of us come here for an escape
    Just stop!

  3. Good gravy what an idiot. I agree with DeeDee, no place for that here.

  4. Moronic troll.
    So Valentin comes back as a jerk?
    Wake up Sonny, or whoever you are.
    Only needed 1/2 a show today.

    1. I missed this week, what is Valentin done to be a jerk? There better be an explanation on the shows part.


    2. Maybe I was a bit too quick to judge. After all he is undercover to find the Ice Princess. Hope it doesn't last too long.

    3. Wonder why he went off on his own without Anna? Maybe because he's "playing" Jennifer Smith??????

  5. Let me introduce myself----I am the only one apparently who does NOT like Nina at all but especially with Sonny------Sonny is NOT Mike!!! Whiny whispering voice....
    maybe something is gonna happen at the trial and suddenly Sonny will 'see something' about Nina he doesn't like ------I kept hoping SHE would hate Mob Sonny but not yet....
    WHY can't Harmony work for Alexis???????? No one cares about Harmony, Willow or Michael.

    1. I don't like Nina either. Never have. Don't like Harmony either.

    2. Despite the character's failings, I do think the actress who plays Harmony has a unique look and is beautiful.

    3. I agree about Harmony. She i s beautiful and interesting, although not particularly written that way. Much more interesting than her “daughter”.

    4. agree----it's almost as if the writers didn't know what to do with her so let's make her a baby stealer, murderer and whatever with Ryan...
      WHY won't Alexis hire her? read that she kills Neil's brother-----I hope Alexis isn't blamed

  6. I enjoyed the scenes with Nina and Sonny. Light and fun. I don't like Nina much either, but for some reason I am digging their pairing which we know won't last. Playful sonny/mike? Dancing Sonny/Mike? yes please! It sure beats boring Willow/Michael/Wiley saga.

    1. That is how I feel about the Nina/Sonny pairing, too. It opens up Sonny a bit. I had grown tired of Sonny smashing barware and threatening his enemies with that smile thing he does.

  7. Congratulations to Ketanji Brown Jackson!!!! :)

    Today's GH - A lot of funny one liners today.. :)

    French Polynesia:

    Submarine Capitan and Jennifer: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love this!!! :) Great scene. :)

    Jennifer's hotel room:

    Submarine Capitan and Jennifer: Oh come on Capitan! You saw what her passcode is!!! *Facepalm* ROFL! Um ewwwww I don't want to hear Jennifer talk about what she is doing in the shower!!! Now if V.C. tells us what he is doing in the shower, well, ;)

    Port Chuckles:

    Sona: HAWT HAWT HAWT! :) Badger Bob is jelly and wants Nina's attention. ;)

    Sonny: Come here.

    Yeah Sonny wants to jump Nina's bones right there!

    Purtis home - Housewarming party: Party is over! Time to take Stella to the hospital!

    Mr. Hat man and Trina: Poor Trina! She has got a lot of pain! Stupid Spencer! Stupid Vampira! And damn you Tribbles for not going to the party!!!

    Metrocourt/Carly's office: and Carly: what are you REALLY up to?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Poptart Smalls and Alexis: Well, technically she DID steal his idea.. :)

    Alexis: You don't have a high road.


    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzz,

    Mildew and Poptart Smalls:

    Poptart Smalls: Not the face! A little assault and battery humor!


    Willow and So basically,

    Willow: Nina is bad! She has to be perfect to be with Wiley!

    Victor and Laura: Laura wins the line of the day.

    Laura: What do you care about my brothers? You don't even care about your own.

    The hospital:

    Aunt Stella on the phone with Mr. Hat man:

    Stella: If Curtis asks you more about your past, stick to your story.

    WOW! This must be one huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hell of a secret!!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 7th 2008* When Logan attacked Lulu.. Great scene, but man what a waste of a great actor and character of Logan.

    1. A half show was plenty for me today. The only thing I got was thinking of Karen when I saw Badger Bob, and thinking of you Sonya, when Jennifer was describing her shower to Val, lol! I was sure you wanted it the other way around and I was right! :)

      I did enjoy Laura and Victor. Good conversation there! Hat man didn't annoy me when he was talking to Trina, so that was something. Nina..blech. Nina and Sonny...double blech! :)

  8. How much does Stella know about Hatmans secret? She must know all.

    1. I think she and Marshall are Curtis' parents and he was in the mob----maybe involved with Frank Smith

    2. Mufasa. Bet you are right. Sounds right. And soapy. And he's like Frank Smiths age roughly.

    3. That would potentially be a fun storyline.

  9. Just FYI, the full episode was on Hulu.


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