Friday, April 29, 2022

Carly; Savior.


Gladys and Sasha...Sasha tries to take a pill and Gladys rounds the corner. Then Brando comes over and they hug. He wants to know why the photographer was chasing them. She said he has a reason. Gladys says she took his memory card. Sasha wants to tell Willow now. She sobs. 

Carly's talking to someone on the phone. Then Josslyn comes to the hospital to find out what happened. The whole story... and then Joss wants to know why Harmony would hurt her. Carly never really answers her. They talk about how grateful that Carly is alive. 

Michael and WIllow in the chapel. She has no idea why her mom was on the road. She cries about her mom, losing time. Cries. Willow comes in and tells her she hit her mother. They cry .Willow is confused by Alexis and Carly's part in all this. 

Reporter Schmalz confronts Michael and Brando at the elevator and he wants a quote about Sasha hitting someone. Brando threatens him. Michael is too fking stupid to even figure out that the guy is talking about Sasha hitting Harmony ahahahahha. 

Ava and Nikolas. He set up dinner again. Tells her his mother talked to Sonny so Esme can go back to the mainland. She's happy but Nik says it will take awhile. She yells-- then yells... and more. He says she has no access to money. Ava says she has to, she went to private school. They argue a LOT and then kiss passionately. 

Esme is listening to Trina and Spencer. She interrupts. They bark back and forth at each other. Spencer stands there. She does call Esme a psycho and Spencer and is still snowing Esme. Now Trina is listening to ES and Spencer. 


Gladys looks at the memory card---

Spencer tries to convince Esme he loves her and he wants her to trust him. 

CARLY is going to tell Willow what happened with Harmony because of COURSE she is. 

Brutal today.. dialog was so off.. just .. not my kinda show. Sorry


  1. not a great Friday show and Sweeps started yesterday----gotta say though SPENCER was on fire today: "Believe me, Esme, I have my eyes on you." "Trust me Esme, this will all be over soon and you and Trina will never have to set eyes on each other again." He didn't lie at all - great dialogue!
    Carly will figure it out (Nina mama) but won't tell, but now am wondering if on the previews Britt tells Michael, 'go find Willow now" ----------how much of the story will Carly get told before then?
    -----SO clever that Gladys realized on the card was the reason the paparaazi was after Sasha. WHAT will she do? tell Brando?
    ------I still think stock prices will drop for Deception and they won't be rich anymore?
    ------Cops didn't give Sasha ANY kind of test? That is not how the real world works....even an accident, the driver is given a test.
    ------Ava being wishy-washy is getting old...........
    -----boring today except for Spencer's comments.

    1. Probably none and then Snarly will probably faint (ala Lulu) and not be able to tell or purposely hide it from Nina as payback. #STUPID

  2. " I call it a tragic waste of cement" lol My favorite line. And Brando's little speech to Smaltz was a close second.

    Ava and Nickolas is getting old but the rest was good for me. Things are moving along quickly and the people who only know half the story seem to be heading towards full disclosure. I think Carly telling Willow is the best. She knows what happened and what secrets Harmony was keeping.

  3. And here's some good news for next week...May sweeps...

    1. Oooooo nice! Thank you Di! YAY! Glad he is coming back.. We need Mucy!!!! :)

  4. Since this is a fictional show I'm hoping its not wrong of me to wish Carly wasn't able to speak!

    1. Nah it's not wrong of you. :) Carly is not real it's a character on a soap opera. :) You are fine. :)

  5. So many funny one liners today!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Gladys and Brasha:

    Gladys: It's not ALL her fault.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. I'm glad Sasha is going to tell Willow about the accident.

    Gladys and Carly:

    Gladys: Because I care deeply about the suffering of others. You might want to look into it sometime.

    ROFL! Wow Gladys is so worried about her daughter in law awwwww. :)

    Gladys at the elevator: What is she going to do with that memory card? Is she going to go home and put it in he laptop so she could see what is in it?

    Carly and Joss: Joss is so worried about her mama! :) I'm glad she isn't thinking about the Tommy and Pam sex tape.

    Brando and Michael: Gee Brando you are not going to talk to Michael about the car accident?

    Brando, Michael, and Poptart Smalls: Well I'm glad Poptart Smalls is there and can tell Michael what is going on! Brando turned into Sonny! Wow!

    Sasha and Willow: I wonder what Willow is thinking! Maybe this,

    Willow's thoughts: WHAT?! YOU HIT MY MOTHER?! How dare you! I don't care if it was an accident. YOU HIT HER! We are no longer friends. You are not perfect anymore. My friends have to be perfect!

    Carly and Willow: Is Carly REALLY going to tell Willow that is not her bio mommy? That Nina is?


    Nava: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Nik: The thing is,

    Ava: OH COME ON!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hysterical! :) Oh they wuv each other, but don't trust each other. OH NAVA SEX? Oh crap she stopped it.. Crap. :(

    Ava's gallery:

    Vampira, Spencer, and Trina: Oooo Trina can hold her own against Vampira! That whole I see you dialog, and everything that she said after that, was FANTASTIC!

    Trina: Except maybe that idiot.


    Vampira and Spencer: Spencer is SO playing her. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to watch Sam slap people.* Enjoy. :)

    1. Trina's cement comment was also hilarious!

    2. "Paul773 says, Trina's cement comment was also hilarious!"

      Hahaha yes!!! :) Hey where have you been? You okay!?

  6. Ava has been so out of character lately it is disturbing. She could crush Esme like a cockroach without a second thought.
    Positive is there was no Marshall talk.

    1. you are SO right! She is a Jerome for crying out loud....

  7. Some more news. This is on several sites but this is the link for Deadline.

    1. I knew he would be scooped up somewhere. I'm fine without him on gh.

  8. Wish NLG could have done those scenes this week. Didn't buy the replacement

    1. I had no problem but then, I grew up reading comics so my "imagine" eye works really well. If you got stuck on the details you missed some good scenes.

      NLG is back filming now. :)

    2. I don't get to watch much anymore. Was missing NLG


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